Why So Sirius

By: Heart of a Slytherin

Revised January 19, 2013

It was yet another outrageously expensive fundraiser at billionaire Bruce Wayne's mansion. Bruce had been impressed by Harvey Dent's idealism, and he knew his offer to raise money for Dent's campaign would be taken with zeal. The who's who were all in attendance, rubbing elbows, and pretending to care about each other when all they really wanted was to punch each other in the face. Smartly dressed waiters were discreetly carrying trays of glasses of expensive champagne and dry white wine and small, bite sized Hors d'oeuvres.

It was quite unexpected when the Joker crashed the party, as Bruce hadn't thought that the mass murderer would have had the balls to attack such rich and influential people in his own home. Quickly taking action, he found Dent and shoved him into a small room so he could not be found and killed, before rushing to don his body suit.

This had to end.

It is only a few minutes into his thieving attack and yet the Joker had scared everyone into submission whilst his lackeys were busy ripping the expensive jewelry from both the men and women attending, waving their guns into the faces of the scared elite. The Joker is ranting and raving like the madman he clearly is when he hears a quiet baritone saying, "Why so serious, Sirius?"

He quickly spun around, without a smile on his face except for the gruesome one carved into his skin and his gaze quickly settled on a young man standing behind him with clean cut, but wild black hair and brilliant green eyes watching him cautiously and curiously. By his attire, Joker quickly deduced that this is a waiter, one who seemingly had the guts to stand up to him… he would be shown his place, and quickly.

A small grimacing smile graced his scarred face before he sing-songs a response. "I'm so sorry. Did you say something little boy?" Joker mockingly asked before suddenly lunging forward and grabbed the young man's chin, tilting his head up and to the side before pressing a gun to his throat.

To the surprise of the ladies and gentlemen around them, the waiter doesn't look the least bit intimidated and instead replied softly, "Going to kill me Sirius?"

The Joker stills and tilts his own head curiously to the side and if the situation hadn't been so damn frightening, he would have looked like a confused dog, "Where did you hear that name boy? Answer quickly or I'll blow your pretty little head to pieces!"

The waiter laughs harshly, green eyes dancing with a deadly gleam, "You don't recognize me Padfoot? I'm hurt. Even after all these years I still have a remarkable resemblance to them." Harry yanked his chin away from the Joker and stepped away, putting some space between them. Joker's eyes are wild, and his red smeared lips have downwards into a snarl.

Studying the boy closely, his eyes widen with disbelief, "Bambi."

"Nice to meet you too godfather." Muffled gasps echo around the large decorated room as the guests watched with wide frightened eyes. They glance between the two, unknowingly shifting closer to the dramatic reunion happening before them.

"You look… so much like him. With Lily's eyes." The Joker remarks, his expressive eyes confused before going still as he remembers the others in the room. "What are you doing here?"

Harry responded slowly, as he knew that he had to tread softly, "As a server? When you murdered my parents-"

"I never killed Lily and James! That rat set me up!"

"- I was sent to my relatives who squandered my inheritance on themselves and threw me onto the streets to die when I was twelve." Harry stared into his godfathers eyes, watching with fascination as his eyes darkened dangerously, "You know, that probably wouldn't have happened if I had had a godfather around."

"They locked me up! They laughed and beat me, called me a murderer, called me filth! I didn't even get a trial before I was thrown into that pit."

"I know. Imagine my surprise when I found out that my escaped convict of a godfather was here in Gotham murdering people and causing mayhem. But you're really not my godfather are you? You're not Sirius." Harry slowly stepped closer, leaving only a few inches between them, "You're the Joker. You share the same body, but you are a completely different person. A different identity."

Suddenly a rasping breath exploded from the Joker, causing everyone to start and stare at him, "Smart boy. I'm not Sirius." His small smile faded from his quirked lips as he stared directly into Harry's jade eyes. "He was too weak, too pure to truly become me. So I made myself. He denied me, said that I wasn't real, but when he broke, when your parents were killed, I survived. I took over, and kept him alive when all he wanted was to die."

"And you get revenge by killing people you don't know. You pay back society by wrecking it for what it did to the both of you. But… most of all, you do these things to destroy Sirius, don't you? He's inside you, he probably knows what is going on, but you have him locked away. You're hurting him for denying your existence all those years, for locking you in the dark and ignoring you."

"Why so serious? Very good play on words there. Tell me, Joker, what is your plan? Are you really going to keep killing people until they finally kill you? Or is that just what you're waiting for? Those scars- you probably did them to destroy Sirius's looks, to show others that he's as monstrous on the outside as he is on the inside.

"What are you, trying to be my therapist? I have to hand it to you kid, you've got most of it right, but you're missing one little detail. They told us you were dead. You couldn't have survived, no one could. The house collapsed right over the nursery."

"But I am alive. Have been for a while actually, and I definitely plan on staying that way. But-" Harry steps away and pulls a small handgun slowly out of a hidden pocket and aims it at his godfather, "I can't let you hurt anyone else." The Joker quickly aims his gun at the waiter's- no, Harry's- heart.

"Don't play Russian Roulette with me, boy, you will lose and will not like the consequences."

"My parents would hate you, hate what you have become. They would want their friend, their best friend, to protect people, not harm them. And it is my job as a waiter to protect Mr. Bruce's guests. I can't just let you rob them and threaten them, even if you're part of my godfather."

The two men stared at each other for a long moment, with The Joker seemingly fighting a battle within himself. Finally, in a completely different voice, he rasped out, "Harry."

"Hello Sirius."

The Joker- no, Sirius now- looked around the room, seeing the scared elite watching them, and his own gun pointed at his godson.

Sirius Black, heir to the Black fortune, and whose body was home to another completely different identity, turned the barrel of the gun slowly toward himself, his face showing stress, and pressed the gun to his temple. "I'm so sorry Harry. I wish I could have been there for you . . . I love you. I always did."

And the gun went off.


Authoress Note:

This was written years ago, and was redone January 19, 2013. Please read and review if you liked it, or even if you didn't like it.