Chapter Three: Running Into a Little Trouble

Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup all stop what they were about to do (which was an energy blast at Dexter).

"Lily what in the world are you doing here." Blossom demanded. "None of your damn business sweetie girl." Roxy said to Blossom.

"Excuse me?!" Blossom was very offended by this.

"Your heard me kid get out of our way and we won't hurt you so just run along now." Buttercup was pissed at this point she hates people who talk down to any of them.

"Listen here you leave our school and I won't punch you so hard it will leave bruises for a week."

Roxy laughed "Oh I'd love to see you try; you think you're so tough. You don't even want to begin to mess with us ok."

Roxy turned to me "isn't that right boss?"

"Rox now is not the time to beat the living crap out of my little sisters."

"Wait but bell isn't here and besides she's already a butterfly so what does it matter?"

"No you dumbass my other sisters." I pointed at Blossom Bubble and Buttercup.

"Those are you other sisters I'm sorry boss we didn't know." Violet apologized for Roxy they all knew I had three more sisters but they had never met any of them.

"It's cool."

Just then Jack the gym teacher and my mom's ex boyfriend came out. "What's going on here?" He said looking straight at me.

"What's up Jack just taking care of some business you understand?" I said as if it was the most normal thing in the world and for us it was.

"Well then carry on." He walked away.

"Sensei! You're really going to allow this." Blossom was totally shell shocked

"Of course!" he said it like she should know this which let me tell you they don't

"Oh and girls don't try to have who every owes you money breathing through a tube this time ok?" he said to us

"Sure thing jack." I replied I heard a gulp from Dexter. I turned to him and cracked my knuckles

"Now where were we…? Oh yeah you owe us about 80 thousand dollars don't you. You little shit." Like every other person who owes us money and doesn't have it he starts out with

"I'll get you the money." He stuttered. I rolled my eyes like hadn't heard that one before. I grabbed him by his shirt and lifted him up

"listen here you little punk if you don't get me my money in a week you'll be breathing through a tube and don't think I'm joking you can ask the last guy who said he would get us 80 thousand dollars in a week and got it to us on a month. We've been very generous with you now it's time you pay up do I make my self clear?" I got into his face and said this very menacing and threading. He just nodded at I let him back to the ground

"Lilly what the hell is your problem?!" Blossom yelled at me I turned to her pissed

"My problem is this little punk owes us money and I want my money we've been very generous with him and now it's time for him to pay up or pay for it either way I'm getting my 80 grand."

"And you do that by threading people?" blossom wanted to know

"Ok blossom I've been apart of this gang since I was seven I've been the leader of it for four years now so you can just go off and do your little super hero stuff and leave me alone!!" I screamed at her.

"Want me to take care of her boss?" Juliet asked

"No chances are she's going to tell dad and if we do anything to her I'll just be in bigger trouble and can't afford any trouble."

I turned my head to Dexter "Get us our money a week from today or we'll come looking for you and you don't want that."

With that I walked off the playground and the girls followed. I heard the bell ring as we walked back to the building the kids all started running towards the school.

"Let's go stop by and see jack." Vie suggested as we where wondering around the school. It had probably been ten minutes or so that we had been looking at the school, this was the first time I had been there. Plus killing time was always good so that way we didn't have to go back to school sooner. While we were wondering around the girls were telling me why Dexter owed us so much money. It was really sad he's sister had died do to an incident with him and his archenemy this Mandark kid. His sister had gotten in front of a blast from his ray gun thing and she had died because of it. So now poor Dexter was trying to (through science) to bring back his sister to what she once ones. Poor guy I can understand why he would need the money but I'm not going to be soft on him, then my rep would be ruined and I could never afford that, my mom would kill me if she found out I was going soft on clients.

"Sure sounds good." Roxy and I agreed at the same time.

"Jinx" I said first then laughed. We walked down what we assumed was the main hallway. We were right like always jack's class room was the last one on the left. I stood in the door way to make a statement. That and he had a class.

"Welcome ladies please come in." we filed into his class room and stood wait.

"Class I would like to introduce you to the Lily Utonium, Roxy Kimiko, Violet Sanford, and Juliet Belploom." One girl raised her hand she was a red head sitting behind buttercup.

"Yes." I said pointing to her.

"Aren't you the leader of the butterflies?" she asked.

"Yes I am." "

Wow!" another girl raised her hand excitedly Vie laughed and then called on her.

"What does it take to be a butterfly?" she asked. I noticed Blossom and Bubbles were very unhappy with this news. Buttercup already knew about the gang so it really wasn't that much of a problem with her.

"Hey Lils you know this better than anyone why don't you answer it." Vie intervened

"Well it takes a lot of hard work and dedication." I paused then we all started laughing our asses off cause that was total bull and we all knew it. "Nah just kidding but it doest take a lot of hard work." I mused still trying to think what else it takes to be a butterfly. It was really hard to think of what else it took to be a butterfly I mean I don't think any of us really thought about it.

"Hmm I guess it would take the fact that you don't take crap from anyone and always stand up for your self and your fellow butterflies because we are all like a family" I said "

oh and you have to learn how to fight and fight pretty well I mean when you've got almost all of the gangs in the city and neighboring cities after you. You need to know how to make sure you don't get killed." It was true I mean there where a number of times when I almost got killed when I first started out as a butterfly.

Then my sister bubbles raised her hand I gave my, oh crap this isn't good look to Roxy.

"Yes Bubbles." I said

"Lilly why haven't you told the professor about this?" Bubbles asked "I tell you when we get home Bubbles ok!" I tried to threaten her the best I could.

But Blossom had to add "yeah Lilly why haven't you told the professor that your in this gang and not only that your leader of it." Blossom said quit smug with her self.

What I wouldn't give to wipe that look right of her face!

"Actually Blossom is it. Our dad does know Lilly is in the gang he just doesn't know that Lilly took over for her and my mom." Bell said as she walked into Jack's classroom with just the same smugness as Blossom had asked. I was freaking out at this point the girls had know idea of Bells existence.

"Who the hell are you?" Buttercup asked or shout was more like it. "Um hey Jack do you think I could go talk to my sisters out side in the hall?" I asked glaring straight at bell

"Sure" was his only reply.

Bell just shrugged and walked out in the hall. I watched Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup follow her out and I walked out with them trying to figure out how the hell I was going to get out of this.

"Well who the hell is she?" Buttercup demanded point at bell.

"This is bell she is my sister and yours too for that matter." I stated since it was the truth

"Then why didn't the professor tell us about her?" bubbles asked it was a reasonable question I had to admit but it was the one I didn't want to answer I sighed deeply and glanced at bell.

"That's a long story girls and I don't really want to go into it right now ok."

"No Lilly we want to know now!" Blossom answered for all of them. I sighed again clearly they wanted to know only the truth was I did want to tell them because I didn't want them to think the professor was a bad guy. I mean our dad wasn't, but ever since mom left and I had to leave bell and move to Townsville with him it seems like we've all grown apart if mom was still with us we would have stayed here and been a family and I was angry and upset with him for dropping Bell off with Uncle X like she was some criminal. It wasn't bell's fault that for some odd reason dad thought that Bell was more like mom than me (which is totally absurd I mean every one always tell dad, if they knew my mom I not only look the spiting image of her but act like her to a tea. so why dad didn't send me off and keep bell is beyond me) but I had no other choice I mean the truth was out anyway they knew Bell was here and their sister (though like me she had no biological relation to them) so I might as well tell them why they had no idea that she was alive their entire lives. I looked a bell sighed for the third time and finally answered my sisters

"Dad… I mean the professor sent her to her and mine's Uncle Dr.X before we moved to Townsville." I said

"But wait we've always lived in Townsville so why did he do this." "You've always lived in Townsville but I haven't" I clarified to them "before you where born well made I should say. I, Bell, the professor and mine and bell's mom Lillian all lived in Megaville."

"So why did you move?" Buttercup asked

"Our mom felt us that's why I had to go and Lilly and Daddy moved." Bell said crying it was always a touchy subject with her. I can't blame her it was touchy with me though it was more so with her because she was an official butterfly the night before mom left it was her seventh birthday and she had just gotten her coat and a motocross bike for a starter bike just like I had. Bell was still crying I needle down by her and put my arm around her she berried her head in my chest and continue to cry, Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup where just speechless.

"It's ok Bell mom will come back don't worry." I said trying to cheer her up but it didn't work.

"Wait… wait how do we even know that Bell is really our sister?" Buttercup asked.

I stood up and walked over to her stood over her and slapped her across the face "

The next time I here you say anything like that to her or me will be your last do you hear be Buttercup!" Buttercup was stroking her face and was gaping at me.

"What the hell is your problem Lilly why are you acting like this?" Blossom demanded

"acting like what blossom acting like myself, protecting my sister making sure nothing happens to her!. Acting like very thing is find and dandy when it hasn't been for me or Bell for a very long time? Is that what you mean?!"I screamed at her.

I was beyond pissed at this point I had never shown my true colors to any of them before I had always made sure I kept cool around them and didn't let the fact that things with me hadn't been fine in a very long time. "WELL YEAH!"

The gang was out side watching Blossom, Buttercup and I fight. While Bell was sitting over by the wall crying and Bubbles was trying to comfort her with no luck.

"Jesus Lilly way to show us your true self, Have you always been this much of a bitch?!" Buttercup yelled

"You know what Buttercup and for that matter you to Blossom yes I have. To tell you the truth for the most part I've always tried to maintain my cool around you guys so I wouldn't hurt any of you. You have know idea what it's like to be me so how about from now on you just stay the fuck out of my life!" and with that screamed at them.

I walked off before I hurt any of my sisters including Bubbles though she wasn't doing anything. I saw Roxy pick up Bell out of the corner of my eye and my gang was following me. I'm sure the girls would tell dear old daddy what I had done but I didn't care I didn't care about what the girls did or what my dad did. The only thing I cared about was making sure that my sister was ok. And I was going to be damned if anything stood in my way.