Penname: born2dance94

Derivative Twilight fanfic

Rating: K

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Prompt: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," she laughed.

When Nessie was three, she already looked like a ten year-old girl. One particular Saturday, while the rest of the family was out hunting, Edward and Bella sat at home with their daughter.

Suddenly, Renesmee bounded up off the floor and launched herself into her mother's lap.

"Mama?" she asked, looking up at her with the face Jacob jokingly (but lovingly) referred to as her "Puppy Dog Face." She batted her eyelashes and brought her bottom lip out into a deep pout. Bella prepared herself for whatever she could possible want to ask with an expression like that. Edward just chuckled, obviously having already heard in her head what she wanted.

She lifted her tiny palm to Bella's cheek and shut her eyes, sending her a message in her own special way. Her mother saw images of Edward, herself, and her daughter around the cottage, going through boxes and bins in all of the closets. Can we explore today, Mama?

Frankly, Bella was relieved. That face usually meant Nessie was bringing out the big guns, and she usually had a tough time saying no to her— sometimes absurd— requests. This one, however, sounded like an excellent idea.

"Sure, Baby," Bella responded, standing up with her in her arms.

"Where do you want to explore first, Nessie?" Edward asked, leaning over to kiss both of his girls on their foreheads.

She touched both of their faces, projecting pictures of the closet in her parents' bedroom.

Bella led the way into the master bedroom, with Edward following behind closely. She walked over to the huge walk-in closet Alice had installed when the cottage was redecorated as their wedding gift, and went over to the shelves in the far back corner. She lifted Renesmee until she was eye level with the topmost shelf and told her to pick any box she liked.

Nessie pulled down a dark wooden box. It had intricate designs carved into the top. Edward recognized it immediately for what it was, but Bella was unaware of what lay inside.

The three of them sat on the floor in the middle of the closet, and Nessie climbed into Edward's lap. Bella opened the box and reached in, pulling out a handful of items.

The first was a small silver picture frame containing a black and white photo of Edward and Bella dancing at their wedding. The second object was a red boutonniere, and Bella noticed that it was from their night at prom.

The third object was a small plastic bottle cap. Immediately, Bella knew it for what it was.

"Mama, what's this?" Nessie asked, holding the little yellow cap between her small fingers. "It looks like an old bottle cap. Why would you keep a piece of trash from a plastic bottle in a box full of memories?"

Bella knew the story of that lemonade cap; the one Edward had kept as a souvenir from their first lunch together. She was constantly asking him to recount the tale, and he always obliged. To her, that cap was the furthest thing from trash.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," she laughed.

One day, they'd share the tale of how they'd met and fallen in love, and all of the events that had happened as a result, with their daughter. Today, however, they had an entire cottage left to explore.