Uncomfortable Situations

Summary: Hyuga, Hinata has been very loyal to her boss Uchiha, Sasuke and his company for about seven years. During these seven years, Sasuke's respect has grown for her because unlike other women at their work place, she leaves him alone and exceeds in her job title. But when Sasuke's family business crashes and leaves him bankrupt and homeless, Hinata's loyalty is tested and she is left in an uncomfortable situation: living with her boss!

This story is AU with character who are OOC. I just want to explain the out of character part : The way I made Masashi's characters are the way I'd like them to be for this story. Sasuke's a bit more fun and Hinata is more open-minded to doing things. Please don't be angry with me if you don't like how I put them. I don't own Naruto or anything that may sound familiar. I do own the plot so please enjoy!

Prologue: Following The Policy

"I'd like to welcome you to the new and improved Uchiha Corporation. As you all know, my family company went down the drain last year due to the silly mistakes of the Tokyo Reserve Bank, but I'm happy to be able to stand in front of you again as your boss; I am looking forward to working with my old employees as well as my new employees."

I smiled as I listened to my boss talk eloquently. We were all listening proudly because most of us were all proud to be back at the work place we had left the previous year when the company closed down.

Yet I was probably the happiest employee to be back working under Uchiha, Sasuke, my boss for the last seven years before last year. This was the only place I felt comfortable working at, and I wouldn't change it for the world.

"While I was reviewing the company policy for our new office, I realized the policy needed to be edited. One example includes Casual Friday. We will no longer be having casual Friday."

This caused some people to whisper and loose focus.

"I understand that is the only time you get dress down after a full week of suits, ties, and whatever, but researches have shown that when workers are wearing casual clothes, they do casual work. I'm not looking for casual work. I'm looking for professional work that will make this company memorable." He looked around at everyone and even though they didn't like the idea, they had no choice but to accept it.

"Another thing I want to discuss is office romance." A few snickers. " I could careless if employee A is going out with employee B, just keep it professional. You will loose your job if a) you are caught having sex in any of the office rooms. I know most of you think that's crazy but crazy shit like this happens at other firms, and we will not be part of that. If you are caught, just pack up your stuff and leave me a notice."

" Don't even try to talk to me because I will look at you with so much disgust and anything you try to say will just go out through the other ear; b) I am not a big fan of PDA. I do not want to see any hand holding, kissing, fondling of any sort. Do that after work, during your break, but nowhere near this office."

"Lastly, I don't want to sound vain, but I have to get my point across. Ladies, I know I'm a very attractive, and I know it's hard to not want to stare me down or have fantasies about me, but please, I'm begging you, do not stalk me and definitely don't hit on me. That type of behavior sickens me, and most likely you'll get fired. I don't care how good of an employee you are. I am your boss, and that is not professional behavior. Beside, I'm pretty sure that there are other men in this work place that are interested in you. In that case, any questions?"

He looked around and I looked around too. People were whispering but nothing serious was being said.

"Good. Thank you for your time, hopefully this will be a good year for us."

We watched as everyone left the office until it was just us two remaining.

"You have a meeting with Delta in about an hour, and then your mother would like to have lunch with you." I informed pulling out the schedule I had worked on earlier.

"Did you tell her I can't meet her?" He asked running his hand through his hair.

"Why would I do that?" I ask biting my lip. I knew exactly why he couldn't— didn't want to meet her.

"Well, I plan on meeting up with my girlfriend for lunch, and I don't think I can cancel. I mean, my girlfriend has been looking forward to this date since that new restaurant opened in down town Tokyo, you know, the one with the fancy steak?" His eye's demanded for me to look into them.

They were doing that thing they did when he was amused.

"That's nice. I'm sure she wouldn't mind. You can take her any other time. I mean, you barely see your mother anymore and you know just how much your mother adores you, but if it means that much to you, you could just take your girlfriend along. I'm sure she wouldn't mind." I smiled politely.

"That sounds like a good idea. Do me a favor and inform my girlfriend about our change of plans. Thanks." He smiled as he walked towards me.

"No problem." I smiled as he got closer and then leaned in to kiss my cheek.

"Sir, I just want to remind you about your no public display of attention policy. I know I'm very attractive, but please control yourself." I teased.


* * * *

Lunch time rolled around and I was clocking out.

"Hey Hinata."

I turned around and Karin, one of the new employees that I had given the job smiled as she walked up to me. I had met her in at the last company I worked at.

"Hey, how are you liking the Uchiha Cooperation so far?" I asked as turned to face her.

"It's great. I can't believe I'm working for an Uchiha, it's my life dream. I never thought the younger Uchiha would be as attractive as his older brother. It's a shame we can't hit on him. I'd love to bake cookies off his sculpted--"

"I really don't feel comfortable talking about my boss like that." I smiled uncomfortably.

"Sorry. It just makes me wonder if he's dating anybody." She stared of into space, thinking.

"I should go--" I said trying to escape.

"Listen, you normally pick up his phone calls don't you? Does he get any calls from women who don't work here?" She asked curiously.

"Uh, besides his mother, no. Nobody else. I should go."

"Sure. I'm on my way out too." She smiled as she followed me towards the elevator. By the time we got to the lobby, we had both went our different ways.

About a block away from my office, Sasuke sneaked up beside me, surprising me.

"Hey." He said.

I swung my bag at him for defense and hit his face.

"What the fuck Hinata." He said holding on to his eye, leaning over.

"Sasuke! I'm sorry." I said trying to help him.

He groaned as he looked at me with a glare.

"You know I hate surprise attacks" I frowned. "I'm sorry." I couldn't help but smile.

"Are you laughing at me?" He asked smirking.

"What? No way. Why would I laugh at you?" I was basically grinning now.

He smiled as he shook his head, then linked our hands as we walked toward the new restaurant he had been talking about earlier, swinging our hands along the way.

"I hope your mother doesn't mind me tagging along."

"That's silly. She loves you, ever since you let me stay with you last year." He smiled looking down at me.

"I would have never imagined dating you a year ago." I said, crossing the street.

"Why? I'm too advanced for you." I gave him a look that said yeah right.

"Very funny."

"To be honest, I would have never imagined doing the things we did together with you. I was a good girl till you made me go bad." I grinned, poking him in the chest.

"What? That's crazy. Name one thing we did together that was bad."

"Weed. You convinced me to try weed with you. You put me under peer pressure." I smiled.

"What are you, sixteen? I was only trying to help you live a little. Tell me, how many more times did you do it when I wasn't there? Don't even try to lie." He asked.

"That's not the point."

"So you wish we never did the things we did together?" He asked smiling.

"No, I'm actually kind of glad we did."

"Good to know." He said placing his hand around my shoulder, pulling me close as we entered Lafayette, the new Japanese Italian Restaurant that had recently opened

"Sasuke! Hinata! What a pleasure! You both look lovely." Mikoto Uchiha smiled at us. She gave Sasuke a hug as I watched on, then gave me a hug too.

* * *

Lunch with Mikoto was very short. She wanted to check on how Sasuke was and remind him to call her often. He was so embarrassed. I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing. Imagine, a twenty-eight year old man still being babied by his mother.

We said our good byes, and Sasuke and I held hands once again as we began to walk back to the office. We were joking around and being stupid. I think that's one of the things I liked about him. I could joke around with him without seeming awkward.

About a block away from the office, we let go of each others hand, and stared face to face.

"So I guess I have to go back to being your uptight secretary now." I frowned.

"Yea, and I have to go back to being your strict boss who doesn't know how to have fun and who might also be gay."

I couldn't help but laugh at that. If you didn't know him well enough, you would have missed his wonderful sense of humor.

"You've been hanging around Naruto too much." I grinned.

"I've been hanging around him too much? He won't stop coming over to my place even though he has his own apartment. I don't even know how I'm friends with that dead beat." He shook his head disapprovingly.

"Be nice?" I smiled.

"Fine, only because you asked." He smirked as he leaned down to kiss me.


We both looked up and a shocked Karin stared.

Oh crud!

I quickly pulled away from Sasuke. It was as if I had been caught with my hand in the cookie jar. I didn't know what to do. My cheeks were probably a new shade of red.

"K-Karin--" I was trying to say something, anything! Nothing was coming out of my mouth except for air.

"What's going on here?" Her jaw was basically on the ground now.

"I-I can explain." I said.

"We don't have to explain ourselves Hinata, we're grown adults." Sasuke whispered, not as embarrassed as I was.

"Hinata is my girlfriend." He said slinging his hand over my shoulder. Now my jaw was practically on the ground.

This was not the way I imagined announcing it to people, let alone a co-worker. She looked back and forth between us and I wanted to say something, but there was nothing to freaking say!

"I think it's best if we all just go back to work and pretend none of this ever happened." Sasuke said. He was the only one acting as if this was not a big deal. Before I could add anything in, he had already started walking away, giving me a big squeeze before he left.

Karin and I stared at each other.

"I-I'm going to go." I said as I slowly began to walk away.

I could hear her following me.

"So you're the mystery woman?" She whispered amazed.

"What are you talking about?" I asked playing stupid.

"You know damn well what I am talking about. You're Sasuke's girlfriend!" She said.

I stopped, bit my lip and then let out a long sigh.

"Yes, I am. I'm really sorry you had to find out that way, but please, we don't want anyone in the office to know."

"Why didn't you tell me? I thought we were friends!" She said shocked.

"Really?" I asked surprised.

"Yes really. If I would have known, I wouldn't have asked you all those questions earlier!"

"I just didn't want you to be angry with me. You seemed to like him a lot." I said.

We began walking side by side.

"Well, yes, but I would have stopped if you told me. How long have you been together?" She asked.

"About two months now, ever since the new company opened up."

"So you've been hiding your relationship for that long... how come I never noticed?" She asked herself.

"We really didn't want anyone to know. I didn't want people thinking since I was his girlfriend I'd get special privileges."

"Don't you? You get to go on those nice trips with him when ever he's going to have a meeting in another country... wait a minute! I hope those trips aren't vacation trips!" She glared.

"What? No! It's strictly business at work. We still have to follow company policy when it comes to dating." I said.

" Is that why he gave that whole speech today?" She asked.

"No, he caught these two employees kissing in the copy machine room."

"I bet I know who too." She said.

She was quiet for a while. When I looked at her she was staring at the clouds confused. I bit my lip again.

"I would have never imagined you two dating. I'm kind of curious...how did that happen?" She asked. When I looked at her, her eyes were filled with child-like glee. It scared me. Karin was a scary person when she was giddy.

"What?" I asked confused.

"How did you two get together? I want to know! I want to know!" She was bouncing around now.

"No, you don't. It's a really long story." I said trying to escape.

"Please?" She pleaded. I felt like I was dealing with a five year old.

"It's a really lonnng story. It'll take forever." I said. We were finally out the office.

"Fine, I'll just keep bothering you until you tell me." She said. She walked off in a flash, swinging her hair at me.

One Week Later

She really did keep bothering me about it. It was driving me insane. She also kept giving our other female co-workers hints, and that terrified me. They began to say things like "I wish I could see her so I can break her"--well, something of the sort.

"Fine Karin! Fine!" I said as she sat by my office desk.

"Good." She smiled happily.

"Can we do it after work.? I mean it when I say it's going to take a while." I pleaded.

She nodded satisfied.

"Okay. I'll see you after work."

* * *

I had to lie to Sasuke and told him I was meeting Ino, my best friend, after work instead of telling him that Karin had drove me into telling her how our relationship happened.

It technically wasn't a lie. Ino was coming too. When I told her my situation, she was all of a sudden interested in my history with Sasuke, so we were meeting at her cafe.

When I got there, Ino and Karin were already chatting as if they knew each other since high school or something. I sighed as I joined them.

"Hinata, what a pleasure. What brings you here?" Ino grinned.

"Guys I'm telling you, you're going to be so bored to death." I warned.

" Let us be the judge of that." Karin smiled as she handed me a cup of tea.

"Fine, but I have to get home by 4:30 because my sister is visiting."

"Then you better get started."

I sighed one last time.

"Last year..." And that was how it started.

Author's Note

Hello! It's been a while! Happy 2010! I just read Bullwinkle's eHow entry on how to write a SasuHina, and I think I've already broken some rules. I'm looking foward to sharing this story with you guys and I hope it will be a success just like other stories. You guys do know how important your opinion are to me as an author right? Most of you are probably writers here. I've been on Fictionpress trying to write some stories but people don't give you the time of day on there. Not like here :). So I promise to you (I'll do my best) if you review my story, I promise to read yours and leave a review. You scratch my back, I scratch yours right? So anyways, I hope I'll get some awesome reviews here because I really want to share this story with you. When you've been gone for a while most people don't really read your stories (for me anyways) anymore and it kind of sucks.

Also you'll probably recognize a line that Karin said : "I'd love to bake cookies off his sculpted--"

That part was a quote from SNL, the episode where Taylor Lautner was hosting. I'm a Taylor Lautner fan but I don't like Twilight with the exception of New moon the book and movie. Just wanted to let you know :)

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