Author Note: I am making Jax younger in my story to work out with plot. Jax and Wendy were never married in my story; there would be way too many women in his life if they were married.

Jax and I. Together Forever. That's what I thought anyways, too bad it didn't turn out like that. Jax and I had been best friends since day one. Our moms were best friends since freshman year, and our dads were a part of the original nine. We spent all our time together. We had "play dates" from the age of four months. He punched a another kid in the face at preschool when we were 4 because he took my favorite doll. We were inseparable, if Jax was going somewhere, I was going with him. If I was going somewhere he was going with me. We told each other all our secrets. We played power rangers together after he told me Barbie was stupid and all the cool kids played power rangers. We went on adventures all the time and trouble always seemed to find us, but we never bailed on each other we always took the blame together. We were always helping each other through hard times. By the age of 14 we were closer than ever. That was until I found out I was moving to Utah because my dad was going go to another charter for Sons of Anarchy. He never really told me why we were moving, all he ever said is that it was "business" and we had to go. I gave my first kiss to Jackson Teller, the day I left. We kept in touch, talking all the time on the phone or through letters. A lot of bad stuff happened in Utah, a lot of stuff I wasn't telling Jax. I felt really bad but I didn't want him to know. After a rough first year in Utah, I was 15, coming home to Charming for a "vacation". Jax and I spent everyday and every night together while I was there. The night before I went back we lost our virginities to each other, he promised me he would always be there, waiting until I was 18 and could move back. I believed him. My parents were killed when I was 16. I told Jax they died in a car accident. I lied. But he couldn't know the truth. The only ones who did know the truth were Clay and Gemma, and most likely the other guys in the club. I moved back to Charming; Gemma and Clay were my guardians so I moved in with them. I came back to find Jax had a girlfriend. Her name was Tara. I was crushed but I never let Jax see it. She moved away when we were 19 to go to San Diego for schooling. She said she hated Charming. After a year of her leaving, Jax and I got "together" I wouldn't say we were ever officially Boyfriend and Girlfriend. As much as I wanted to be. When we were 23 she came back. At 24 they start dating again and once again I was crushed but this time I let Jax know it. We were fighting all the time about everything. Now were 27. They are still dating. Jax and I are becoming closer; we got over all of our fighting because we realized how important are friendship was and neither of us wanted to lose it. Jax had a one night stand 7 months ago when him and Tara "broke up" but after a week they were back together. Well that one night stand ended up getting a girl named, Wendy pregnant. Him and Wendy kept in touch. Although they didn't love or even really like each other, Jax got her pregnant and was gonna take reasonability for it. As of now I work at the shop, in the office with Gemma. Jax and I still always go to each other if were having a hard time or just need and/or want to talk. I live with Juice in a small 2 bedroom house. Neither one of us wanted to be alone, and let me tell you now, living with Juice can get very interesting.