Ashes to Ashes fan fiction

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Chapter 1

Molly wasn't sure what had happened exactly. She'd had a rubbish day at school. Wednesdays were always rubbish, double maths followed by psychics. All she really wanted to do was dump school and go to the hospital. Some of the other kids had been giving her a hard time about her mum being in a coma, teasing her and saying her mum was dead. Mum will wake up and I won't be there. She slumped next to the school bus stop, knowing that her step dad and godfather would go spare if she skipped school again. She'd been caught twice as it was. They expect me to behave when Mum's been in a coma for two months! Molly stared at the bus stop sign, willing the bus to hurry up when her phone bleeped in her pocket. Pulling the phone out she heard the ring tone start again. Rhianna's Umbrella announcing her step dad was ringing.

"Where are you Molls, love?" Gene asked.

Smiling Molly rolled her eyes, where did he think she was?!?

"Hi Gene. Waiting for the bus. No chance of a lift is there?" The twelve year old sounded just like her Mum and Gene knew he was buying time.

"Good girl. Look stay there I'm coming to fetch you, with Auntie Annie" Molly felt her heart leap. If Annie was coming it was something big. Something must have happened with her mum. Walking away from the gang of kids that were play fighting and shouting so she could hear her step dad properly.

"What's happened?" Molly asked.

"Sit tight Molls, I wont be long." hanging up the phone Gene knew that this was going to be one conversation that would be more difficult than he could imagine, he'd asked Annie to come because he thought the news could be delivered more easily with a woman there. Molly loved Annie and had been bridesmaid at her wedding to Sam a few weeks earlier. He also knew that he'd find telling Molly about her mum difficult and Annie had been through similar with Sam a few years earlier, so he hoped having her there would help not only him but Molly too.


Alex laid in her hospital bed, her head was throbbing and the sterile high dependency ward smelt terrible. The antiseptic smell making her feel like she wanted to gag. Staring at the ceiling she tried to fathom out what had been going on. Alex could remember taking Molly to school, Gene had been called into work early - Ray and Sam had picked him up leaving her with the one remaining car that worked. She'd been laughing at one of Molly's stories, both looking forward to seeing Sam and Annie's wedding photos that evening. Next thing she'd known her and Molly were in trouble and now here she was.

Sharon was sat next to her bed, unsure of what to say. The young PC really was the baby of the group, although when pushed she was more than capable of handling the male dominated world of CID. Pushing her heavy fringe out of her eyes she began talking to Alex, her strong Essex accent loud against the beeping and whirring of all the machinery Alex remained hooked up to.

"It's going to be ok Ma'am." Alex looked at her from under heavy lashes "The Guv's gone to fetch Molly, they'll be here soon. We got Layton. Sam and Chris arrested him just after you were hurt. Its going to be ok." Alex smiled as a broad grin crossed Shazz' faces.

"Yeah" Alex whispered, still thinking her voice was incredibly loud in her ears. She was desperate to see Molly and Gene. It seemed years since she'd seen them, unsure if she remembered anything or anyone she was delighted that her feelings for Gene and her daughter seemed as strong and as real as ever.


Molly threw her school bag in the back of Gene's car, careful with the paintwork - after all it was a classic as he kept telling her. The red Aston Martin was at least ten years old but it was Gene's pride and joy but she was desperate to know what had happened. Annie smiled as she closed the car door after her, braving a look towards Gene she waited until Molly had her seatbelt on.

"Good day at school Molly?" she turned in her seat as Gene pulled out into the afternoon traffic. Fenchurch was always busy this time of day - it seemed that all the parents either collected their kids or put them on the bus. No child seemed to walk anywhere these days. Molly stared straight at Annie. The image of her mother she managed to keep her voice even.

"Ok, I'm 12 not 6. What has happened?" Gene sighed. He knew the kid was bright, that she'd know instantly that something was different.

Gene grunted, this wasn't going to be easy. He pulled the car over. Killing the engine he turned in his seat.

"Look, Molls. Lets get a McDonalds and I'll tell you whats what." he made to leave the car.

"NO!" Molly shouted. Enough was enough. "Mum's dead. Isnt she? My mum's dead. That's why you picked me up" the young girl started sobbing, burying her head in her hands. Gene felt his heart break, he'd done this wrong. So wrong. He jumped out the car and opened the back door, as Annie followed. Molly felt Gene's hands prise hers away from her face.

"Alex isn't dead Molly. That brain op the doctors did. Well it seemed to work." He hoped he was making sense. Molly looked at him then Annie. Annie nodded. Smiling at Molly Annie picked up the story. "The hospital phoned Gene at work. Said she's opened her eyes. Shaz is with her now but that's where we are going. Look, your mum has a lot of bandages around her head, she's going to look a lot different than before, they shaved her hair to do the operation and her face has swollen a little. But she's still your Mum sweetheart. Just don't expect her to behave just he same as before she was ill"

Molly nodded drying her eyes on her sleeve. "She'll remember me though? She'll know who I am? Who Gene is?" Molly looked towards Gene eyes wide and trying to steady her breathing. Gene nodded slowly desperate for a cigarette he pulled Molly into a hug.

"No forgetting us!! Gene and Molly!!! How could anyone forget us? Daft bat" he sounded a lot more confident than he felt. Annie smiled, the Manc Lion really had been tamed by Alex Drake and her little girl.

Annie sat back in the car hoping that Alex was more lucid than when they'd left and that she didn't have the same after effects her Sam had experienced when he'd woken from his coma after the car accident two years previously.


At the hospital Alex was exhausted. She was fed up with the doctors and nurses fussing round her, taking blood and ordering scans. Shaz had gone to make a few phone calls and check in with the station leaving Alex to rest. Just as she was beginning to close her eyes she heard the door to her room burst open.

"MUM!" Molly couldn't help herself as she threw her self into her mum's arms. Alex was delighted, finally able to see her daughter she was over the moon that she remembered her little girl. Kissing her hair, she looked to see Gene stood in the doorway, smiling at her she remembered exactly why and how much she loved her husband.


Back at the station Ray was bored. Shaz was just in from visiting the Boss at the hospital where the Guv, Annie and little Molly were now. Sam was in the Guv's office on the phone to someone or other while Chris made coffee and moaned about the records search he'd failed to do that day. Watching Sam through the office window he could see the smaller thinnier man becoming increasingly agitated as he slammed the phone down.

"Someone's been spending too long with the Guv" Chris laughed as Sam opened the office door.

"Right, you lot listen up. We have a serious problem" Sam shouted over the din in the main work space. Chris and Ray looked at him as Viv and Phyllis entered the room.

"Dun tell me Starbucks ran out of your lattes?!?" Ray laughed as Shaz shot him a filthy look.

"Ray, shut up." she answered. Sam was growing more and more frustrated.

"Layton's escaped"