"We need to come up with a plan. Someway to catch this guy." Booth paced the office frustrated..

Brennan watched him pace. "We could go undercover?" She smiled hopefully.

Booth stopped and looked at her thoughtfully. "I'd thought of that yes, but I don't see how.."

Brennan pouted.

The deputy director looked over the paperwork he was studying. "I know how. But you're not going to like it.."

Brennan lit up. "How?"

"The suspect is a photographer yes? Hire him to do a photo shoot."

"No." Said Booth firmly. "I'm not setting Brennan up as a model. She has no experience with that."

The deputy director looked at him meaningfully.

"But you do."

Booth turned pale. "No. Not again. Absolutely not. NO."

Brennan stared at both of them. "Booth was a model?"

The DD smiled. "One of his first undercover cases. The persona is still good. The world thinks he retired and has forgotten about it. I don't see why he couldn't resurface for one special photo shoot."

Brennan glared at Booth. "You never told me this."

"It's classified!" Booth said in horror. "And I'm not doing it!"

The DD returned to studying his papers. "Well, I guess the suspect will go free then. Your call Booth."

Booth groaned and sat down with a thud. "Fine. One shoot. But She…" he said pointing at Brennan, "She has to be my jealous girlfriend. I am not dealing with groupies!!"

As they stepped into the elevator, Brennan grinned. "I can't wait!" She rubbed her hands together in anticipation.

Booth just squeezed his eyes shut. "Shooting myself sounds really appealing right now." he mumbled darkly.