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Cadet Zack Fair was an unusual fellow.

His raw skill with a blade ensured his way into the SOLDIER program, and the natural intelligence he displayed shot him ahead of his peers, to the top of his class. But no one hated him, for no one could dislike Zack. He had a smile for everyone, a bright grin that seemed to make the room lighter for an instant. He didn't walk, no, he bounced wherever he went, as if the world weren't enough to hold him down and he were in a constant battle with gravity. There was no moment when he wasn't moving, be it sparring in class or at the gym doing squats, fidgeting in his desk… Even bouncing in place as a last resort. No, nothing could bring him down from the perpetual high he always seemed to be on, the unconditional cheer with which he faced everything, cupcakes and bathroom duty alike.

As if that weren't enough to render Zack a fortunate individual, he was an extremely beautiful boy, prettier than most girls without the least bit of effort. Soft charcoal spikes naturally framed his angelic face, and slim shoulders and a slight build rendered all who witnessed awed. His skin was milky white and flawless, but it was his eyes that were the most exceptional. They were the pale blue of a winter sky following a recent snow, and windows that were easier to read than a book. A charming innocence radiated from him, a puzzled that made him seem no more than a curious puppy, leaping in every direction to ask countless questions.

He was currently in Weapons Training, watching a spar between two other cadets along with a group of his classmates. Instructor David was paying more attention to the recruits who were fighting, giving a critical eye to all he could, so the cadets were taking this opportunity to whisper amongst themselves.

"I hear The General has been going around to watch the cadets spar." Cadet Takeru, a young man of Wutainese descent, was whispering to Cadets James and Taylor. Zack easily heard this, keen of hearing even when they hadn't yet received mako injections, but he was too busy bouncing in his boots to enter any conversation.

"I wouldn't doubt it." James said. "He probably wants to see who may end up as his SOLDIERS in the future.

"But it is kind of intimidating though.. The general, here…"

Zack's hopping increased tenfold when the sparring cadets finished. He was excited, and wanted desperately to have his chance. Instructor David had promised a reward to anyone he saw doing an exceptional job during their lesson today, and Zack liked rewards. He liked almost everything.

"Good job, cadets. Hmm.. Let's see, who is going to go next?" The instructor mused.

"Memememememe," Zack whispered under his breath, his rapid bouncing making him look like a blur of movement.

"Cadets Daniel and Smith"

The boy deflated for a moment, before getting hopeful about getting his turn to fight next, and began to continue his earlier movement.

"Zack, are you excited or something?" Takeru asked him with a grin.

He nodded his head frantically, energy pouring off him in waves. "I can't wait for my turn!"

"Are you going with everyone out to the Honeybee tonight?"

Zack stopped moving, tilting his head to the side in puzzlement. "The Honeybee? What's that?"

A burst of laughter came from the nearby cadets, and he grinned, even though he had no idea what was so funny.

"The Honeybee…" Takeru giggled. "That doesn't ring any bells just to hear the name? You know… strippers, prostitutes, sex?"

A faint blush grazed his cheekbones. "Oh." He said, with a sheepish smile, laughing quietly along with his hysterical classmates. "Uh, no thanks."

James finally finished laughing, and patted Zack on the shoulder. "You guys should've known he wouldn't! Innocent lil Zack?" He fondly grinned. "Never."

Zack wasn't sure how he liked being known as the innocent one.

Instructor David stopped the sparring recruits. "Okay everyone, that's enough for today! We're finished here."

The small teenager huffed, disappointed. He'd wanted his turn! He moved to follow his classmates back to the showers and out of the training gym, when the instructor suddenly ordered them to halt. He was reading a message on his cell, and finally spoke.

"It looks like we'll be getting a surprise visit. Someone wants to see a few of you fight."

A hush fell over the group of cadets, and no movement was seen, but for Zack's elated hopping.

"All right, when the general and commanders get here, I want Fair and Black to spar."

A squeal of joy left the former, and everyone but him couldn't help but wonder what other situations he might make such a noise in. He bounded forward, grabbing a sword from the racks, and it was around that moment that three figures entered the gym.

Just being in the same room as the famous Trinity made it's occupants feel overpowered, insignificant, and they probably knew it, too. The General, as always, carried an aura of unmistakable power and calm, not a hair out of place. Commander Hewley was like a wall of strength, his stoic expression immediately intimidating. And Commander Rhapsodos was…doing his hair.

As the legends walked across the gym, Genesis let out a never ending stream of complaints, with random snippets of loveless thrown in, holding up a hand mirror and fiddling with his hair, which was, of course, perfect.

"Well, you see, this morning I walked into my bathroom to find that someone DARED to move my hair products out of their correct ORDER! And OF COURSE I couldn't use any of them, because there were so many that it was IMPOSSIBLE to find what I needed." He paused for a millisecond to sigh. "Oh well, I suppose tonight I'll reorder them. But don't expect anything. Except for my hair to continue to be this wreck! Buttt, even if the morrow is barren of promises…. You know what I mean, Seph?"

Genesis paused for an answer, and when none came, he continued speaking.

"Genesis." Angeal reprimanded, receiving a huff in answer.

The instructor gave Genesis an pensive glance before speaking to the general in a serious tone.

"Sir, I've already chosen two recruits who will give you a demonstration."

"Very well."

The instructor signaled the two cadets to begin, and the Trinity watched avidly, with the exception of Genesis, who continued to mumble under his breath.

Zack was so nervous and excited at the same time he thought he'd explode. He stifled the good humor that stained even his fighting, and attempted to keep a look of concentration, succeeding, for a while. But his attention wandered from the fight, especially when he wass too concerned with his manner, and he made mistakes.

Thinking it more important to impress with his skill at this point, Zack finally decided to just act like usual, as strange as it seemed. For his usual style of battle put his hopping to good use. He dodged while hopping, even attacked while doing so. A silly grin stayed on his face throughout, and he even giggled once or twice, cheerful even while sparring. When they were told to stop, Cadet Black was bent over, panting and sweating.

Though Zack was not immune to sweat and shortness of breath, he still had the energy to bounce on his heels and excitedly look at his instructor. He even gave the Commanders a grin that seemed to ask how'd I do?!.

"Good job cadets, you are dismissed."

Zack carefully slid his sword onto the racks, and turned to go. Instructor David called him back.

"Sir?" He questioned happily.

"The General would like to speak with you later this evening, in his office."

With wide eyes, he looked up at the general, at least a foot taller than he, a contagious grin spreading across his face.

"You are dismissed."

He bounced off to dinner, happier than he'd ever been. I did a good job!

Commander Genesis Rhapsodos was not having a good day.

He'd gotten minimal sleep last night, having arrived at his apartment later than he'd planned. He would often spend his evenings on a conquest, having wild sex with whoever he deemed attractive enough.

His whole array of hair-care products, which was large, to say the least, had at some point been disorganized(Maybe it was that 3rd Class last week, I think we were over the sink at some point), so he couldn't find what he needed while getting ready.

And THEN, to top it off, Sephiroth and Angeal were forcing him to go look at the cadets with them! How stupid! He strutted into Sephiroth's office, huffing at he and Angeal to show his displeasure.

"Gen, as a Commander, this is your responsibility." Angeal chided "You really should learn to get along better with the lower ranks."

"Should not." Genesis retorted. "They all smell funny."

Angeal didn't push further. He knew how Genesis was with moods.

He complained about his morning the whole day of watching recruits, about shampoo, bugs, and dogs, especially puppies.

"I mean, they don't DO anything." He said condescendingly, hanging off Angeal's shoulder, while cadets ogled the three of them. "Well, except use the bathroom and look at you like they want something. How could ANYone think they were cute?"

And then it was finally the last set of the day. Whew. He flounced in between Angeal and Sephiroth, talking nonstop as he had all day. Then he saw one of the cadets who was to spar for them, bouncing on his heels with boundless energy.

"Hmmm.." He sighed, tilting his head. What a pretty boy…I wonder if he's single. Such a small fellow couldn't possibly be a good fighter.

He was a surprise though. The little raven haired cadet was quick, and far stronger than he looked, apparently. Talented, and that's not something I say often. That cute little ass on him, though….

Genesis pretended to be bored as he listened to Sephiroth discuss the promising cadet with his instructor.

"What is the name of the smaller one?"

"Cadet Zack Fair, sir."

"He shows a remarkable amount of raw talent. He could flourish under the proper guidance." The general mused.

"Yes sir."

Sephiroth's cool green eyes became sharper once he left the abyss of deep thought. "I propose an official mentorship. It's unconventional, but could be beneficial for the boy. If not, he can always be reinserted into regular classes."

Instructor David nodded. "That's a wonderful suggestion, sir. Do you have someone in mind?"

Genesis perked up then. Sure, he hated the lower ranks as a rule, but they all adored him, and he had plenty of soap in his apartment. Even perfume, if it came to that. He saw Angeal start to open his mouth to speak. Uh-oh, I'm about to lose my chance! And I do NOT appreciate that.

"I'll do it." He stated arrogantly, trying to be mature, for once. Angeal glanced at him uneasily, and even Sephiroth gave a second look.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Angeal asked. "I thought you hated-"

"But" Genesis broke in with his musical voice, putting obsessive years of practicing dramatic behavior to use "under my hands, he could become great. Then he WOULDN'T be a lower class, ne?"

If there was one thing he didn't like, it was being told what he could and couldn't do. If he thought he could be a good mentor, despite his sexual nature, then by the goddess, he COULD be a mentor!

"Genesis, are you ready for that much responsibility?" Sephiroth asked.

"What makes you think I'm not?" He asked. Before either of his friends could supply an answer in front of that David fellow, he continued. "Besides, I know I can do this!"

"Very well." The general stated. "Call the boy over here. Tell him I would like him to meet me in my office this evening"

"Fair!" the instructor signaled. The boy came bounding over, an aura of cheer following closely behind.

Genesis marveled at how soft his hair looked, how frail he seemed in his small size; a body that begged for either of two things: to be cherished and protected, or to be broken, fucked senseless. Was it sick that he could imagine both scenarios?

"The General would like to speak with you later this evening, in his office." Zack Fair was told. When dismissed, the area seemed to dim once he was gone, but the elation with which he moved across the gym affected all present.

"Let's get all of the paperwork and details worked out." Sephiroth calmly suggested, and the group left to that destination.

Smugly, Genesis grinned at everyone he passed. With that heavenly piece of flesh going to live with him, who could blame him?


Zack thoroughly enjoyed food, just as everyone else he knew. But he especially loved cupcakes. Sure, they were sort of childish, but they were cuuute! And neat, tucked into the little paper wrapping, along with never having to be cut, like a slice out of a regular old cake.

The general wanted to see him! While he was always insecure about being the shortest, smallest person in the program, he also had confidence in his abilities, and even when that failed, he could rely on the strenuous, vast amount of training he did. The only thing he never wanted, though, was to be helpless. He never wanted to be in a situation he couldn't fix, in a problem he couldn't break free of. If he were ever too weak to save himself or anyone else, he would crumple.

Zack stood from the table and deposited his leftover food, almost running in his haste to reach the general's office, though it was a long walk. As he got closer, he realized he'd never been in the higher ranking areas of the building, where all of the 1st, or even 2nd class SOLDIERS worked. They all eyed him curiously, probably wondering why such a pretty, small boy was in the SOLDIER section of the Shinra building. He gave a huge grin and "Hello!" to everyone he saw. If nothing else, they were impressed by his pleasant manner.

He knock respectfully on the door to the office.

"Enter." Came the muffled reply.

He hopped in with a smile, and was relatively surprised to find General Sephiroth and Commander Rhapsodos inside. All of the seats were taken, but he wouldn't ask for one. Instead, he stood by the seated Genesis and bounced on his heels, offering a large grin.

The commander grinned back, but naturally, the youngest never noticed the seductive edge to it.

"Cadet Fair," the silver haired angel spoke. "We noticed your considerable talent in the training room today, and have decided to put you into a beneficial, yet unconventional arrangement."

Zack, even though he was rapidly moving, was avidly listening to all that was said.

"It's been arranged for you to be in an official mentorship with Commander Rhapsodos. He will train you, and you, in turn, will treat him with the utmost respect. Instead of the cadet dorms, you will be moved into his apartment. It is expected that you will gain valuable experience through this."

"Thank you sir!" He beamed, even though his new mentor's cool dislike of the lower ranks was well known.

The General nodded, and Genesis stood.

"Let's go get your stuff and get you moved in, hmm?" He left the room, and the younger followed.

Zack walked alongside Genesis, growing slightly uncomfortable at the silence that persisted. Should he talk? No, he didn't want to annoy the commander, and lose a great opportunity.

Meanwhile, Genesis rapidly noticed the short attention span Zack had. The boy's beautiful eyes fluttered everywhere, as if they were trying to see everything at once. It was both charming and absent-minded.

"Zack-I'll just call you that, no bothering with the whole "cadet" shit. And you just call me Genesis. There are a few things I'll be needing you to keep mind of while living with me."

"Yes sir?" Zack asked, his voice having a natural breathless quality that Genesis had trouble keeping from affecting him elsewhere.

"First, you are not to touch my hair products. I need them, and they were messed up today, do you see how terrible my hair looks?" Sidetracked as easily as the teenager, he turned his head to allow a good look. "And second, same for all of the alcohol, it's just not good for small children like you."

Zack instinctively pouted at that, and Genesis let out a silent "aww" in his head.

"Hmm… Oh yes! If anyone bullies or tries to harm you in any way, I suppose you are to tell me? Yes, tell me! I'll kick their ass! And, uh, yeah, I guess that's it."

They stopped at the dorm room Zack shared with a few other cadets. Upon entering, the occupants of the room stared slack jawed.

"Hi guys!" He exclaimed. "I hafta get my stuff, I'm being mentored!" He shared words with the suddenly shy cadets as he gathered his belongings in a bag. Genesis coolly stared them down, especially when he noticed their eyes glued to the oblivious Zack. Everyone seemed to look at him that way, but in his naiveté, the boy never noticed. How cute.

When he was finished with goodbyes, they left, Genesis leading the way to his apartment, silently rejoicing at the sexy meat he'd just received, almost as though the Goddess were rewarding him for years of devotion.