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"Okay, Zack, turn a little to the left."

With a sheepish expression, Zack was modeling all possible outfits for his mentor's date tonight. Genesis insisted that he couldn't properly decide on clothing when he was wearing it.

"After all, how would I see the back?" He'd said. (An excuse to survey his student's ass in the process.)

"When will you be back?" Zack asked, in an extra good mood, despite this activity. Training had gone fabulously the past few days, as the older man had learned to TEACH and not HIT.

"Hm, maybe around one. I happen to be an adult, and adults do adult things when they're on adult dates. You're quite too young too know about these things." He melodically explained, as if one would have to be a fool to disagree with him.

"I'm not a kid." Zack pouted, looking far too adorable wearing clothes that were too large for him. Genesis had a good ten years on him, after all, and his slight frame suggested that he'd never beat the man in height. Genesis did happen to be slender for his height, though.

"On the contrary, you are. And to further render you childish, you also happen to be naïve."

The pout deepened, a nearly impossible thing to resist, he'd found, over days of experiencing it, along with the frequent hugs and innocent glomps his pupil bestowed upon him.

They finished, and Genesis finally decided on the clothing he would wear that night. He changed, and gave Zack his cell phone number in case of an emergency.

"Who are you going with?" He curiously asked.

"Oh, just a 2nd class I met the other day." He said airily. "We're having dinner and going to his place afterwards." To have sex

"Oh." He looked thoughtful. Genesis glanced at the clock and jumped with a curse.

"I've gotta head out, be good!" He teasingly blew a kiss, flouncing out the door.

Zack scratched his head, then shrugged away any thoughts before they surfaced. He'd already eaten, so what was there to do?

Train, of course!

He bounced into the hall, locking the door to the apartment with a keycard Genesis had given him. Dinner was being served in the cafeterias now, so the halls were fairly empty. He was just getting close to the gym when he saw a small group of people, walking in the opposite direction.

The man in the midst was obviously the president, and needless to say, he was important. On either side were two men in black suits, one with a devilish smile and fiery hair. The other looked slightly Wutainese, and his dark eyes made him feel uncomfortable.

Zack, no different than any other time, grinned and said a friendly hello. The three men stopped and the president exclaimed.

"Wait a minute, you're Zack Fair, aren't you?"

He held out a paunchy hand, shaking one of Zack's with both of his, fingers lingering at pale wrists.

"Yes sir, I am!" The boy said brightly, taking Shinra's grandfatherly smile at face value rather than see it for what it was.

"Perhaps sometime we can meet in my office… To discuss your future in the company."

"That would be great!" Zack answered, letting go of the president's hand. He nervously glanced at the two Turks, their scrutiny nearly unbearable.

The two groups parted ways, but not before Shinra turned to get a glimpse of the boy's delicious backside, anticipating the days to come.

Training was always a bittersweet time for Zack. He relished the pleasant burn of exercise, yet dreaded when he had to stop. This was no different than any other time, only now he was alone, where all of his thoughts rose unbidden to the surface.

He liked his teacher. Once you got to know him, he wasn't so bad, and even his most childish qualities were endearing. Tonight was the first time he'd ever seen Genesis go on a date-type thing. And that made him feel strange. It was stupid, him feeling weird about his teacher being romantically involved with someone, and he had no right. Who was he to say otherwise of the man's hobbies?

Genesis mewled eagerly at the hot, wet kisses running down his abdomen. The first confident touch of a tongue upon his arousal, all thoughts ran out of his too-pretty head. His fingers wove themselves into the 2nd class's hair, yanking as he writhed beneath him.

A finger penetrated him, squirming inside him, wet with lubrication. His eyes rolled back into his head when the special spot deep inside him was prodded gently.

It wasn't until his lover was inside him and thrusting that spontaneous thoughts jammed into his mind. He lost himself amidst pleasure and his own ideas so quickly that he felt as if he were falling, then the image of his young student came into mind, and Genesis' consciousness filled in the rest.

It wasn't the handsome SOLDIER fucking him anymore, it was Zack, and he was doing the fucking. The man's hand pumping him was the tight heat of a beautiful fifteen year old, and every word exchanged was between the two of them.

"Oh, oh yes, Genesis, you're so fucking good right now…" Foul words were pure on the boy's lips, and only served to further enrapture him. The cries of the two men escalated until both reached a sweet release, and Genesis descended from his high in a mixture of contentment and horror.

Horror, because this had never happened before. He'd never been pulled under by the mere thought of someone else, and neither had he ever been so besotted to allow that. His lovers were a material possession in his world. Genesis would perhaps pretend to be gentle, but they were only things, and he used them as he saw fit before casting them aside. Lover was not a correct term for what he took to his bed, toy would be a far better description. Any fondness from him was never love.

Love didn't exist, right? Love was a fairytale, an excuse to have sex with someone.


Zack was reclining on the couch watching a cheap action movie when someone entered the apartment. He glanced over, expecting his teacher, jumping with a salute when he saw otherwise.


"At ease. We're all friends here." Angeal Hewley spoke, giving a true paternal smile. "Where is Genesis?"

"Oh, he went on a date." He said, feeling a slice of an emotion he couldn't name.

Angeal's face darkened slightly, and he took a seat on the sofa, gesturing for the younger to follow.

"He left you here alone?"

"I'm fine, sir, honest!" Zack assured with a weak smile. "It's not like I'm a kid or anything.

The man's expression spoke otherwise. "So how is your training going?"

"Well." He mused. "Do all SOLDIERS have to do paperwork? Cuz that stinks."

A hearty laugh filled the room. "No, only higher ups I suppose. Is Genesis a good teacher? I'm always worried if he can handle responsibility."

Zack nodded almost frantically. "Oh yeah! He does a great job!"

The sound of the door opening once again interrupted the conversation. Genesis pouted suspiciously at his friend being there.

"Angeal, honey! I had no idea you would be coming! You should've called ahead, I could've planned all sorts of-"


"Oh all right." He huffed, seating himself directly between Zack and Angeal. He gave the boy a fond smile before regarding the other man. His smile held a warning edge. Like he could let Angeal get between him and the best fuck of his life he was currently working towards.

"Zack, it's quite past bedtime for little boys like you!" He exclaimed, his voice working the words 'little boy' through his lips seductively. Angeal's eyebrows rose.

"Aww, c'mon, I'm not a kid!" Pout pout.

Genesis ruffled his hair. "Sure you're not. Well, get along then!"

With no other choice before him, Zack left for his room as the two behind him regarded one another carefully. It wasn't until he lay in his bed that he heard them arguing.

The next morning was awkward, to say the least. Genesis knew that Zack had heard them, and he knew that Zack knew he knew. Whew.

Tonight they would be leaving for their Costa del Sol mission, and arrive at the destination bright and early in the morning. There was another reason to be nervous, right there. And, although Zack wasn't a SOLDIER yet, this would go on his record, seeing as it would be both a learning experience and just as much of a mission for him.

They spent the day packing for their trip and doing some light training. Mentor and student met the helicopter atop a landing pad. Five 2nd classes and a medic were under the command of Genesis for the duration of the mission. Two would ride with Zack and his teacher while the others rode in a separate helicopter, both flown by Turks who were to cover intel.

Zack, bouncing in his seat, watched the passing countryside, firing countless questions at his mentor. He answered them in a mixture of nonsense and Loveless quotes. Soon, they would arrive.

It would be an adventure.