Title: René

Rating: PG-13

Series: Ouran High School Host Club

Pairing: TamakixKyouya.

I wrote this short fic in math class, cuz' I was bored. The teacher decided not to teach anything today, so I was like sweet and started writing fanfiction and this is what ensued xD This is also what happens when it's the only class you don't have friends in. Just as an FYI, if you ever hear someone refer to an animal as having boots it means just their paws are a certain colour, unless they say they're WEARING boots.


One day, Tamaki was taking his beloved dog Antoinette for a walk. She was probably the only girl who would never leave and unconditionally love him as long as she was fed. Tamaki took in his surroundings, it was such a nice day it was hard not to take in the beautiful surroundings. While distracted, Antoinette noticed a cute white kitten with black boots. Despite how well behaved she was for a dog, her instincts kicked in anyways and she decided to run after the kitten. This caused Tamaki to loose his balance and be dragged against his will across the ground. "No! Yamete kudasai!Stop! Heel! Arrêt!!!! Something?!" he cried, but nothing seemed to work. Antoinette had her eyes on the prize. She ran around corners, through alleys, across roadways when there was oncoming traffic, and finally ended up back at the park they were walking through before. The kitten ran up to someone and hid itself in their pant leg. Antoinette wasn't interested anymore, and went around the leg. Unfortunately Tamaki didn't change directions as quickly and ran into the leg. He clung to it, not wanting to go any further, his beautiful body was tarnished enough.

"Tamaki, I would greatly appreciate you not feeling up my leg."

Tamaki looked up to see a familiar face. "Kyouya! Antoinette saw a kitten and fell and pavement and ow and drugs and darkness and cars and beeping and dirt and bugs and SQUIRRELS ON MY HEAD and your cleanly shaven leg and the softness and the I should stop talking now..." he got up and rubbed his head, sniffling a bit as if he was on the verge of tears.

Kyouya bent over and removed the kitten from his pant leg, picking it up and inspecting it. "Don't worry, I'll take him to the shelter or something. Are you going to live?"

"I suppose once I take a shower my body will be fine...but you can never fix my soul!" he exclaimed, "My self esteem will forever be broken!!!!"

"Yea, you're okay. Go home."

"Well, if you're so sure...see you tomorrow~!" he walked with his dog in the direction of his home, hoping there would be no more cats or birds along the way.

Kyouya stared at the kitten. The kitten stared back with big, black eyes. Kyouya stared at the kitten some more, and the kitten blinked. Kyouya stared at the kitten even more, and the kitten sneezed. He then held the kitten in his arms in a more comfortable position as opposed to straight out in front of him. "I think....I'll keep you. It would be nice to have someone who will unconditionally love you..." He pet the kittens head with his finger, and the kitten purred with happiness. Although his expression didn't change, this caused him great satisfaction. He almost felt like Mori for a moment, having a unexpected soft spot for animals. "Well, I'm glad you like me as much as I'm starting to like you. I hope that since I'm helping when you need me, you'll help when I need you. Now onto a name...I think I'll name you.....