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Her role in life was a peaceful one, the median between two poles. She was the dawn and dusk between night and day, the one who held them together.

No one knew she would be the one to break them apart

To break everything apart

They thought of her as the least powerful, the one to kiss and tell, faint and run. While two powerhouses, shrieking chidori and whirling rasengan fought for and against each other, she waited, forgotten on the sidelines. Cheering them on, healing the wounded and praying for her two loves to come back alive.

No one expected her to pull bloody fists from the cavern of their chests

They would live and die by each other's hand

Not hers

The two boys took the main stage. Always those two. Never her. Summer chasing Winter and back again. Spring the overlooked, unimportant time between. She trained under a Sanin, just like the other two, she learned from the GODDAMN-FUCKING-HOKAGE but no one gave a shit, and she could live with that, because she had her boys.
Until she didn't.
Three became a crowd and there was no need for a cherry blossom girl to hold them together any longer.

And with a kiss the Sun was stolen away by an eclipse of the Moon leaving the Earth in the cold, with its bright Spring withering in eternal damnation. In the Dark where Monsters roam free. Eager to slip in the little cracks left in broken hearts and minds.

And they were so happy, everyone expected her to be happy for them, with them

She tried, she really did, but it wasn't the same

And the voice whispered to her once more

She never thought about it before, really. The strong, powerful voice in the back of her mind. Her conscience. Her inner soul. She thought everyone had one. Until the one she looked up to stared back with fear in her wide blue eyes.

"You have two minds...? Who are you?"

At first she brushed it off, saying something about strength matching her beauty. But what good was it now, the girl with dainty looks able to split a mountain with a bare fist, if the two she loved most in the world never saw how beautiful she had become?

And she despaired, alone again on a bridge filled with memories of laughing demons and smirking angels, straw men and bubbly girls. Alone but for the voice in her head telling her to MAKE them listen, to understand and acknowledge her.
Any passion, she realized, was a thousand times preferable to this cold indifference. And if she could not have love, well, hatred is better than nothing at all.

If she could not have them in life, then they would be hers in death

And they would know her name

Quiet in her mind for the first time in years, she reveled in the silence and cranked up the music from the old records, shower so hot her skin shown brighter than the pink locks falling just far enough to kiss the back of her shoulders. So easy, to carry out her plan, they did not expect treachery. Always weaker, she loved them, she would never hurt them, laugh as they bleed to the floor, shock etched on their faces. She COULDN'T hurt them.

Until she did.

So sorry

Poor girl

So many wanted them dead

No leads

So few have the power to hurt them

Who did?

And for the first time in many years she cried real tears, grass green eyes shining with a hidden, mad light as their broken, bloody, rotten and decaying bodies were revealed to the world. Held so tightly to each other even in death. The purity of night and day gone forever with the cloying scent of cherry blossoms and smoky ash of dusk and dawn.

But gossip fades and life moves on, too many suspects and too little clues. Forgotten in the mist of yesterdays past, and the one who could have seen underneath her rosy smile and grass green lies faded with her. Sucked away by his own guilt, one grinning eye hidden forever behind a porcelain mask. Hands that once held two tiny bells now soaked with blood, as her own were now. Gone.


She was

Alone again

But then the

Voice came


Whispering in her ear of power unrivaled, the voice told her of legends unmatched. Fame or infamy, to be acknowledged the only true desire. It had always been The Three, but now it was just Her, and nobody gave a damn. The strongest now, but the only ones who knew were scattered in the wind, gray ashes and crimson petals.

And the voice planned, scheming little thoughts in the back of her mind. There would have to be survivors, of course, if they were all dead then who would recognize her? And at once she remembered a little red head boy with aquamarine eyes from a lifetime ago, back before Three became a crowd. Back when the sun and the moon still shone bright in the sky.

"I love only myself and fight for only myself. If all other people exist to magnify that love, then there is no more splendid universe than this one."

And now she was the same. But not really.

Not a Demon-Child

Just a Monster

And the village burned by the hand of the girl no one ever suspected. Always thinking the demon boy or traitor but never the girl with innocent, loving, grass-green eyes. And as she plunged a bloody fist to the earth the mountain of legends crumbled to the ground. The tortured screams of innocence lost and hatred rekindled filled the air with the smoke and dust of broken dreams.

Kill the Pig

Cut its Throat

Spill its


And she knew what they meant now, she knew the rage and the hate little boys did, the overwhelming instinct to hurt, to rip apart flesh and smile at the tender, broken cries for mercy.
To give them none.

And the boy

From so long ago

Back when pink hair brushed her waist

And all that mattered were that day's clothes,

And if the Winter would hold the hand of Spring.

It was the boy who spoke of untarnished joy

And undying love

who came

to save


He pled with her WHY WHY WHY but she laughed and the girl with pink locks stained the red of the demon boy told him the words that had almost crushed his soul a lifetime ago. And he flinched as his childhood love, the princess with grass green eyes filled with life became the villian with dead aqua eyes, and she laughed again.
Not because he cried. Not because she hurt him.

But because she could.

She was the strongest now.

"I swore I would protect you

with my life.

Even from yourself"

She howled a war cry from long before, pounding the boy through trees and dirt with inhuman strength no greater than his, beating him because he couldn't hurt her but she could hurt him. Alone in the great forest once more that held so many memories, of cursed boys with dark seals and demon boys who loved her more than life itself. When this boy saved her life forever and a day ago.
And now she sheared off the barriers between the Inner and Outer Monsters as easily as those cherry blossom locks had fallen. As easily as she slid her knife through his white throat.

He lay defeated on the ground, she stood above him. Laughing, with eyes not that of an avenging, fallen angel nor a demon with golden wings. Merely a girl with dreams of grandeur. An illusion of godhood wrapped in madness and hidden voices.

You have forgotten

he whispered

gurgling red blood

What I told you long ago

And then she knew, remembered the seals he formed, that for a boy who only fought with his fists, they could only mean one thing. And the voice screamed and she screamed back, no difference between the two now, his blows raining onto her, faster, stronger.
She was just Human. Not an Angel. Or a Demon. She could only pretend.
But she could not copy his attack, open the celestial gates.
She was not immortal, could not heal her wounds.
No ultimate defense could ever shield her now.
Monsters can only stand the light of reality
For so long.

"The Lotus of the Leaf Village Blooms Twice"

but a cherry blossom

only blooms


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