The Prophecy

In a time of great upheaval

When the veil between worlds is crumbling

One will be born to rebuild the walls and restore the balance.

She will be the Keeper

She will come from the most ancient of bloodlines

A mix – vampire, lycan, fae, druid and berserker

With her mate (the Overseer) order and peace will prevail.

Her fate is set – her mate is not

A choice to be made –

Some she will reject – some will reject her

One will reject and regret -- one will be chosen

She will be born of humans and much more than she appears

The process begins on her 18th birthday but

She has always been special if one looks closely enough

The one who sees wins her love and conquers all.

The prophecy was recorded and copies given to the rulers of each of the ancient clans involved. At first the clans looked for her tirelessly but over the millennia, as often happens, the prophecy turned into legend and then myth. It was not handed down as it should have been and for one clan that mistake may prove fatal.

She was born during a new moon, at the darkest time of the lunar cycle, and Guardians were dispatched to keep watch. As she grew she was not what they expected – small body, clumsy and painfully shy but beautiful and with an inner strength that was unparalleled. At 16 the dreams began, a way for her to grow accustomed to where she came from and what she would become and while she didn't understand them – they gave her comfort for some reason. At 17 when she fell in love with the vampire, they thought she had found her mate early and prepared to explain to both, on her 18th birthday, what they would be to the world. But life intervened and the vampire fearing for the safety of his love left her – telling her lies of his love ending and not wanting to spend eternity with her – she was broken.

They watched the broken girl for weeks and then, knowing time was short, the Guardians approached her with her destiny and her task. They explained who they where – Tuatha De Danann or fae- they explained her destiny, the prophecy, her dreams and assigned her the task of finding her mate. Once he was found they would come again and explain to both what was to be done and how to prepare for a battle none of the clans could foresee.

She searched the cities and countries they pointed her to Vancouver, London, Romania, Egypt, Brazil, and in the highlands of Scotland under a full moon just before her 20th birthday she found him. Laird Gabriel Hamilton, a mix of the ancient lycan and berserker bloodlines and together they set out to fulfill their destinies.