7 years later

St. Petersburg, Russia

Tomorrow is the solstice Alice thought. It has been 7 years since Edward died and we last saw Isabelle. It had taken some time for everyone to come to terms with his death and the fact that he gave his life so Isabelle could be happy. He loved her so much and in the end he did what he had always done, protected her and made sure she was kept safe. If he had lived and been forced to see her with Gabriel for the rest of eternity it would have slowly driven him insane. No, this was definitely for the best.

After the battle when they all traveled back to Leeds the Cullen's decided that each couple would go their own way for a few years to deal with what had happened and the loss they had suffered. It was just 2 years ago that they all found themselves in Russia and decided to live together again. Now they were traveling to Scotland to see the Hamilton's and to visit Edward's grave. It would be a hard visit.

When they arrived at the castle they were surprised at the differences they noticed before they even stepped out of the car. Everyone and everything seemed so much lighter than the last time they were here. Soren and Ruth were standing in front of the castle waiting to greet them. As Carlisle exited the car he said to Soren "It is nice to see you both again and thank you for allowing us to come."

"Nonsense Carlisle, we told you at the time you would always be welcome here and we meant that. I am sure quite a bit has changed since you were last here, feel free to wander around and we will see you later and catch you up on things."

The Cullen's ran to the waterfall anxious to be as close to Edward as they could. When they saw the clearing where he was buried they stopped, his grave was covered in freesia and strawberries. Isabelle and Gabriel were sitting close to the headstone talking. "Sometimes when I come here, I can feel him." Gabriel said. "Especially if you and I are not getting along, I can feel him telling me what an ass I am being and that he didn't save me so I could make you miserable. As much as he irritated me, which was greatly because he wanted you to be his, it is still humbling in some ways to think he was a better man than I am. He gave his life for me, for you. I don't think I could be that selfless, I need you to much."

"I have told you not to beat yourself up over this. Edward could read your mind, he knew what I meant to you. Had you not been a good man he never would have saved you for me. Do not diminish his sacrifice by doubting yourself. Let's go back to the castle the Cullen's are close and wish to spend some time alone here. We will see them in the morning."

Carlisle and the others found the Hamilton's in the keep having breakfast in the morning. "Carlisle" Isabella said hugging him, "Come, sit down. Tell us all about what everyone has been doing." As Carlisle was explaining how they all found themselves in Russia he looked up over the fireplace and noticed the portrait of the current Laird and then looked at Isabelle confused. She smiled and began to explain what had been happening in their lives since the battle.

They had spent the year directly after making sure that all the druids and hybrids were dead and that the lycans had taken care of by the wolves. It had taken Aro almost a full year to catch Caius, who was still alive and being held in Volterra. Rumor had it he was insane now and was serving as a lesson to anyone else who would try to overthrow Aro. Heidi was now a full vampire but had been able to retain most of her Wiccan abilities. Her hardest adjustment stemmed from the fact the she was no longer able to have children but she thanked god that she already had 2 before her transformation. Thunder had mated with a lycan, Heather, and they were expecting their first child. Gabriel had stepped down as Laird 3 years before and now Soren was the head of the clan.

There had not been much need for the Executioners or Guardians in recent years as the clans were so busy sorting themselves out they didn't have the time to cause problems with each other. Once each clan had searched inside itself for traitors their numbers had done down considerably. Isabelle & Gabriel used this time to teach their newest son, Edward, all of the Hamilton Clan legends, he never tired of hearing them.

The human world returned to normal also. The girls that were freed in South America hadn't really seen anything so they were returned to their lives immediately. The ones that were used for the breeding program had to have parts of their memories wiped before they could be returned. They turned up in different places in the United States with only vague ideas of where they had been and what had happened. After months of therapy it was assumed their minds had blocked the experience as a protection measure.

The sun was starting to set outside when Carlisle asked, "Isabelle is Edward here? Would it be possible to see him?"

"Of course Carlisle, he should be here any moment. They have lit the bonfire and he loves the stories that are told this time of year. I think you will be surprised when you see him, he is very special. He is of the lycan and berserker bloodlines and is the first ever of berserker blood to not have blue eyes."

At that moment a 7 year old boy with ginger hair and green eyes came running in yelling, "Hurry up you guys they are starting the stories." before pulling on Isabelle's arm to get her to move.

"Calm down Eddie and say hello to our guests, the Cullen's." His eyes went wide as he said in awe, "The Cullen's. They have to hear the new stories." Carlisle looked at Gabriel with a confused expression. "You will understand soon. For now let's join the Clan at the bonfire."

As they walked up to the bonfire they saw Eddie sitting in his mom's lap and heard him whisper, "The next one is about me isn't it?" She nodded, "Actually it is about the person you are named after Edward Masen Hamilton, so calm down and listen."

As the Cullen's sat one of the Clan Elders stood, "now it is time for the telling of the Legend of the Warrior Edward Cullen and how his sacrifice saved us all...."

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