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Chapter One

"I swear she's out to get me!" I whined to Robbie.

"Georgia, we talked about this, she is not out to get you!" Ever since his ex-girlfriend from London showed up she had been trying to ruin things between me and him. Robbie refused to believe me, but I could tell.

"That's what you think," I murmured "but she is completely in love with you and she is trying to win you back."

He sighed and stopped walking abruptly. It was warm out but the beach still seemed cool, the tide was beginning to come in and very few people were swimming.

"You mean everything to me," he spoke finally looking directly into my eyes "I can't see myself without you, Georgia, I need you to realize that she means nothing to me.

"Okay, fine," I surrendered. He smiled the soft cocked-headed smile I loved so much and took my hand.

Although Robbie had never told me he loved me, I knew he did. And I realized that it was the same for him. We were in love and nothing could get in the way of that. I was trying to force myself to believe that our love was strong enough to withstand anything. Part of me knew that I was being stupid, and that it would, but another part of me felt as if it needed to be proved.

But it would be strong enough. Emilee meant nothing to him, but that seemed hard. She was a goddess in every way, perfect hair; teeth, skin and her clothes were always amazing. The fact that Robbie wanted me over her, was completely dumbfounding, I had decided not to be perfect anymore, but sometimes being me didn't feel like enough.

It's always impossible to not get lost in Robbie's eyes. They are probably the most distinguishing feature on his faceā€¦ my mind was swimming with thoughts as I attempted to take notes in class, but Robbie was sitting right in front of me, and his hair was laying perfectly on the back of his head. His muscles could be lightly traced through his shirt.

"Georgia!" Jas swatted my arm "earth to Georgia."

"What?" I murmured dumbly.

"It's time to go, wake up, and come on! Robbie and Tom are waiting."

When we stepped outside the building, Tom was suddenly next to Jas. He draped his arm around her shoulders and proceeded to ask her about her day. We walked as a group towards the gate, I felt like a third wheel and it seemed as if people were watching me.

I wish I hadn't rounded the corner by the gate. Or maybe, it was a good thing but when my eyes focused to the change in light, all I could see what Emilee's hand placed on Robbie's arm. Her uniform was trimmed the absolute minimum allowed. She stole a glance in my directing as Robbie talked to her. Then, just as I gather my thoughts and started to walk towards them, he placed her hands on the back of his neck and pulled his lips to hers.

And Robbie kissed her back.