A/N So this is a RP I did with LoveyourflyingV. It has the characters Shinji and Nnoitra from my AU story Strawberry Bad Boy. I play Shinji and V plays Nnoitra. Comes in two parts. This is my very first RP, but I had SOOOO much fun doing it. I hope you all enjoy :D


Nnoitra walked around the room, disinterested sneer set on his face even if he was mildly impressed. He almost wanted to meet Blondie's mother – almost. He didn't actually want to meet some bitch, but she seemed like a piece of work. Shinji probably wouldn't be too thrilled if he hit her, though. He walked out of the bedroom, back through the kitchen and into the living room, making himself right at home and snooping around before plopping himself down on the couch. Long arms crossed behind his head as his eyes closed as if he were settling down for a nap. "So, ya gonna suck my dick tonight?"

"I just brought ya here 'cos we're too loud fer my neighbors." Shinji said with a frown as he watched Nnoitra's grin slide across his face and stretch his thin lips. It wasn't as if he hadn't ever brought anyone home to his mother's house before, but for some reason he felt… different about having Nnoitra there. "And get yer damn feet off the coffee table! Okaachan made that herself ya know." He snapped when Nnoitra tried to make himself even more comfortable.

"Ya bring me some place where yer gonna fuckin' shit if I destroy a few things?" He sighed in annoyance, moving his long legs back to the floor obediently. He wasn't anyone's bitch, but if he played nice just a little bit, he would get even more time to fuck that sweet, tight ass, and that was more important than anything right now. Nnoitra pulled at the hem of his shirt and stripped it off in one smooth move, leaning back against the couch and watching Shinji intently, grin held firmly in place. "Get yer fuckin' clothes off. Right now."

Shinji glared at him even as he felt his arms move. He almost hated that part of it all, how easily Nnoitra could make him obey, but the fact that his cock twitched every time he spoke to him like that, looked at him like that, like he was completely in control… He sighed and unbuttoned his shirt, wiggling the tie loose but leaving it around his neck as he pulled the starched pink plaid shirt away from his torso. He let it drop to the floor as he reached for his belt buckle, his eyes raking over Nnoitra's thin, lean chest.

That chest was already rising slightly with excited breaths. His own eye watched every aspect of Shinji's undressing avidly, not missing a moment. "Leave the tie on yer neck." He demanded, not looking the blonde in the eye as his vision watched thin fingers begin to reveal creamy hips begging to be bruised by his own hands and mouth. He couldn't help but lick his lips, a long, devilish tongue playing across them in a predatory manner. But he didn't make a move yet. He wanted to make Blondie come to him.

God that fucking tongue! Shinji shuddered and his fingers fumbled a bit when Nnoitra licked his lips. He knew what the tongue was capable of and his body quickened as delicious visions began to swarm in his head. He barely heard the instruction to leave his tie on, but he would have done it anyway. By this point the had learned a few things about Nnoitra, and one of those things was that he liked to fuck Shinji with his tie on, even if he didn't play with it or even touch it the entire time. Shinji let his pants fall to the ground and stepped out of them, cocking a hip and a thin eyebrow at the older man as he thought about his next move. He knew Nnoitra wanted him to slink over there, crawl in his lap, and slowly kiss his way down to that gorgeous piece of equipment he kept hidden in his pants, but he was feeling a bit feisty tonight.

Just as Shinji knew what he wanted, he in turn knew every way to make the blonde crazy, and continued to find new ways to either turn him on or annoy him, or possibly even both. His grin never faded, even as he reminded himself that there was no way Blondie was going to make it easy for him. He'd have to fight dirty, like always. Nnoitra was already half hard, and reaching a hand into his fairly loose pants wasn't a difficult task. However, keeping his long cock hidden under the garment while he began to stroke it was quite difficult. Pants didn't cover shit on him. But for now, he denied Shinji the pleasure of seeing what he wanted so badly, even as he touched himself, eye roaming over the younger man like he was an erotic photograph instead of something that could be touched.

Shinji bit his lip and tucked a thumb in the side of his underwear. Asshole. Watching those long fingers slide over anything, sexual or not, always got to him. Fine, two can play that game, Shinji thought to himself and a half grin tilted his lips upward. He let his thumb slide along the waistband on his underwear, dipping the fabric low and showing off some pale pubic hair before covering it once more. He brought his other hand up and tucked the thumb of that one in the opposite side and began to slowly tease the thin cotton down over his ass, exposing it to the house but not Nnoitra. He licked his upper lip and smirked as one hand clearly caressed his ass and his other cupped his growing erection.

He looked mildly amused at what was being performed in front of him. Nnoitra didn't have patience for anything but the chase, and that patience was already wearing thin. He wanted to slam Shinji down into the floor and give him a good rug burn that he'd be sure to bitch about for days. "Ya gonna give me a free show, Blondie?" He purred in that distinctly deep and mesmerizing voice he only used when they were about to screw. "Cus I'll just jack off while I watch ya if ya don't wanna get fucked tonight." He'd seen that tight, tempting ass plenty of times now, but each and every time, he lost control and had to claim it again. He wanted to see it. It was his to view, after all.

"I didn't say the show was fer free." Shinji snapped, wondering, not for the first time, how it was he could be so turned on and so irritated at the same time. Nnoitra would do it though, everything he said and Shinji knew it. What it came down to was whether he was willing to risk possibly having to wait a bit longer while Nnoitra recovered from his self stimulation to get fucked by that glorious cock. He knew he'd get laid either way tonight. Nnoitra was at least that predictable. With a smirk Shinji pushed his middle finger in his mouth and swirled his tongue around it, making it nice and wet before pulling it out and turning to the side, tilting his head a little as he spoke. "Fine by me." He said in a haughty tone as he finished turning around and reached back, slipping the saliva soaked finger between his cheeks.

There was no way it could have been mere seconds, but Nnoitra didn't even register himself standing up. He was just suddenly taking Shinji down, pressing his whole upper body onto the precious coffee table, finger still working inside himself but now with the larger man looming over him. "Yer such a fuckin' whore, ya know that? Gotta have somethin' inside ya when ya get like this, don'tcha? Bet you want my cock…" He growled down at the thin body bent over at its knees, pressing his own hot center against Shinji from behind. Even through thick denim, there was the undeniable presence of a very large erection. He held Shinji's wrist tight for a moment before releasing it to let his hand continue what it was doing. "Is this whatcha do when I ain't around? Finger yerself and wish it was me fuckin' ya?"

Shinji squeaked a little when Nnoitra grabbed him and forced him on to the coffee table and his breath caught when his wrist was held in restraint. He knew the first comment made was something mildly offensive but he ignored it to answer the second. "I can finger myself without thinkin' 'bout ya, ya know." He said, his voice breathier than he would have liked. Having Nnoitra so close to him in such a vulnerable position was making him a little light headed but he refused to give in yet. "Maybe I'm thinkin' 'bout someone else."

Even if it was realistic, the thought that Shinji would possibly be getting off to someone else almost sent him into a blind rage. Fortunately, he was so hot for the lithe little slut in front of him, that Nnoitra was able to channel his anger and jealousy elsewhere. He let go of Shinji, dropping him onto the table as he moved back slightly, a long arm reaching for a forgotten accessory laying on the carpet. A loud crack rang out in the air as he snapped the blonde's leather belt against itself as a warning, his voice even and cool as he threatened. "Who're ya thinkin' about, now?"

Shinji's entire body tensed when he heard the leather belt snap and he bit his lip to hold back the groan that wanted to come out when Nnoitra spoke. Brain working fiercely as he tried to form an answer that made sense, he shifted his weight and turned to look up and behind him, his honey eyes taunting. "I didn't catch his name but he was fuckin' hot." He breathed. Oh he was going to get it now, he thought to himself, not really sure why he had taken things along this particular road. He pushed his finger deeper inside himself and imagined it was Nnoitra's, moaning at the thought when it brushed against the small bundle of nerves.

Nnoitra nearly growled, grabbing the blonde by the wrist and ripping his hand away from his body, firmly planting it before him on the coffee table to brace himself. Shinji was going to need it. The fine leather came down on the pale ass cheeks with a vengeance, not an ounce of restraint in the movement. Immediately, a sharp red mark began to bloom and heat, a glaring contrast to the rest of the supple flesh just begging to be marked. "Who are ya thinkin' about?" He asked again, just daring that pushy little bitch to talk back.

Shinji barely held his voice in check when he was forced forward but the moment the belt hit his skin he cried out, his back arching as the pain washed over his body. Yes, another. His brain screamed and he closed his eyes moaning into the smooth polished wood beneath his face and gritting out the first thing that came to him. "Szayel was pretty sweet. He could suck cock like a pro. Maybe I'll think 'bout him."

There were very few subjects that Nnoitra felt were off limits, not that he had ever discussed them with anyone, especially Shinji. At the top of that list was Szayel, the man who had fucked and progressed so much of his life, someone he hated and hated to love. He couldn't hold back anymore, couldn't build up like he'd wanted to. It all just came bursting out. There were barely seconds between one lash against Shinji's ass with the belt and the next. His rounded ass became so red and abused, it looked close to bleeding after sometime. Nnoitra just couldn't stop. He wanted to hurt Shinji. And then he wanted to fuck it all away.

Shinji lost count after five hits, his body left shaking and has hands scratching at the wood beneath him. Perhaps he had taken that one a bit far his pain numbed mind thought as he tired to push himself off the coffee table. Nnoitra was still hitting him, making his progress slow at best, and didn't seem to even notice he was moving at first. "Please." He whispered weakly, ashamed of the sound. "Please no more." When he was sitting all the way up a particularly savage blow caught him across the back and he could feel the skin break.

Seeing that small bit of blood jolted him out of his trance of anger, but Nnoitra didn't feel an ounce of guilt. He grabbed Shinji roughly by his thick blonde hair, pulling him back flush against his body, pleased to feel an abnormal amount of heat radiating from his backside. His long tongue curled out, licking across the younger man's shoulder. "Who are ya thinkin' about?" He asked again, voice still even, but his breathing a little harder to contain now.

Shinji was panting and barely felt the tug of his hair as he was pulled backwards into a hard wall of chest, the sweat making his wounds burn worse than they already were. When Nnoitra licked his shoulder he shivered and closed his eyes. "You. Only you." He arched his back a little, rubbing the abused flesh of his ass against the rough blue jeans Nnoitra still wore. "Always you." He was babbling now but he couldn't seem to hold it all back. His lips continued to move but no further words escaped them.

Watching those tempting lips move was too much for him, and he really didn't care that Shinji tried so hard not to kiss him for whatever stupid reason. He grabbed the blonde's chin and forced his head to the side, kissing him fiercely, biting at those thin lips and forcing his tongue into his mouth. Nnoitra pushed his hips forward, grinding into that ass that he wanted so badly. "That's right, Blondie." He grinned, moving his grip down from Shinji's chin to his neck, giving it a small squeeze. "Ain't nobody ever gonna fuck ya like I can. And ya know ya love every minute of it."

Shinji mewled when Nnoitra forced his mouth over his, leaning into him a bit and reviling in the feel of those teeth on his lips. When he pulled back to speak Shinji's eyes slitted open and he looked up into the fierce violet one above him. Yes, he loved every minute of it, but even in this kind of circumstance he wasn't quite ready to admit it. "Oh yeah? If I love it so much why ya holdin' back?" He challenged breathlessly, reaching back with one hand and gripping a jean clad thigh as he was ground into.

He reached down between him with his long fingers, teasingly brushing the tips between Shinji's ass. Teasing the younger man was so rewarding. He was so easy to play with, and it had been a while since Nnoitra wanted more than a quick suck or fuck. "Cus yer so much more fun when ya get all frustrated." His teeth bit at the juncture of Shinji's neck and shoulder, enjoying the sweet taste of sweat on his skin, hoping to illicit even more involuntary sounds. "Did ya bring lube?"

"You--argh-ah!" Shinji's brain went fuzzy when Nnoitra bit him and he had trouble focusing on his question. "Lube?" He asked, unsure if that was what was wanted and hoping he wasn't going to get laughed at if it wasn't. If it was lube Nnoitra wanted they would have to move because it was all in his bedroom. Okaachan had left everything the way it was before he moved out and for that he was glad, but right then he really couldn't think about that. He took a deep breath and tried to swallow, noticing that he was still shaking from the pain of his back and ass but not caring. It was delicious, even if it would hurt like a bitch tomorrow.

Nnoitra chuckled, seeing how overwhelmed he'd made Shinji already. Not that he didn't have confidence in his sexual prowess, but it made his ego swell to know that even this stuck up bitch couldn't fight it every step of the way. He completely pulled away from Shinji, standing up once again. "Yea, baka. Lube. I ain't gonna listen to ya fuckin' bitch cus I fucked ya dry and ya got blood everywhere. Get yer ass up and get it." He wasn't actually that concerned about it; he just wanted to torture the younger man by making him walk.

Shinji slouched forward when Nnoitra stood up and glared at the floor. He was going to make him go get it? He was half tempted to refuse and go take a shower. At least then he could take care of himself and his throbbing backside. Backside… ass… Nnoitra's cock. Damn it. He sighed and pushed himself off the floor, weaving to the side before catching himself and tossing his hair back. "Asshole." He muttered before taking off down the hall to his old room. No matter how bad he wanted it he wasn't going to hurry for that man. Make him wait while he pretended to look for something he knew exactly where it was.

He grinned evilly as he watched Shinji walk with no small amount of effort back to the bedroom. It was gratifying to know that after he fucked that lovely reddened ass, the blonde would have even more trouble walking, if he was able to at all. Nnoitra shrugged, undoing his fly and letting his loose pants fall to the floor, kicking them away and settling back on the couch. His long legs were spread wide, one hand fisting around his monstrous length and stroking it slowly. He could put on a show for Blondie, too, and knew he would drool. He didn't even have to dance or any of that gay shit.

Shinji looked down at the variety before him and sighed. What to choose. He had been teased before about his love of bubblegum scented lube, so that was out, and the warming gel wasn't nearly as exciting for him as Nnoitra thought it was. He realized their first time that Nnoitra had grown a liking to that since by the end of the night the brand new bottle was just about empty. He picked up a clear glass bottle without a label and smiled, remembering the Queen that had sold this to him. It was said to have an aphrodisiac in it and the mint made the skin tingle and smell nice. Shinji placed the top back on the box and pushed it back under his bed before pushing up to a standing position and stretching.

Nnoitra was getting a little impatient, but he was enjoying himself just fine. Soon enough he'd have Blondie bent over and screaming. Was that so much to ask? As he stroked himself lewdly, almost fully hard now, he glanced around, entertaining different ideas of how to utilize the furniture with a flexible blonde at his disposal. It was starting to look like Shinji's tie was going to get some good use this time around, after all.

Shinji wasn't good with things like occupying his time alone. He never had been, and standing in the middle of his room stalling just to piss off Nnoitra didn't seem to be working. Idiot was probably out there waiting with his hand on his cock like he had all night for it. And they did, but that was beside the point. Huffing out a breath he clutched the bottle tighter and made his way back to the living room, slowing to a stop at the end of the hallway and spying around the corner. He was right, Nnoitra did indeed have his hand on his cock and was stroking it indolently. Shinji bit his lip and furrowed his brow. He looked so hot sitting there it was hard not to just throw his hands up and say, "Fine, fuck me stupid!" It wasn't like he wouldn't enjoy it. With another huffed breath he stepped out into the living room.

Nnoitra looked over at him, but didn't move. He didn't even stop what he was doing, just watching Shinji with more than a bit of lust in his eye. Giving himself a firm squeeze that seemed to make the muscles in his slim stomach jump, he let go of his length, letting it rest against his stomach. "Get yer ass over here." Nnoitra demanded, patting his thigh for emphasis. He was pleased to see that tie still hanging loosely around Shinji's neck. Good boy. He was so good at being obedient at times, and fighting back at others. It was a mix that kept him interested.

Shinji again bit his lip and tried unsuccessfully to stop his body from moving but it was already standing before Nnoitra before he could do anything about it. "Here." He said to distract himself, dropping the heavy glass bottle in Nnoitra's lap before crossing his arms over his chest. "The lube ya requested, Nnoitra-sama."

He grabbed the bottle like it was nothing and set to work, letting Shinji stew in his annoyance (over fucking nothing, pushy bitch). He poured the clear liquid all over three of his long fingers, knowing Shinji was watching as he coated each of them thoroughly. Nnoitra noticed it wasn't that warming stuff he liked – it felt a little cold, actually. He brought his tingling fingers up to his nose, sniffing for a second before taking a small lick at them. Mint. That was going to feel interesting for sure. He grabbed Shinji roughly with his clean hand, pulling the blonde into his lap, forcing him to straddle him. He may have been much stronger than Shinji, but the younger man came so willingly.

His body tingled as the smell hit him and Nnoitra pulled him on to his lap. He arms hung limply at his sides as he shifted his weight to get more comfortable. He never knew what to do with his hands or arms during sex and it was actually more comfortable for him to be restrained in some fashion or another. Nnoitra seemed to be a bit preoccupied with slowly rubbing the gel between his fingers, taking his time in what they both knew was coming. "Oh for fuck's sake, just… do somethin'!" Touch me, rub me, kiss me, hit me again, just do something damn it! He of course kept that latter part of that thought to himself but the first set of words had seemed to catch Nnoitra's attention just the same.

His dark eye seemed to grow even darker, flickering with something almost malicious before returning to deep lust. Nnoitra trailed his coated fingers underneath Shinji, pressing the tip of one teasingly against his entrance. "I'd hold onto somethin' if I were you, Blondie." He warned before suddenly jamming an entire long finger into the younger man. Before Shinji would even have time to recover from the sudden sensation, Nnoitra's free hand was grabbing that tie and wrapping it around Shinji's throat, giving it a good tug backwards.

Shinji let out a strangled moan and leaned forward, reaching up with both hands to grab the back of the couch before he was snapped back cruelly by his tie. Oh God yes. Instead of the couch, his fingers caught hold of Nnoitra's shoulders, nails finding purchase as that skilled finger worked him. He pushed back against it wantonly, his eyes rolling closed as a pink tongue touched to his top lip. "'Bout fu-ah-ckin' time." He moaned brokenly before licking his lips once more and pushing back against the finger.

He pulled the tie tighter as a second finger was brutally pushed in against the first. They were trenching into breath play now with how tight he was pulling it back, staring determinedly at Shinji as the blonde fucked himself on his long fingers. He loved Shinji like this, but what really set this blonde apart from all the others was that he didn't just lay back and take it, letting everything consume him. He pushed Nnoitra back just as hard, like an equal even if he stayed submissive, and that was exactly what the older man wanted. "Don't get fuckin' mouthy."

Shinji's mouth fell open when the second finger was introduced and he rocked his hips back, rolling them and creating a stirring sensation inside himself. It was getting a little harder to breathe, short hitching gasps almost all that was able to come from him. Almost. He let his honey eyes fall open, half mast and filled with lust, and rolled his tongue ring between his teeth. "Then fuckin' shut me up." He panted, sitting back hard and doing everything he could to beg nonverbally for something more. Anything more. The mint was making his head swim faster than the lack of oxygen and every time Nnoitra's fingers slipped almost all the way out and touched the cool air he shivered.

Instead of taking it moderately slow, Nnoitra shoved a two more fingers inside the blonde, only one of them properly lubricated. It was a tight fit, and it made his cock throb to know it would feel just as tight when he got in there. "Pushy bitch." He growled, letting go of Shinji's tie and wrapping his large hand around his throat instead, pulling him close. If Shinji wasn't already beginning to loose his breath from the strong grip around him, Nnoitra shoved his tongue into his mouth, licking every centimeter of it and nipping his tongue when it got too close to his teeth.

"Oh ffff…." Shinji almost screamed when he was stretched even further. How he wasn't already loose down there was beyond him, what with as many times as he and Nnoitra had been together. When his tie was dropped he barely had enough time to take a deep breath before it was forced out of him in a rush when those long fingers tightened around his neck. He didn't even have enough time to react before Nnoitra was kissing him, his long tongue seeming to try and taste everything about him. When teeth grazed his own tongue he shivered and undulated his hips, working his muscles to pull those fingers back in, something he had learned to do early in his sexual life. It wasn't long before he felt like he was going to pass out and he whined into the kiss.

He could tell Shinji was close to loosing his consciousness – and he didn't want that to happen, unless he was fucking him unconscious. Nnoitra pushed it just a bit longer, biting Shinji's tongue and pulling it into his mouth, sucking it whorishly before he finally let the young man go. He removed his mouth and hand, slowly also removing the four fingers invading Shinji, albeit more carefully. "Don't go passin' out on me yet, Blondie." He grinned, giving Shinji a few minutes to recover before he tried for his lips again.

He was panting, his body feeling delightfully limp and yet uncomfortably hard at the same time. When Nnoitra pulled everything away from him, he slouched forward, trying desperately to get his body to work properly again. His cock twitched as his hands slid over the backs of Nnoitra's shoulders and tangled in the long silky black hair. He wasn't sure who initiated the next kiss, whether he leaned into it when it came for him or whether he nudged his lips against Nnoitra's first. He supposed it didn't matter and let it drop as he kissed him back, his back arching and pushing his chest flush with the heated one in front of him. He tugged gently on the hair in his hands, almost unaware of what he was doing and moaned when his cock brushed against Nnoitra's.

"Mmmm…" Nnoitra made a small, deeply pleased noise. When Shinji was finally turned off to drop the bitchy attitude and the rules he pretended to impose on himself, sex went so much more smoothly. That wasn't to say that Nnoitra wasn't about to exploit it. He was going to devour that beautiful mouth for as long as he could, until Shinji got impatient again and tried to hop on his dick. Just to tease him a little more, he pressed his hips forward, rubbing himself harder against the other man.

Shinji groaned and pulled at the thick hair as hard as his almost limp fingers would allow him to, which wasn't much. He whimpered when Nnoitra pushed against him and pushed back, sitting up a bit to press even more of himself to the man. He pulled away gasping for breath and opened his eyes once again, looking at the violet one in front of him. "…Me. In me. Now." He pleaded huskily and leaned forward to catch Nnoitra's bottom lip between his teeth.

It was really hard to even consider denying Shinji, especially when he asked like that. He wasn't about to say no to anyone (well… almost anyone) that wanted him to fuck them, but he would never be able to deny this man. But he wasn't about that to admit that. Nnoitra grinned, untangling them both and standing up, making sure Shinji could at least stand on his own for a few minutes. He worked slowly, like a ritual, pulling the tie that hung loosely from around the blonde's neck before leading him around the couch, forcing him to stand facing the back of it. Nnoitra pressed up against him, fingertips teasing his sides as he spoke huskily into his ear. "Bend over and reach fer the couch leg."

He didn't want to move but didn't have much of a choice when Nnoitra stood and began to lead him around the couch before his head had stopped spinning. When he touched his sides he shivered and almost didn't hear the command Nnoitra spoke. Shinji didn't even think twice before he obeyed, doing his best to do as he was told. His skin felt like it was on fire and the contrast of the cool air touching upon the mint lubricant was almost enough to make him cum right then and there. He leaned forward and reached out in front of him as best he could, managing only to get a face full of cushion for his effort when his arms refused to support his weight.

It didn't matter that Shinji had failed to support himself properly. Nnoitra was fully enjoying the view of that abused, perky rear up in the air with no restrictions. "Good boy." He chuckled, not caring to remove the condescending tone he used as he walked back to the front of the couch, getting down on his knees. He took the discarded neck tie and began to wrap part of it around the couch's leg. Without asking for permission, like he fuckin' needed it or anything, he took both of Shinji's wrists and stretched him as far as his body would permit, binding them with the tie as well. By the time he was satisfied, Shinji's wrists were fully bound to the leg of the couch, permitting no movement from him. Nnoitra grinned, standing once again and going back to where Shinji was bent over the back of the couch, roughly pressing his legs open wider.

When Shinji realized what Nnoitra was doing to him he groaned and stretched further to help as best he could. He tried to say words but found his mouth wouldn't move properly anymore. Not that it mattered. Anything he said now would most likely be ignored unless it was more taunting from him and he couldn't even begin to try for that. When Nnoitra rose and returned behind him, pushing his legs apart he, being ever helpful, took them an inch or so further than was necessary. He wanted to look behind him, wanted to see the look on Nnoitra's face as he looked at his prone body and shivered in delight when he couldn't. He could barely move and he loved it. "Mmm-ah. Please." He wiggled his ass a bit and bit his lip. "More."

His eye went wide, his mouth salivating as he looked down on that gorgeous ass wiggling wantonly. It just made him hungrier, but he wasn't completely ready to fuck Shinji just yet, not when he was all tied up and at his mercy like this. He crouched down, holding Shinji's legs open with a hand on each knee, and trailed his tongue up the inside of one deliciously slender thigh, enjoying the way the other's body twitched. When he was only inches from Shinji's ass, he parted his lips and sank his teeth into the blonde's thigh, sucking roughly to create the darkest mark he could. He knew that area was extremely sensitive, and that the pain and pleasure it would cause would nearly send his lover overboard.

He almost whined when he wasn't immediately penetrated but shivered when he felt Nnoitra's tongue on him. That fantastic devils' tongue. When blunt teeth sank into him and the suction pulled his blood to the surface he cried out and tried to push back into as well as pull away from what was being done to him. He was trembling slightly, his eyes screwed closed as tight as he could get them and his fingers flexing open and closed almost rhythmically. His teeth clenched around the soft cushion and in the back of his mind he thought that he should thank his mother for adoring comfy furniture. "…irty. Yer… ah-ha nngh-ah."

Nnoitra released the flesh in his mouth, laving his tongue over it soothingly. It was already an extremely dark mark, maroon and purple. If Shinji forgot about it, all he would have to do was walk to remember – it was placed right on the inside of his thighs where they should brush together. He stood again, grabbing the minty lube off the couch and upturning it, pouring an obscene amount over Shinji's ass, enough that it dripped onto the carpet, even, before pouring himself a handful to slather over his own length and dropping the bottle back onto the couch. They didn't actually need that much lube, but the tingling just felt too good. It was getting him even hornier. He doubted he'd be able to stop at one round tonight.

When the cool minty gel hit his skin he bucked his hips and then arched his back. Oh fuck yes! It was coming, that cock was going to be balls deep inside him soon and he'd forget his name when it happened. Just like he did every time. "Quit wastin' time and fuck me damn it!" He was surprised he was able to make all the words come out of his mouth this time let alone that they made sense. He pushed up on his tip toes and spread his legs further; as if his not so quiet demand weren't enough of a clue as to what he wanted next. His breathing had picked up again and having his face pressed in to the cushion wasn't helping him catch it. Not that it mattered. Whenever Nnoitra finally got around to fucking him he would barely know how to do it any way.

He could have waited longer, just to piss Shinji off. But he was too fucking horny, about ready to explode if he didn't stick his dick in something immediately. He could fuck the kid, but he was still going to tease him. At first. It wasn't like Shinji could do anything about it, anyway. Nothing short of magical powers was going to get him out of that binding. Nnoitra held his stiff length in hand, slowly dragging it between Shinji's cheeks before he began to press the thick head in, only letting a few inches inside of the blonde before he pulled out and pushed in again. Shinji was so fucking tight, so sweet, it almost made his head spin. But he knew it would really piss him off if he didn't completely impale him. So he did what Shinji had demanded, fucking him – but only thrusting in halfway each time.

Shinji was almost in tears by the time Nnoitra's cock finally touched him. "Oh, yesss." He moaned before sucking in his breath when the head of it was pushed against his entrance, sliding in just far enough to tease him before almost disappearing. He didn't know how long Nnoitra kept it up but it felt too good to care. The stretch felt wonderful; the burning pain of it contrasting the burn that still tingled across his flesh. When he began to thrust Shinji almost lost what little balance he had before he pushed back. He wasn't a dead fish in bed by any means and was proud of the fact that he could give as much as he got… at least for the most part. Being tied down face first into the couch left him little options but what he was currently doing. And it still wasn't enough. He could tell Nnoitra was holding back and it was starting to piss him off. He couldn't buck back hard enough to get what he wanted, so he let out a growl of frustration and opened his mouth to complain about it.

Nnoitra knew he had a magnificent piece of equipment, and he would happily give a show and tell to anyone who even looked like they might inquire about his dick. But to have someone so willingly worship it was what his fantasies were made of – and Shinji fit the bill. However, that didn't mean he was going to give into his every desire. He just grinned, still slowly thrusting shallowly as his large hands began to tease Shinji's cruelly-treated ass. Even if he told the blonde to shut the hell up, he still loved to listen to him talk, especially during times like this.

"Agh-ah! It's not fair. Why won't ya just fuck me?" Shinji grit out as he tired once again to impale himself.

"Cus I like watchin' ya squirm and beg fer it. I like hearin' yer pretty mouth tell me how much ya want it. Ya know what I wanna hear, Blondie." He grinned.

"Tch." Shinji snorted and turned his head to the side as the thrusts slowed even further. "Oh fuck you!" He moaned, pulling at his restraints even as he titled his hips and pushed back. Shinji had amazing muscle control and when he closed his eyes he concentrated every bit of his remaining energy on his ass, squeezing and milking the part of the cock that was still inside him and trying almost successfully to suck more of it in.

Nnoitra just stopped, his head tipping back as he let out a oddly wanton moan. Whatever Shinji was doing, it was incredible. He'd never felt anything like it before. His fingers dug into the younger man's hips roughly, and he admired the way Shinji's back was curved in such a position. "Say what I wanna hear and I'll fuck ya stupid." He promised, pushing another inch of himself in. "Say my name."

Shinji's eyes snapped open and he stared at the floor underneath the coffee table. That's all he wanted? His name? Well fuck, he could do that, couldn't he? Then again that sound that had just come from Nnoitra had gone straight to his very neglected cock and he was having trouble deciding. He could continue what he was doing, milking Nnoitra's cock until he moaned for him at least one more time, or he could do it. Say his name and get fucked the way only Nnoitra could do to him. He bit his lip and pushed back onto the cock still inside him, clenching around him once more and with a wicked smile on his face, titled so that Nnoitra could see it, he licked his lips and opened his mouth. "Fuck me Nnoi. Please. Fuck me hard, Nnoi."

If he hadn't already been buried half-way in Shinji, he would have gone back to the front of the couch and fucked that beautiful mouth for everything it did to him. Nnoitra groaned, both from the stimulation around his cock and at hearing his name from the younger man finally. With a sudden snap of his hips, he forced every last inch of himself into Shinji, letting the blonde howl and savor it for a moment before starting up a brutal pace. He was going to fuck Shinji like he deserved it –hard, deep, brutal, just the way they both wanted it.

Shinji screamed. Yes! Finally! If he could have screamed those words as well he would have but then Nnoitra began to move deep within him and he forgot how to speak. Forgot what speaking was; what words were for. What thoughts meant. Only the feeling, the burning pain of being filled and stretched, the stinging of his welts as Nnoitra's sweat dripped on them and his hands grazed them harshly, the sensation the mint oil left on his skin, tingling and over sensitizing everything. It was almost too much to take. Choking sobs wrenched from his throat as he moaned, groaned, whined and whimpered out his pleasure. He wasn't aware that his body was meeting each thrust as best it could. Wasn't aware that he was still working his muscles around that glorious cock inside him. He was only conscious of the sensation everything caused. And he loved it.

And Shinji wasn't just some quick or kinky fuck. He was a great fuck, one of the best in Nnoitra's book. His body was gorgeous and he knew how to use it. He wanted to make the blonde cry, to make him see fuckin' angels or something cliché like that. He never wanted Shinji to ever have another fuck quite like him. The younger man's body was responding so heatedly to his, and he thrust harder into Shinji, so addicted to the feeling of his tight ass massaging his cock that he couldn't have stopped himself if he'd wanted to. His length tingled from the lube, something that was making his toes curl as sweat poured down his body.

He was babbling again, the words coming out in a rush of incoherency that no one would have been able to interpret. In his mind he was screaming. Harder. Faster. More, more, MORE! It was obvious that Nnoitra was most definitely the largest cock he had ever had inside him, but he had had smaller cocks that could work it better than most larger sizes. But Nnoitra… Nnoitra could move and thrust and fuck and touch better than anyone he had ever met. He knew what Shinji wanted, no, what he needed, and he wasn't afraid to go that extra step to give it to him. Wasn't afraid that he would break him if he gave in and let go of his inhibitions. Shinji fisted his hands on the cushion and let his tongue ring slide across his upper lip, careful not to bite down. "Nnoi…."
Even if Shinji couldn't get out the words to beg for what he wanted, Nnoitra knew what he needed. And anything that sounded remotely like his name coming from the other's lips prompted particularly savage thrusts. He was fucking Shinji like an animal, absolutely possessed. Reaching beneath them, his hand wrapped around the other's straining, completely untouched length, stroking it tightly. There was still a little bit of that mint lube on it, making the hard flesh glide through his large hand like silk. Nothing felt quite as good as fucking Shinji, and like this, he was fucking incredible. "Shit… Tight… F-Fuuck…"

Shinji squeaked and almost came when those long fingers curled around him and his thrusts faltered. Into the hand, or back on the cock? Did he really need to ask himself that? With a low growl at Nnoitra's half moaned words, he sat back as hard as he could and tightened around Nnoitra's cock as he was thrust into. "More. Moremoremore. Fuck!"

Shinji could barely move with the way he was positioned and restrained, but Nnoitra could tell he was still trying to fuck himself. That ass was so tight, he was positive he wouldn't have even been able to move in it if he hadn't been fucking the younger man so violently. "'Re ya close? Ya gonna cum fer me?" He growled heatedly.

"Yes! God yes, make me cum, Nnoi. Please make me cum. I wanna cum so bad…." He was sobbing, tearless, into the cushion as his legs began to give out. "Please Nnoi…."

He rammed forward, changing the angle until he found the spot that would make Shinji forget how to breathe. He wanted him to cum first, to feel that surrender of the younger man tightening around him and shuddering in ecstasy. "Then do it. Fuckin' cum fer me. Do it. Cum." He demanded, his voice dark and authoritative.

"Ah… Nn…." Shinji screamed and thought if his eyes rolled back any further he'd be looking at his brain. Shit, fuck, Holy Mother of God! His brain short circuited at the words that poured from Nnoitra's mouth and he lost himself, his body taking over as his brain shut down. Low mewling whines mixed with loud guttural moans as he felt himself get closer and closer to release. Body tightening, straining and finally snapping, he came, hips bucking wildly, Nnoitra's name screamed from his lips. Then his legs finally gave.

It was a good thing that the back of the couch was holding him up, even if Nnoitra's hands hadn't been doing that as well, because he was not done with the blonde. But feeling his partner tighten unbelievably around him and try desperately to fuck himself was amazing… though not nearly as great as hearing his name screamed in absolute bliss. He continued fucking Shinji for quite a few long minutes, his pace nearly frantic before he finally pushed in roughly one last time, lifting the couch up even with the force. His hands clutched tightly to Shinji's hips as he came, releasing inside of him. Nnoitra fell forward, resting his head against the blonde's back as he moaned over and over again. "Ahhh… Fuhh.. Shin..ji…"

Shinji shuddered and moaned when he felt Nnoitra's hot cum coat his insides. He was sobbing again, biting his lip and clutching the cushion as if it were a life line. When he heard his name, broken and full of passion, he shivered violently and buried his face in the soft fabric. It was always "Blondie" or "bitch" with Nnoitra and these rare moments when he actually did it, actually let his name tumble from that libidinous mouth, filled Shinji with emotions he didn't want to assess. He realized belatedly that he was still moving, rocking his hips back gently against the quickly softening cock still inside him. With Nnoitra flopped on his back it was hard to breathe but he didn't care. It felt nice and he was too worn and relaxed to care about anything at the moment.

He wasn't absolutely aware that he had moaned Shinji's name brokenly, more imagining it was something he had said in his head. He would never show that much emotion openly. After a few minutes to slow his breathing down to a relatively normal state and let the twitching in his legs subside, he reached a long arm down to the bottom of the couch, undoing the knots in the tie holding Shinji down. With a tired groan, he stood back up and slowly pulled out of Shinji, rubbing a hand over his sore ass appreciatively. He wasn't done, not by a long shot, but they could take a break for now.