So we're back with the finale of Dirty me! Yay for us :D So these are the last two chapters of Dirty Me and LoveyourflyingV and I again RP'd this together. We switched roles this time though. I play the part of Nnoitra this time and V plays Shinji. I hope you all enjoy this as much as we enjoyed writing it!

~Penny and V

Nnoitra dropped Shinji almost the moment he started cumming, pulling out and grabbing the base of his cock to hold back his orgasm. He almost lost it there when Shinji clenched so tight around him. Not yet, he kept telling himself. Not yet. As he watched Shinji writhe on the bed, covering himself in thick ropes of his own cum, Nnoitra grinned, taking in every moment of the ecstasy Shinji was in. It made his pride swell knowing that he had done that to him. When he was sure he wasn't going to cum he let go of his cock and untied Shinji's other leg, pulling him to his knees and kissing him chastely on the lips.

The kiss may have been sloppy, but he was still higher than a giraffe's pussy from the intense orgasm he'd just had. Shinji practically toppled his full weight onto Nnoitra, which really wasn't much, but the suddenness and leverage sent them both back on the bed. He didn't even try to be alluring or seductive, instinctually knowing there was no time or need for that bullshit. Shinji just pried himself off of the bigger man and clumsily back between his legs, sucking as much of his cock as he could into his mouth. He laid on his side, hoping Nnoitra would take the hint to help him out just a little since his arms were still bound. Even so, his head bobbed furiously.

He grunted when he hit the mattress, his head hanging over the edge of the too small bed. It made him wish he was still staying with Grimmjow and they were in that queen size one he had had there. He sucked in a breath when Shinji went straight to work on his cock and almost came again, growling in frustration as he grabbed the back of Shinji's head and pulled him back a bit so that he could at least scoot himself fully on to the bed. Shinji seemed to struggle a bit until he realized what he was trying to do but the minute he was settled that mouth of his was back to work, not even trying to deep throat it this time but working his tongue and lips expertly. Nnoitra moaned and rocked his hips upward, leaning back on one elbow and using the hand in Shinji's hair to guide him. He was losing it and he wanted so badly to fuck that pretty mouth before he came.

Every time Nnoitra moved his hips forward slightly, pulled Shinji by his hair, anything, the blonde let out a hearty moan. Shinji was totally tapped out, having just cum, but he was still very much aroused. And there was nothing quite like having a cock so perfectly long and thick in his mouth. He could easily taste how badly Nnoitra needed to cum, and it had him sucking harder, needing to taste that bitter, delicious fluid. He looked up at the older man, his cheeks still stained with tears but his eyes desperate and lusty.

His lip pulled back in a sneer as his concentration began to slip. If he didn't do something quick he could forget about what he had planned on doing to the blond. Pulling the hair once more and ignoring the look that Shinji sent him, if he looked for too long it would all be over, he sat up on his knees, pushing Shinji back on his cock again. With his new position he could move his hips better and that was exactly what he had been going for. Without really thinking about what he was doing he reached blindly behind Shinji and began to pull at the rope that bound him. He wanted those hands on him as well, even if they were just placed on his hips, he didn't care. His selfish side was rearing its head and he didn't think twice about it.

As Nnoitra moved, Shinji did as well, sitting up with his legs open, laying on either side of the bigger man's knees. He was practically ecstatic to be pulled back onto Nnoitra's dick, greedily slurping and sucking. It didn't even make sense how fucking hot it was to be blowing this man. But there he was, practically in pain as his own dick tried to harden again. Shinji groaned as his arms were slowly freed and once he got used to moving them again, they were everywhere. He was all over Nnoitra, caressing his stomach and his legs, even grabbing his ass, both to propel him further forward and just to touch it. He realized that with the exception of pulling Nnoitra closer during sex, he'd never really played with his ass… and that gave him many wicked ideas.

"Ah shit…." Nnoitra groaned when Shinji's hands flew to his body and didn't cease their movements. He was panting, in the back of his mind not quite sure he should have let Shinji go just yet. Reaching down with his free hand he grabbed Shinji's chin, pulling slightly so that the angle was just right. As soon as he thought it was good enough, or he got impatient enough to stop there, and just as Shinji's fingers gripped his ass, he thrust his hips thrust forward, ramming his cock in as far as he dared.

His chest tightened with excitement, and he relaxed his throat to let Nnoitra thrust as much as he wanted to. The angle was almost perfect for that massive tool to slide right down his throat with little resistance. Shinji just concentrated on breathing and relaxing, letting Nnoitra do what he wanted while he was distracted. His hands kneaded the other man's ass, feeling every bit of it. He needed to check it out when they were done – he'd never actually paid attention to what Nnoitra's ass looked like, but it felt so good in the palms of his hands. His fingers dipped down between Nnoitra's legs, rolling his balls softly, teasingly, one hand creeping back further until the pad of Shinji's finger pressed against his asshole.

"Nnngh-ah! FUCK!" Nnoitra shouted, bucking his hips and violently ramming his cock into Shinji's mouth over and over again when that thin nimble finger touched him. He spread his fingers out across his chin and neck, pressing the heel of his hand against Shinji's throat as his grip tightened on his hair. He didn't care that he might hurt him, that probing finger had made him lose all control. It had been a long time since anyone had dared touch him there. No one even considered it, really, taking Nnoitra for the kind of individual that would gladly rip off body parts if that area were ever tampered with. On the contrary, he secretly loved it. It was too much, however, and after about a dozen or so hard deep thrusts he came deep in Shinji's throat. "Sh… Shinji. Fu- mnah. Shit."

The timing was perfect. As much as Shinji really got off on this completely out of control and wild side of Nnoitra, he wouldn't have been able to take it for long. He moaned and shuddered along with the older man as his mouth was fucked. As that scalding liquid filled his throat, he swallowed gently around the throbbing length, doing all that he could to aid Nnoitra's orgasm, gently pressing his finger rhythmically against his entrance. It seemed as though Shinji had found a secret guilty pleasure, and he was absolutely going to exploit it by using it to make Nnoitra cum even harder in the future. He continued to suck and prod, working the other man over far past the end of his release.

Nnoitra slouched forward, his hips still rocking as Shinji continued to suck him. "You… you… fuuuck." He didn't think he would be the one unable to string two words together, always finding it amusing when he could taunt and tease the blond even during the most intense sexual experiences. It wasn't as if it had never happened before, it had just been a while. His head was reeling after the orgasm, but it lingered on as Shinji's mouth kept working him and the naughty little finger kept threatening to penetrate him. He let go of his chin and neck in favor of stroking Shinji's back indolently, loving the feel of his soft, hot skin beneath his fingers. He wasn't timid for long, though, and as soon as he could see straight he leaned forward just a bit more and jammed two fingers inside Shinji's stretched hole.

Shinji all but purred as his skin was touched and caressed. He hadn't really been expecting to have those wonderfully long fingers forced up inside him, but with Nnoitra, he tried to prepare himself for anything and everything. Almost as soon as those fingers pushed into him, he shoved his mouth back down on Nnoitra's cock, moans growing wanton again. His own cock began to twitch in interest, and he winced. Too soon, but it all felt so damn good and he couldn't help himself. He wanted it all, he wanted more, and above anything else, he really wanted to see what kind of sounds he could get Nnoitra to make if he kept playing with his ass.

Between Shinji's mouth on his cock, the feel of his silky hair brushing the tops of his thighs, and that damned finger Nnoitra thought for sure that some miracle had happened. Or he was already dead and for some reason had been granted permission to go to heaven. He wasn't sure what to do next, not even able to wing it. Nothing came to mind but pushing back against that probing digit but he'd be damned, fired brain or not, if he'd make the first move there. He pulled his fingers out and gripped one of Shinji's butt cheeks harshly before giving it a smart slap. His brain may have been fried but at least he could move again.

He jerked forward at the smack to his ass, half aroused by it, and half pissed off at how much it hurt coupled with his bruising from the belt treatment he'd received earlier that night. Still, it made Shinji want to mess with Nnoitra even more. He slowly pulled his mouth off the other's length, using his teeth to scrape against it the entire time as he pulled back. He grinned seductively, putting on a bit of the innocent act he'd used earlier. Nnoitra seemed to love that. "Are ya smackin' me on the ass fer a job well done, or ya just puttin' me in my place?" He purred, trying to be discreet as his eyes scanned the room for a bottle of lube nearby.

Nnoitra growled at him when his teeth came into contact with his oversensitive cock. He almost didn't hear him speak, and belatedly grinned down into that mock innocent expression. "Maybe both." He replied gruffly, his throat dry from all the panting. He realized his hand was still tangled in Shinji's hair and instead of yanking on it like the bad voices in his head told him to, he brushed his longs fingers through it, his eye raking down Shinji's crouched form. He wanted to lick him all over again. Anywhere. Everywhere. He licked his lips at the thought and let his grin stretch even more. It was such a tempting thought, but the blond seemed to be up to something and he was curious to see what it was.

That huge grin made him nervous and excited and suspicious and horny all at the same time. He sat up, biting his lip with want as those fingers pulled through his hair gently. Shinji leaned in, nipping along Nnoitra's neck, trying to keep the smirk off his face at how conniving he was being. "Lay back. I'm in a good mood and I'm feelin' like suckin yer dick fer a third time tonight. Unless ya got a problem with that…" He trailed off, climbing down off the bed, going for his toy box. He pretended to look for a toy he knew wasn't there as he discreetly popped open one of the bottles of lube and slathered down his fingers. "Huh. Don't have the collar here. Nevermind." Shinji mock-mumbled to himself as he climbed back on the bed, laying on his stomach between Nnoitra's legs.

"Ya wanna…?" A third time? That's it, he was certain now he had died but couldn't for the life of him place a time that could even have happened recently. Unless Shinji had killed him with sex, but that was just ridiculous. Right? He was so distracted he barely noticed Shinji's leaving the bed and only half registered what the blond said while he was away. He shook his head and tried not to think about it anymore; just be happy that he was being treated so well at the moment. It was… nice, when he and Shinji weren't at each others throats. Sometimes. Mostly he liked fighting with him but right now he was enjoying himself too much. He lay back and, watching Shinji arrange himself, licked his lips again. God he was so fucking hot.

Shinji flashed a seductive smile at the bigger man, showing just how much he was enjoying himself. And it wasn't all a show; he really was truly enjoying himself. He loved being able to use his mouth and had only been holding out on giving Nnoitra a blow job because he didn't want to give all of himself. Shinji lowered his mouth slowly, openly kissing Nnoitra's testicles, flicking the tip of his tongue against the soft skin slowly.

Nnoitra sucked in his breath and let his head fall back to he bed, his eye rolling closed. Shinji had once called his tongue wicked out loud, another ego boost to be sure, but Nnoitra thought that word fit perfectly for Shinji's. No, Shinji's tongue was sinful because if came with those pearly teeth and that gorgeous mouth. He rested one hand on his chest and threaded the fingers of his other hand in Shinji's hair, not tugging or pulling, but content with almost petting like movements. "If Idda known ya were this good Idda fucked ya like this a year ago." He said offhandedly, his voice thick and slow.

Of all the things Nnoitra could have said in that very moment, it had to be that. Shinji stopped all of his ministrations, just glaring at the other man. He made a sour look, frowning and looking away for a moment. He was still deeply hurt over what had transpired between them in the past, but now really wasn't the time to think about that. Plus he was positive that if he got all huffy and moody, Nnoitra would just leave. Like usual. Asshole. Instead, Shinji decided to show him how displeased he was in his own odd way. He smiled sweetly, quite a disturbing visage at the moment, and pressed the tip of his lubed finger against Nnoitra's entrance again, slowly apply pressure. "Ya like fuckin' me like this, Nnoi-sama?" He snickered.

Nnoitra had no idea what the blond said because the moment that slick finger pressed against him he cried out, slapping a hand over his mouth to stifle the very unmanly sound as his eye went wide. That sound had most definitely not come from him. He didn't know what to do. There had been few times in his life where he had ever been this embarrassed and each time he had promptly thrown his fist at whoever was closest to him. His fingers tightened unconsciously in Shinji's hair and the rest of his body was tense.

Apparently Nnoitra was totally freaked out. Shinji didn't see what the big deal was. So he liked his ass played with. Of all people, Shinji wasn't one to judge about that, especially when he absolutely loved it as well. He just ignored Nnoitra's freak out and went back to work, slowly teasing the pad of his finger in slow circles around the puckered hole. His mouth reattached itself to Nnoitra's balls, thoroughly laving his tongue over them, not missing a single centimeter.

I will not move my hips. I will not press down on that finger. Now Nnoitra remembered why he had stopped the last person that had done this to him. He couldn't control himself. He loved the feeling but… it wasn't like normal losing control during sex, where you just fuck the person you're with until one or both of you cum and then it's either over or you rest and do it again. This was the kind of loss that had everything to do with him turning into a giant girl and moaning and writhing and crying out like a whore. Like a fucking woman. He didn't mind one bit making his partners like this but when it came down to it, he wasn't sure if he could let go. Was this how Shinji felt earlier? Was this how he felt when Nnoitra teased him so mercilessly?

Nnoitra was being weird in a way that was kind of freaking him out. But he would never know what was going on in that asshole's mind. Not like he would ever talk about it. However, it still seemed like Nnoitra was actually enjoying what he was doing, so he just continued. Shinji's fingers were thoroughly coated with lube, so he wasn't concerned about hurting Nnoitra. He wasn't even sure if the man had ever had anything in his ass (even if he had been to prison). The blonde trailed his tongue up slowly, over the top of Nnoitra's balls and all the way up his shaft, from the thick base to the very tip of the glorious member. With a slow breath to steady himself, he slowly slid Nnoitra's cock into his mouth, and as he descended, he gently pushed his finger forward, not stopping until the second knuckle.

His legs moved of their own accord, stretching and spreading. From behind the hand over his mouth he groaned, shivering harshly as Shinji's mouth moved over him and that finger pushed even deeper. With a shaky breath he uncovered his mouth and opened his eye, steeling himself to what was happening to him. He'd be damned if he'd run away from something, anything, like this. He'd be a man and suck it up, enjoy it to the max and hope that Shinji didn't hold anything he did against him later. If he did, which half of him knew most likely would happen, he'd just have to teach him a lesson. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, "Shit, Shinji."

He didn't slow, keeping his movements even… at least, until he heard his name. Shinji paused, a sudden shudder coursing through him, and he gave a deep moan, clearly very much aroused. He was half hard again, and sucking Nnoitra was only helping that. He wasn't usually the one with his fingers in someone else's ass, pretty much next to never, but for some reason he felt compelled to do it to Nnoitra. At first it was just to screw with him, but now… well the man obviously liked it, and it was really turning Shinji on to be able to put the older man in this kind of state. He loved it when Nnoitra got rough and demanding but this side of him… it was kind of sexy.

The combined feel of Shinji moaning around him and the finger pressing ever deeper was enough to make his hips twitch and tilt. With one hand moving to the back of Shinji's head his other reached behind him and grabbed the end of the bed, burying the side of his face in his arm. Sure he had decided to enjoy himself but that didn't mean it was going to be easy. To distract himself from another loud, deep moan he spoke. "Yer fuckin' dirty, ya know that?" Of course he loved it, but that was beside the point.

"Mhmm… Mmmm…." Shinji replied. He knew he was a kinky little bitch, but Nnoitra wasn't exactly vanilla himself. He stole as many glances as he could, looking up at the older man and the way he was stretched out across the bed. He looked so… fuckable. Shinji gulped at that thought, swallowing roughly around the cock he was slowly bobbing his head on. He'd never wanted to be the one doing the fucking really, but seeing Nnoitra like this, he was sorely tempted. He wasn't about to say that though, not over his dead body.

He grinned when Shinji agreed with him, moving his face away from his arm and looking down into honey eyes. His world titled on its axis a little as he looked at him, his mouth still moving, his finger pressing slowly in and out of him. Part of him was screaming for more while another was begging him to take back control. When finally the pad of Shinji's finger brushed over the small practically untouched bundle of nerves Nnoitra felt himself slip further down the rabbit hole. His mouth dropped open and his eye rolled back as his hips jerked and the most delicious moan he had made in years tore from the center of his chest. "G-guu-ah! Oh fuck, goddamn it. Fuck."

Something swelled inside Shinji's chest. Was it pride? He wasn't sure. He knew he was hot and was damn good in bed, but he'd never quite made anyone else react like this before. Maybe it was because he was usually so selfish in bed, always taking and fucking himself to his heart's content, and for truly, the first time, he was giving. Some of the reasons he was being giving were a little selfish, but was it really so bad to want to see Nnoitra moan and writhe and beg and be as overwhelmed in bed as he made Shinji on so many occasions? He wiggled his finger, gently stimulating the small gland. He needed to hear that fan-fucking-tastic moan again.

And Nnoitra granted his unspoken wish almost immediately. And then some. He had forgotten what anal stimulation could feel like and his bid at self control, that wall he had set up painstakingly over the years to show only his strong side, came crumbling down. He threw his head back and arched his back, gripping the mattress so tight the veins in his arms were sticking out. His pride crumbled along with the wall and in a small, quiet voice and for the first time in his life, he begged. "Fuck. More. Please, more."

Nnoitra was begging. Holy shit. No this wasn't right. This wasn't how it was. Shinji was always the one begging and crying and screaming. But there was no mistaking that it was Nnoitra on his bed, spreading his endless legs and begging for his ass to be played with. Shinji pulled back, panting softly, and just stared down at Nnoitra as he pulled his finger out to the tip, gently nudging a second one next to it as he slowly slipped them inside. Damn it. He was fucking tight inside, too. Tight, hot, silky. Shinji was completely hard again and so eager to explore his partner for once, especially now that Nnoitra was actually sitting back and letting him.

"Oh, shit. Oh, fuck! Mmn-gah. Deeper." At the time, saying those things and getting a positive response to them was all that mattered to him. He wanted to see Shinji but couldn't make his eye open yet. It was getting to him, the lack of sight, but he couldn't do anything about it at the moment. He was glad, though, that he had stopped sucking him off. With that stimulation gone he was able to focus solely on the fingers penetrating him. It was so good. So fucking good. It was on the tip of his tongue, the words he had always loved to hear tumble from Shinji' s lips, but he bit them back, able now to at least have that tiny bit on control. Nnoitra Jiruga would never beg to be fucked. Especially not by the very man who would most likely make his life hell afterwards.

He was very surprised at how much Nnoitra was loving this. Shinji bit his own lip as he slowly fucked the older man with his fingers, his eyes roving over the inviting body, all the way down to the hole that was eagerly swallowing them up. He bit his lip harder, really fighting with the sudden urges he had. For the first time in his life, he wanted to be on top. He wanted to take his aching cock and push it in this man. He wanted to make Nnoitra writhe and scream. He wanted it so bad that he could taste it and feel it. But he'd never fucked someone else, and he was a little nervous. He was also a little afraid that he would have his ass beaten (and not in an erotic way) just for suggesting it. Shinji decided to take it slow and just see where things headed. There was so much more he could do before then anyway.

He was covered in a fine sheen of sweet now, his hips undulating in time against Shinji's thrusts. Panting and barely able to focus, he shook his head and tried to clear it. Finally, he opened his eye and stared at the ceiling, noticing for the first time the scattered plastic stars over his head. He grinned, thinking that was just like Shinji to have those up there before he pried his fingers off the mattress behind him and let his arm fall to the bed beside him. With every ounce of his strength he pushed himself up on his elbows and at last looked Shinji in the eyes. He didn't want to think about what he must have looked like, his cheeks flushed, his bottom lip held loosely between his teeth and his eye heavy lidded with passion and lust and an emotion that was becoming more and more present each time he was with the blond. An emotion he didn't have a name for. He reached forward and cupped Shinji's cheek, releasing his lip as he did so. "Shinji." He breathed.

Shinji looked back at him, the same emotions and needs flowing through him. To see it reflected in Nnoitra's eye, in his face, in every fiber of his being, only inspired it to all rise higher within him. He couldn't stop himself now. Shinji gently pulled his fingers out, trying not to startle Nnoitra's body, and crawled up over him until he could reach the older man's mouth. "Nnoitra…" He said softly, a great deal of affection in his voice as his lips pressed against the other man's. He kissed Nnoitra slowly, surely, and with a kind of passion that wasn't entirely sinful. After a few minutes he pulled back, fighting with his words as he mumbled, his cheek pressed against the other's. "I want… Can I… Do ya wanna…"

Nnoitra leaned in to the kiss, half groaning, half sighing. This was new and intense. Everything had changed so suddenly about that night and it was making it hard to breathe. If Shinji was asking what he thought he was asking, his mind, heart and body were suddenly at war. In his head the voice was screaming again, this time saying that it wouldn't stand for this skinny blond to go any further. His body was already reacting, his arms wrapping themselves around Shinji's torso and pulling him close, angling his lips over his and kissing him deeply. He tried to ignore his heart and the way it nearly leapt out of his chest at the thought. He reached between them and curled his warm, long fingers around Shinji's cock, stroking gently as they kissed. With one hand pressed between his shoulder blades, Nnoitra pulled back , resting his forehead on Shinji's and nodded, his voice stuck in his throat.

Shinji smiled brightly, a real smile, as he felt Nnoitra shyly but firmly nod. He pressed his lips back against the other's mouth, kissing him deeply, practically making love to his mouth. He wanted to stay wrapped up like that for a long time, with Nnoitra's arms around him, pulling him closer. Like he wanted him there. Like he gave a shit. He pulled back, up onto his knees, looking over Nnoitra for a moment before he reached over the side of the bed and grabbed the bottle of lube. Shinji poured it all over his fingers again before working two back in, quickly fitting in a third and stretching as slowly as possible. He didn't want Nnoitra to back out, not after they'd both become so emotionally invested in this. Shinji bit his lip hard, looking sheepish for a moment, his gaze lowered. "...Never done this before..."

Nnoitra's eye popped open at the admission and he chuckled softly, surprised that he was able to with three fingers stuck all the way in his ass. He grabbed Shinji's wrist to make him stop moving to give him time to arrange his thoughts. "C'mere." He said, his voice still whisper soft, as he spread his legs further and moved Shinji all the way between them. Taking a deep breath he looked down into Shinji's suddenly apprehensive face. "Gimmie a couple 'a those pillows behind ya."

He suddenly felt very small and very young… but no less passionate or wanting. For the first time in forever, he was worried about his performance in bed. Would he be good enough, or would Nnoitra just laugh at him? Pushing all thoughts of doubt aside, Shinji just nodded slowly, calmed by Nnoitra's soft demeanor. He reached back, grabbing the pillows and handing them over. He decided to take a little bit of a backseat for now, less forward, but no less wanting to try this new venture.

Setting the pillows on the bed behind his back Nnoitra once again turned to Shinji. He crooked a finger under his chin and lifted it, for the first time seeing a determined innocence in the young man. His lips titled in a slow smile as his expression grew soft and yet somehow more heated. "Jus' go slow and feel." He advised, the closest he would get to placating the young man. "I take it ya get the how's of it." He teased, gently grabbing Shinji's hips and pulling him closer.

Shinji smiled back, licking his lips, more comfortable now that he knew he wasn't going to be shoved away. "Shaddup, ya twat waffle." He murmured, kissing along Nnoitra's jaw. Even the silly insult felt happy. This wasn't to say he wasn't thinking about sex. Hell no. Shinji was still hard, and now he wanted to fuck Nnoitra more than ever. There was something that made the man even sexier now that he was like this – more open and accommodating. Now Shinji could tell that even if it was something he'd kept hidden, it wasn't Nnoitra's first time bottoming – and that made a jealousy flare up in him that he didn't want to admit to. He wrapped his lubed fingers around his own length, stroking it and getting it slick, trying to focus back on the sex.

Nnoitra laughed at the insult even as he laid back to ready himself for something he hadn't done in years. "The fuck's a twat waffle?" He asked, not really caring if Shinji answered. With the pillows now propping his hips up a bit he sat back on his elbows and watched for what Shinji would do next, a flutter of anticipation growing in his belly.

Okay, this was so not a big deal. He was just having sex with Nnoitra for the billionth time. Except this time he was on top. He was topping a man who made him scream and cum until he blacked out on a regular basis. Holy shit this actually was a huge deal. Shinji closed his eyes for a moment, pushing down all the hesitance and insecurity that was trying to boil up inside. He just looked at Nnoitra, and knew everything was fine. He positioned himself over the older man, loving the way Nnoitra's thighs spread easily for him, and he slid his length between his legs, teasing the entrance slowly. He was going to be in there. He was going to fuck this man. He couldn't believe it.

He reached up and placed one arm over Shinji's shoulder, resting his weight on his other arm, and threaded his fingers through his hair. He almost closed his eye when Shinji's cock brushed against him, but forced it to stay open. He wanted to see his face when it happened. Wanted to watch every emotion that passed over it as he slid inside him for the first time. He titled his hips more, both wanting to get it over with and have him finally inside him, and wanting to make this moment last forever. He sucked his bottom lip between his teeth again as the head of Shinji's cock pressed against him, ready to take the first step over the threshold.

Shinji pressed his hips forward, the head of his cock meeting some resistance. He took a deep, shaky breath, reassuring himself, before continuing to press forward. After a few seconds, the head of his dick finally pushed through the tight ring of muscle, sliding in the rest of his length easier. When his hips finally met Nnoitra's, he just held himself there. It was too much. It was like nothing he'd ever felt. So fucking hot and tight and smooth! He bit his lip, making a noise that was almost like a whine as he looked down at Nnoitra, hoping it felt just as good for him.

Nnoitra met Shinji's eyes with a half grin, only impeded since it was held firmly between his teeth. Shinji was shaking slightly and he could see that it was almost too much for the young man. Pressing his fingers into the back of Shinji's head, he held him in place, whispering a quick, "Fuck." as he felt himself adjust around him. If Shinji didn't stop shaking he was going to lose it completely. "Take yer time." He breathed, trying desperately not to move. He had completely forgotten how it felt to be filled like this, how it made his body hot like someone had just set him on fire. He had to admit, if only to himself, that he was glad Shinji wasn't hung like he was. He didn't think he would be able to handle anything bigger than this.

"Can't." He breathed out suddenly, leaning down and burying his face in Nnoitra's chest. "Feels too good. So good…" But if Nnoitra was telling him to take his time, he wasn't going to move an inch until he had to. It felt too fucking good to be inside someone else, inside Nnoitra. He didn't need to cum as desperately as he had when he'd had the silicone tie on earlier, but he still throbbed, aching for it. Just the thought of possibly cumming in Nnoitra… He groaned deeply into his chest again.

It didn't help a damn bit that Shinji's actions actually made their positions that much more pleasurable, the angle shifting just enough so that if he decided to move it would be a perfect shot to Nnoitra's prostate. But he couldn't resist the urge to move anymore. Disregarding his own advice to Shinji, he rolled his hips up, taking that much more of him in and reveling in the sound it produced from the man above him. "Holy fuck. I know I said take yer time, but…," He paused, gritting his teeth and clutching Shinji's head to his chest. "The minute ya don't think yer gonna cum…. Move."

He did move as soon as Nnoitra said something, but it wasn't to thrust in him. Shinji pushed up as close as he could, sliding a hand behind the bigger man's neck and pulling him close into another kiss. They were never really into kissing before but suddenly it seemed like the right course of action. Things were slowly changing between them. As soon as his tongue slipped into Nnoitra's mouth, it was like he couldn't help himself any more. Shinji just started to rock his hips, and the sensation of that tight body hugging his cock was so addictive, that he had to do it again, harder, and faster.

Tongues danced as Shinji and Nnoitra started to find a rhythm, Nnoitra letting go of Shinji's head in favor of gripping his hip tightly. He didn't want the young man to cum too quickly but he couldn't find it in himself to hold him back any. His thrusts were a little jerky and obviously unpracticed, but it still felt so good. He tore his mouth away from the kiss and let his body fall back to the bed, arching his back and bringing his other hand to Shinji's other hip. He spread his legs further, his breath coming in hitching gasps now, and bent his knees to offer more leverage as he met each of Shinji's thrusts. He moaned a little too loudly when his prostate was brushed against, in the back of his mind hoping that Shinji was paying enough attention to how he was reacting so that he could continue to make him feel good.

Part of him hated knowing there was no way he would even come close to how good Nnoitra was in bed on this go. And Shinji was so selfish and unused to pleasing others, that he began to worry about his performance more. He tried not to be overwhelmed by the new sensations he was experiencing and tried to focus on his partner. He loved those moans that Nnoitra could make, and wanted to hear them more, louder, higher. Shinji thrust harder, letting instinct take over where experience failed.

Nnoitra pressed his head back into the bed when Shinji hit his prostate, crying out a word that even he wasn't sure existed. He wasn't perfect, but with each thrust he seemed to become more determined to please. And it was paying off. The last of Nnoitra's defenses, those wanting to hold back for both their sakes, gave way and his fingers tightened on his hips as he slammed his own up into the cock impaling him. "Nngh-ah, fuck. Yeah. Fuuuuck." He was burning up again, his skin on fire and drenched in sweat, but he kept moving, forcing Shinji into a faster, harder pace. "Yeah, just like that."

Shinji leaned down, sinking his teeth into the bigger man's slim pectoral, an almost wild and inadvertent action. He loved the feeling of Nnoitra's large hands pulling his hips closer, fingertips likely bruising him. Once Nnoitra's hips started meeting his own in demanding, rough bucks, it brought their sex to a whole new level. Shinji was usually begging and pleading, but now he was getting a little bit aggressive. He braced himself on his elbows on the bed, looking up at Nnoitra with fiercely bright and possessive eyes.

Nnoitra let out another growling shout when Shinji bit him, and met his eyes head on with his own, a sneering grin on his face. It was a good look for Shinji, something he didn't see often, if ever. He loved it. With another hard thrust Nnoitra held Shinji's hips in place, delighted at the almost irritated look he received for it. "Sit back on yer knees and have at it that way." He suggested breathlessly as his thumbs pressed circles into Shinji's hip bones. Laying down for anal sex was fun and all, but he knew Shinji had to be getting close to the end. If he actually listened, it would be more pleasurable for the both of them and Nnoitra and Shinji both would get a taste of even harder, deeper fucking.

Oh fuck, that sneering grin was so devastatingly hot. Shinji sat back on his knees and pulled Nnoitra's lower body into his lap. Firmly grabbing his hips he began pounding into the older man, pulling him onto his cock every time he thrust forward. Shinji let himself go and fucked as eagerly as he could, his eyes rolling back. Shit, he was going to cum. He was going to loose it so soon, and he didn't have enough of his mind left to say anything. The blonde shook hard, letting out a strangled moan as he suddenly went still, his hips weakly moving as he came, releasing inside Nnoitra for the first time. His jaw dropped open, head falling back and eyes squeezed shut. It was too fucking good.

"Yeah. Fuck… yes. Shit… ah-nngh-ah fff-mmmn-ah." Nnoitra was in heaven as Shinji pounded into him, his own body doing its best to meet each and every one of those thrusts. When the blond moaned and stiffened, and the sudden rush of heat filled him he threw his head back and bit his lip, pressing Shinji as close to him as possible. He sat up, Shinji's softening member still inside him, and let go of his hips, grabbing his head and crushing his mouth to his, devouring it. Without thinking, he let go of his head and reached for his hips once more, lifting Shinji up and out of him before slamming him down over his own cock and wrapping his arms around him, the both of them shaking and panting; moaning and whining.

Shinji was too high off the orgasm he'd had to do much more than cling to Nnoitra and follow his lead. He bucked his hips frantically, screaming as his sensitive body was once again filled to the brim with that amazing cock. And being this close to Nnoitra… "Oh God oh God oh God…. Fuck… Yes! Yes! Ahhhhnnnn..." He wasn't aware of anything, not the sounds he made or the way he moved. Nothing was real except for being wrapped up in this man.

"Yeah, fuckin' ride me." Nnoitra said between his teeth, his big hands still on Shinji's hips and assisting in the quickening rise and fall. He spread and bent his legs for support and did his best to thrust up into Shinji each time he fell back on his cock, the sensation fogging his brain and making his whole body tight. He didn't know how long they were at it, did care, but when he felt himself just about to cum he once again held Shinji in place as he ground his hips against the blond. He sank his teeth into Shinji's neck, feeling the young man tighten around him and the world exploded. Nnoitra's cock didn't even have the time to twitch in warning before he was cumming hard and deep inside Shinji. He moaned around the neck between his teeth and squeezed his eye shut tight. "Fhuck." He breathed, the word slurred by sex and a mouthful of flesh.

Feeling Nnoitra cum, feeling him so close and wrapped tightly around him and deep inside him, feeling the passion and strength and surrender between them both, all of it was almost better than cumming himself. Shinji didn't orgasm a second time, couldn't have even if he'd wanted to. He was totally consumed by Nnoitra. His every thought was centered on the man. Not even the slight, delicious pain in his neck could distract him. His forehead rolled forward onto his shoulder, his whole body relaxing slowly.

He finally let go of Shinji's neck, grudgingly, and pulled back a bit, nipping light kisses along his jaw as he tried to catch his breath. He had the sudden urge to laugh and tried to hold it back unsuccessfully, a small, disturbing giggle bubbling up as his lips brushed over Shinji's. "Pretty fuckin' sweet ain't it?" He asked, delighted humor tingeing his voice. He was so fucking happy that he couldn't hide it behind his macho male bravado anymore.

He could see just how genuinely happy Nnoitra was, and that wide grin was contagious. Shinji couldn't stop the emotions from exploding throughout his mind, and his heart tightened. "Yeah. Amazing." He replied softly, taking a slow, chaste kiss, just to truly feel Nnoitra's lips. He didn't want to move yet, but he was fucking exhausted and straddling another body with a softening cock in his ass wasn't exactly comfortable. Shinji slowly untangled himself from the older man, groaning as they separated, and he laid down on the bed, getting comfortable. After a moment of sighing into the pillow, he looked up, biting his lip softly. His body was practically buzzing still and he reached out for Nnoitra, wanting him close.

Normally Nnoitra would have teased Shinji with some offhanded comment on how gay cuddling was, but he didn't this time. Instead he continued to grin as he moved, laying down beside Shinji and rolling him on his side so that the both of them could fit on the too small bed. "Ya need a fuckin bigger bed." He said as his arms draped around the smaller man, pulling them chest to chest. This had been a night full of firsts for them and the cuddling after sex facing each other while both still conscious was another. "If I fall off and hit my head, I'm blamin' you."

Somehow he knew he wouldn't be turned away, but to be pulled into those strong arms was something else. He beamed, tucking his head under Nnoitra's chin, suddenly a little self conscious about just how happy he was. Shinji wanted to keep his mouth shut, didn't want to put a word to these emotions he was feeling even when he knew in his gut and his heart and his mind and his soul what it was. He just chuckled softly. "If ya fall off, then I got more room to myself."

Nnoitra laughed and kissed the top of Shinji's head before hugging him tighter. "Little shit. I fall off I'm takin' ya with me." He felt strange and the words that came out meant more than one thing. He knew this in the back of his mind but would never admit to it. "Ne, Shinji?" He said suddenly, biting his lip a little.

He couldn't help himself. Even if the words meant something more, and he knew it as well, he needed to see Nnoitra's face. One peek at it told Shinji he wasn't full of shit – he was being open and honest for once. And at that moment, he'd never been quite so enamored with anyone until Nnoitra. "Yeah?" He said softly, looking up with accepting and wanting eyes.

"The cum tricklin' outta my ass feels kinda gross."

Shinji's jaw dropped for a moment in disbelief before his eyes narrowed. With a huff he shoved Nnoitra, hoping it would be enough to topple him to the floor.

Nnoitra had been expecting something like that, though he was hoping Shinji might laugh at him for it. With his arms still around him the both of them tumbled to the floor, Shinji landing on top of Nnoitra with a quiet "umph". Nnoitra laughed again and kissed Shinji's flushed cheek. "Toldja I'd take ya with me." He said, his voice coming out more husky than he thought it would. "Yo, Shinji?" He asked again, this time with a huge grin on his face.

He just glared, not at all pleased at being flung from bed. But still, that husky voice and the way he was poised on top of Nnoitra… It made him shudder softly, trying to ignore the heat clenching in his stomach. "What now, Nnoi?" He ground out, trying to sound pissed instead of slightly turned on.

He raised his hand, softly caressing the cheek he had just kissed before letting his fingers slide through Shinji's hair. His smile slowly fell, his face becoming serious and his eye going a little wide. "I…." The words stuck in his throat and he swallowed, trying again. "I really like you." He bit his lip again and scowled, not particularly liking what he had just said. Not that he could or wanted to take it back now.

Shinji's smile fell as well, his expression slowly turning until it looked like he might cry. There were too many things he wanted to say, too many questions he needed to ask, and the sentiment he wanted to return was too large for the both of them to bear right now. He sighed heavily, leaning his head into the arm reaching up to him. "Yeah?"

The look in Shinji's eyes scared him if only because they seemed to mirror everything he was feeling inside him at the moment. He nodded, clearing his throat and mumbling a quick, "Yeah." back at him. His thumb stroked Shinji's cheekbone and he struggled to sit up without upsetting the blond on top of him, leaning back on his elbow. His heart clenched and his stomach tied itself in knots as he continued to stare deeply into Shinji's eyes. He wanted to ask if Shinji felt the same way, but there was no way he could do that. Seeing it in his face should have been enough for him, but it wasn't. He needed to hear Shinji say it; confirm it. "I do."

"Nnoi, I…" He started softly, stopping before he really said anything. Shinji didn't need to complicate things, and he didn't need to bear his heart. But he did need to give something back, and let Nnoitra know he was very fond of him as well. He had a feeling if he didn't, things would go bad between them. He understood a little bit of how much effort it had taken for the other man to come forward. "I like ya, too. A whole lot." Shinji looked down, not wanting to meet Nnoitra's eye. "Are ya gonna leave again when I fall asleep?"

Nnoitra smiled, wider than he had in a long time, the relief flooding through him so great he almost started laughing again. His heart, his pride and his head swelled beyond anything he had ever felt before and he was ridiculously happy for it. "Only if ya kick me in the nuts again." He teased, trying to lighten the mood for the both of them, and pulled Shinji closer for a small kiss on the lips.

Shinji pulled out of the kiss quickly, rolling his eyes with a huff. "One time! I kicked ya in the balls one time and ya deserved it! It ain't like I didn't make up for it or nothin'. I jest sucked yer dick three times, so stop complainin' about old shit!" He ranted suddenly, annoyed that he'd made Nnoitra's ego even bigger.

His grin couldn't have gotten any wider if he had had a gun held to his head. He reached up and grabbed a handful of Shinji's hair, tugging just a tad harder than was necessary to get his attention. "Shuddup. I ain't goin' nowhere." He leaned forward and quickly sucked Shinji's bottom lip into his mouth before pulling back and yawning. "Gotta recharge. Gimme an hour." He said, laying back on the floor and closing his eye.

He whimpered softly, leaning into the bite. But it seemed that was all there was to it. Then Shinji realized that Nnoitra was absolutely intent on fucking him at full force once again in a single hour. "Wha… One hour?!" Shinji frowned, crawling off of the bigger man and going back into his bright pink bed, even if it was small. "Ya better not wake me up in an hour, baka."

Nnoitra put a single long digit to his lips and let out a long hiss. "I'm rechargin'. And I'll wake ya up nice and good. 'Sides, I told ya all night, right? Yer lucky yer gettin' a break." He shifted to his side, reaching up and pulling down a few pillows for himself before promptly passing out. What with the sex and those damn emotions earlier, he was lucky to have stayed awake for as long as he did.

The End :D