A/N:Here is one of my new plunnies that has again struck me on the head and refuses to let go! This is basically what would happen if Rolo (Not from Code Geass the anime, but Nightmare of Nunnally) were Lelouch's twin brother, and how the story would change if he were sent to Japan with Nunnally, and Lelouch stayed behind? Being fixed up, because this writing is not as great as I once deemed it to be.

Chapter 1 Childhood memories

There was nothing but devastation everywhere he looked. No matter how much he tried to avoid it, it was there. The buildings burning down to the ground behind him, the screams of people running for their lives as they were killed by the soldiers. The empty shadows of burnt homes that loomed across this wasteland of a country that used to be Japan.

Ten year old Rolo vi Britannia simply could not believe what had happened. How could his father have ignored his mother's death? His sister Nunnally becoming crippled and blind? Was he that cold? All he'd done was ask why, and here he was in another country, completely alone.

And Lelouch. His own brother, Lelouch, his precious twin brother, had abandoned him, too. He'd done absolutely nothing to save him from being cast aside by his father. Shouldn't Lelouch hate his father for what he had done? Why did he stand by and let him suffer like this?

These questions floated around in the dark-haired boy's mind, but no answers came. And the more he thought about these things, the angrier he became. But, in his anger, he also realized a dawning new reality, and one that was most unpleasant to boot.

'My father doesn't care about me, or Nunnally. He just used us, then ditched us to die alone and uncared for. Niisan doesn't care, either! Why else would he have...'

His fists clenched, and he bit his lip. Why had it turned out this way? Things used to be so peaceful, so happy. What happened to those halcyon days?

A young Rolo raced up to his twin brother, Lelouch. "Hey, Niisan. I made you something!"

His brother looked at him, his amethyst orbs filled with annoyance. "What is it, Rolo? I'm trying to figure out just how I can beat Schneizel. There has to be some way."

Rolo frowned. "Oniisan, there are more important things than some dumb chess game."

Lelouch raised an eyebrow skeptically. "And what would that be, Rolo?"

Before Rolo could answer, a pink blur tackled the two of them to the ground. "Brother Lelouch! Brother Rolo!"

Lelouch sighed and managed to free himself from the six-year old's grasp. "Euphie, please don't startle me like that," He reprimanded sharply.

Euphemia stumbled backwards, startled by his harsh tone, "Lelouch, you don't have to be mean!" She sniffed, as tears tumbled out of her purple eyes.

Rolo sprang to his feet first. "He didn't mean it! You just caught him off guard, right, Niisan?" He added, looking at Lelouch for clarification.

Lelouch nodded nervously. "Yes, Euphemia. Where's Nunnally?" He asked.

"She's out in the garden again. Wanna come play with us, Lulu? How about you, Rolo?" She said, turning to look at them both with pleading eyes.

Rolo sighed. No one could resist Euphie's puppy-dog look for long. "Okay..."

Lelouch gave in as well.

"Yay!" Euphie cheered, grabbing both boys and pulling them along with her as they sailed down the staircase, ignoring the calls of the attentive maids and servants.

A few servants smiled upon seeing the sight. One of them was Jeremiah Gottwald. He was a new officer who was recently assigned to guard Her Highness, Marianne vi Britannia. It was dreary at times, but he was pleased to serve Lady Marianne in any way he could. Nevertheless, seeing the youngest members of the Royal Family playing with each other was a relaxing sight.

They were free from the scheming that lay within the family. But not for long, he knew. Still, it was nice to see them all being so innocent. The crimson hand of the Britannian Family would no doubt coat these innocents in blood soon.

Euphemia raced ahead of Lelouch, as always. "You can't beat me at racing, Lelouch!" She cried.

Lelouch huffed. "You're too darn fast!"

Even Rolo was ahead of him. He couldn't even see Rolo anymore.

Wait...where was Rolo?

Suddenly, he heard a cry of pain. Lelouch looked around and his eyes narrowed upon seeing the scene before him. Rolo was on the ground, dirt covering his face. Two of Lelouch's half-siblings, Castor and Pollux si Britannia were there, taunting the young child before them.

"Ha, look at the stupid commoner cry. You know you don't belong here." Castor said, "I heard your mother had you adopted and you're not really of royal blood. Is that true? Is the Emperor really your father?"

"Shut up!" Rolo yelped, which earned him yet another smack from the bully princes.

"Please stop this!" Euphemia shouted, getting in between the two of them.

Pollux sneered. "Oh, sweet little Euphie, why don't you step aside? We'd hate to hurt you, really..."

Euphemia frowned. "You're picking on my brother! Stop it this instant!"

Castor and Pollux looked at each other, then burst out laughing. "That was great! We'll remember that once you've become Empress, Euphemia!"

Euphemia's cheeks burned red in embarrassment.

Lelouch stormed right up to them, furious upon seeing his dear siblings hurt,"Shut your damned mouths right now." He warned.

"Or what, sissy boy? You'll punch us? I doubt you can." Castor taunted.

"..Brother." Lelouch hissed, putting his face very close to Castor.

Castor raised his fist to hit Lelouch, but then a female voice interjected.

"Oh, what is going on here?"

Lelouch, Rolo, and Euphemia looked up to see Marianne standing near them, Nunnally right next to her. Marianne looked very strict, indeed.

"Are we picking on my dear boys?" Marianne said sweetly, though with a tone of malice.

Both boys paled. "No, my lady. We are not." Castor added respectfully.

"Are you sure?" Nunnally said.

Rolo glared at the two boys, who both left, but not before hissing more threats against the two commoner boys.

"Are you three all right?" She asked, hugging Lelouch and Rolo.

Euphemia nodded. "Thank you, Lady Marianne."

Marianne only smiled wanly. "It's nothing. Are you hurt, Rolo?"

Rolo shook his head. "No, mother."

-Later that day-

Rolo went into the main hall of the Aries Villa. He thought he'd just seen Nunnally come wandering into here. Where was she? Was she hiding again? He shook his head at her antics. He'd have to come find her.

He was just heading up the main staircase when he heard gunfire. He yelped, and quickly went on the floor, covering himself instinctively as the bullets echoed past him.

When it was all over, he lifted his head, and what he saw next would forever haunt him.

There, in the middle of the staircase, lay his precious mother, her glassy eyes staring up at him. She was dead. Blood poured out from below her and decorated the stairs a bright crimson. Nunnally was right underneath her, her eyes wide, as though she was staring at something he couldn't see.

She was still alive, though it seemed more like she was in a state of shock.

Rolo shook, then screamed at the top of his lungs.

Immediately, Lelouch ran to his side, only to stare in horror at his mother's corpse.

Rolo threw up, and before he knew it, he had passed out.

He awoke in his bed, only to find Lelouch sitting beside him. Euphemia and Cornelia were beside him, also.

"I can't believe that happened to Lady Marianne." Euphemia said, tears trailing down her cheeks.

Cornelia looked like she was trying hard not to cry, either.

"What happened...to Nunnally?" Rolo asked.

"She's crippled. She can't see, either," Lelouch said softly, his voice a hoarse whisper.

Rolo noted, too, that he sounded like he had been crying.

"Who killed mother?" He asked.

Everyone shook their heads.

"I'm sorry, Rolo. But, we're looking into it," Cornelia said, reassuringly.

She and Euphemia left after a while, leaving just Lelouch with his twin.

"Are you okay, Rolo?" Lelouch asked, looking him over.

"I'm fine. But Nunnally isn't," Rolo said calmly, trying to keep his anger suppressed.

Lelouch noticed. "What's wrong? You know it was just an accident-"

"What do you mean, an 'accident', Niisan? You saw the blood from her. She was killed by someone here! You know that, don't you? Why are you being a coward and holding it in?" Rolo said darkly, his fists clenched.

Lelouch's eyes widened at the hatred emanating from his precious brother, "Rolo, please. It's not what you think. I know it's hard. I do hate this, but I just can't endanger myself. What I mean is, we can't be too reckless." He admitted.

"You're nothing but a wimp, Niisan! You just keep on putting your head in the sand! I'm going to go to Father and ask him for answers!" Rolo yelled, storming out.

"Rolo, wait! That's a foolish idea!" Lelouch warned, running out after him.

"Don't try to stop me," Rolo sneered.

The next day, Rolo stormed into his father's palace.

"Announcing Prince Rolo vi Britannia!" A guard exclaimed.

Rolo walked past all the nobles as they eyed him in distaste. They'd never really liked him, either. He didn't give a damn about what they thought of him. No more lying from them would ever be accepted. He would never serve these twisted fools again.

"That's the commoner's bastard son, isn't it?"

"I hear the sister was crippled. That's a shame. She is of no use now. I mean, what nation would want a crippled child as his bride?"

"Prince Lelouch definitely has more worth than his twin."

Rolo's fists tightened as he approached his father's throne.

"...Your Majesty, my mother has died." He said, bowing.

"I have already heard the news. What about it?" He said in a dead tone.

"What kind of response is that? My mother is dead, and you should've protected her! You didn't see my sister even once! Or help my niisan! Do you even know what he's going through now, Father? He's suffering so much, and yet you..."

"Quit your snivelling. You are worthless."

Rolo stepped back at hearing those words.

"You've always been worthless, ever since you were born. Who gave you your siblings, the food you eat, the luxury you live in? I have! Even your life. Yet you dare speak to me like that!" He roared, advancing on Rolo, who stepped back.

"NO! FATHER, DON'T HURT HIM!" Lelouch screamed, trying to go through the crowd, who just pointed at them and laughed, enjoying the spectacle.

The emperor glared at him. "Do you wish to suffer his fate, too?" He said menacingly.

Lelouch shook his head, and stepped back.

Rolo was agape in shock. "Niisan, why?"

"You are being banished to Japan! You and Nunnally will be of value as bargaining tools!" He announced, causing the crowd to gasp.

"Good riddance." Castor said, smirking.

Lelouch's eyes widened in horror. "No...Rolo."


Rolo whirled around to see his best friend Suzaku Kururugi looking at him in concern.

"It's nothing." Rolo said. "But, Suzaku, I promise you...one day...I will..."

"Destroy Britannia!" He exclaimed, his eyes narrowing in anger.

7/25/14: Oh, boy...this story of mine is a complete and utter mess. I'm glad I managed to fix this one up and make it somewhat credible. The reactions in this chapter are terrible. Rolo is nothing more than an OC at this point who just regurgitates dialogue in canon (which is plagiarism, but you can blame this lazy author for that. Problem is, I'm not gonna be able to get online to post this until later tonight, and what that means is another chapter to edit. I've decided to cut out the plagiarized text and use my own original ones, expound upon description, (i.e. less Euphemia looked hurt.) fix up spelling errors, because I noticed QUITE a few in the early chapters. The Prince and the Alchemist and Darkest Savior desperately need this as well. They suffer from lack of believability. It amazes me that anyone even likes the Prince and the Alchemist; it's terrible. I'm just glad I could fix this one up. Now, on to the next chapter.