Disclaimer: Tenchi Muyo! is owned by AIC/Pioneer and was created by Masaki Kajishima. Dragonball Z is owned by Toei Animation and Bird Studio/Shueisha, and was created by Akira Toriyama. This is my first official fan-fic.

Ben Jonas presents:

Note: The events in this story occur during the Imperfect Cell Saga and in-between the events of Shin Tenchi Muyo! (Tenchi In Tokyo) episode 16: Carnival!.


Cell had just finished absorbing the citizens of Nickytown, and was about to claim the life of one of its survivors: a lowly banker.

Cell: Today's your lucky day, pal. You get to become a part of something extraordinary: ME! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Banker: No! Please! I DON'T WANNA DIE A VIRGIN!!!

At that very moment, Cell sensed a surge of power miles away.

Cell *thinking to himself*: Hrrm? What was that? I haven't felt any power like this since arriving in this timeline. It can't be the Androids, their power levels are undetectable. It's not Piccolo, or any of the others I encountered along with him. I'd better go check it out. Besides, it could prove beneficiary against the Androids once I absorb it.

Cell: Well, my friend, it looks like I'll spare you. Good luck getting a date, if you can find one! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

With that, Cell took flight in search of the unknown power.

Meanwhile, over at Tenchi's high school in Tokyo, Tenchi had just finished berating the girls over the damage they did to his school's carnival.

Tenchi: All of you, just go home!

Sasami: But Tenchi, we came here to see you.

Tenchi: All of you have been nothing but trouble.

Ayeka: Sorry, Lord Tenchi.

With that, the girls all began leaving, saddened and dismayed by the fact that they made Tenchi angry.

Suddenly, at that very moment, a lone figure raced out of the school and toward Tenchi at a frenzied pace.

Tenchi: Amanosuke! What's wrong? What happened this time?

Amanosuke: *out of breath from running* Tenchi! Remember hearing the news about the monster that absorbed all of the residents of Gingertown and Nickytown?

Tenchi: Yeah? What about it?

Amanosuke: He's here.

Everyone (including the girls): WHAT!?!?!?!?!?

All of the girls ran back toward Tenchi and Amanosuke.

Tenchi: Oh man! This day has just gone from bad, to worse, to catastrophic! Amanosuke, What happened when the monster arrived? Is everybody OK?

Amanosuke: I'm afraid not, Tenchi. I was one of the only surviving witnesses.

Amanosuke began giving his eyewitness account of the disaster.

*begin flashback*

Amanosuke: It all started at the concert. I was with Amagasaki and a few of my other classmates. We were "rocking out" (writer's note: Please forgive the use of dated language. Please bear with me, as this story will contain more dated language than Dennis Miller's football commentary.) to the music of SPLEEN, having a good ol' time. About 20 minutes into the concert, a green-and-yellow, bug-like creature appeared on stage. Everyone thought that he was supposed to be SPLEEN's mascot. Boy, were they wrong. At that moment, the creature stuck his tail into the back of the lead singer/guitarist, and "literally" sucked him up like a milkshake. A few seconds later, he did the same thing to the rest of the band. It was horrible watching that demon consume the band alive! The audience was in complete shock. Moments after that, he spoke into the microphone, saying something about an "unknown power" and how he would either kill or absorb everyone if the person with the hidden power didn't step forward. Then the horror began.
I fled for my life (as did just about everyone else), but most of the crowd didn't get very far. A few moments after everyone ran for safety, the monster took to the skies and fired a whole barrage of energy blasts. As I ran to the head of the crowd, I could hear lots of explosions, people screaming, dying, panicking, and the monster's maniacal laughter. From then on out, everything became a blur as I dashed into the school for cover. Upon entering the school, I hid myself in a locker, hoping the monster would pass over me. Outside the locker, I heard more screams, combined with explosions, murderous laughter, then silence.
*pause flashback*

Tenchi: What happened to Amagasaki?

Amanosuke: Sadly, he was one of the first to fall. He tried to stand his ground against the demon, saying that his absorption "was a hoax". He was quickly beaten and consumed. All that was left of him were his clothes.

Tenchi: Dear lord.....

Sakuya: What about Hitomi, Misa, and Akari? (writer's note: Much like the name of the band in episode 16, these names are also made up. These were the names I came up with for the three girls that constantly followed Tenchi and Sakuya around throughout the series).

Amanosuke: They're gone, too. They were too frightened to move, and were caught in the monster's rampage.

Sakuya: No... *sob* Misa... Akari... Hitomi...

Tenchi: I'm almost afraid to ask, but what about our teacher, Mr. Fujisawa? (writer's note: If it looks, sounds, and acts like Mr. Fujisawa, it IS Mr. Fujisawa. 'Nuff said!)

Amanosuke: That was when things got weird. As I hid in the locker, I overheard Mr. Fujisawa a couple doors down, talking to himself.

*resume flashback*

Mr. Fujisawa: Ahh! Sweet sake, take me away!

Amanosuke (as narrator): At that moment, I heard a crash through the wall, followed by a loud buzzing noise.

Cell: Hey, drunkard! This is a no-drinking zone!

Amanosuke: At that moment, I heard what sounded like a glass bottle shattering.

Mr. Fujisawa: Hey! That was my only bottle of sake! YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT! FUJISAWA PUNCH!!!

Amanosuke: I overheard the sounds of battle outside my locker. It sounded like Mr. Fujisawa was giving that creature the beating of his life. A few loud crashes later, I heard Mr. Fujisawa say something along the lines of "heading off to the nearest 7-11 for sake and smokes". As I emerged from the locker, I saw him take a giant leap from the hole the creature made, out into the open, and disappear into the horizon. But the threat was far from over, as I heard the monster speak.

Cell *stunned*: What was that?!? No matter, that wasn't the unknown power I sensed earlier. I'll find it, even if I have to tear this whole building apart!

Amanosuke: With that, the creature crashed through the second floor, and I heard the screams again. Taking advantage of a horrible situation, I fled for the front exit, dodging debris and rubble along the way. And that pretty much sums up everything that's happened up 'til now.

*end flashback*

Kiyone: Excuse me, Amanosuke, but if the monster did attack the school, wouldn't we have heard some screams and/or explosions?

Amanosuke: Probably not. The demon was incredibly fast, and probably used his speed (as well as his tail) to cover up most of the screams. As for the explosions, I think the monster didn't use any energy attacks (or didn't need to) in order to slaughter most of the building's denizens.

Ayeka: All of those poor, innocent people.... dead. It's atrocious.

Sasami: I think I'm going to be sick....

Washu: Whoa! Hang in there, Sasami. Here, take this pill. It'll calm your stomach.

Sasami: Thanks, Miss Washu.

Kiyone: Mihoshi, what do you think you're doing by that payphone?

Mihoshi: Contacting the Galaxy Police. They'll handle this matter.

Kiyone: Mihoshi, we ARE the Galaxy Police! Besides, I don't think a payphone can contact anyone in the deep reaches of space.

Mihoshi: I'm scared, Kiyone!

Kiyone: I know, Mihoshi. So am I. Just the mere thought of hearing how hundreds of people were killed in a matter of minutes by a single creature puts a chill down my spine, too.

Sakuya: Tenchi, I'm afraid of what this creature might do to us. What if he...

Tenchi: Don't worry, Sakuya. I'll protect you to the very end.

Ayeka: And we will protect you too, Lord Tenchi. Right, everyone?

Everybody: RIGHT!

Ryo-Ohki: MIYA!

Ayeka: You better get out of here, Mr. Amanosuke. That monster could still be after you.

Amanosuke: Consider me gone!

As everyone was reeling from the horror of Amanosuke's description of the events that had transpired minutes ago, a renewed confidence was instilled in each person, insured in the fact that they would stand tall against the monster. Suddenly, an explosion occurred inside of Tenchi's high school. The blast was so powerful, that it reduced all of the upper floors of the building to rubble.

Sakuya: WHAT WAS THAT?!?

From the explosion emerged Cell, a bio-android of incredible strength, speed, and agility. He descended from the sky and set himself down upon the walkway leading to the now-ravaged school.

Cell: Well, well. It seems that I've finally found the unknown power, or should I say, Tenchi Masaki!!


Meanwhile, in Yugi's dimension, Yugi watched as Cell was about to attack Tenchi and crew.

Yugi: This is bad. If that monster kills Tenchi and Sakuya, all my plans will have been for not. Hotsuma! Matori! Tsugaru!

Hotsuma, Matori, and Tsugaru: Yes, Master?

Yugi: Cease that foul creature's reign of terror at once. Oh, and Tsugaru?

Tsugaru: Yes, Master?

Yugi: Stop eyeing Hotsuma like that! It's disturbing.

Matori: Ooo! Tsugaru has the hots for Hotsuma!

Tsugaru: I do not! Right, Hotsuma? *wink*

Hotsuma: *shudder* Don't come anywhere near me!

With that, the three henchpeople headed off to confront Cell.

Meanwhile, at Kami's sky palace, Goku was silently meditating, when his concentration was suddenly interrupted by a feeling of dread.

Gohan: What is it, father? Has Piccolo confronted the androids yet?

Goku: No. It's Cell. He's currently facing off against a bunch of warriors whose power levels I've never sensed before.

Gohan: Oh. That's a good thing, right?

Goku: I wish it were, but unfortunately, their power levels are much lower than that of Cell's. With the dragonballs no longer in existence due to Piccolo's fusion with Kami, the last things we need are more people slaughtered by Cell. Since neither Piccolo nor I are strong enough to stop Cell, the only thing we can hope for now is that these unknown fighters can hold off Cell long enough for Trunks and Vegeta to arrive there once their training is completed.

Gohan: Hey, Mr. Popo. How much longer until Trunks and Vegeta are done training in the Room of Spirit and Time? (writer's note: I refuse to call it the Hyperbolic Time Chamber due to ethnical reasons.)

Mr. Popo: They'll be done in a few more hours.

Gohan: *sigh* Oh man. I hope these mystery fighters can keep Cell at bay until then.

Goku: So do I, Gohan.

Back at the remains of Tenchi's high school....

Tenchi: H-how do you know my name?!?

Cell: It's simple. Whenever I absorb someone, like your friend, Amagasaki, not only do I get their power, I also get part of their knowledge. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Cell, a bio-android that was created by Dr. Gero seventeen years in the future. Not only do I have the ability to fly, shoot energy blasts, and absorb life forms, my cellular structure is composed of the cells of the greatest fighters in the world.

Tenchi: Why are you here? Why have you attacked my school?!?

Cell: In the future timeline, I found out that Dr. Gero designed me to absorb and incorporate the androids into my being, and thus, become more powerful, and eventually achieve perfection. After finding out that the androids in my time were already destroyed, I decided to make my way into the past by stealing a time machine and awakening seventeen years in the past. Normally at this time, I would be searching for the androids, but since I have all the time in the world, combined with the fact that I sensed your power level, I decided to make a little side trip on over to your school.

Kiyone: So this massacre, combined with the mass-murdering of the residents of Ginger Town and Nicky Town have all been for fun, just so that you could find the androids and achieve perfection?!? You really ARE a demon.

Cell: True. So, which one of you wants to die first?

As Cell eyed his opposition, Ayeka, Mihoshi, Kiyone, Washu, and Sasami all stood ready to confront the android, with Ryo-Ohki hissing at him the whole time.

A few minutes ago, over in Shibuya, Ryoko was hovering outside of Tenchi's apartment.

Ryoko: I bet Tenchi'll be surprised when he sees me! Hey, he left the door to his apartment open.

As Ryoko entered the apartment, she noticed that Tenchi wasn't there. However, she noticed a flyer on Tenchi's table.

Ryoko: A school carnival!? So that's where he went. And I bet he's with that Sakuya tramp right now. GGRRRR!!!!

With that, Ryoko teleported on over to Tenchi's high school. A few minutes later, she showed up a few feet behind Tenchi and crew.

Ryoko: Tenchi! Hey all! Why the tense mood?

Washu: See that hideous creature over there?

Ryoko: Yeah, what about him?

Washu: He was the one responsible for all the mass killings in Ginger Town and Nicky Town. And look what he did to Tenchi's high school!

Ryoko: I see. Wow! Looks like something I would've done on a bad day.

Sasami: That creature's name is Cell, and he wants to consume Tenchi!

Ryoko: He wants to do WHAT?!?

Angered by that statement, Ryoko leapt up to the front of the group.

Ryoko: YOU MONSTER!! Nobody threatens my Tenchi and gets away with it!

Ayeka: *ahem* Miss Ryoko, I think you're greatly mistaken. Tenchi belongs to be and me alone.

Ryoko: What was that, Princess!? You want me to make you eat those words? I'd be glad to do so!

Tenchi: Hey, you two! Knock it off, or else we won't stand a chance against Cell!

Ryoko & Ayeka: Sorry, Tenchi!

With that, everybody's focus shifted back to Cell.

Cell: My, this is getting interesting. Looks like I'll have some fun after all.

At that moment, Yugi's hench-trio appeared behind Cell.

Cell: And you are...?

Hotsuma: We are relatives of the victims of Ginger Town, here to get revenge for their deaths.

Ryoko: Hey! I thought you guys were former space pirates!

Tsugaru: We are. We just wanted an excuse to kick Cell's ass.

Cell: It looks like the appetizers are over. Time for the main course!


Cell calmly looked around at the opposition in front of and behind him.

Cell: I must commend you all for taking a stand against me. But, since you probably have no idea what you're all going up against, perhaps I should give you a little demonstration of my power.

With that, Cell started powering up. The wind from his rising ki sent various objects from the remnants of the carnival flying in various directions. Luckily, Ayeka's shield barrier prevented anyone from being blown away and/or being hit by any flying debris, and Yugi's hench-trio stood their ground.

Hotsuma: Heh. You think that little breeze would've gotten rid of us?

Cell: No. In fact, I would've been disappointed if you hadn't stood your ground. Why don't you three give me your best shot? Go ahead, see if you can even make me move from this spot.

At that moment, Matori, Hotsuma, and Tsugaru all flew towards Cell. All three of them nailed the android at once with a powerful punch, sending Cell flying past Tenchi and friends and into a nearby building. Cell emerged from the building, a little shocked, but unhurt.

Cell: Hmmmmm. It seems I've slightly underestimated you three.

Matori: What? Are you going to give up already?

Cell: No. In fact, the only reason I let you hit me was to test your strength. Now the real fight begins...

Meanwhile, over at the Masaki residence in Okayama...

Azaka: Something tells me that Princess Ayeka and Princess Sasami are in danger.

Kamidake: You're just looking for an excuse to get out of here, aren't you?

Azaka: Yup. Wanna go to Tokyo?

Kamidake: Sure. Houston, we are go for launch.

Azaka: Will you stop saying that?

Kamidake: Not until I say this: LIFT-OFF! *FWOOSH!*

Azaka *thinking to himself*: *sigh* No wonder Princess Ayeka likes me better. *FWOOSH!*

Within mere moments, the guardians took to the skies in order to track out and assist the princesses of Jurai.

Back over at the battleground...

Tsugaru: I think you're bluffing, Cell. Same maneuver as last time?

Hotsuma & Matori: Right!

The trio repeated the same attack they used on Cell before. But just when they were about to hit him, Cell leaned back and dodged their group punch. A few milliseconds later, Cell kicked Hotsuma in the jaw, and, using his out-stretched arms (thanks to Piccolo's cells), nailed Matori and Tsugaru in their stomachs. The bio-android then appeared behind the reeling trio and slammed all three of them into the ground with his tail. The impact of the attack left a massive crack on the pavement. Cell hovered in the air as he watched Hotsuma, Matori, and Tsugaru all struggle to their feet.

Tsugaru: *cough* *cough* Damn! That was a cheap shot!

Cell: Heh. What are you going to do about it?

Tsugaru: This!

Tsugaru fired a whole barrage of energy blasts, but Cell was easily able to avoid them. Taking advantage of the distraction, Hotsuma teleported underneath the monstrosity, grabbed him by the legs, and tossed him toward the ground.

Hotsuma: NOW MATORI!

Matori: I ought to give you a hand for putting up a good fight against us, Cell. Or, in this instance, I should give you a lot of hands. Here!

Matori fired a spell which turned the sidewalk into a bunch of arms. Upon landing on the sidewalk, the disembodied arms forced Cell to stay on the ground. Cell struggled to break free, but was unable to move.

Ryoko: Wow! They're actually winning.

Kiyone: You know, this fight would actually be entertaining if our lives weren't at stake.

Just then, Azaka and Kamidake descended from the sky and appeared before Tenchi and crew.

Azaka: Hello everyone!

Kamidake: Did we miss anything?

Washu: Oh, nothing much, just the fight of the century, that's all.

Cell *struggling to get free*: *urgh!* Great. Now I'm going to have to *guh!* fight two floating logs. What's next? A *nuhh!* robotic lawn gnome?

As Cell continued to try and free himself from the hands' grasp, Hotsuma, Tsugaru, and Matori all flew up hundreds of feet and made a triangle formation. A red aura could be seen around the trio as they powered up.

Hotsuma, Matori, and Tsugaru: Tri-Beam Cannon....... FIRE!!!!!!

A massive energy beam was emitted from the combined might of the trio. Cell was still trying to break loose, when he was suddenly engulfed in the huge energy blast. A bright white light, and an incredibly loud explosion followed upon the impact of the blast. The ground shook with a fierce rumble, but thankfully, Ayeka's shield barrier protected everyone from losing their footing and getting hit by any chunks of pavement or rubble. When the bright light dimmed and the smoke cleared, a humongous crater could be seen where Cell was being pinned down. Inside of the crater was Cell, missing his left arm, his left leg, most of the left side of his torso, and in utter shock.

Ayeka *surprised*: They... did it!

Sasami: All right! We're going to make it through this without losing anyone!

Ryoko: Damn. I didn't even get a chance to fight Cell. Oh well. I guess it's better sometimes to let someone else do the fighting for you.

Cell: H-h-how d-dare you!

Hotsuma: HA! I knew he was just a pushover!

Tenchi: Whew! I'm glad that's over with.

Mihoshi: So am I. Now I'll be able to make it home in time for Space Police Police Men!

Just then, everyone heard an ominous laughter coming from Cell.

Cell: I'm afraid you're all celebrating a bit prematurely. As nice of a trick that was, I have a few tricks of my own. Observe.

Using his right arm, Cell thrusted himself upon his right foot and let out a painful moan. Within a matter of seconds, his left arm, left leg, and missing parts of his torso all grew back.

Hotsuma: What the?!?

Matori: He can grow back parts of his body?!?

Everybody in Tenchi's group saw Cell's regeneration with looks of shock and disgust, except for Washu.

Washu *thinking to herself*: So, Cell is capable of regenerating limbs and parts of his body. Fascinating. If I get though this alive, I want to take a sample of this creature for myself.

Cell: I'm afraid there's more bad news to go along with that. I've only been fighting you at 10% of my power.

Tsugaru: What?!? No way!! You're obviously bluffing like last time!

Undeterred by Cell's statement, Tsugaru descended from the sky and tried to nail Cell with a flying kick to the head, but Cell caught his right leg before his foot could make contact with his head.

Cell: How pathetic.

Cell squeezed Tsugaru's right leg so hard that it broke. Tsugaru let out a giant yell of pain and could barely focus on freeing himself from Cell's grasp, due to the great amount of pain from his now-broken leg. As much as he struggled to get loose, Cell wouldn't let go, and as he hung him upside-down from his leg, he fired a couple of well-placed ki blasts through Tsugaru's left shoulder, left leg, and the right side of his hip. Cell then let go of Tsugaru, who landed hard on the ground. He was barely conscious, barely able to move, and bleeding badly.

Cell: Oh dear. I'm afraid you'll never be able to heal properly at this point. Looks like I'll have to amputate EVERYTHING!

With that statement, Tsugaru tried to flee from him, but was too injured to move. Cell drove the tip of his tail into Tsugaru's back, and began absorbing him. Tsugaru let out a yell of death before he was completely consumed by Cell. Everyone watched in horror as Tsugaru became the latest statistic of Cell. All that was left of him were his bloodstained clothes.

Kiyone: Gross! He just sucked him up like a bowl of soup!

Ayeka: I agree. How revolting!

Cell *talking to himself*: I can feel my KI rising, but when I absorbed Tsugaru, it felt sort of empty, like he was a part of something bigger. No matter.

Cell then turned toward Hotsuma and Matori.

Cell: Your move.

Sakuya screamed in horror after seeing Tsugaru become a part of Cell.

Tenchi: Sakuya! Are you alright?

Sakuya *still in shock*: I-I-I think I will be. That was horrible! I've never been more afraid until now.

Tenchi put his hand on Sakuya's shoulder.

Tenchi: Don't worry, Sakuya. Like I said earlier, I will protect you from that demon, no matter what happens. Just out of curiosity, why didn't you escape from here with Amanosuke?

Sakuya: I didn't want to leave you, Tenchi. I couldn't stand the sight of you going up against that monster alone and getting yourself killed. As I said once before, I will always be by your side, no matter how bad things get.

Tenchi: Sakuya....

Kiyone: Aww! How sweet! Those two are really devoted to each other.

Ryoko *thinking to herself*: Grrrrrr! Sakuya, step away from my Tenchi, you lousy tramp! *angry sigh* If I had my way, though, things would be a lot different...

*begin fantasy envisionment, complete with SD versions of all the characters*

Ryoko: If Tenchi wasn't so close to you, I would've had you fight Cell first. (Ryoko envisions SD version of herself tossing SD version of Sakuya into SD version of Cell. SD Cell blasts SD Sakuya into dust.) Hee Hee! And while I'm at it, why not let that stuck-up princess go next? (same as above, only with SD Ayeka getting blasted.) And just for good measure, throw in that idiot Mihoshi (same as above), her too-smart-for-her-own-good-partner Kiyone (same as above), that mad genius Washu (same as above), Nobiyuki (same as above), and then have Sasami and Katsuhito blow up the demon with dynamite strapped to them. (Ryoko envisions SD versions of Sasami and Katsuhiko with dynamite strapped to them, running toward SD Cell. All three blow up.) And then Tenchi and I can fly off into space, where we'll spend the rest of our days together on a paradise planet. (Ryoko envisions SD versions of herself and Tenchi flying off into space aboard Ryo-Ohki). HAHAHAHA!

*end fantasy envisionment*

At the same time, Ayeka was thinking the same thing.

Ayeka *thinking to herself*: Sakuya, don't you dare come any closer to Lord Tenchi, you little hussie! *angry sigh* If I had my way, things would be a lot different...

(Ayeka basically has the same envisionment as Ryoko, except that Ryoko would get blasted instead of Ayeka, and Cell would be obliterated by the entire Juraian space armada at the command of Ayeka. Then, Ayeka, Tenchi, and Sasami would fly on back to Jurai, and live happily ever after).


Sasami: What do you suppose those two are thinking about?

Washu: Knowing them, it can't be good for anyone.

Back on the battlefield, Hotsuma and Matori were trying to recover from the shock of Tsugaru's death at the hands of Cell.

Hotsuma: Bastard! You'll pay for the death of Tsugaru!

Hotsuma and Matori charged toward Cell in a style similar to the Androids.
(writer's note: See the Trunks Special to understand what I mean by that.) The duo quickly began exchanging a number of punches and kicks with the biomechanical menace. As much as they tried to gang up on and overpower Cell, the monster countered and/or repelled every one of their attacks. Spotting an opening, Cell grabbed Matori by her head and tossed her into Hotsuma. The demon then leapt up into the air and fired a Masenko toward the pair. Luckily, the devious duo dodged the blast, and, taking advantage of the error, Matori summoned up a massive demon from the rubble of the building where Cell was thrown into earlier. The giant concrete-like monster (writer's note: think The Thing, but more craggily, less lovable, and more demonic-looking) appeared right in front of Cell and let out a terrifying roar. Cell simply smirked, and before the giant beast could lay a finger on him, fired a Kienzan (Destructo Disk), which sliced it in half, and effectively terminated the demon's existence. Spotting Matori from a distance, Cell did a flying tackle right into her, sending the hench-villain flying. Mere moments later, he appeared right behind Matori, grabbed her while in mid-flight, and body-slammed her right into the pavement. Sensing his partner was in danger, Hotsuma rushed to where Matori was, but was cut-off by Cell's mouth-beam. Cell then picked up the half-conscious Matori by the legs.

Cell: Make a wish, Hotsuma.

Cell bent Matori's legs as far apart as they could go, before there was a loud crack. Matori let out an immensely loud scream of pain. Her hip had been split into two pieces. Tenchi and crew winced at the sight and sound of the damage that Cell had caused. Hotsuma gazed in horror as Matori's lower half of her body was now permanently disabled.

Hotsuma: MATORI!!

Matori *barely conscious*: H-Hotsuma.... Do it...now...while he's distracted...

Hotsuma: But, Matori, you'll...

Matori: I said do it, dammit! Blast him now before he consumes me!

Hotsuma *thinking to himself*: Forgive me, Matori...

Without another moment's hesitation, Hotsuma fired a huge energy blast directly at Cell. The explosion from the blast sent chunks of pavement and rubble flying in every direction.

Hotsuma: I...I think I got him.

Just then, Hotsuma heard an ominous voice behind him.

Cell: Nice move. It probably would've worked, too, had you not hesitated for those few seconds.

Cell was hovering right above Hotsuma, with Matori still in his grasp.

Cell: Say goodbye to your girlfriend.

Sasami: Oh no! He's going to do it again!

Everyone in Tenchi's group did one of two things: they either gazed in horror, or they covered their eyes; Ryo-Ohki put her paws over her eyes.

In an instant, Cell placed his tail in Matori's back. Too weak to scream, she could only emit a faint whimper before being completely absorbed by Cell. Matori was gone; all that was left of her were her now-vacant clothes.

Cell: Here, Hotsuma, a little something to remember your dead teammate by.

Cell tossed Matori's clothes to Hotsuma. He caught them and clenched them tight in his fist. A lone tear rolled down Hotsuma's cheek.

Hotsuma *thinking to himself*: Damn you, Cell! You took from me two of the only three people I ever cared for. Sure, Matori and Tsugaru were only servants for Mistress Yugi, but, even though they, like myself, were nothing more than physical manifestations, they were like family to me. I never thought that it would come to this, but it looks like it's up to me now to stop Cell.

Hotsuma: Tsugaru, Matori, you shall not have died in vain! I swear that I shall wreak vengeance in your names!

Ryoko: Huh. I never thought that that guy had any emotions. Go figure.

At that moment, Tenchi had an idea.

Tenchi: Everyone, I need to have a word with all of you.

Everybody gathered around.

Tenchi: Listen, if any of you do get the chance to confront Cell, please fight him with extreme caution. We've all seen what he's capable of, and the last thing I'd want to see happen is for any of you to get hurt, much less killed by Cell. With that in mind, should any of you get seriously injured in battle, I want the person nearest to them to distract Cell while Sakuya and I get that person to safety, in order to prevent him/her from being sucked up by Cell.

Ryoko: Wait a second! Why does Sakuya get to assist you, and not me, Tenchi?

Tenchi: Because she's the only one who doesn't have any super powers/abilities!

Kiyone: I'm afraid to say this, but, imagining the worst-case scenario, what if all of us fall in battle against that demon?

Tenchi: That's the reason why I've called you all here. Everyone, please give me your crystals.

Mihoshi: But Tenchi, what good are these crystals going to do you?

Kiyone: Mihoshi! Have you forgotten what happened the day we all met?

Mihoshi: Oh yeah! Now I remember! Wasn't that the day of Second Impact?

Kiyone: You lunkhead! Oh well, at least most of us remember what happened then.

Ayeka: If you don't mind me asking, Lord Tenchi, what do you plan on doing with these crystals, anyway?

Tenchi: I'm hoping that it doesn't come to this, but if all else fails, I may just have to take on Cell myself. As of this moment, we are the only things standing between Cell and the complete destruction of the world's population.

At that point, everyone knew what Tenchi was talking about (except for Sakuya, who had no idea what the crystals' hidden ability was). Everyone handed Tenchi their crystals.

Sakuya: But Tenchi, how are you going to fight Cell if your friends from the Monster Busters can't stop him?

Tenchi: Don't worry, Sakuya. I'll think of something.

Ryoko *whispering to Ayeka*: Look at that! She's already seen us a couple of times and she still thinks we're Monster Busters.

Ayeka *whispering to Ryoko*: Yes. Someone should give that wench a full-frontal lobotomy.

Ryoko *whispering to Ayeka*: Mind if I get to do it?

Ayeka *whispering to Ryoko*: Don't you dare even think about it!

Back on the battlefield...

Hotsuma *thinking to himself*: Dammit! Cell's too powerful for me to fight in this form. I didn't want to have to do this, but after watching my teammates' best attacks fail against that monster, I have no other choice.

Within moments, Hotsuma began his transformation into his more powerful form. His muscles and arms expanded in size as his facial features changed shape. Slowly, he began to take on the form of a half-human, half-tiger hybrid. Just as he was about to complete his metamorphosis, Hotsuma felt a sharp pain on the back of his neck. Cell had stuck his tail in the back of Hotsuma's neck during his transformation.

Cell: A word of advice: Never transform into a different form while in the middle of a fight. You leave yourself wide open to your opponent's attacks.

Hotsuma collapsed to his knees as he felt his power being sucked away. He then reverted back into his regular form before falling to the ground and being completely absorbed.

Cell: Ahhhh! That was refreshing! *thinking to himself* There's that same energy I felt twice before, when I absorbed Tsugaru and Matori. It's as if somebody created those people, someone more powerful.

Suddenly, Cell felt a sharp pain on his back. It was as if thirty bees all stung him at once.

Kiyone: Keep firing, Mihoshi! Do it while he's distracted!

As Cell slowly turned around, he noticed Mihoshi and Kiyone, both of whom were firing their blasters at him. Moments earlier, while Cell was busy consuming Hotsuma, the Galaxy Police duo moved to the front of Tenchi's group, outside of Ayeka's shield barrier, and began firing away at the behemoth. Unfortunately, none of their bullets had any effect on Cell, and as the monster slowly began to face them...

Mihoshi: Oh no! I'm out of ammunition!

Kiyone: Quick Mihoshi! Reload!

Cell was now gazing directly upon Mihoshi and Kiyone, catching and/or dodging any bullets that came his way.

Mihoshi *panicking*: WAAAAAHHHH!!!! I'm too scared to reload!!

Kiyone: You idiot! Snap out of it!

Mihoshi *really panicking*: Imgonnadieimgonnadieimgonnadieimgonnadieimgonnadie...

Cell: Heh. You really crack me up, but your punch line needs a little work. Allow me to improvise!

Kiyone: Look out!

Tenchi: Hit the deck!

Cell fired a whole barrage of ki blasts. Everyone ducked for cover, while Ayeka's shield barrier protected everybody within Tenchi's group from Cell's attacks. Just then, Cell stopped firing.

Kiyone: Hey! He completely missed us!

Ayeka: Us too! But why?

At that moment, everyone turned to their left and noticed a somewhat-charred Mihoshi.

Kiyone: MIHOSHI!!!

Mihoshi *dazed*: I'm not Mihoshi.... I'm Captain Tita of the Cha Cha Maru...uhhhhh....*THUD!*

As it turned out, Mihoshi somehow drew all of Cell's attacks toward her. Mihoshi landed hard on the ground, unconscious from taking all of Cell's blasts. Washu and Sasami quickly ran outside of the group and dragged the now-unconscious Mihoshi back inside.

Cell: Your blasters are completely ineffective against me. How do you plan on stopping me now?


A few moments earlier, in Yugi's dimension, Yugi watched as Cell slaughtered her minions.

Yugi *shocked*: How... how did this happen?!? One moment, my minions had Cell on the ropes, and the next moment, he absorbed them all in the blink of an eye! This is horrible! On the other hand, if he gets rid of Tenchi's friends, then he just might prove to be... beneficial. But if he messes with my plans any further, I may just have to interfere, personally!

Back at the remnants of Tenchi's high school, Kiyone continued to fire away at Cell, but to no avail. He either evaded or deflected her shots.

Cell: You know, I could finish you off right now, but I find your futile struggle against me hilariously amusing.

Kiyone growled in frustration, over both Cell's remark and the fact that her blaster was completely useless against him. Just then, Kiyone got an idea.

Kiyone *thinking to herself*: Of course! I almost forgot that I had an anti-matter bullet on me! Now all I need is a diversion.

Kiyone took off her left earring.

Kiyone: Hey Cell! Care for a LIGHT?

Kiyone tossed her left earring directly at Cell, and blinded him in a giant flash of light. As it turned out, Kiyone's left earring was actually a miniature flare bomb in disguise, while her right earring hid the anti-matter bullet. Making use of the diversion, Kiyone removed and unscrewed her right earring, revealing an anti-matter bullet. Loading it into her blaster, she aimed and fired right at Cell's head. The bullet went straight into the android's left eye, exploding on contact, and blowing up the entire upper half of Cell's body. The explosion sent Kiyone flying a few yards, but she quickly recovered. As the smoke cleared and the light vanished, all that was left of Cell was his lower torso, which lay on the ground.

Kiyone: YES!!! I GOT HIM!

Washu: All right! Time for me to go get some free samples of Cell!

Ryoko: Hold on, Washu. Let's make sure he's dead first.

Washu: I seriously doubt that that demon could regenerate his entire upper torso, not without a head at least.

Suddenly, the lower torso of Cell sprang to its feet.

Kiyone *surprised*: No way! He can't still be alive! Not after I used an anti-matter bullet on him!

Cell's lower half began moving around, and within moments, his upper half sprouted up from his lower torso, and he was whole once more.

Cell: A nice trick, my dear, but I'm afraid it was all in vain. You see, so long as at least one of my cells are still alive, I can regenerate any or all parts of my body, no matter how many times they are destroyed. In other words, I'm not dead until every cell in my body has been eradicated.

Cell then disappeared and reappeared behind Kiyone, placed her in a half nelson, and ascended toward the sky. Kiyone struggled to get free.

Kiyone *struggling*: Let me go, *urgh* you monster!

Cell: As you wish.

Cell released Kiyone from his grip, and watched as she fell a couple thousand feet toward the pavement below. Just when she was about to hit the ground, Cell grabbed her by the legs, thus preventing her from becoming street strudel. Just then, the bio-monstrosity swung her hard against the side of a nearby building, which K.O.'ed the Galaxy Police officer.

Everyone: KIYONE!!!

Cell then grabbed the now-unconscious Kiyone by the throat.

Cell: Payback for destroying my upper body.

Just as Cell was about to absorb Kiyone, a bright orange flash of light appeared. Within the next few seconds, the orange light sliced off Cell's tail (which loosened his grip on Kiyone), picked up Kiyone, returned her to Tenchi's group, and confronted Cell. The orange light turned out to be Ryoko. Cell quickly regained his composure (and regenerated his tail).

Cell: So, we finally meet, face to face.

Ryoko nailed Cell in the face with a hard right, sending the monster reeling back.

Ryoko: On the contrary. We finally meet, fist to face.

Cell recovered and charged toward Ryoko, but she easily evaded his flying tackle, and elbowed Cell in the back, sending him to the ground. The android quickly got up, took to the sky, and began firing a whole barrage of ki blasts. Ryoko countered his attack with a rapid-fire multitude of energy blasts of her own. The two attacks canceled each other out. Right when the smoke was about to clear, Cell rapidly flew towards Ryoko, and nailed her with a hard fist to the stomach. The blow caused Ryoko to slump in mid-air, but she then began laughing and leaned right back up.

Cell: Hrrm? What's so funny?

Ryoko: The way you look right now. It's hilarious.

Cell suddenly noticed a huge, gaping hole in the center of his stomach.

Cell *surprised*: How...how did you....?!?

Ryoko: Simple. About a millisecond before you hit me, I saw an opening and ran you clean through with my energy saber.

Cell: You'll pay for that!

Ryoko: Yeah, sure. Where haven't I heard that one before?

Cell quickly regenerated the hole in his stomach, and resumed his ferocious battle with Ryoko. The two rapidly traded kicks, punches, and ki/energy blasts with one another.

Meanwhile, over at Tenchi's group:

Tenchi: Washu, how are Mihoshi and Kiyone doing?

Washu was monitoring their status on her holographic computer.

Washu: Kiyone seems to be making a slow recovery, but I'm using the term "slow" very figuratively, as her recovery has been incredibly slow. Mihoshi, on the other hand, appears to be getting gradually worse. If she doesn't start to recover soon, she could end up in a coma, or worse. If I had some medical supplies on hand, I might be able to improve their current conditions.

Sakuya: Hey Tenchi! Doesn't the doctor's office inside of the school have a ton of medical supplies?

Tenchi: They sure do. Only problem is, thanks to Cell's rampage, the entire entrance has been blocked off by rubble.

Just then, Sasami got an idea.

Sasami: Ryo-Ohki! It's show time!!

Ryo-Ohki: Miya!

The tiny cabbit instantly transformed into a giant robot. (Writer's note: Just for creative purposes, I have named the transformed Ryo-Ohki Robo-Ohki.)

Sakuya *thinking to herself*: Amazing! A cat/rabbit hybrid that can change into a giant robot. Now I have seen everything. Tenchi, I must say, your friends truly are more than meets the eye.

Sasami: Ryo-Ohki, do you think you can remove the rubble that's blocking the entrance to Tenchi's high school?

Robo-Ohki *nodding her head*: Miya!

As Robo-Ohki approached the rubble, giant drills popped out of her paws. Within a matter of seconds, the wreckage that cut off Tenchi from his goal had been reduced to dust.

Tenchi *speechless*: Wow!

Sasami: Good job, Ryo-Ohki.

Robo-Ohki reverted back to Ryo-Ohki, ran toward Sasami, and started licking her face.

Sasami: *Giggle!* Hey! That tickles!

Tenchi: All right! We can get in! Ayeka, I want you to help Washu take care of Mihoshi and Kiyone while I go get the medical supplies.

Ayeka: Certainly, Lord Tenchi.

Sakuya: Wait a second, Tenchi. You may need my help in there, carrying the supplies and whatnot.

Tenchi: You're right, Sakuya. Let's go get some medical supplies, stat!

Sakuya *thinking to herself*: *Giggle!* That's why I love him!

Ayeka *thinking to herself*: Why does that miserable hussy always have to be alongside Lord Tenchi? I should be the one to assist him, not Sakuya. But then again, he did give me an important task. Could this be like in those romance novels, where the heroine stays behind to help the sick and the wounded, while the hero goes off to save the day, and returns victorious, and to the heroine's loving arms, where they get *GASP!* married? Could this be a sign that Lord Tenchi really doesn't love Sakuya, but me instead? And could it be that this situation we're in right now is the moment that cements our relationship?

Sasami *thinking to herself*: Uh oh. It looks like my big sister's getting starry-eyed again. Perhaps I should stop recording those soap operas for her.

Tenchi and Sakuya entered the remains of their high school. A few minutes later, they returned with a bunch of medical supplies.

Tenchi: We're back. Did we miss anything?

Washu: Not much, just that Ryoko and Cell are still fighting with one another.

Tenchi: Just out of curiosity, why did you need the medical supplies? Couldn't you have simply used one of your inter-dimensional tunnels to get some medical equipment, or to send the injured back home?

Washu: If I had used my inter-dimensional tunnel in the situation we're currently in, it would've been too risky. Cell would've probably seen the portal as a means of escape, and we would've lost sight of him. Not only that, he would've probably destroyed my lab and absorbed my experiments, and who knows would he would've become after that. In other words, using my inter-dimensional tunnel would've caused more harm than good. Also, I'd hate to see my lab in ruins. It took me a good twenty minutes to build it, and I don't want to have to waste that my time building another. Plus, I didn't bring an inter-dimensional tunnel with me. Besides, I like working with your planet's primitive devices, be they scientific or medical. I find them quite interesting.

Tenchi: I see.

Meanwhile, Ryoko and Cell continued to clash with one another. The two of them were evenly matched, with neither person gaining the upper hand. Each move they made against one another was more strategic than the last. On and on, the two continued to fight, evading, countering, and equaling one another blow for blow. As time wore on, neither combatant had tired out, and neither person was willing to back down.

Three hours had passed, and not much had changed since then. Tenchi and friends watched in amazement as both Ryoko and Cell stepped up the intensity of their attacks. As the two hovered in mid-air, Ryoko charged toward Cell and tried to nail him from above with a diving saber attack, but Cell ducked underneath, grabbed Ryoko by the legs, and threw her toward the ground. Luckily, she was able to stop herself in mid-air, and flew back toward the android at a rapid intensity. Cell was unable to evade the speed of the space pirate's ascent toward him, and ended up getting kneed in the stomach. The impact of the blow made Cell double over in pain, but as he leaned back up, he began to laugh.

Ryoko: What're you laughing about this time, demon? Have you finally realized that you're no match for me?

Cell: No, just the opposite. In fact, I'm going to be honest with you. I've been toying with you the whole time. Furthermore, I've been fighting you at only 50% of my power.

Ryoko: WHAT?!? You're lying!

Cell: I'm afraid not. This time, I won't be holding back any more. When I'm through with you, they'll have to use your dental records to identify your remains.

Cell quickly rushed towards Ryoko. Expecting that Cell was about to nail her with one of his flying punches, Ryoko stood in a blocking position, ready to fend off the attack. Just as she thought that he was about to hit her, the monster disappeared.

Ryoko: Where'd he go?

Cell: Right behind you, my dear.

Before she could even react, Cell elbowed her in the back, then appeared in front of her, delivering a flurry of punches before slamming her down to the sidewalk. Fortunately, Ryoko landed softly on her feet, but was a little bit stunned from having been taken off-guard.

Ryoko *thinking to herself*: Damn! He wasn't kidding about holding back earlier.

As Ryoko flew back up to confront Cell, she suddenly found herself surrounded by three different versions of Cell. As it turned out, while Ryoko was on the ground, Cell had performed the Shishin no ken (Multi-form Technique), thus separating into three versions of himself. The trio quickly encircled her, and the space pirate found herself caught up in a whirlwind of punches and kicks. During the attack, however, Ryoko saw an opening. Grabbing the Cell duplicate behind her, she flipped it over using a behind-the-back throw, colliding it into the other Cell clone. Upon impact, she rushed on over and ran the two of them through with her energy saber. The copies exploded in a cloud of dust.

Ryoko: Huh. I guess that wasn't the real Cell. I wonder where he went?

As Ryoko turned around, she spotted Cell and noticed that his hands were in a unique position over his face.

Cell: TAIYOKEN! (Solar Flare)

A massive flash of light encompassed the city, blinding Ryoko (as well as Team Tenchi). As everyone struggled to regain their vision, Tenchi (through blurred vision) noticed Cell appear behind Ryoko.

Tenchi: Ryoko! Behind you!

But it was too late. Taking advantage of a blinded and slightly worn-out Ryoko, Cell delivered a whirlwind of punches and kicks, each attack more powerful and rapid than the last, until it got to the point where no one could keep track of him. For a few moments, it looked like an invisible force was beating up Ryoko. The android then grabbed ahold of Ryoko's legs, spun her around, and tossed her down to the pavement below. On the way down, Ryoko crashed through a phone booth, and eventually skidded to a stop along the sidewalk. Despite being exhausted from Cell's assault, Ryoko was able to stand back up.

Ryoko *exhausted*: Is that...the best...you've got...you bastaaaa...*THUD!*

Everyone: RYOKO!!!

Ryoko collapsed on the sidewalk, having been overwhelmed from all of Cell's attacks. Seeing a golden opportunity to consume a worthy combatant, Cell dove toward the now-unconscious Ryoko. Just when he was within striking distance of his target, two paw-shaped missiles appeared out of nowhere and made contact with the android, sending him flying back a few yards. As it turned out, the attack came from Sasami and Robo-Ohki.

Sasami: You stay away from Ryoko, you filthy monster!

*begin flashback*

A few moments earlier, Sasami and Washu watched as Cell knocked Ryoko out of the sky.

Sasami: Oh no! Ryoko's in trouble! Ryo-Ohki, transform now!

The lovable cabbit changed into its menacing mecha form. Opening up her cockpit, Sasami jumped inside.

Sasami: Let's go, Ryo-Ohki.

Washu: Hold on a minute, Sasami. I think it would be best if we double-teamed that monster.

Sasami *inside Robo-Ohki*: Good idea, but how do you plan on fighting that demon?

Washu: With this.

Washu pulled out her Power Glove and put in on.

Ayeka: Miss Washu, isn't that the power glove you used to force open the door to Lord Tenchi's apartment?

Tenchi: You did WHAT?!?

Giant sweat drops appeared on everybody's heads.

Washu: Uhhh... nothing, Tenchi. Besides, can't it wait until we take care of Cell?

Tenchi: *Sigh* I suppose so...

Washu then pressed a red button on her glove, and in an instant, was encased in a suit of battle armor (which looked similar to that of Priss's hardsuit from Bubblegum Crisis, except that Washu's hair was sticking out).

Washu: This battle armor increases the wearer's agility, speed, and power tenfold. It also enables the person to jump incredibly high & far distances.

Sasami *inside Robo-Ohki*: Cool! But can it fly?

Washu: Hey, I could only fit so much into such a small piece of hardware. Now, let's go get ourselves an android.

Sasami: Right!

Washu A *in tiny battle armor*: Go get 'em, Washu!

Washu B *same deal*: Washu! Washu!

Sasami (inside Robo-Ohki) and Washu dashed off into battle.

*end flashback*

Leading off the attack, Sasami and Robo-Ohki were able to divert Cell's attention long enough for Tenchi and Sakuya to grab the now-unconscious Ryoko and return her to their group.

Sakuya: Tenchi?

Tenchi: Yes, Sakuya?

Sakuya: Can you please get me that suit of armor for Christmas?

Tenchi: I'll see what I can do.

Washu followed up Robo-Ohki's attack by firing a bunch of electro-needles from her left arm. Instinctively, Cell tried to bat them away, only to discover that when he did, they stuck to his arm, and gave him a massive shock. With Cell stunned, Washu leapt up into the air, applied a flurry of kicks to Cell's abdomen (Chun-Li style), and finished off with a high kick to the chin, sending the monster falling towards the ground. Hoping to add more damage to Washu's killer combo, Sasami readied Robo-Ohki's next attack.

Sasami: Now Ryo-Ohki! Forehead Gem Beam...FIRE!

A bright yellow beam was fired from Robo-Ohki's forehead, which cut through the air, and nailed Cell on his back, sending him flying up even farther.

Sasami: Got him! Now let's use the Cabbit Kick attack!

Robo-Ohki leapt up into the air, appeared above the already-stunned Cell, and pressed both her feet into Cell's stomach, which sent the android plummeting into a building nearby, and crashing through all of the floors on the way down.

Sasami: Yeah! That took care of him for sure!

Enraged by that last assault, Cell unleashed a ki wave (which destroyed the building he fell into), and streaked straight towards Washu. Un-intimidated by Cell's furious charge, Washu stood her ground, and right when Cell was about to collide into her, she nailed him with a lethal uppercut to his already-softened chin, stopping him in his tracks.

Washu: Gotcha!

Just when Cell was about to fall down, he leaned back up and grabbed ahold of Washu's right arm (the arm she used to punch him), all within the blink of an eye.

Washu: What the...?!?

Making use of the opening, Cell stuck his tail into the armor's energy pack (located on Washu's back), and siphoned all of the energy out of it.

Cell: Mmmmm. Fortifying.

Washu: Oh no! He's drained all of the power out of my suit! Even the reserves have been depleted! I...can't...move. This can mean only one thing... I'm screwed!

Powerless and unable to move, Washu was now a sitting duck for Cell, who crushed her right hand like a soda can. Just then, Sasami and Robo-Ohki noticed that Washu was in danger, as Cell took to the sky with Washu in his grasp.

Sasami: Oh no! Miss Washu's in trouble! Hurry, Ryo-Ohki!

Robo-Ohki quickly leapt on over to where Cell was.

Sasami: You let go of her, you ugly freak!

Cell: You want her? Come and get her!

Cell flipped Washu over and held her by her legs.

Sasami: *GASP!* He's going to do the same attack he did to Matori earlier. We must stop him now, Ryo-Ohki!

Washu *in pain*: No Sasami! Don't...

But Washu's warning was in vain, as Robo-Ohki leapt up to try and free Washu. Just as the mecha-cabbit was about to reach her target, Cell swung Washu like a bat, which sent Robo-Ohki flying out of control. A loud "PWANG" could be heard upon impact. Cell then finished the duo off with a powerful single-handed ki blast, sending them out of the battlefield.

Sasami *screaming*: WHHAAAAAAA!!!!!.....

Everyone: SASAMI!!!

Robo-Ohki's "miyas" of panic could also be heard in the distance as she and Sasami went careening out of the city.

Cell: Hmph. That takes care of the little girl and her pet robot. Now, as for you, my dear Washu, I'm impressed that your armor was able to withstand that last attack. But, let's see how durable it really is.

Cell tossed Washu up into the air and fired a rapid barrage of ki blasts, damaging the outer casing of her armor. As she fell toward the ground, the android appeared right above Washu and punched her hard in the face, shattering the front of her armor's helmet. She then landed hard atop a parked car and fell unconscious.

Everyone: WASHU!!!

Cell: Now to claim my rewa...wait a second. *thinking to himself* Whenever I render one of Tenchi's friends unconscious, another one steps in and prevents me from absorbing the other. Clever plan, but it won't work this time. Go ahead and bring on the next opponent. I'll be waiting.

Having sensed a pattern from all of the previous attacks, Cell simply stood still in mid-air, awaiting the next attack.

Ayeka summoned forth her guardians.

Ayeka: Azaka! Kamidake!

Azaka and Kamidake: Yes, princess?

Ayeka: Ready the ULTIMATE attack!

Azaka: *GASP!* You don't mean...!

Kamidake: You can't be serious!

Ayeka: We have no other choice! Right now, we're the only ones standing between Cell and Lord Tenchi. If we don't stop Cell now, Lord Tenchi will... I can't even bear to think about what that hideous abomination will do to him!

Azaka and Kamidake: Very well then, Miss Ayeka.

The two guardians and Ayeka began powering up their most powerful attack. A different color energy field surrounded each person; Azaka's was blue, Kamidake's was red, and Ayeka's was purple. None of this escaped Cell's notice, however, and as the android watched, he began secretly powering up an ultimate attack of his own. Soon, both combatants were ready to unleash their devastating attacks upon his/her opponent. Sensing that a lot damage was going to take place, Tenchi and Sakuya took cover inside the remains of Tenchi's high school.

Azaka and Kamidake: We're ready and standing by, Miss Ayeka.

Ayeka: Good. Standby to open fire on my command.

Both Ayeka and Cell had each other in their sights.

Ayeka/Cell: Now! Ultra-Mega-Hyper-Sheild.../Galick Gun...
Ayeka/Cell: ATTACK!!/FIRE!!

Both attacks collided into one-another with a ferocious impact, sending out a shockwave that tossed the unconscious bodies of Ryoko, Mihoshi, and Kiyone in all directions. Neither of the attacks showed any signs of letting up, until...

Ayeka: Keep it up! I think we're winning!

Cell *thinking to himself*: Hrmmm... those three are more powerful than I had expected, but you can only be so powerful before someone greater usurps you from your throne.

Cell: KAIOKEN X2!!

All of a sudden, Cell's Galick Gun received a huge power boost and started overpowering Ayeka's Ultra-Mega-Hyper-Shield Attack. The trio was soon overwhelmed, and the ensuing explosion from Cell's attack sent Ayeka and the guardians flying into the side of a building, where Azaka and Kamidake were buried underneath tons of rubble, and Ayeka was slammed hard against the wall. Before succumbing to unconsciousness, Ayeka's last thoughts were focused on Tenchi.

Ayeka: T-Ten..chi...

No longer hearing the sounds of battle, and thinking that Ayeka had taken care of Cell, Tenchi and Sakuya emerged from the high school, only to discover that Cell was the victor. Tenchi looked to his left and noticed that Ayeka was unconscious against the side of a building.

Tenchi: AYEKA!!!

Cell slowly descended to the ground, arms folded.

Cell: And then, there were two.

Tenchi: Run, Sakuya, run!

Tenchi and Sakuya tried to retreat back into the school, but Cell simply lifted up two fingers, and performed his Bakuhatsuha attack, creating a large explosion underground which destroyed the rest of Tenchi's high school, and cut the duo off from escaping.

Cell: Leaving already? But I was having such fun. Oh well, time to bring this game to an end.

Both Tenchi and Sakuya were too scared to move.

Sakuya *scared*: What do we do now, Tenchi!?

Tenchi: Don't worry, Sakuya. I have a plan.

Meanwhile, some distance away, Robo-Ohki continued flying through the air; sirens and warning lights were going off inside her cockpit. The central monitor read: "WARNING! Maximum damage limit has been reached! Reverting to normal form in 55 seconds!" She eventually landed a few seconds later, dragging to a stop along the street and creating a long groove in the road in the process. Sasami bailed out of Robo-Ohki just in time for her to revert back into her cabbit form.

Sasami: I have to get back to Tenchi and the others, they could be in big trouble!

Picking up the now-unconscious Ryo-Ohki (complete with swirls for eyes, a la Pokemon), Sasami headed off to try and find Tenchi and company. She soon came across a sign stating that Tenchi's high school was 2 miles away.

Sasami: I have to hurry, but if I run the entire way back, I'll be too tired to defend myself from Cell.

Sasami started walking as fast as she could, hoping that Tenchi and friends were doing OK. Along the way, Sasami discovered clothes scattered all over the city, as well as a whole bunch of damaged buildings, and realized that Cell had been through this part of the city before.

Back over at the battleground that was Tenchi's high school, Tenchi faced towards Cell, somewhat scared, but unwilling to back down.

Tenchi: I won't forgive you for what you've done, Cell. You've taken the lives of so many people, beaten up or consumed all of my friends, and for what? Just so that you can achieve your mad dream of perfection? Your time has come, demon. This day will be your last!

Cell: Bold words, coming from someone who's about to die. Besides, how are you going to stop me? By berating me to death?

Tenchi: No, I plan on stopping you with this. *whispering* Sakuya, please step back.

Tenchi pulled out the seven crystals that the girls gave him earlier. He placed them next to each other, and watched as they started glowing as they hovered in mid-air. Within a few moments, a bright flash occurred, and in place of where the crystals were floating appeared a giant crystal-like sword, glowing with power. Cell was amazed by the power emanating from the sword.

Cell *surprised*: Wha... What's this?!?!? This must be it! The power I sensed before coming here! *thinking to himself* So, it wasn't the boy's power level I felt, when, in fact, it was the sword's. Amazing!

Sakuya *amazed*: T-Tenchi?!

Tenchi: Sakuya, please move away from me, now.

Sakuya: But Tenchi, I...

Before Sakuya could say another word, Tenchi dashed toward Cell, sword in tow, and swung it down upon him. Cell caught the blade between both his hands, but had trouble freeing the sword from Tenchi's grasp. Suddenly, Cell noticed that the sword's power was starting to overwhelm him; slowly, small pieces of Cell started evaporating, weakening the android with each piece lost. Just when it looked as though Tenchi had gained the upper hand, Cell started to increase his ki dramatically.

Cell *struggling*: I...will not...be beaten...by... a mere...WEAPON!!

Using a large amount of his remaining ki, Cell unleashed a brutal ki backlash, which forced Tenchi to lose his grip on the sword, sent him flying back a few yards, and shattered the sword all at once.

Sakuya: Tenchi!!!

While in mid-air, the shattered weapon reverted back into seven crystals. Weakened but still able to move, Cell snatched all seven of the crystals from out of mid-air.

Tenchi: NO! The crystals...

Cell:...Are all mine!

Cell swallowed the seven crystals, and triggered a horrifying transformation, much to the horror of Tenchi and Sakuya. Not only did he fully restore himself, he now had a giant crystal in the middle of his chest.

Cell: YES! I can feel my ki rising rapidly! Never before have I felt such power. And I have you to thank for all of this, Tenchi Masaki!

Meanwhile, at Kami's sky palace, a piercing feeling of dread washed over Goku.

Goku: No! It can't be!

Gohan: What is it, father?

Goku: All of the unknown fighters' power levels have dropped greatly. And to make matters worse, Cell has absorbed their most powerful warrior and become more powerful than ever before.

Gohan: Darn it! We have to put a stop to him now!

Goku: Gohan! Wait!

Before Gohan could take off, Goku punched his son hard in the stomach, and thus prevented him from leaving.

Gohan *in pain*: Father...why?

Goku: Sorry son, but I don't want you to risk getting killed by someone who's far more powerful than you are. Besides, leave Cell to Vegeta and Trunks, once their training in the Room of Spirit and Time is completed. And if they can't take of him, then we will, once we've finished our training, of course.

Gohan: Gosh, dad, you're right.

Just then, a loud "BONG" echoed throughout the halls of Kami's palace. It was the signal that Vegeta and Trunks had completed their 24 hours of training in the Room of Spirit and Time. Goku and Gohan rushed over to the entrance of the ROSAT, where the door had just opened up. Out emerged Trunks, sporting longer hair, followed by Vegeta, who looked no different than he did before. Both of them looked battle-worn, but Goku and Gohan could tell that they were much stronger than before.

Back at the battlefield:

Cell: Well, Tenchi, I must thank you for granting me such power. Now no one, not even the androids, will be able to stop me. At last, my dream of achieving perfection will become a reality. As a reward for your generous donation, you get to become a part of me. Be sure to say "Hi" to your friends, Amagasaki, Misa, Akari and Hitomi. MWAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!

Cell aimed and extended his tail toward Tenchi, who stood in a defensive position and closed his eyes. Just when his tail was about to make contact with Tenchi, Sakuya jumped in front of Tenchi and took the attack that was intended for him. Cell's tail impaled Sakuya through her stomach, which forced her to collapse on the ground. Tenchi was amazed, shocked, and horrified by Sakuya's act of bravery.

Tenchi: Sakuya!!!

Tenchi ran over to where Sakuya lay and gripped her hand. Tears began running down his cheeks.

Tenchi *saddened*: Sakuya...why? Why did you sacrifice yourself to Cell's attack?

Sakuya *dying*: Tenchi, I didn't want to see you die. I realize now that all of your friends put their lives on the line in order to save you. Don't worry about me anymore, Tenchi. You still have six lovely women who would rather die for you than see you get killed. But remember this... I love you. I always have, and I always will. Don't ever forget about me...*

Sakuya died in Tenchi's arms. He could feel her hand slipping away as she was slowly being absorbed by Cell. Soon, all that was left of her were her clothes.

Tenchi: SAKUYAAAA!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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