Two days have passed since Cell's demise. During that time, Goku transported Dende from Namek over to Earth and appointed him the new Guardian of Earth. Shortly after that, most of the Z Warriors began searching for the Dragonballs in order to summon the Eternal Dragon and undo all the damage that Cell's rampage had caused. Our story continues on a bright and sunny morning at the Briefs household, where Trunks had just awoken from a twisted nightmare.

Trunks *thinking to himself*: That was weird. I dreamt about falling in love with Sasami, and later being attacked by some guy named Kagato. Guess I'd better stay away from Father's "Big Bang Steaks" next time.

Minutes later, Trunks dressed himself and flew out the door to an unknown destination.

Meanwhile, at the Masaki residence, Tenchi was sitting atop a tree, pondering everything that had happened since Cell attacked Tenchi's high school. Just then, Ryoko appeared next to where Tenchi was sitting.

Ryoko: Whatcha thinking about, Tenchi? *places hand on Tenchi's shoulder*

Tenchi: GAH! Oh, it's you, Ryoko.

Ryoko: Geez, I thought you'd be at least a little more difficult to surprise after that whole Cell ordeal.

Tenchi: Well, I was thinking about Sakuya and how she sacrificed herself in order to save my life.

Ryoko: You know, had I been conscious when Cell attacked you, I probably would've been the one who protected you from getting killed.

Tenchi: Thanks for caring, Ryoko. You know just when to say the right things, sometimes.

Ryoko: Tenchi...

Just as Tenchi and Ryoko were about to kiss each other, Ayeka suddenly appeared in the middle of the tree (via Washu's portable portal).

Ayeka: Miss Ryoko! What do you think you're doing laying your filthy hands on my Tenchi?!

Ryoko: I was here first! He's mine now, so keep your paws off of him!

Washu: I knew I'd find a new use for my portable portal!

Sasami: Come on, everyone! Breakfast is ready!

Ayeka *to Ryoko*: That does it! I'll make you repent for trying to steal Lord Tenchi!

Ryoko *to Ayeka*: Don't you mean "relish" the fact that I stole Tenchi from you, Princess?

Tenchi: Now ladies, please, let's not fight out here!

As Tenchi struggled (and failed) to prevent the girls from arguing with one another, a mysterious person arrived on the doorstep of the Masaki household and rang the doorbell.

Sasami: I'll get it!

Sasami ducked out of the portable portal and ran to the main hallway, where she opened the front door and was greeted by a mysterious stranger.

Sasami *surprised*: *GASP!* It's Trunks!

Trunks: Hello, Sasami.

As soon as Ayeka, Washu, and Ryoko heard Sasami call out Trunks's name, all three ran over to where she was.

Tenchi: *WHEW!* Saved by the doorbell. *heads off to where Trunks is*

Sasami: It's so good to see you again! *hugs Trunks* What brings you here?

Trunks: I decided to swing on by to catch up on things. *notices the others* Hello, Ayeka, Ryoko, and Washu.

Ayeka, Ryoko, and Washu: Welcome back, Trunks!

Sasami: Hey, you got a haircut!

Trunks: Yes, well, my mother thought I looked better with short hair, so she gave me a haircut.

Sasami: Well, she was right. I like your short haircut.

Ayeka: I agree, you do look better with shorter hair.

Ryoko: Aw, what happened to your long, flowing locks? They made you look all mean and tough.

Trunks: By the way, where's Tenchi Masaki?

Tenchi *in the distance*: I'm right here! *catches up to where everyone else is* You shouldn't have closed the portable portal on me, Washu.

Washu: Sorry, Tenchi.

Just then, everyone spotted Mihoshi and Kiyone's patrol ship (the Yagami) spiraling towards the front yard of the Masaki residence.

Washu: Oh boy. Looks like Mihoshi managed to screw up the Yagami's A.P.N.T.S. (Auto Pilot Navigational Transport System) again. Better break out the umbrellas, everyone.

Trunks: Then again, better not. *flies off to where the Yagami is*

Tenchi: He must be nuts if he thinks he can stop the Yagami's crash course.

Ayeka: Well, he did help defeat Cell and save all of us in the process, so who's to say he can't slow down a large out-of-control space cruiser?

Meanwhile, on board the out-of-control Yagami...

Kiyone: This is the last time I ever let you play with your Space Police Police Men action figures in the cockpit!

Mihoshi: WAAAAHHHHH!! I'm so sorry, Kiyone!!

Kiyone: If we manage to get out of this one alive, I'm making sure the Chief revokes your pilot's license!

Just then, Trunks grabbed ahold of the nose of the ship and began decreasing its' speed.

Kiyone: What the?!? We're slowing down!

Trunks slowed the Yagami to a complete stop, then gently lowered it down to the ground below.

Sasami: YAY! He did it!

Ayeka: Wow! That certainly was impressive.

Ryoko: Piff. I could've done that.

Kiyone *amazed*: We've alive... but how?

Trunks *from outside*: Hey! Are you all right in there?

Kiyone *thinking to herself*: Trunks saved us?! First Cell, now this! What is this galaxy coming to?!

As the cockpit opened up, Mihoshi hopped out, ran towards Trunks, and gave him a big hug.

Mihoshi: *while hugging Trunks* Oh thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I'm so happy you rescued us! Now I'll be able to watch the Space Police Police Men Super Special, and... wait a second! What happened to your hair, and your super-hero outfit? Oh no! You're not really Trunks... you must be Morphoman, Space Police Police Men's mastermind villain! HELP! I'm being attacked by Morphoman! Somebody call the Galaxy Police!

Kiyone: YOU IDIOT! *clobbers Mihoshi on the back of her head* *to Trunks* You'll have to excuse my partner. She can act a little bizarre at times. Thanks for rescuing us again.

Trunks: Hey, that's what I'm here for.

Kiyone: Say, did you get a haircut? You look cuter with short hair.

Trunks: *blushes* Uh, thanks.

Just as Ryoko and Ayeka were about to comment on what Kiyone said...

Kiyone *to Ryoko and Ayeka*: Not one word!

Sasami: Come on in, everyone! Hurry before your breakfast gets cold!

With that, everyone went inside for breakfast.

A short time later...

Trunks: My compliments to the chef! That was a fantastic meal, Sasami.

Sasami: Aw! You're too kind, Trunks!

Trunks: I can't believe you made it all by yourself. How'd you do it?

Sasami: It's a secret, but I put a lot of love and effort into everything I cook.

Ayeka: Oh! That reminds me! Trunks, in honor of your heroic victory over Cell, I made you a special cake. I'll be right back. *walks into the kitchen*

Ryoko *thinking to herself*: Uh-oh. This can't be good. Ayeka making a cake equals recipe for disaster.

Ayeka: Now, I know this isn't the best looking cake in the world, but, like Sasami, I put a lot of love into anything I bake. *pulls off lid* Ta- daaaaAAAAAHHH!

Ryoko tripped Ayeka, forcing her to land face-first on the cake she made.

Ryoko: HA-HA! You're looking a little pasty, Ayeka!

Ayeka *angered*: Why...you...!!

Ryoko: Relax, princess. You look good with a little frosting. *takes a little frosting off Ayeka and licks it; shudders at the taste* UGH! But looks can be deceiving.

Ayeka *angered*: That does it! How dare you make fun of my cooking, you uncultured swine!

Ryoko: You're one to talk. Besides, I just spared Trunks a trip to the hospital.

Ayeka *angered*: How about I give my cake a trip down your ESOPHAGUS?!!

As Ayeka and Ryoko started fighting, everyone else ducked underneath the tablecloth in order to avoid the oncoming pieces of Ayeka's cake.

Tenchi: Oh no! Dad's going to kill me for getting frosting all over the walls!

Washu: So Trunks, are there any other reasons why you stopped by here?

Trunks: Just one. I want to know what happened to the Androids.

Washu: Sure, I can tell you that, but first, you must tell me why you're so intent on destroying Androids 16, 17, and 18.

Trunks: I'm sorry, but if I told you my true motives and the reasons behind them, it would compromise everything I've worked so hard to keep secret.

Washu: Oh come on, Trunks. You can't keep dodging the question forever. I've been working on the Androids these past two days, after all, so why not come clean before I'm forced to make assumptions?

*Ryoko and Ayeka stop fighting*

Ryoko: I know why Trunks isn't telling us anything. It's because he (and that arrogant bastard Vegeta) created the Androids and Cell all by themselves. They used us (as well as the people of Tokyo) as test subjects, and decided to spring into action when things were getting out of hand.

Trunks: What?! That's ridiculous!

Ryoko: Then how come you haven't told us the reasons why Cell and the Androids came about in the first place? I'm certain you came back here to try and apologize for everything you've done. Well, you'll be getting no sympathy from me. I risked my neck trying to protect Tenchi from that evil Cell creature, and if you had anything to do with it, I will personally eviscerate you!!

Tenchi: STOP IT, RYOKO! You're accusing him of something he never did. And if he really did create Cell and those Androids, he probably would've killed us instead of saving us.

Ryoko: Sorry, Tenchi. *sits down* Sorry I acted out of line, Trunks.

Tenchi: It's okay, Trunks. You're among friends now. Go ahead and tell us the truth. Why are you here, why were the Androids created in the first place, and what was the deal with that Cell creature we fought?

Trunks *sighs heavily*: Very well, then. However, this conversation doesn't leave this house, agreed?

Everyone: AGREED!

Trunks: First of all, I'm not from around here, or even from this era. I'm from the future.

Ryoko: *snicker!* Yeah, right, and I'm the galaxy's most wanted space pirate.

Ayeka: Which means it must be true.

Ryoko: Put a sock in it, Princess.

Ayeka: Pipe down, Miss Ryoko. Please continue, Trunks.

*Begin long backstory- please skip over this section if you already know it*

Trunks: Anyways, 17 years ago, the strongest martial artist on Earth, Goku, caught a rare heart disease, and passed away shortly thereafter. A few months later, two Androids (known as 17 and 18) were activated by their creator, Dr. Gero, and began demolishing everything in their path. Word quickly spread to the remaining martial artists of Earth, and soon, many of them went off to fight the Androids. Unfortunately, they were too strong for them to handle, and one by one, Earth's warriors were slowly being wiped out. One of the warriors who had died was my father, Vegeta.

Ryoko *surprised*: WHAT?! That stuck-up jerk is your father?!

Washu: I find it hard to believe that a guy like him would be taken down by something I easily took care of with one of my own weapons.

Trunks: I'll explain everything else when I'm done with my story. As I was saying, many of Earth's mightiest warriors (as well as countless other innocent lives) had fallen before Androids 17 and 18. Eventually, the only person still alive who was capable of fighting against them was my master and Goku's only son, Gohan. He taught me everything he knew about martial arts, and 14 years later, Gohan and I confronted the Androids, but we weren't powerful enough to stop them, and he was promptly killed. Saddened and enraged that I was unable to save my master from his awful fate, I became determined to stop them on my own, and spent the next three years training in seclusion. Once my training had ended, I took on the Androids once more, but alas, I was still unable to defeat them. Had my mother (Bulma) not rescued me from the battlefield, I probably would've been left to die. After I had healed, my mother gave me a Time Machine she had been working on, gave me a vial of heart disease medicine, and told me to travel 20 years into the past and give the medicine to Goku in order to set things right. That said, I headed off into the past, gave Goku what he needed, and warned him what would happen three years from now. After that, I leapt three years into the future (or your present timeframe) in order to make sure things were going smoothly. Unfortunately, my friends and I were unable to stop the Androids of this era from starting their mass destruction spree, and yet, something was quite different about them; they seemed to be stronger than the ones I had confronted, and there was a third one (Android 16) I never knew about. Things got even weirder when my friends and I saw a creature that claimed he was from the future and was designed by Dr. Gero...

Washu *interrupts*: ...to absorb and incorporate the androids into its' being and achieve perfection. Let me guess- that creature called itself Cell, right?

Trunks *surprised*: How did you know?

Washu: Cell bragged about having that ability during our fight against it. Still, that story pretty much explains just about everything I (and everyone else) wanted to know. No wonder you want the Androids dead- they've made your life a living hell.

Sasami: Aw, poor Trunks. Sounds like you've been leading a very difficult life. Don't worry, though- we're here for you.

Ryoko: Jeez, I'm sorry I had ever said anything bad to you. Still, Vegeta looks a little too young to be your father.

Trunks: Well, like I said, this is my past (or your present). Right now, I'm only an infant, but in my current time frame, I'm 18 years old.

Ayeka: Wait a second, Trunks; don't you mean 17 years old?

Trunks: Actually, I trained at a place that allowed you to complete a year's worth of training in only a day- that's why I'm a year older.

Ayeka: I see. Well, maybe we should lock Miss Ryoko away at this mysterious "place" for ten days and see if she's grown up by then.

Ryoko: Or maybe we should toss Princess in there and see if Tenchi still finds her attractive after 15 days.

Ayeka *to Ryoko*: I'd like to see you try.

*Washu hits the mute button on her remote, silencing Ryoko and Ayeka*

Washu: I think I've heard enough from you two for one morning. Trunks, follow me.

Washu lead Trunks to her laboratory while Ryoko and Ayeka yelled in the background (despite the fact that no one could hear them).

Kiyone: Wow. Things really are a lot quieter around here when Ryoko and Ayeka aren't shouting at one another.

Inside of Washu's lab, Trunks gazed around in amazement at the shear size of the place.

Trunks: I never knew a broom closet could contain this much space. This lab's almost as big as the Room of Spirit and Time!

Soon, Trunks arrived at a trio of empty containment tubes.

Washu: Well, here we are. This is where I operated on and reprogrammed the Androids.

Trunks *shocked*: You what?! Where are the Androids?!

Washu: Settle down, Trunks. I already told you I was going to reprogram the Androids so that they'll be able to fit into society.

Washu pointed to a trio of monitors, which were on a console next to the containment tubes.

Washu: As you can see, each of these monitors keeps track of the Androids' activities. For instance, 16's a park ranger, 17's the new lead singer/guitarist of MODE 7, and 18's currently designing her own line of clothing. See? Everything worked out in the end.

Trunks: But what if the Androids revert to their original programming and go on another destructive rampage?

Washu: I assure you that my programming is 100% foolproof.

*Washu brings up her holographic computer*

Washu: You told me earlier that you wanted to destroy the Androids in order to prevent your nightmarish future from occurring, right? Well, if we were able to subdue them and set them on a different course, how come you haven't already been erased from existence?

Trunks *puzzled*: I... don't know.

Washu: Exactly. As you can see on this monitor, no drastic alterations have taken place in your future since two separate timelines were created due to unknown circumstances. Think it might have something to do with your appearance in this era?

Trunks: Perhaps, but when I encountered Cell for the first time, I remember him explaining how he ambushed and killed my future self (in another timeline) and stole my time machine in order to seek out the Androids.

Washu: That's it! That's the missing piece of data I've been looking for! Thanks for the input, Trunks.

*Washu inputs the data onto her holographic computer*

Washu: Oh dear. I'm afraid I have bad news for you, Trunks. Due to Cell's interference, everything you've done in this era never occurs in your time. Looks like your bleak future's unchanged. Sorry, kiddo.

Trunks: I knew it. Ever since I first spotted Android 19's remains, I suspected there was something wrong with this timeline. I had hoped it was just an oversight that my mother forgot to mention, but it looks like all my work's been for nothing.

Washu: Don't be so hard on yourself. You were able to prevent your dark future from taking place in this timeframe and save countless lives in the process (including my own). That's something even the greatest scientific genius in the universe can appreciate. Plus, if you could demolish Cell like you did two days ago, I'm sure you'd have no problem doing the same to the Androids in your future.

Trunks: Thanks for clearing things up for me and for the kind remarks, Washu. If you'll excuse me, I need to step outside and think things over.

*Trunks exits Washu's lab*

Washu *thinking to herself*: Poor kid. At least he was able to take the news better than I had expected. Now, what to do with these explosive devices I found within the Androids...

Back inside the Masaki living room...

*Trunks exits the Masaki house without saying a word*

Sasami: Wait, Trunks! Where are you going?

Washu: Okay, time to end this "mute-tiny". *releases mute button on her remote*

Ayeka: What have you done to Trunks, Miss Washu?!

Washu: Relax, Ayeka. All I told him was that Cell mucked up Trunks's plan to save his future, and that everything he did in this timeline didn't change his apocalyptic era at all.

Sasami: I sure hope he'll be all right; he looked sad when he left.

Washu: Don't worry, Sasami- he'll be fine. He just needs some time alone to let things sink in.

Outside, Trunks sat on a hill overlooking the Okayama countryside, pondering everything that had taken place since he first arrived in the current era.

Trunks *thinking to himself*: So, my future's unchanged, huh? I guess this means I was unable to prevent you from being murdered, Gohan. On the other hand, at least I can now avenge your death by taking down the Androids single-handedly. I'll be coming home soon, master. Wait for me...

Just then, Kiyone walked up to Trunks and sat next to him.

Kiyone: Are you okay, Trunks?

Trunks: Huh? Oh, yes, I'm fine, Kiyone. What are you doing here?

Kiyone: I came to check up on you. You looked quite depressed when you left the Masaki household. I was worried something was wrong with you.

Trunks: *smiles* Thanks for caring, Kiyone.

Kiyone: Don't mention it. I know you're probably upset that you couldn't alter your future and save the ones you knew and loved, but at least you were able to save us (as well as them) from witnessing a similar fate at the hands of Cell. I have to come clean- I'm really a Galaxy Police officer, and I've seen my fair share of difficult cases before, but never anything as extreme as Cell. In this day and age, it's nearly impossible to find any civilians helping the Galaxy Police, but you're an exception, and what you did two days ago probably would've earned you a medal from the Grand Commissioner of the Galaxy Police.

Trunks: I sort of figured there was something unique about you and Mihoshi, judging by the outfits and the spaceship. Well, I'm glad I was able to help.

Kiyone: You really are one of a kind, Trunks. You're smart, handsome, incredibly strong, kind-hearted, and dedicated to whatever task's at hand. You could say that we're alike in some ways (except that you've never had to deal with Mihoshi before).

Trunks: What are you getting at?

Kiyone: *blushes* I think I'm in love with you, Trunks.

Trunks *surprised*: WHAT?!?

Kiyone: All my life, I've had to work incredibly hard to get to where I am, and yet, I've never been able to find someone as unique as you. Please, stay here a little longer, if only to be with me. I'd hate to lose someone so courageous so soon!

Trunks: I'm sorry, but I can't stay. Until I've returned to my own time and taken care of the Androids once and for all, I can never truly be at peace. Besides, it'd be too dangerous to follow me back to my future; I wouldn't want to put any more innocent lives at risk other than the ones I've got left.

Ryoko: Aw! Come on, Trunks! Don't shrug her off that quickly!

Trunks *shocked*: Ryoko?!

Kiyone *shocked*: What are you doing here?!

Ryoko: You mean what are WE doing here.

Trunks: What do you mean "we"?

At that moment, Tenchi and crew all emerged from their hiding places.

Kiyone *shocked*: You've been spying on us the whole time?!

Sasami: We were worried about you, Trunks. We wanted to make sure everything's all right with you.

Ayeka: Besides, watching Kiyone confess her love for you is certainly more gripping than any soap opera on TV.

Tenchi: Don't look at me. I had no interest in spying on you two.

Ryoko: Don't be a liar, Tenchi- you wanted to see what Kiyone was going to say to Trunks. That's our story, and you're sticking to it.

Just then, Goku appeared in front of Trunks (via his "Instantaneous Movement" technique).

Goku: Yo! Trunks!

Mihoshi *scared*: AAAH! AN INTRUDER!

Everyone pulled out their various weaponry and aimed at Goku. Trunks leapt in in order to settle the misunderstanding.

Trunks: Whoa! Settle down, everyone! This is my friend, Goku.

Tenchi: No way! You're the legendary Son Goku?

Goku: Yes I am!

Tenchi: Wow! It's a pleasure to meet you, sir! I still remember your victory at the World Martial Arts Tournament many years ago. Truly nothing short of amazing!

Goku: Gee, thanks!

Trunks: Why are you here, Goku?

Goku: I came to tell you I've collected all seven of the dragonballs.

Trunks *surprised*: What?! But I thought they ceased to exist after Piccolo fused with Kami.

Goku: They did, but we found a new Guardian of Earth, and he created a whole new set of dragonballs. We're going to be summoning the Eternal Dragon soon, so I came to get you so you could see it for yourself.

Trunks: Sounds excellent! I've got one question before we get going- would you mind if I brought some friends with me?

Goku: Oh, you mean all these people?

Trunks: Yes. They're the ones who kept Cell at bay before Vegeta and I arrived.

Goku *surprised*: WHAT?! You're kidding me!! These are the people I sensed earlier?! Well, they've certainly got a lot of life energy in them, and I guess looks aren't everything. Okay, Trunks- they're welcome to come with us.

Sasami: YAY! Where are we going, anyways?

Goku: To Kami's Lookout Tower. Hold on, everyone- you might feel a little disoriented on the way there.

Ryoko: What's he talking abou-.

Everyone was teleported to Kami's Lookout Tower via Goku's "Instantaneous Movement" technique.

At Kami's Sky Palace, everyone (from Bulma to Vegeta to Yamcha) awaited Goku's return. Just then, Goku, Trunks, Tenchi and crew all arrived at their destination.

Gohan: Father! You're back! I see you brought Trunks with you, but... who are all those other people?

Trunks: They're the ones who kept Cell away from the Androids. They're with me.

Krillin *surprised*: Whoa-ho-ho-mama! You're telling me all of those hot women were able to go toe-to-toe with Cell?! *whispers to Trunks* Any chance you can set me up on a date with one of those beautiful ladies?

Trunks: *whispers to Krillin* Sorry, Krillin, but they're all in love with Tenchi (that guy over there).

Krillin: Darn.

Bulma: Wow! Are any of them your girlfriends, Trunks?

*Kiyone blushes at Bulma's comment*

Trunks: I'm afraid not, mother.

Ayeka *shocked*: WHAT?! That young lady's your mother?!

Trunks: Technically speaking, yes, she is, at least of my current self. See that baby in her arms? That's me.

Sasami: Awwww! Aren't you a cutie? *walks up to Bulma and shakes baby Trunks's hand*

Bulma: Well, Trunks, it looks like you're already a big hit with the ladies.

Tenchi: Wow! The view from up here is amazing! So this is what it's like to be on top of the world.

Mr. Popo: Enjoying the view, sir?

Tenchi *shocked*: GAH! Who are you?!

Mr. Popo: Sorry I startled you. I'm Mr. Popo, and this is Dende, the Guarding of Earth.

Tenchi: Oh, well, pleased to meet y... WHAT?! That's the Guardian of Earth?!

Dende: Yes I am. Is something wrong?

Tenchi: Well, I was expecting someone taller and a little more ominous looking, but I guess looks can be deceptive.

Mr. Popo: You're right about that. If I didn't know that you and your friends kept that Cell abomination in a stalemate, I would've mistaken you for just another human being. Tell me, just how were you and your companions able to handle that creature all by yourselves?

Tenchi: I guess through sheer guts, determination, and the good fortune of having Trunks and Vegeta show up at the right time. I just wish all of us were here right now. I lost someone close to me during the battle; she sacrificed her life in order to save us all.

Mr. Popo: Well, there's no need to worry, sir. Since we've collected all seven dragonballs, we can now summon the Eternal Dragon who'll grant any wish you desire.

Tenchi *surprised*: Really?! This I have to see!

Dende: In a few minutes, you will.

Mihoshi: What happened to all your hair?

Tien: Nothing- I'm just naturally bald.

Mihoshi: Hey! I can see my reflection on top of your head.

Tien blushed at the embarrassing comment. Kiyone whacked Mihoshi over the back of her head in response to her statement.

Kiyone: Don't you know it's rude to make fun of bald people?! *to Tien* Who's your stammering friend over there? He looks like a nervous wreck.

Tien: That's my friend, Yamcha. He's not all that good around the ladies. In fact, he tends to freeze up at the sight of women.

Kiyone: I see- so that's why he's been like this since we got here.

The peaceful reunion was suddenly interrupted by Vegeta's arrival.

Vegeta: What are these pathetic weaklings doing here?!?

Trunks: Calm down, father. They had a personal stake in the fight against Cell and wanted to see what the Eternal Dragon looks like.

Vegeta: Tell me one good reason why I shouldn't obliterate their ashes to the far corners of the Earth!

Goku: Stop it, Vegeta! They've done nothing wrong to you. Besides, it's pointless to fight someone who risked life and limb to stop one of your foes.

Trunks: And if you're going to attack them, you'll have to get through me first.

Gohan: Me too!

Vegeta: Hrmph! Fine! I'll let them live- but if I ever run across any one of them ever again, I will tear them apart, limb from limb. That goes triple for you, Ryoko!

Ayeka: Uh-oh! Looks like Vegeta's singled you out, Miss Ryoko.

Ryoko: Piff! If he wants a piece of me, I'll cross his path anytime. He may have helped destroy Cell, but that's only because I softened him up.

Tenchi: That's enough, Ryoko. Let's just summon the Eternal Dragon and try to avoid getting into any more trouble, okay?

Goku: Okay! We're ready to get this show on the road!

Gathering all seven dragonballs, Goku placed them in the center of the floor and called out the Eternal Dragon's name.


All seven dragonballs started glowing as the sky above suddenly grew dark. Just then, a huge blast of light shot up toward the sky and began to take shape. Once the light died down, a gargantuan dragon stood in place of the light that had appeared moments earlier.


Goku: I have, Shenron!


Goku: Please revive everyone who was killed by Cell.

Shenron: IT SHALL BE DONE. *eyes glow red*

Meanwhile, at the crater that once was Tenchi's high school...

Mr. Fujisawa: Damn! Looks like I'm out of a job. *lights cigarette* Guess I'm going to have to go back to El-Hazard and tell Miz the bad news.

Amanosuke: You think Tenchi and friends ever got away from Cell alive?

Mr. Fujisawa: Who knows?

Just then, all the revived students of Tenchi's high school suddenly reappeared.

Mr. Fujisawa *surprised*: What the?! *cigarette falls out of mouth*

Amanosuke: Amagasaki! Hitomi! Misa! Akari! You're all alive!! But how...?!

Amagasaki: We could ask you the same thing about the school.

Mr. Fujisawa: I'm sure there'll be plenty of time to explain everything. For now, I'm giving all of my students a one-week vacation while I try to find a new building to teach from.

All of Mr. Fujisawa's students cheered at the news.

Amanosuke *thinking to himself*: Tenchi, if only you could see this now...

Back at Kami's Sky Palace:


Goku: Well, that ought to do it. Everyone's been brought back to life.

Trunks: Wait a second! I can't sense Yugi anywhere!

Goku: You mean that other person who fought Cell? You're right! I can't feel any traces of her energy at all!

Sasami *shocked*: This can't be right! Maybe Shenron made a mistake!


Goku: Shenron, could you please bring Yugi back to life?


Sasami *shocked*: What?! But why?!

Yugi: I can explain.

Sasami *surprised*: Yugi?! Is that you?! Where are you?

Yugi: I'm in the afterlife. King Kai was nice enough to let me talk to you guys thanks to his ability to allow the dead to communicate with the living. My entire life's been very lonely and incredibly miserable. You have no idea what it's like to be isolated for hundreds of years, cold and distant from all forms of life. Though Tenchi, Trunks, and you, Sasami, have shown me unbelievable amounts of kindness, I just don't feel like returning to a life that's been nothing by pain and sadness. Here, however, I'm being taken care of by King Kai and friends, so I'll never have to worry about being alone ever again. This is where I belong.

Sasami: Yugi... *starts crying*

Yugi: Please don't cry, Sasami. I'll always be with you in your heart. And thanks to my bold sacrifice, I'm allowed to visit you once every year, so don't be sad. We'll see each other again in one year, okay?

Sasami: I understand. *dries her tears* I won't cry over your death anymore, Yugi. Instead, I'll smile at the good times you and I shared together.

Yugi: That's the spirit. Farewell, Sasami, Tenchi, Trunks... *Yugi's voice disappears*

Tenchi: Are you going to be all right, Sasami?

Sasami: Don't worry, Tenchi. Now that I know I'll be able to see Yugi again, I'll be fine.

Tenchi: That's a relief. Glad to hear you'll be okay?


Goku: Oh yeah, I forgot we had a second wish. Now, what should it be?

Stumped by the dilemma of having a second wish, everyone tried to come up with a good wish.

Ryoko *thinking to herself*: I know! I'll ask for Ayeka to be erased from existence. That way, Tenchi will be all mine for the taking.

Ayeka *thinking to herself*: I know! I'll ask for Lord Tenchi to fall in love and marry me. That way, we'll be able to live the rest of our lives happily together.

Ryoko & Ayeka *simultaneously*: I've got it! I wish for...

Mihoshi: I want all the Space Police Police Men merchandise in the world!

Shenron: YOUR WISH SHALL BE GRANTED. *eyes glow red*

Everyone: WHA?!?!?!?

Seconds later, everyone found themselves buried up to their waists in Space Police Police Men merchandise.


Shenron disappeared as the dragonballs rose up to the sky and dispersed to the far corners of the Earth as the sky cleared.

Mihoshi: Woo-hoo! I'm so happy! I've hit the jackpot!


The following day, outside the Capsule Corporation, Trunks was getting ready to head back to his time period. Gathered outside the time machine were his family, friends, and Tenchi's crew.

Trunks: Goodbye, Goku. Thanks for everything you've done for me.

Goku: My pleasure. Tell future Chi-Chi I said "hi".

Trunks: So long, Gohan. I know you'll grow up to be an even stronger fighter than my master was.

Gohan: Thanks for the kind words, Trunks.

Trunks: Farewell, young mother. May the good spirits keep you safe.

Bulma: Goodbye, Trunks. You've already made me proud, and I can't wait to see what your younger self will accomplish.

*Vegeta gives Trunks the "peace" sign* *Trunks flashes the "peace" sign to Vegeta*

Trunks: Tenchi, Ryoko, Ayeka, Sasami, Washu, Kiyone, Mihoshi... thank you for your support, and for reminding me that I was still able to make a difference in this timeframe (even if I couldn't change my future).

Tenchi: You're welcome, Trunks. Just be sure to place the future back in humanity's hands once you've set things right.

Ryoko: Go kick some Android ass, Trunks!

Ayeka: We are forever indebted to you for saving our lives.

Sasami: Thanks for rescuing us. We'll miss you!

Trunks: Are you crying, Washu?

Washu: Yes, but these are tears of joy. Now you'll finally be able to set things right after having suffered for so long.

Washu A: Go for the gusto, Trunks!

Washu B: You go, Trunks!

Just as Trunks was about to board his time machine, Kiyone ran up to him.

Kiyone: Wait, Trunks! Take me with you!

Trunks *shocked*: Huh?! Why? I don't think it'd be a good idea for you to follow me into the future. You'd be putting yourself at risk...

Kiyone: I already know all the consequences involved! My future's not looking too good as is. I'm in danger of being demoted to second-class detective (thanks to Mihoshi's latest incident), I've got tons of paperwork to go through on a daily basis, and it'll probably be years before I'll ever be considered for a promotion. Right now, I'd rather be by your side in a post-apocalyptic future than chase down speeder after criminal after space pirate any day.

Trunks: Okay, but would you really be willing to throw everything away just to be with me? Think about it- you'll be giving up a secure future, a steady job, and a bunch of friends who treat you like family. Is this really what you want? To stand alongside me, knowing that death (in the form of two Androids) has already claimed the lives of those you love, and could come for you at any time?

As Kiyone pondered all those questions, Mihoshi stumbled in.

Mihoshi: Kiyone! The Chief's on the line. He says that there are gangs of space pirates attacking a large cargo ship outside of Bordok. He also mentioned that you've got to file about six different reports of the incident when you're done, and if we don't finish it all by today, he'll force us to do latrine duty for the next week. What are we going to do, Kiyone?!

At that point, Kiyone made up her mind.

Kiyone: Mihoshi, tell the Chief I quit.

Mihoshi *shocked*: WHAT?! You can't be serious!

Kiyone: Trunks, I've made my decision. I'm coming with you to your future era, but only if it's okay with you.

Trunks: Well, if that's what you really want, then I say...

*pan to shots of various characters waiting in anticipation for the answer*

Trunks: Yes. Besides, I could use some companionship, since my life's been pretty lonely.

Kiyone: YAY! Sasami, mind handing me my bags?

Sasami: Sure.

Gohan: Those bags look heavy. Mind if I do it instead?

Sasami: Not all at.

*Gohan hands Kiyone her bags*

Mihoshi *in disbelief*: NO! This can't be happening! How will I ever be to get by without you, Kiyone?!

Kiyone: Don't worry, Mihoshi- I'm sure you're quite capable of handling things on your own. *thinking to herself* Yeah, right.

Mihoshi: But aren't you supposed to hand in your uniform and gun once you quit the GP?

Kiyone: Yes, but I'm keeping them as my way of saying thank you to the GP for making my life these past three years a living hell.

Just as Kiyone was about to hop on board, Mihoshi grabbed her by the legs.

Kiyone: Let go of me, Mihoshi!

Mihoshi: Never! How can you do this to me after we've been together for so long?!

Kiyone: I'll be honest with you- you are (and always have been) nothing more than a worthless burden to me. If I had never been partnered up with you, I'd probably Chief of the GP by now. Go ruin someone else's life, idiot. Ryoko, Tien, get this bimbo off of me.

Ryoko and Tien released Mihoshi's death grip on Kiyone and pulled her aside.

Mihoshi *panicking*: Don't do this, Kiyone! Please reconsider!

Tien: Let it go, Mihoshi. Kiyone came to this decision on her own. The best thing to do now is respect her wish and let it all go.

Kiyone: Farewell, everyone! I'll miss most of you!

Tenchi: Goodbye, Kiyone! Things will be a lot quieter without you.

Sasami: Good luck with your new life with Trunks! If the two of you ever get the chance, please visit us anytime!

Trunks and Kiyone boarded the time machine. As the pod door closed, they could still hear their friends and family shouting their goodbyes to them. Soon, the time machine took off, and as Trunks and Kiyone continued waving, the time machine started to ascend to the sky. A few moments later, the time machine began flashing and disappeared in the blink of an eye. At last, Trunks was heading back to his uncertain future, but with newfound strength and Kiyone by his side, he knew his journey home would at least be a little easier.

Mihoshi: What am I going to do now? *SOB!*

Washu: Good question- one I'd rather not know the answer to.

A short time later, Trunks and Kiyone returned to the Capsule Corporation and to the bleak future the Androids helped create. Upon their arrival, Bulma greeted her son.

Bulma: Welcome home, Trunks!

Trunks: Thanks, Mother.

Bulma: Oh, and who might you be, young lady?

Trunks: That's my girlfriend, Kiyone. She insisted on coming back to the future with me.

Bulma: I see.

Kiyone: It's a long story, Mrs. Briefs. I'll explain everything in a moment.

Trunks: You two do that. If you'll excuse me, I've got some unfinished business to attend to.

Taking off his jacket, Trunks transformed into a Super Saiyan, headed for the front door of the building and took off to confront the Androids once more.

Meanwhile, at the remains of a nearby city, Androids 17 and 18 were torturing an old man who was about to become their next victim.

Android 17: Tell you what, old man- we're going to play a little game called "What Hurts More". If you survive, we'll let you go, but I doubt that'll happen.

Old Man: No! Please don't kill me!

Android: Let's get started then, shall we? What hurts more- a cinder block to the back, or a steel pipe to the left leg?

Just then, Trunks appeared.

Trunks: Don't you two ever get tired of torturing the elderly?

Android 18: Well, if it isn't the golden-haired wuss boy. Back for another serving of pain and humiliation?

Android 17: You're fooling yourself if you still think you can stop us.

Trunks: The only joke here is the fact that you'll still be standing after I'm done.

Android 18: My, awfully confident today, aren't we? Okay then, try this!

Android 18 unleashed a series of energy blasts, but Trunks deflected them all. Right when she was about to fire her next attack, Trunks appeared in front of her and countered with a massive blast of his own, instantly obliterating her.

Android 17: SISTER!!

Enraged by the death of his sibling, Android 17 prepared to fight back, but quickly fell victim to Trunks's high kick. Unable to get up in time, Android 17 could only watch as Trunks leapt up and launched a huge energy blast at him, reducing Dr. Gero's creation to dust. After years of death and destruction, the androids' reign of terror had ended, and peace was finally won. However, Trunks wasn't satisfied yet.

Trunks *thinking to himself*: There's still one more thing I have to do...

Some time later, in West City, Cell was about to put his plan into motion, when suddenly, Trunks found him first and lured him to a distant location.

Trunks: Let me guess- you plan on killing me, taking my time machine, and traveling back in time to find the Androids and achieve perfection.

Cell *shocked*: WHAT?!? How did you know?!

Trunks: Let's just say I saw it coming.

Cell: Predict THIS!

Frustrated from having his plans discovered, Cell attacked with his tail, but Trunks grabbed ahold of it, tossed Cell into the air, and unleashed his "Finish Buster", eradicating the monstrosity. Not a single cell of the creature survived. At last, the future was free from the shadow of Dr. Gero, and Trunks could only smile at the prospect of finally being able to lead a peaceful life.


-Gohan returned to his studies and became a model student. He's currently attending Orange Star High School. -Piccolo continued to watch over Earth and occasionally assisted Dende with his tasks as Guardian of Earth. -Yamcha attended numerous group therapy sessions in order to overcome his fear of women. After that, he returned to baseball, where he earned the nickname "the Broom" (since he'd always hit a homerun and sweep the opposing team). He's currently married to Marin (who looks a little like Bulma). -Tien returned to the mountains, where he, Chaotzu, and Lunch continue to live in peace. -Tiring of all the bald jokes, Krillin grew his hair out and worked up the nerve to ask Android 18 (who's now the C.E.O. of Uberwear) out on a date. The two are currently married and have a daughter named Marron. -Bulma continues to reign supreme as the president of the Capsule Corporation. -Goku and Vegeta finally fought each other in a special exhibition match at the World Martial Arts Tournament (which Mr. Satan still says was "nothing more than a special effects-laden mirage). Goku won, and Vegeta was forced to spend more time with his family. He's currently the C.O.O. of the West City branch of the Capsule Corporation (where he's known as "Vegeta the Volcano", due to his violent temper). -Goku went off into space to continue his training. Only Chi-Chi and Gohan know his current whereabouts. -Sasami continued to perfect her cooking skills, and became the youngest person to ever defeat an Iron Chef at age 14. -Washu continues her scientific research to this very day. -Mihoshi was able to pull her life together, and became the Grand Marshal of the Galaxy Police Milky Way Force at age 28 (if only Kiyone could see her now). -Mr. Fujisawa continued to teach at Tenchi's high school for another two years. After that, he returned to El-Hazard, where he is currently living with his wife, Miz. -After graduating high school, Amanosuke moved to the United States, where he pursued a career in acting. He's currently one of the biggest box office draws to date (thanks in no part to his Luke Perry-esque good looks). -Amagasaki became a wealthy businessman, and used his vast fortune to become the otaku of all otaku- OTAKING! -Mr. Satan is still the grand champion of the World Martial Arts Tournament and savior of the world. As of right now, he pities you, and wants you to study his fighting style in order to become a better person. -As for Tenchi, Ryoko, and Ayeka, well, that's another story for another time. But as for Trunks and Kiyone...


A few months have passed since Cell's final defeat at the hands of Trunks. Since then, Trunks has worked as a construction worker, helping to rebuild any badly damaged city in the region, while Kiyone became commander of the West City police force (thanks to her exceptional skills and no Mihoshi in sight). At Gohan's grave, Trunks (along with Kiyone) spoke to his deceased master once more.

Trunks: I finally did it, Gohan. I defeated the Androids, destroyed Cell (twice), and saved two worlds in the process. I just wish you could be here to see everything I've accomplished.

Kiyone: I'm sure your master's very proud of everything you've accomplished.

Trunks: Thanks, Kiyone. You know, this place holds special significance to me not just as a gravesite.

Kiyone: Oh, why's that?

Trunks: It's the place where Gohan and I trained everyday. it's also where I'd go to ease my mind after he passed away. Just look at the view.

*Kiyone looks at the sea glimmering in the sunlight*

Kiyone: Wow! No wonder you found this place so relaxing.

Trunks: Yeah, it's as beautiful as you are.

*Kiyone smiles at the comment*

*Trunks pulls out sword*

Trunks: Well, I won't need this anymore. *places sword in stone next to Gohan's grave*

*Kiyone places flowers on Gohan's grave*

Trunks: Where did you get those flowers?

Kiyone: A cute little flower girl was selling them- I couldn't say no to her adorable voice. Do you like them?

Trunks: They're perfect.

Kiyone: So, when's our next adventure?

Trunks: Only the future knows for sure. This time, though, I'm looking forward to whatever it has in store for us.

Kiyone: What are we waiting for? Let's go see what awaits us!

Trunks and Kiyone took to the skies and headed off towards the start of a brighter future.


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