A/N: This is going to be a Tony/Tim friendship story, no slash. It's a work in progress and I'm dreadfully busy these days, so I'll probably be slower than usual in getting chapters posted. But I knew if I didn't post something, I would never make the time to work on it. It apparently takes y'alls wonderful support to motivate me! This chapter is very short - a teaser, if you will - but they'll be much longer from here on out. Promise. -abby


DiNozzo awakened with a start. Crap, I must have dozed off. Stupid. He'd been trying to avoid falling asleep, but once Tim passed out Tony had been unable to fight his own fatigue any longer.

What time is it? Blearily the senior field agent rubbed his eyes before managing to focus on his watch. He was distressed to see that it was nearing 0700. Any minute now. Suddenly Tony's stomach rumbled loudly, reminding him that it had been nearly a day since he had last eaten.

He groaned, back protesting as he struggled to sit up. The cot was narrow and hard, and far too short for his lanky frame. Even though he'd only slept for an hour, his body had stiffened from the awkward position. Gingerly he rose to his feet and carefully stretched, hoping to loosen the knots that had formed between his shoulder blades. Finally the aching in his muscles abated somewhat and he crossed the tiny room to wake McGee.

The junior agent looked almost as uncomfortable as Tony felt. He was draped unceremoniously on his cot, feet dangling off the end, one arm curled beneath his head as a pillow. He snored softly.

"Tim," DiNozzo hissed through clenched teeth, gently shaking his partner by the shoulder. "Come on, Probie. Time to wake up."

Tim sleepily batted Tony's hands away. "Leave me alone. Go 'way," he mumbled groggily.

Tony rolled his eyes and kept trying to rouse the younger man. His adrenaline spiked at the sound of approaching footsteps, and he raised his voice. "Tim!"

They're back.