They started coming up to a castle and a guy in a mask and a black dress in front of it."Welcome to Cambonialiassodational," the guy in the dress said "oh we just call it cambonia we're going to be the leaders in it's Oligarchy,"said James and Arrow ssimultaneously."Thanks for the ideas ,but you will not take the land I already took over,"said the guy in the a bunch of squirrel/cats picked them and through them out of the world and over the gap.

They realized they had to get back Cambonia because they found it grabbed the amo and slingshots they hid last and jumped back over the gap."Oh no they're surrounding let's hit them," James said and they started shooting them with ball berrings.

Then they snuck into the castle and shot mask off the guy in dress and the guy in the dress and James finally got Cambonia!As they said they made the Oligarchy and became Cambonia's permanent leaders.