Life is full of little moments. Theirs included. Jibbs drabble series.
Author Note: I'm sorry about lack of updates on RT. The story is getting ridiculous to write, and life is becoming more demanding. I'm struggling to keep up with everything, but I'll get there eventually. This series was because, I've yet to write a drabble, and by some miracle, I managed to get a spurt of inspiration during English. So, enjoy. :-)

-- -- -- --

Warm hands slipping against her skin, he watched her face through bloodshot eyes. He was beyond the point of tired, but still he couldn't sleep. The prospect that after tonight, he might not have been given the chance to bring her home was a frightening one. Her life had been risked for the job, or so she kept saying, but it was nowhere near an explanation.

His fingers explored her hip, running over the curve of her thigh to where the bullet wound of a few months ago still lingered. The scarred tissue still felt soft beneath his touch, and the bruising beneath the surface was warm. He ran his hands downwards again, cautious not to wake her, until his hand came across the red mark just above the muscle in her calf; evidence of her own determination to keep her knife in her boot, instead of at her waist. He found himself smiling gently, as her hand took his, the owner of it, still in the midst of sleep. He turned her hand over, the pad of his thumb lingering on the tiny burn on the inside of her wrist, a battle with a microwave that she was destined to lose.

"Jethro," she mumbled, her whole body twisting into his embrace. She was still asleep, he could tell as much as that. But she must've been on some level at least aware of him touching her. She smiled a little, the tiny creases on her forehead softening, and he found himself returning it, if only to himself.

Her imperfections were perfect.

-- -- -- --

Author Note: Ugh, lots of goo, for y'all there. Next one will be soon, I think. :-) (p.s. the burn was shamelessly stolen from coyote ugly and the first line taken from bullet for my valentine's song, 'Tears Dont Fall', "with bloodshot eyes, I watch you sleeping." xx