The hidden explosives the purple dragons had hidden for them were less then welcome and very unexpected, however they weren't even very strong more of an inconvenience really. There were debris everywhere. Looking around he soon spotted his brothers looking a little worse for wear but otherwise looked just fine- Mikey had some cuts from some broken glass, but was getting up, Raph was already cursing the P.D.'s as he got up, getting up himself he noticed that Leo still hadn't gotten up, rushing over to his elder brother, when he got to Leo it was hard not to notice the blood which was steadily leaving his brother's head. He comforted himself with the fact that all head wounds bleed like that and Leo was probably just unconscious, and with that last thought he checked his brother's pulse. As seconds turned to minutes (found) a scared Donatello performing cardio pulmonary respiration, he never even noticed when Mikey and Raph rushed up behind him calling out Leo's name. Mikey was in shock as he watched one older brother give another C.P.R. in the hopes that it would help. Oddly enough though it was Raph with his desperate desire to help who called for help. Donatello ignored the congealing blood, that when it was moving was moving sluggishly, he ignored April who got there a short time later, he ignored the stiffening of his brother's body as someone told him to stop, he ignored the tears that ran down his face unhindered even by his mask, he ignored the blood which had stopped pooling altogether, and he especially ignored the fact that his older brother was already dead. Raph stared in disbelief as he realized that his untouchable elder brother had died. - In a way that had nothing to do with the foot. Mikey with April's help had come out of his shock long enough to realize that he was now one older brother short. And April cried as she realized what had happened: Leo was dead and Don's last 35 minutes of CPR were not going to help him.

The End.