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Coming Home – (The Engagement)

Edward sighed happily as he wrapped his arm more firmly around Bella's thigh, pleased to find where he had ended up sleeping through the rest of the night. By the depth of her breathing, he could tell that she was still asleep. He wondered absently if she would be embarrassed when she woke up to find him between her legs.

Probably, he chuckled as he pressed his lips against her hipbone and grazed his cheek against the softness of her pubic hair.

They were meeting his parents – the whole family, actually – tonight for dinner, and he could not wait. It would be their first trip out of the house since she'd come to his door two days ago.

Sweet Chaos – (Married with Kids)

The house was an absolute disaster. For the millionth time, Bella was glad they didn't have a lot of furniture. Between the twin stroller, juice bottles, squeaky toys, big wheels, and plates of partially eaten cheese, apples and oatmeal, she couldn't imagine any more clutter. With a sigh, Bella stepped right over the block set to walk through the massive glass doors. From the back porch, she could hear them somewhere out in the woods - decidedly human growling followed by high pitched shrieks of delighted terror. "Yum! Yum! Yum! I'm gonna have LOTS of little toes for dinner…" Edward growled in the baritone he reserved for his "Big Bear" performances. Bella chuckled as she pulled up a chair to relieve her slightly swollen ankles. The temperature outside was perfect, warm and dry. Edward was right, she thought, I should have taken my nap out here.


She could hear her two children cry in unison as they burst through the last line of shrubs before the clearing. They were a blur of auburn and blond curls, knees, colorful socks, and purple and red sneakers. "Mommy…help! Big Bear! Big Bear!"

As the children raced up the steps, seeking the "safety zone" of their mother's arms, Bella could see Edward emerge from the trees with their oversized brown chenille throw secured to his head by what looked like a pair of women's pantyhose. "Wow!" Bella mouthed before she finally broke out in laughter and rose from her seat to get a better look at the spectacle. Her face settled into a wide grin as she watched him straighten up from his "bear crouch" to find her giggling down at him. Their eyes met just as her children crashed into her, one on each leg.

The Gift Inside – (What happens when Bella returns from Boston)

"Are you ready to tell me what happened? What has brought all this on?"

Bella hung her head and sighed. Even while locked within herself, she'd had a vague but constant awareness that at some point she would have to explain herself. She had decided before she came downstairs that she didn't have the energy to come up with a concoction. All she had was the truth, bare and raw. But she knew she wouldn't share it, at least not all of it. Charles wasn't ready for that, she thought. She knew she never would be. She decided to peel off the lightest parts of the tragedy. The parts she could stand to watch illuminated by the light of day. Even though Anthony was real in her world, she felt the least connection to him, and so she decided to start with him. Edward was the one who held her heart. Edward was what she could never share, never do without.

"Do you remember Mr…" her breath hitched even as she tried to say his name. I must keep this as short as possible, she thought. "Do you remember Anthony… Anthony Masen from the train to Boston?"

"The young gentleman in the dining car?" Charles was perplexed that this could possibly have anything to do with him. She just met him, he thought.

Bella did not answer his question, but her sigh let him know that his guess was correct.

What could have transpired between them that would have led to this devastation? Charles pondered as he strained to recall his brief meeting with Mr. Masen.

"I thought you just met the boy, Bella. What does he have to do with…"

"He is dead, father. I received word the day we returned."

Charles was silent. Of all the scenarios that had run through his mind, this was the last thing he expected to hear. As he saw his daughter's face become even more drawn under the weight of their conversation, he could not comprehend how so short a meeting could have produced this state. No more than an hour at the most, he calculated. His next question seemed impossible, but it was the only one that made any sense.

"Were you… do… were you in love with him, Bella?"

Were you in love with him, Bella?

Bella turned the words over in her mind. Past tense. In love. The phrase used to seem so large in her young mind. Legendary and grand. Full of passion and promise.

Everything she wanted, she had and lost. All that was left was the love she felt killing her as it burned, very present and real, from the inside.

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