Hey guys! Okay, so just a little A/N hurr. I want you to know that I think I'm just going to conclude this story in the next chapter. I'm sooo sorry if this really disappoints anyone, but I feel it's best. I've got way too many other stories on my hands, and I really need to focus on just one at a time. ALL of the stories I'm writing right now are BBXRAE, and I'm pretty sure you Beastboy and Raven-as-a-couple fans are gonna love em'. :) So I REALLY hope you'll stick with me, and keep checking out my stories! I hope you'll like them. :] Also, about my lack of updates lately, well… I know they've kinda sucked. In my fanfics to come, my goal as far as updates go is going to be to get back to updating nearly every weekday like I used to. So chyea. :) P.S. I know some of you were trying to figure out where the poll on my page was; I don't know why it didn't show up. o.O So anyways, I hope no one hates me for not continuing this story, but I just can't afford to keep this up. But be looking forward to some new (hopefully fantabulous) BBXRAE stories‼

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