Author's Note: Be forewarned! This may take some time, but here at the very beginning I make the pledge to craft it with the utmost care, refine it to perfection (as close as I can get), and pursue it to completion. It might just take me a year is all. Also, this is Fate's sequel, so if you (the current reader who is reading this note) have not yet read Fate, doing so might be a good idea. Or you might be a bit lost... My little brain is tired, so that's all for now. More soon. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I'm relying on excellent rhetoric skills to pay for college, what makes anybody think I own Digimon or am making a profit? I'd like to, but I'm not/ don't.

I'm in darkness. Floating in darkness. I see nothing. Feel nothing. Which is a little odd because I know I'm floating. That there's no ground. No gravity. Something tells me there should be more; a sound here, a touch there. There should be something. But I don't know. I don't remember why I feel like this, and suddenly it's just not that important. The suspicion is little more than a fleeting sensation, like a breath across water, and in an instant it doesn't concern me. A fading memory before apathy takes over. I can think, move, leave, but I have no desire to. It seems like for the first time in a long time... I am... content.

Why shouldn't you be? You're where you belong.

A voice. It has no significance to me, but I listen. I am blank, hollow. It gives me a reality, something to grasp onto. I have questions. I want to listen. It's an almost startling realization. Almost, but not quite. Nothing seems to be able to pull me from the numbness, not even this revelation. Not that I want it to. I'm quite confortable. I wonder, but I would just as soon remain here. Asleep and not. Existing in the dark. This voice offers information, I accept.

Where am I? What is this place?

This is freedom...

Freedom? From what? I don't understand.

Free from pain, from emotion, from humanity.

Free of humanity... What does that mean?

It means you can integrate completely with the darkness. You don't have to feel anymore. You are no longer controlled by that side of yourself.

Am I human?

No. Not human, not any more. You are no longer bound by your human heart. Now you are mine.

I accept its answer easily. After all, there are no others here. No other voices to tell me what I am or was. There is only the darkness... the darkness mingling with thought. My thought. We have merged. This voice is with me, yet not a part of me. We are separate. I'm not alone. That's a little disconcerting... and yet comforting.

Who are you?

I am the one who set you free. I have granted you power, purpose.

Do I need power and purpose? Do I want them?

It is why you are here.

Why... I'm here...

And what you are meant to do.

I don't understand what the voice means. I have nothing to compare it to, no previous experiences, no other voices. The voice is my knowledge, my only knowledge. I must accept what it tells me; I have no other choice. There is nothing but the dark and the voice. I can't see, but I know I should. Can't feel, yet there has to be something. I can't remember. Should I remember? How long have I existed here? Was there anything before? Or am I just- just this? The voice hears, it knows.

You want identity, a past, a goal. I can give you a reason for you existence.

Yes, I want to know. I need to know. Who am I? Why am I here? What is it I'm supposed to?

You are the Son of Darkness and you must destroy the light. This is a goal we share. You will serve me, and all your wishes shall be realized. Everything you desire shall be yours. I am Cherubimon, your savior. Your master.


I hesitate, echoes from a long time ago whispering. My own voice fills my ears and confirms his assertions.

Cherubimon-sama, Master of Darkness. My lord.


And before?

There is no before.

I believe him. There are no doubts, no fears. Absolute certainty, absolute faith. I don't remember anything else and Lord Cherubimon has confirmed that I shouldn't. The memories don't exist. Things have always been as they are now. I serve Lord Cherubimon and we will destroy the light. That's my purpose, what I want. I'm beginning to understand. I listen and absorb who I am.

Do not concern yourself with pointless pursuits. Remember your pain, your hatred. Let it fuel you. Let it consume you. That is your greatest source of power. Use it, and fulfill your destiny.

My destiny...

Yes. Go, Duskmon, do what you were created to do. Destroy the light and blanket this world in darkness!

Duskmon... I understand.

And I wake up to my life.