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Death didn't bother me. Why should it? I was only seventeen. I was invincible or so I thought. I always thought that I'd die when I was in my nineties. Old and warm in my bed. I thought I would marry a rich business man and have lots of kids and my kids would have kids. I would live to see them all. I just knew that was my fate, but who knew I'd be so wrong. You want to know the strange thing? Dying isn't such a bad thing after all.

Chapter One:

I woke up to the voice of my mother. I look over to the clock on my bedside table. I was going to be late and today I cannot be late. It's just not an option. Today I had a big test in my Calculus class. It'd be pretty bad for me to fail the only class I need to graduate. Being a senior in high school was pretty stressful.

I pulled myself out of bed and headed towards the bathroom. I quickly brushed my teeth and washed my face. I put on some make up for good measure. High school was a tough place and the girls are mean. Especially when you don't look like their definition of "good". After I was done I steered myself towards my closet.

After a quick deliberation I decided on a pair of comfy jeans and a pale pink sweater. I changed into my outfit and picked out my knee-high boots. It was getting pretty cold and besides this was the style these days. I walked over to my vanity table and peered into my mirror. I wasn't particularly ugly but at the same time I was no great beauty . I am about 5'5 with curly dark brown hair that came down to about my shoulders. I have bright green eyes. I've never really liked them.

"Kayla Ann Taylor! Get your butt moving!" I hear my mother's shrill voice from downstairs. I grabbed my messenger bag and headed downstairs. My dad had already left for work. He was a lawyer at some firm. He was expecting a promotion to partner soon. My mom on the other hand was a stay at home mom and she was pretty good at it. We lived in suburbia. It was a pretty nice neighborhood. I came into the kitchen right when my mom was about to yell for me again.

"Finally, here have some breakfast." She said as she put some eggs and toast on a plate. I shook my head.

"I don't have time to eat." I say giving my mom a kiss on the cheek. I grabbed the keys from my car from the little wicker basket where all the keys went.

"Have a good day dear!" I heard mom yell after me. I hurried out to my beat up Oldsmobile. It wasn't anything fancy but it got me to place to place. I really don't mind it. It took me about ten minutes to get to my school.

Anson high school is about fifty years old. It once was Bowman high school until a new city council came in and changed it. Since it's such an old school everything was falling apart and was outdated. Anson high school is a open campus. That means instead of one big building we had multiple buildings. My first class is in H-building, which wasn't far away from the student parking lot.

I pulled into the student parking lot as fast as I could. There were a few students hurrying around onto campus. I parked and grabbed my stuff before speed walking to my class. The bell rang right when I entered my class. Mrs. Bald gave me a look.

"You know I should make you go to the attendance office for a note, but I'll let it pass this one time. " She told me. I nod and take my seat beside my best friend May. She's a spitfire; she literally dyed her hair red to match her nickname. May has been my best friend since pre-k. She's more like my sister.

"You barely made it." May teased me as I took my seat and pulled out my pencil.

"Well at least I made it." I shoot back, hinting at all the times that she had been late.

"True. Dude I'm totally going to fail this test." She said veering off from our original topic. I just shook my head and smiled.

"You better hope you don't." I say as Mrs. Bald gets up to hand us our papers.

"Now class you know the rules. No cheating. If I catch you cheating it'll be an automatic zero and that my friends will kill your grade." She said like she did before every test. She handed out our tests and the first couple of problems I knew. I got started on them. I glance over at May and I can tell she has no idea what she's doing. I hold back a laugh. About thirty minutes into the test we were interrupted by the intercom.

"Code red. I repeat Code Red. This is not a drill." I heard our principles voice say frantically. We all just look up confused. I look to Mrs. Bald and she looked just as confused as we did. This is strange because when we have these drills the teachers usually know about it.

The procedures for these drills are simple. The teacher locks the door and turns out all the lights while the students go to one corner of the classrooms and sits. We've practiced it before in this class. I remember last year they had a teacher come around and bang on all the doors to scare us all. Before we could even get out of our seats the door bangs open. I jumped at the noise.

The next scene unfolded before me in slow motion. A man, a student maybe, marched up to Mrs. Balds desk. He pointed a gun at her. Then all I remember is hearing a loud bang and Mrs. Bald falling to the ground.

That and someone screaming.

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