Through the Rain


My life had changed so much since she got here. Dad was happy; it was like a piece of his life had been returned. My life was semi better too, with her here dad wasn't checking up on me as much. But just when we had adjusted to her being here she leaves, because of a stupid boy. Not just any boy, but a Cullen

1. Ride

"Cassie, come on we have to go pick up your sister from the airport." Dad yelled from downstairs.

My name is Cassandra Lyn Swan, my dad is Chief Charlie Swan, and yes Isabella Marie Swan is my darling big sister. Unlike Bella I've lived in forks with dad my whole life. When I was three my mom left, and to tell you the truth I don't care. Dad and I have been just fine on our own and I wouldn't want it any other way.

"No dad you have to go," I said as I walked downstairs holding Salem my cat, "I was gonna go with Jake and Embry today." Salem squirmed in my arms until I let him go.

"Cass, if you can get those boys here in five minutes I'll let you go with them." I tried to suppress a smile. Dad should know better by now, I was prepared for this. Embry and Jake were waiting around the corner. I pulled out my phone and dialed Em's number.

"Dad said I could go so get here." I said

"Okay paleface, three seconds." Embry hung up the phone and I heard the car pull up out front, and then the knock at the door. Charlie went to answer it.

"Hey Chief Swan, Cass ready yet?" Embry was such a good actor.

"Yeah she's right here." Dad said in defeat. Embry and I smiled.

"Come on paleface Jake's waiting." Embry grabbed my arm and pulled me out the door. We ran to the truck and I slid into the middle. We were gone and wouldn't be back for awhile. Jake had his window down letting in cool air and a little rain.

"Hey sis what's new?" Jake asked after a few minutes of silence.

"Jake you saw me yesterday not much's changed since then." I said.

"Smartass." Jake countered. I stuck my tongue out at him and turned toward Embry. "Real mature Cassie." Jake said. Embry laughed at our sibling like fight, he always found us amusing. The rest of the ride was silent, except for Jake cussing at Embry when he would turn to hard a send me flying onto Jake.

Embry parked at Jake's house then we walked to his house. We were gonna go ride dirt bikes something Charlie didn't approve of, so I had to do it in secret. I loved riding feeling the wind in my hair and, today was perfect for a ride. Embry had three bikes which he kept in a small shed behind his house.

"Alright guys let's ride." Embry said as we mounted our bikes. We rode along a path in the woods to the clearing we usually rode in. The wind whipped through my hair as I sped through the trees. I don't know how long we rode but it felt like forever, and if Quil and Seth hadn't appeared we probably wouldn't have stopped. They signaled for us to shut the bikes down and we did.

"Sup guys?" Embry said as we walked over to join Quil and Seth.

"Charlie called he'll be here in five minutes." Quil told us.

"Shit." Jake Embry and I said in unison.

"Quil you a Seth stay with the bikes we gotta get to Billy's." Embry commanded.

"We can the back way through the woods; we'll come out by the garage." Jacob said as the three of us took off running through the woods. If I didn't make it to Billy's before dad my visits to La Push were over.