It had taken those stupid kids long enough. Tohru Adachi smirked to himself, as he loaded his gun. It had taken them from day one, for them to finally realized that that moron Nametame wasn't the killer. In fact, that prick had went and done most of the crimes and kidnappings.


"What a bunch of pricks..." He muttered disgustedly as he inaverdantly as he eyed the red and black striped sky.

That's right. Everyone he'd met in this stupid world was a prick. Dojima was prick, and those kids were a bunch of pricks too. But Adachi had to give them credit; They did do a whole lot better job than the police had done. Hell, they had pieced the evidence, and it led them right to him. Suprisingly, it was a slip-up of his that led to this. Those damn brats.

Adachi grit his teeth. How long were they going to take? Sighing, he tussled his already messy hair. The more time they took, the more time he had to think. Sometimes, he hated thinking.

It was a murderer's weakness. It was the ultimate feeling of guilt that appeared. Another was the fact that people always judged people subconsiously that made Adachi want to vomit. What gave people the right to judge other people? This thought sickened him. Yet, Adachi did not feel guilty about pushing Yamano and Konishi into the TV. After all, those whores deserved it. Why couldn't those stupid brats see the truth?

A smie crept onto his face.

"That's right... I pushed Yamano and that Konishi girl into the TV." he admitted while grinning madly. He didn't actually kill them. The shadows did. The only thing that he was guilty of doing, was pushing them into the shadow infested world, and left them to be devoured. But they deserved it in the end. Adachi chuckled.

The sound of footsteps filled the air. Adachi turned around slowly, wearing the same goofy smile that he used to fool them for so long.

"It's about time you showed up. I was getting bored."