"He'll remember Miss Elena, I'm sure of it. But what I'm not sure of is whether I'll let him live or not." Kyle grinned as he walked out the door to get a proper meal; one with a nice young girl from the bar.

Elena was left alone, bleeding to death. She had well over twenty bite-marks placed all over her body, along with a few broken ribs, a broken wrist, and a broken leg. She could feel that the floor around her was covered with her blood.

"HELP!" Elena yelled as loud as her body would allow her to. She knew it wasn't hardly loud enough for anyone to hear though. It was an airy noise, not really much of a voice at all.

Damon had gone back to the boarding house. He has deducted that he needed Stefan's help, he couldn't do this on his own.

"Stefan? You still home?" He said quietly as he entered the house.

Stefan was instantly at the foot of the staircase. "What?" He asked impatiently, though with empathy for his brother. He felt terrible for Elena, but he couldn't even begin to imagine what Damon was feeling.

"I need your help. He said that I knew where they were again, you need to help me think of places that they could be." Stefan nodded and they went into the living room together.

"Well, I don't know where to start Damon," Stefan said, "There are so many places that you've been. Too many to count."

"I know. Has anything like this ever happened before? Anything at all?" The two brothers were silent and in their thoughts.

"The tomb maybe?" Stefan suggested.

"It had a TV, the tomb wouldn't have a TV."

The rest of the afternoon consisted of suggestions being shot down one by one.

"Please…let me go….please." Elena's voice was faint, even more so than before. Kyle had returned and was watching TV again. The news was on, he was watching a story about an animal attack on a little girl.

"Wow. A little girl, that takes guts. I wouldn't be able to murder a little girl. Unfortunately for you Elena, you're not little anymore."

"What about the old Salvatore cabin? You know, the one out in the woods?" Stefan had been suggesting ideas for over two hours. Damon had found an excuse to deny all of them.

Just as Damon was about to shake his head once again, he froze. He looked, wide-eyed, at Stefan and then was gone in a flash.

Kyle was drinking Elena dry. A few more minutes and she would be completely drained. Even if he stopped right now, there wouldn't be a very good chance of her making it.

"Elena, I hate to say this but…I don't think Damon is going to save you." He smirked.

Elena grumbled and squinted her eyebrows. The last thing she saw before she gave up was Kyle's fangs above her neck.

But the freedom of death never overtook her. She knew she wasn't dead when she could still feel the pain of her broken bones. Her eyes couldn't open, her body didn't have enough strength to use that many muscles. She was weak, weaker than she ever thought anybody could ever be.

She could hear though. She heard the muffled voiced of a TV playing. She thought she heard something outside, but it must have been an animal because nobody came to save her.

Damon stood at the door to the Salvatore cabin. Face-to-face with the man he had grown to hate so much over the past day and a half.

"Damon. May I introduce myself?" He took a break, but Damon remained motionless. "Kyle. Kyle Pierce." He smirked. "Do you remember me now?"

It was as if Damon's mind had been kicked into over-drive. Everything that he had forgotten about his past came flooding to the front of his brain. Kyle Pierce. Katherine's younger brother. He was sick, they kept him in his bed all day. Katherine barely mentioned him, it made her sad.

"She changed you." Damon stated, it wasn't a question.

Kyle smirked and nodded. "You hurt her. She loved you, and you betrayed her. Got her best friend caught by that fucking Jonathon Gilbert! She was devastated!"

"Katherine didn't love me you dumb-ass. She used me!" Damon flung himself forward and caught Kyle by the neck. "I never really knew you, but I've wanted to do this for a long time!"

Elena had gained just enough strength to open her eyelids. She could see the light streaming in through a crack in the side wall.

The door to the cabin flung open and she shrieked with fear. Hands were suddenly on her face and eyes slowly observing her body.

"What the hell did he do to you Elena?" Damon whispered, sadness flowing through him as he took in the sight of Elena's body in such a state. He brought his wrist to his mouth and ripped open his flesh. He forced it into Elena's mouth and made her consume the liquid.

She drank quickly, the taste of it being exactly what she needed. After Damon pulled his arm away, Elena's body began to heal itself.

"Damon. Oh my god, Damon!" She flung her arms around his neck in am embrace. Elena started going into hysterics, mumbling and shrieking things that were illegible even to him.

He just held her, knowing that her reaction was nothing less than what he had expected. As long as he had her, and she was safe. That's all that mattered right now.