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Learning to live in the present moment is part of the path of joy.

Breathnach, Sarah Ban


I walked into the door of Forks High School with a sense of relief as this was my last year at this point of my life. I was ready for my life to begin but only had ten months and I was out of this town.

My friends, Alice and Rose, were as ready as I was in our thought process. We had bigger dreams than anyone could imagine; going to college, finding the man of our dreams, finding the perfect job and eventually starting the perfect family.

We sat in the auditorium that morning to meet with the faculty. The teachers wanted to discuss our futures and what promising students were here this year. Rose, Alice and I were seated up front of course, peeking around I notices that Emmett, Jasper and Edward were in the back, as usual.

Rose asked, "So are you and Edward going to hook up this year or what?"

I said, "I think you are totally crazy. I don't look at him in that way….."

Alice giggled and shook her head, "I'm telling you, it's only a matter of time."

I said, "Ewww, gross, dating Edward Cullen, you are insane." Edward had a rumored tattoo that the girls talked about in Chemistry. He was sort of handsome in this bad boy sort of way. Dangerous. Edward had always been just a guy in my class. We didn't run in the same circles. We just passed each other in the hall and didn't speak unless we absolutely had to.

We listened and whispered as the teachers and Principal Banner commented on what was expected of us as the underclassmen were looking to us to set the bar and example to know what was expected of them.

As we were dismissed, Tanya found me. She was talking a mile a minute, "Bells, I have the perfect date for you for the Fall Dance," she said.

Tanya, I don't dance—I'm not going …." I said.

Alice and Rose both chimed in, "What?"

"This is your senior year we are going and we are having dates and Yes, Bella Marie Swan you are going to have fun. That is an order!" Alice commanded.

I now knew I was in for it….there was no escaping Alice's wrath. Alice asked," So Tanya, who is the stud you have picked out for our Bella?"

Tanya was a junior and had just moved 2 years prior from Alaska where her father was a doctor and her mother a nurse. We met at a church function and became fast friends. Tanya was friendly and could be a little too friendly.

"Ok, Jacob Black is who I was thinking of," Tanya said. "He helped my parents move into my Dad's new office and he met you a couple of weeks ago, do you remember him Bella?" Tanya asked.

Oh, yes, I remembered him as a smile crept across my face, Jake. Jake was so nice, sweet and courteous. He wasn't your typical boy, not like the ones around here. He worked out on the reservation and helped take care of his family and took classes on the reservation, too.

He and Tanya had gone out a couple of times, and I always wondered about what it would be like to find a guy like that.

"Isn't that the guy you mentioned last week?" Rose asked.

I had this crooked smile on my face and said, "Yes". Alice and Rose giggled.

Tanya blurted out, "Whew! That was close, I already asked him for you and he said yes."

"Oh My God, What! You didn't!" I said. "What the Fuck, Tanya! I could have asked him myself." But really would I, would I have the courage to ask a guy out? I smirked at the thought and shook my head. Oh well, I have a date. Alice and Rose should be happy and I was elated and grinning as big as ever on the inside…….

* * * * * * *


"Hells, Bells Emmett! Would you stop staring at Rose like that? You might as well go up there and sit with the girls," I said.

"Naw, I like watching her from back here, the back of her neck with her hair up like that. I can't wait to walk her to class; I'll catch her as she's leaving," Emmett said. Rose then turned around and winked at him. Good Grief, there was no living with him now. Rose and Emmett had this love/hate relationship. She would love him one minute and then treated him like shit the next minute. I didn't understand it and didn't care really. It was their business.

I was just sitting and waiting for the lecture we were hearing to be over. Rose was sitting with Alice and Bella. I knew Alice because Jasper had been seeing her for awhile. She loved to shop and watch movies. So between her and Jasper, they had seen everything known to man.

Bella, I didn't know much about. She seemed nice in passing. But we never ran in the same circles. She was always the book worm and I was the loner. Bella's father was the chief of police. I didn't dare touch that with a ten foot pole. Hell, the chief would have me behind bars for even speaking to her.

"Finally – about damn time!" Emmett yelled and jumped up as we were told we were dismissed.

Tanya plowed into me as I was walking out the door. "What the fuck, could you watch where you're going?" I yelled.

Tanya chirped, "So sorry!"

She was headed directly towards Alice, Rose and Bella. Tanya would probably want to talk about the latest Robert Pattinson sighting or about the upcoming Fall Dance. The Fall Dance, something that I never plan to attend. I knew I had much better things to do or places to be besides at a stupid high school dance.

Emmett had started to walk towards Rose, but she flagged him on. Yelling across the crowd, "I'll catch you in a bit, baby," winking at him as he left.

Alice waved to Jasper, motioning for him to go on without her, too.

Jasper and I walked on to third period class, English Lit. All my classes were easy. I hadn't decided if it was that or the fact that I was literally bored to death. I was so ready to graduate. I hated the fact that I would have to endure this year. I wanted to be out of school already and out of this fucking town.

As I walked into class, Jessica yelled to me, "Hey?"

"What's up?" I asked. "I was wondering if you had plans for the Fall Dance," she asked. "Hell, no! I'm not going, if that is your question", I said.

"Good, I'm not going either. We should hook up," she said. I nodded. "Same time -Same place?" She asked. I said, "Sure". And we left it at that…….