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"Aunt Bella! Uncle Jake!"

I smiled at the little four year old running towards Jake and I, Sam and Emily close behind. Jake leaned down and scooped little Willie up, tossing him into the air before catching him. The both of them were laughing as Emily scolded Jake for tossing her child too high.

"Ah, Em, he's fine. He's laughing," Jake pointed out.

"You better not let Leah see you tossing him around like that. She'll kill you," I warned, wrapping my arms around his waist.

"Momma! Momma! I wanna go in the water!" Willie cried, tugging on Emily's arm.

"In a minute, Will. Don't you want to wait for Leah?" Emily asked tiredly.

"LE-LE!" Willie screamed, jumping up and down.

"The others are already down at the beach," Jake told Sam as we walked down the path.

We made it to the beach to see the rest of the pack around the bonfire. Jared and Kim were laughing with Embry and Laura, his imprint. Quil was chasing Claire into the water, splashing in the waves with her. Seth, Collin, and Brady were throwing a football around. Paul and Rachel were talking to Billy and Charlie. Harry, Sue, Old Quil, and Diana were clustered together around the fire.

"Claire!" Willie yelled, running towards Quil and Claire.

Claire, who was now seven, rolled her eyes at her four year old "cousin". Quil smiled down at her and whispered in her ear. Whatever he said made her giggle and she smiled when Willie stopped and splashed her.

"That boy has more energy in his pinky finger than I have in my entire body," Emily sighed.

"How is our little girl?" I asked, bending down to talk to her rounded stomach.

"She's being good today, thank God," Emily smiled.

"Just two more months," Sam grinned, kissing his wife on the cheek.

"I can't wait," Emily groaned.

"It'll be over before you know it," I assured her.

"I know, I know," Emily agreed.

"Come on, honey. Charlie's waving us over," Jake murmured, kissing my neck.

I looked over to see my dad standing up, motioning for us to come over. I took Jake's hand and led him over there.

"Bells. I've missed you," Charlie said, hugging me.

"Dad! I just saw you two days ago," I reminded him, laughing.

"It's not the same. Ever since you moved to La Push, I have to fend for myself," Charlie frowned.

I grinned, leaning up to kiss his cheek.

"I come by to clean the house every week. I always make sure you have food prepared that you can heat up. I do all your shopping. You hardly have to fend for yourself," I scoffed.

"Is it so bad I want you home and all to myself again?" Charlie asked.

"No," I sighed, shaking my head at him.

"Sorry, Charlie, but you know I can't live without her," Jake grinned, throwing his arm around my shoulders.

Charlie huffed and shook his head at us. I laughed as ducked out from under Jake's arm. Moving around, I bent over to hug Billy.

"Don't listen to your old man. He's just jealous I get to eat your cooking fresh," Billy assured me.

"I'm sure," I laughed.


I turned to see Willie running towards Leah, dripping wet. Leah picked him up, laughing at him. She leaned down and blew a raspberry on his cheek. He shrieked and started struggling against her hold. I smiled at the obvious love and devotion in her eyes as she swung him around.

"So, son, have you heard from the Cullen's lately?" Billy asked, bringing my attention back to the people in front of me.

"They actually called just before we left to come here. Everyone's doing well. Edward and Julia finally got married in Spain. Alice planned the wedding, of course. They promised to send pictures as soon as they could," I answered for him.

"Are they planning on coming through any time soon?" Charlie asked.

"They said they'll try to come by for Christmas for a while. It's hard, though, with them not changing. They should be good on the reservation, though," Jake shrugged.

"Just as long as they keep their teeth to themselves," Paul teased.

"Shut up, Paul. You know they haven't bitten anyone since Emmett," I scolded lightly.

"It only takes one, Bells," Paul reminded me.

I rolled my eyes at him. Rachel reached up and smacked him in the back of the head.

"Hey! Babe! What was that for?" Paul cried.

"Stop it. You know they wouldn't hurt anyone," Rachel scolded.

"I know, but it's fun to rile Bella up," Paul pouted.

I smiled in thanks to Rachel who gave me a wink in response. Jake chuckled, wrapping an arm around my waist.

"Don't mess with my girl, man. All of 'em will gang up on you," Jake warned.

"That's right. Nobody messes with our Bella," Seth shouted from across the fire.

I felt the familiar blush tinge my face and turned into Jake's chest. He laughed, holding me close.

"Don't worry, honey. They all know whose girl you really are," Jake smirked.

"Yeah. Especially after all that screaming she does, right, Jake?" Collin teased.

I groaned, blushing harder. Jake growled, his chest practically vibrating.

"Nah, Collin. It's only when he decides he needs to mark her again. Let her know who her Alpha is," Embry called.

"You better all remember who your Alpha is. Just remember, I can make life pretty miserable for all of you," Jake threatened, glaring at those who talked.

"And I will help him!" I shouted.

"Ah, ah, ah, Jake. Don't go abusing those powers so soon. Sam just stepped down last month. It won't take much to bring him back," Jared tisked.

"Hey, leave me out of this one. I don't even phase anymore," Sam grinned, holding up his hands.

"You either, Jared, so what do you care?" Quil asked.

"Phasing or not, they're still pack," I reminded them.

"That's right. Listen to Bells. She knows what she's talking about," Jared nodded, pointing at me.

"Besides, the pack will be shrinking even more soon," I sighed, glancing over at Embry.

Jake noticed and squeezed me closer.

"I was waiting to tell them, Bells," Embry complained.

Laura leaned up and kissed under his chin, offering her support. I recognized the move as one I used often with Jake.

"Now is as good a time as any," I told him.

"Sorry, Jake-man," Embry mumbled, running his hand through his hair.

"No worries, Em. I know I'd be doing the same if Bella was human," Jake admitted, resting his chin on my shoulder.

I placed my hands over his wrapped around my waist. He shifted to kiss my neck, soothing the pain that came with the loss of another member of the pack. Instantly I felt my body relax.

Jake had more power over my body than anyone. The Alpha and imprint bond combined gave him even more power. It didn't matter how far apart we were, we were constantly conscious of each other. I knew exactly where he was without even connecting to his mind and he was the same with me. It was more than Sam and I ever could've had.

The imprint bond had helped when it came to bonding with him as the Alpha. When Sam stepped down, it had taken all of five minutes for me to bond with Jake. Those five minutes had been excruciating because I wasn't bonded to the pack anymore, but the pain had encouraged Jake to bond with me quickly. Compared to the five hours it had taken Sam and I, the five minutes was nothing.

"So, Jakey-boy, when are you going to make an honest woman out of our dear Omega, here?" Leah asked, walking over with Willie clinging to her hand.

Jake and I glanced at each other, smiling slightly.

"We have centuries and centuries to decide when to get married. Right now, we just want to enjoy each other," Jake said.

"We are planning on changing my name, though. I want to be Bella Black as soon as possible," I added.

"You're going to deprive your old man of the chance to walk you down the isle?" Charlie asked, slightly hurt.

"Well, we could do a ceremony after we change my name," I shrugged, looking at Jake.

"It would just be a small get together. Nothing too big. Just the pack and family," Jake agreed.

"Would that satisfy you, Dad?" I asked.

"Yes," Charlie grinned, folding his arms.

"You are a devious old man," Billy chuckled.

Charlie just continued grinning and shrugged off Billy's comment.

"So, what do you say, Bells? You wanna marry me?" Jake asked, grinning like a fool.

"I suppose I'll have to," I sighed forlornly.

"Oh, there's that enthusiasm I love!" Jake laughed.

The wedding took about a week to plan. We were going to get married on First Beach, Billy would preside over the ceremony.

Charlie was thrilled.

I found a little white dress that fell just above my knees. Leah and Emily helped me get ready, fixing my hair and make-up to look perfect. Jake was going to be wearing khaki shorts and a button down short sleeve shirt. Both of us would be barefoot. It was perfect.

When I walked down the aisle, Charlie at my side, my heart literally stopped. Jake was waiting at the end, smiling at me as if I was the only thing in the world. I understood the feeling. It was the exact same way I felt for him.

Because we had already gotten my name changed, this ceremony was just for show. Legally, we were already connected as much as we wanted to be. Spiritually, we had been connected for a long time. This was just a special touch for our families.

Billy spoke about the love that could only be shared between imprints, bringing tears to my eyes. And when Jake slipped the ring on my finger, I couldn't stop the tears from falling.

"You may kiss your bride," Billy announced.

Jake leaned in and placed a sweet kiss on my lips. We turned to face our family and friends as a married couple for the first time.

Looking out over the people, I could see our future together. We would get to watch Sam and Emily grow older, having more kids and grandchildren. We would be here for Embry and Laura at their wedding and for their children. Same for Quil and Claire. As the generations went by, we would be able to stay and watch the lives of our friends unfold. Leah, Willie, Seth, Collin, and Brady were the only ones who still might stay with us.

Leah and Willie would have the same choice Jake and I had. The four of us could live forever if we chose.

I wasn't sure what the future would hold, but as I hugged and cried tears of joy with my pack family, I knew we would always have the special bond that made us all family.

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