Preface (BPOV)

Ever since I was 7 years old I've been alone. No family, no friends, no love, just me. There was nobody there to be excited when I made an accomplishment. Yeah I might've been with many families, 25 to be exact, but I don't feel like they are my actual family. They didn't act any differently when I accomplished something; I was only something to look at in their minds, as I was supposedly "beautiful". I had Mahogany hair and had dull chocolate brown eyes, nothing special. I was separated from my brother at the age of 7, and he was 8. We lost each other at a train station and our adoption agency never reunited us. Presently I'm 17 years of age and being shipped off to Forks, Washington to be with my brother at last, Jasper Swan. Or should I say Jasper Hale Cullen. Yes the agency said they couldn't tell me any information till I reached the age of 17. I was told that Melissa and Truman Hale adopted him but they died in a car accident when he reached 12 years. Esme and Carlisle Cullen, close friends of the Hales, took him and his "sister", Rosalie Hale, in. They had 3 other children, Emmett, Edward, and Alice I believe their names were. Jasper was supposedly dating Alice, as Rosalie was dating Emmett. Edward was single. Edward and Alice are my age, while Emmett, Rosalie, and Jasper are 18. I was piled up with all this information yesterday and was told that I would be sent to live with the Cullen's until I graduate from high school, unless they would like me to live with them, which is probably unlikely. Here I am sitting 3rd class on a Delta airline plane getting ready to see my long lost brother and his unrelated siblings. 'Please fasten your seatbelts. We are about to land.' I buckled my seatbelt and took a deep breath. In the next minute I would be with my brother that I haven't seen in ten years. I'm Isabella Marie Swan, or whatever my last name is, and this is my life story.

Story by Sam.