Another installment. I think I've been bitten by the inspiration bug. Hopefully it will continue. :D I know most people probably won't be very happy with this, but it's the only way I can picture George and Angelina together. Enjoy.


His alarm clock wakes him up. It ALWAYS wakes him up. Every day he's wished, hoped, desperately desired, to not be woken up. He has difficulty going on without his other half. With a sigh, he stands and looks in the mirror. He works harder than usual to make a smile appear. It had been getting easier, but today is April 1st, and he can't quite manage the false smile he's mastered. Giving up, he gets dressed and goes downstairs.


She diligently keeps her mind off of the date. She took down the calendar a week ago. She won't let anyone mention the date around her. She doesn't want to remember him.

She clamps her arms around her middle. She also doesn't want to forget. He completed her. He made her smile. He brightened her day. And he's gone, never coming back.


He's dressed, which is more than he usually does on April 1st. he checks his pocket one more time. He can feel the box. He's as ready as he'll ever be.


The knock on the door startles her. She isn't expecting anyone. Or is she? She doesn't really remember. With a sigh, she stands and walks over to open the door. Without even bothering to check who is at her door, she opens it, and freezes. Her heart skips a beat, and her breath stalls.

"F…Fred?" He's standing there with a sad look on his face. But he can't be. It's not possible. In seconds, he's stepped forward and enveloped her in a hug.

"I can be Fred if you want, Ang." She deflates in his arms. Of course. Not Fred. George.

George. Her closest tie to the man who completed her. She's held tightly to him, in every sense, as he's helped her keep herself together.


He looks down at the crying woman in his arms. The person on earth who knew HIM the best after himself. She's the closest thing he'll aver have to having him back. It's not the same, by any means, but it's the closest he'll come.

He waits for her to calm down before holding her away from him. She looks up at him with tear-filled eyes.

"Ang. Let me help you the way you help me. We know he's gone. We know he's not coming back. But he lives in us. We can keep him alive. I can't…I won't let him die."

He pulls out the box with the ring and opens it.


She stares at it, then him, in confusion.

"Ge…George. I don't love you. I…I love…" she can't continue.

"I know, Ang. I understand. I'll be your F…F…Fred. And I can take care of you, like I promised him I would."

She looks up at him with hope in her eyes for the first time. After a moment she nods.


The shock and relief he feels at her nod is staggering. He can honor his brother this way.

She nods again. "Ok…Fred."

He hugs her close as his heart breaks.