Yo~ Welcome to my second fanfic in the Symphonia section. I hope that you will find this story entertaining and amusing! :D

A few of you may know me because of my first story on here, Symphonian School Days. Don't worry, I haven't abandoned that at all. I would just like to broaden my writing abilities to other challenging things. You know, get more variety and the such. And so, that's why I'm starting this fic. Anyways, here is the Story Outline.

Story Outline

Theme: To Forge the Past, Present, and Future With One's Own Hands
Full Summary: Alongside time exists the bearer of the past, present, and future. That bearer is fate. No one is able to stop or change it. However, one fourteen year-old silverette is willing to prove fate wrong, even if it takes him one grain of sand at a time. If that is what it takes to bring happiness to a certain pink-haired girl, he wouldn't let time or fate get in his way.
Genre: Friendship, Romance, Slight Drama
Style: Novelistic
Point of View: 1st Person - Genis'
Pairing: Genis/Presea

Yes, you did read that right. This is a Gesea fic, so Gesea fans rejoice! ;3 Ever since I played Tales of Symphonia for the first time, I instantly loved this pairing to death. But as time went on, fics relating to Genis' and Presea's relationship slowly started to dwindle on this site. Being a faithful supporter of this pairing, I've finally decided to write a fic relating to their friendship (and romance depending upon how you see it). So with this story I hope to give more life to this coupling and depict their friendship as pleasing and entertaining as possible.

Now that's said, here's the disclaimer and the prologue! Enjoy! :D

Disclaimer: I don't own Tales of Symphonia and its characters.

Prologue: The Bearer of the Past, Present, and Future

Years. Months. Days. Hours. Minutes. Seconds.


When I was younger, I never truly understood what the significance of time was. Time was always that thing that made nap time over, ended study hour, made recess begin, brought about the weekends, and other small pointless things that followed. It wasn't until I was at the tender age of twelve did the true meaning of time come to me.

At the age of twelve, I accompanied my childhood friends on a journey across two parallel worlds, two worlds that were vying for the right to exist. To bring peace amongst the lands, my best friends, Lloyd and Colette, they regenerated and united the two parallel worlds, saving them both from being lost. Throughout that journey of regeneration is when I slowly learned of time's essence.

Time was not an indicator of events but instead a housing for something greater. That something greater is fate - the bearer of the past, present, and future. Fate brought upon the upbringing of Aselia and the Goddess Martel, the Great Kharlan War, the splitting of the world, the Journey of World Regeneration, the downfall of the Hero Mithos, and the reunification of Sylvarant and Tethe'alla and the birth of a new tree, the Yggdrassil Tree. Yet, we as people do not believe that it was just the hand of fate that led us this way. We as people believe that we with our own hands caused what occurred in this world and not fate.

I, myself, would like to think similarly too; however, it is hard to say such when you are only but a mere coward and a weak half-elf like me. One day though I'd like to think that I could have that courage and confidence of defying fate, carving my own pathway into this world.

… To be the bearer of my own past, present, and future, that is one fantasy I want to make a reality…

Author's Note Time!

Wow, that has got to be my shortest intro ever... Eh, but this a only a simple prologue so you all should understand. Anyways, Chapter 1 will have actual character interaction and not just Genis' thoughts. But I hope that even though that this is a short prologue that I have sparked some interest in you guys and that you all are willing to see how this story unfolds.

Because this isn't a main priority fic of mine, new chapters for this story will be monthly at most. It all truly depends on my reader and reviewer counts though. From people reading and reviewing my stories I get the motivation to post new chapters. And the more readers and reviews I get, the more motivated I am and the more quicker I get when uploading the next chapter. So please leave any kind feedback that you have for it truly does count for something. :D

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