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The fire within him was once again kindled for the person he longed for. The fire had been a dull flame almost burnt out with the war, now that it was all over and he was back in school he could once again long for all he ever wanted in life. Unfortunately the one he long for, the one he loved with such intensity, he didn't think it was possible to love someone this much, but he did would be the death of him.

Harry turned on his back, put his arms under his head, and stared at the ceiling. He could hear his friends light snores and even some mumbling coming from Ron's bed. The night was long, it didn't seem like sleep would welcoming him to the dream world anytime soon.

His thoughts circled around a certain potions Professor. The day had been particularly bad for Snape and him. Harry tried to brew a potion that should have been easy, not so much for him. The potion literally blew up in his face and Snape had taken away thirty points from Gryffindor. That didn't sit well with him. It wasn't that he couldn't brew the potion. The fault lay with him. He had been distracted when Snape bent down to pick up his quill. The outline of his ass in his robes sent Harry into a frenzy. His cheeks heated up as Hermione caught him staring and that's when he added one too many dragon scales then poof he was covered in green gunk that in no way shape or form resembled the potion he intended to brew. Not only did he make Snape despise him more, he made Hermione suspicious of his behavior.

No one knew he loved Snape and he wanted to keep it that way. Ron would have a litter of kittens if knew and Hermione would preach to him that relations between professors and students were forbidden.

Harry flipped over on his stomach, gripped his pillow and willed himself to sleep. He didn't want to think about it anymore. It's not like anything would change. The love he felt for Snape would still be there and he wouldn't have a chance in hell. He closed his eyes tightly and tried to relax. He comforted himself with the thought at least he was still able to see Snape on a daily basis at least for one more year.

Sleep nabbed him as soon as he relaxed; he knew no more as he drifted off into a dreamless sleep. The next thing he knew he was being shaken awake by Ron, who was already dressed and ready to go down to breakfast.

Harry blinked owlishly at Ron. He reached for his glasses and sat up. The room came into focus as he stared at his friends striking red hair. "Harry it's time to go down to breakfast," Ron said distractedly as he looked around the room.

"I'll be down in a minute." Harry fell back down on the bed and turned on his side to catch up on some more sleep.

"Okay, but don't blame me if you're late for double potions." Harry sat straight up, his eyes wide as saucers, hair sticking out every which way.

"We have double potions today?"

"Yeah, and Hermione is waiting for us, come on." Ron tugged on Harry's sleeve, trying to make him to move faster. It was working. Harry dressed quickly and ran a hand through his. What was the point in combing it if it never stayed in place any way?

Ron and Harry went down to the common room, met up with Hermione, she smiled at Ron shyly, who in turn blushed as red as his hair. Harry smiled to himself. Watching them made him want what they had.

"Morning," Hermione said to Ron and turned a calculating eye on Harry. He tried to avoid her gaze as she searched his face. Harry knew that look. She was about to come to a conclusion he had been trying to hide since fifth year. It was pretty easy back then. Most of his time was spent worrying about Voldemort, however, now it seemed the cat was out of the bag. "Harry I need to speak to you about the paper we have due in Defense Against the Dark Arts." Hermione turned to Ron and smiled at him. "Ron can we meet you in the Great Hall?"

Ron looked quizzically at Hermione, but didn't protest. "Sure, I'll see you two in a bit." Ron walked through the portrait hole. As soon as his robes disappeared Hermione whirled on Harry. She grabbed his sleeve and led him to a couch in front of the fireplace. Harry sat when she yanked on his sleeve. His stomach did back flips as Hermione remained silent for what felt like eternity. He swallowed hard as a lump formed in the pit of his stomach. He tried to sit still, but he couldn't stop himself from tapping his foot.

Hermione looked at him with warm brown eyes. "Harry do you love Professor Snape?" Wow! She really gets straight to the point.

Harry didn't try to deny it. His friend deserved to know. "Yes." He waited for yelling, preaching, or some verbal attack about how wrong it was. Nothing came. Hermione enveloped him in a warm hug that melted all his fears away.

"Why don't you tell him?" Hermione asked as she released him.

Harry opened and closed his mouth a few times, Hermione decided to end his torture. "Harry, you are of age. And despite the fact that we are in school you're considered an adult."

"Hermione he's my professor and not just that a professor that hates me," Harry said. Pain laced his words as he said hate. He always felt a pang of pain in his chest when he thought of how Snape despised his very existence.

"Harry," Hermione patted his hand. "What do you have to lose?"

"My life."

"Oh, don't be ridiculous. Professor Snape wouldn't risk getting fired to kill you." Hermione teased. "Besides he might get fired for doing other things." Hermione waggled her eyebrows at Harry. A deep crimson blush covered his cheeks making them burn.

"Hermione what has gotten in to you?" Harry asked.

"I don't know. I feel really happy. That's why I want you to be happy. I think it could work between you two."

"You really think so?"

"Yes I do."

Harry mustered all his courage and made a decision he hoped he wouldn't regret or lose his life over. "I'm going to tell Snape today before class."

"Good luck Harry," Hermione said as they stood up together.

"Oh, and Hermione?" She looked at him. "Don't tell Ron."

"My lips are sealed." Hermione laughed as they walked down to the Great Hall together. She went in and he went down to the dungeons, knowing that Snape was setting up for their class.

His entire being tingled with every step he took. This could blow up in his face like the potion did yesterday. Yes, he was scared out his mind, but Hermione was right what did he have to lose? If Snape said no at least he wouldn't have to wonder and worry about it. He stood in front of the door of Snape's office. He trembled slightly as he raised his hand to knock, at first there was no answer, as he was turning to leave the door opened.

"Mr. Potter why are you here?" Snape asked. Harry stood frozen to the spot. He almost forgot why he was there. Snape's voice washed over him and shook him back to the world around him. He swallowed hard and faced Snape.

"I have to talk to you Professor." Harry stared at Snape. His dark eyes stared down at him with boredom. At least he's not annoyed with me yet. Harry loved what he saw. He wanted to Snape to grab him right there and then and kiss him until his lips were bruised.

"Come on boy out with it. I have to prepare a potion and it's not going to take care of itself." Snape crossed his arms over his chest and his lip curled in irritation. Harry found the quality endearing.

He closed his eyes took a deep breath and blurted it out. "I'm in love with you." Harry stared in to the face of an indifferent man. Snape's irritation disappeared behind a mask of coldness.

"Potter I suggest you run along and stop trying to play pranks."

Snape turned to leave. Harry felt desperation pull at his insides. He couldn't let it all end here. Not after all these years. Harry had to at least make Snape understand that his feelings were true and real. "Professor wait. I meant what I said. I'm in love with you." Harry took a tentative step forward.

"Mr. Potter even if you're feelings are sincere as you claim them to be we are professor and student." Harry felt a spark of hope.

"Then after I graduate you and I could…,"

"Do not even go there." Snape stopped him and peered at him with empty cold eyes. When Harry usually looked in his eyes they had a fire to them, even if the fire was hatred there was something there, but now they lacked all emotion. That scared him more than being hated.

"But if we weren't professor and student then we could…,"


"But Professor at least tell me why?"

"It's because you are your mother's son." Snape closed the door in Harry's face all the while his last sentence echoed in Harry's head. Harry's heart broke on the spot; he stayed rooted to the floor in shock. Hermione and Ron found him in the same spot as they were walking down to their class.

They went to class where Snape ignored Harry and it was the most painful thing he had ever experienced.