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Trusted One

Chapter 17

His Trusted One

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"What!?" Vegeta chocked as he reeled backwards, almost falling over into a ungraceful heap.

"You heard me," Nappa said calmly, "I think you should give this to Bulma."

"I heard you the first time!" Vegeta snarled, "But what in hell has gotten into your head to think that I would want her!"

"Vegeta." Nappa deadpanned as he looked down at the smaller man, "Do I honestly have to point it out?"

Vegeta grumbled as he plopped down on the ground, lying on his stomach. His half erection he had been suffering from for the past two weeks throbbed at the thought of even asking Bulma.

Nappa sat down as well, "I wanted all of you in here for this, but I guess I get to torture you all one at a time."

Vegeta didn't move, but he did look up to glare.

"I once had a mate, Vegeta. Her name was Zezal and she was one of the most wonderful fighters when I met her. She was graceful and abundant. She died in the extraction process."

Vegeta winced. He had never known about Nappa's family life. The man had always been in his life, never once had he seen Nappa with his own family. Now he knew why. She had died when they were extracting her unborn child so it could develop in a monitored lab with the rest of the Saiya-jin babies.

"But then again, it opened up an opportunity to be an Royal elite guardian." Nappa paused, waving his hand in front of him, "But that isn't the point. The point is, how I became Zezal's mate."

So he began. He told him of the process Saiyans took to bond with one another and he told of the signs that helped them know who was the one for them. They had to be a pack sister first off, sharing a common link and the pack had to accept that link. Once the others saw her as a pack member, she was allowed to find a mate within her pack.

"But it is a little different with the Royal family," Nappa explained, "Not only does she have to be a pack sister, but she has to be something of your equal. She has to be strong and passionate about her people, just because she will need to help rule when the King is away, and she must be intelligent. A Royal Saiyan must recognize her as worthy. She also must perform the mating ceremony. From the proposal, to the dance, to the first night with her new mate, she must be willing and able to do it all."

Vegeta stared at him.

It made a lot of sense now. His body was reacting to his wants. He wanted Bulma. He needed her and he was willing to protect her and shield her from life's harms. He had already known that he was attracted to her. He had known the moment that Ze-Azel had asked him what he wanted to know at the tournament, but…

He had become discouraged when the others had come. He didn't know why he had backed away. But now it made sense. She wasn't a pack sister anymore. She had a link with him and that was it. Now she was once again a pack sister. His body's sudden need for her was because he had already picked her, yet he was still denying her.

He had been having periods of time when he couldn't keep himself away and times where he had to keep himself away. She was just as confused as he was, thinking that he was teasing her or picking on her when instead he was trying to defend her honor!! The last few weeks had been a roller coaster, and not just because the other males were suddenly finding interests of their own- which wouldn't work until they were pack sisters too. (He was almost fearful to let Launch join because of her lack of mental training.)

"Anything else I have to know?"

Nappa chewed on his lip before shrugging, "She has to be pure. No others have stolen away her chastity. Royal members don't touch things that have already been used."

"Great, the only problem is getting another Royal to accept her since, oh let me think, they're all dead."

"I count." Nappa shrugged.

"You… what?"

At this Nappa grinned, "I count. Royal elite guards have to be related to the Royals. I am related by marriage to your mother, Vegeta."

Vegeta's mouth dropped as his eyes widened.

"I have taken note of her. I watched her while I was here and I have come to the conclusion that she is the most acceptable mate possible for you. She is smart, strong in heart, and able to hold her own. She is your match, Vegeta. So thus, I approve of Bulma Briefs of Earth."

Vegeta couldn't believe it. He was being told to ask Bulma- the blue haired minx of a woman- to, how did humans put it again, marry him.

It was not like he didn't want her. Oh, he had been trying to deny himself for several long weeks. Ever since she had kissed him, he had slowly been driven mad by her very presence. He could smell every little chemical change in her body now, not that he knew what most the smells meant. However, he could tell when he got her all excited and aroused and –ack! He couldn't think of it right now. That smell was ingrained into his memory.

What had happened these last few weeks had been hell. Both of them dancing around each other as their bodies were physically telling them what they wanted, but their sense of pride and honor denying any such thing more than just a passionate kiss here and there.

And as of late, not even that. It had been new to him, this kissing thing, and Bulma had decided to teach him thoroughly. It was going fine the first two weeks or so, but then his body told him it wasn't enough to just ravage her mouth. It wanted more.

Oh how he wanted to do more, but, in his mind, he hadn't been sure of the steps. He was still nervous and he knew there was suppose to be an proposal with an engagement ring, having asked prior for the blessings of the Sire and Dame if they were present in her life, and a long process of marriage ceremony that involved guests, witnesses, parties, vows, and other traditions.

It was almost disheartening. He was a very private person. He didn't want everyone to know, but at the same time he wanted her off the potential mate list for people like the weakling.

He sighed out loud without intention to. He really felt stuck.

"Okay," Nappa said with a frown and a glare, "What's wrong that you aren't jumping up and heading over to her now."

Vegeta gave him a cryptic look. Nappa knew that look too. King Vegeta had had it right before he even tried to approach Ze-Azel. It was the 'I really have no clue what the hell I am doing and I am not about to make a fool of myself, thank-you-very-much' look.

Nappa rolled his eyes. He knew he was going to have to walk him through this or he wouldn't even attempt to do this at all. Not if it made him look like a fool. Vegeta was stubborn; he only did things when he was completely confident in them.

"If I know you; you know the rules of a human mating ceremony?"

"Ask for blessing from the mother and father; propose with engagement ring; if the female accepts, prepare for a wedding ceremony where a priest or judge or whatever is authorized to do so helps the couple through vows and marries them as husband and wife; and a reception party afterwards with lots of traditions before they head off for a honeymoon."

Nappa knew Vegeta was being vague, but ignored it for the time being, "That sounds easy enough."

"Wedding preparations can take months," Vegeta elated, "And there can be vast amounts of guests invited."

Nappa crinkled his nose. He mentally locked on to Turles's mind and began to speak to him. Boy, I need you to do something.

He heard grumbling as Turles replied with a snappy What?

Go find Bulma and ask her about what a marriage is and try to get her to tell you what it relates. Vegeta's answers are vague at best. Try to get her perspective on a bunch of guests and long drawn out weddings.

Fine. He heard Turles grumble.

Nappa smiled, Do it and I will ask the crazy female how she feels about you. Both sides of her.

He smirked when he felt Turles's mood become lighter. Going off to do as he ask.

Bulma didn't know why Turles was approaching her. She thought she had freaked him out this morning with her very large mood swing after Vegeta had left the room after breakfast.

She didn't know why, but this relationship with Vegeta (though no one actually said they were in a relationship) was getting out of hand. She had enjoyed the random moments when Vegeta would appear, making time for her as he promised, and began to talk with her.

They argued, played games, swapped opinions about books, and most of the time it ended up in them making out. It had been wonderful at first. He had been unsure and a little sloppy at first with his kisses, but as time went by, like all thing Saiyans do, he had mastered it down to an art. Things had been great, but now, things were just getting awkward.

Could you say sexual tension? Bulma could.

She had been on edge, trying to be careful as both her and Vegeta began to want just more then just a make-out session. She had been in a foul mood because of the tension building between them, but Turles, though he had been careful this morning, had approached her unafraid.

"Little sis," Turles started.

None of them called her Bulma much anymore all had their ways of addressing her. On occasion she got a 'Bulma' from Radditz, but she was usually surprised if Turles or Radditz called her anything other than 'little sis'.


"What's a wedding?"

Bulma choked on air as she turned to fix a surprised gaze on Turles, "What?"

"A wedding. What is it?"

"Where did you hear that word?"

"Your mother," Turles lied simply.

The answer usually worked with awkward words.

It figured, Bulma sighed.

"A wedding is a ceremony preformed to make a relationship between a man and woman legal… Um, like make them husband and wife." She looked at his blank expression, "They become mates." That word he recognized.


"Why what?"

"Have something like that. Why not just mate and be done with it?"

Bulma sighed, "It is so others know that both man and woman are legally bonded to each other, no longer available to court or date others. Like, what mine is yours and yours is mine, kind of way. So a husband and wife usually share a last name, share properties, and usually one moves in with the other."

"Oh. Is that all?"

"Well there is a wedding ceremony and most people have a party for their guests afterwards," Bulma shrugged, "Usually having the bride throw her flowers and the groom throw the garter. The tradition goes that the next two people get married, but that's superstition and is not right. Also the newly weds cut the first piece of cake and feed it to each other."

"So there is a lot of stuff to do for a wedding," Turles said with a crinkle of his nose in disgust, "That sounds too public."

"Well, there are small weddings or even gunshot weddings," Bulma sighed, getting tired of this conversation.

"Oh," Turles blinked before asking, "What's a gunshot wedding?"

"Very quick. Usually married before a judge and there is no reception, only a few witnesses. Personally, I think a small wedding with a handful of people and a little reception with a cake would be nice. Not to many, just the ones that live here really."

"So you wouldn't want a huge wedding?"

"Yuck," Bulma said, sticking out her tongue and making a face in disgust, "My mom might want one of those, but I can't stand people. I would rather just get married quietly and just head off to the honeymoon right after the 'I do's'."

She paused before setting a glare on him, "You are asking quite a lot of questions. What's up?"

"Nothing," Turles said with a shrug, "Just the normal Saiyan curiosity."

"You usually pull things apart to get your answer, not twenty questions," Bulma pointed out.

"Well, there is nothing to pull apart, now is there?"

"Touché," Bulma said with a laugh, "Now off with you before I build something that Launch can shoot that would actually hurt you."

"Later, little sis."

Turles quickly related back what he had learned to Nappa with their mental link.

Good boy, you might be better obtaining information than I thought. Nappa told him with a smug smile gracing his lips.

Shut up and just remember what you promised, Old One.

"What are you smiling about," Vegeta grumbled as he glared at Nappa.

"Vegeta, you are going to go ask for Dr. Trunks and Bunny's blessings, and then, you are going to propose to her after getting any and all details straight with her parents."

"What!" Vegeta yelped out, looking shocked, "But… they want… a …a wedding."

"There are such things as small weddings, Turles just checked," Nappa grinned, standing up and pulling Vegeta and tucking him under his arm, "But let's get you presentable like."

"Nappa!! Put me down!!!" Vegeta roared as he struggled to get out of the man's hold.

Nappa noticed that in this sexually frustrated state, he was unable to fight his way out of Nappa's hold. He rolled his eyes.


Vegeta didn't know if he was going to die of embarrassment or die of humiliation. Either one was bad. His face felt permanently flushed.

He had just gotten done eating dinner with Bulma's parents and had asked them for their blessing. Bunny was overbearingly joyous to hear such a thing and Dr. Briefs nodded, saying something along the lines of 'I'm surprised it took you so long'.

So after one really, really long session of hugs and pats on the back, he finally got away. The only thing that bothered him was the idea of them sharing all they had. She had money, possessions, and even the things that he said were his in the end was only what was given to him by her.

He owned nothing but his title, his honor, his word, and his power.

His brow wrinkled, he didn't want it to be like that. He didn't want it to seem that he asked her to marry him only for her wealth. Vegeta looked down at the beautiful headpiece his mother had worn countless times. He closed his eyes as he pressed it close to his heart.

He sighed heavily, what was he to do?

A sudden idea came to his mind and he rushed off to find the only person who could help him. He might own nothing, but perhaps he could still give her something that would mean much to her.

Bulma didn't know what Vegeta was off doing, but the last three weeks he had said nothing more than a few words to her. He disappeared the rest of the time. She couldn't even locate his ki properly since he was flaring it and making it impossible to pinpoint. The S.O.B.

She grumbled as she took another bite of her toast, none of her pack brothers were even around, not even the usually ever present Nappa. He was usually nearby unless he was training and he only had certain hours that he would train. When he wasn't there, one of her other brothers were present. Hell, not even Launch was around.

Radditz had been quite surprised when Nappa had come back and been thoroughly teased by the older Saiyan. Nappa was surprised when Radditz hit harder than he use to, sending the older, giant man sailing into the wall in the GR.

He had been sparring with not only Venus, but also his brother. Slowly he was gaining strength, but still not enough to trump Vegeta in his current state.

"Onna," Vegeta's voice growled aloud, making her jump at the suddenness of it.

"What?" Bulma hissed, "Finally decided to show your face?"

The tension between them was thick even though he was across the room. She was angry and happy to see him all at the same time. Angry because he had avoided her, and happy because he had finally shown back up and was paying her attention.

"Miss it?" Vegeta smirked, raising his head slightly in arrogance.

Yes, she had, but he wasn't about to win.

"As if," She snorted, turning back to her toast.

There was a pause before Vegeta walked closer, "I require your presence for something."

Bulma eyed him, "What, you need me for something? That's rare nowadays."

"Yes, well, I also require you to look decent, more so than you did for that dinner with the weakling. So, hurry up so I can get this over with."

With that, he turned about face and left the room, leaving Bulma sitting there with a questioning stare at the place he once stood.

She shrugged and went to get ready. Maybe the stuck up prince was finally going to admit his relationship with her.

She headed upstairs just in time to see her mother heading out of her room with a smile, "Oh, Bulma-chan, I just bought you the most loveliest kimono that I saw at the store the other day. I set it on your bed for you to put away. I just saw it and had to get it for you. It looks fit for a queen!"

She nodded to her mother, entering the room and going to see what her mother was speaking about.

She gasped when she saw it. It was the most eloquent kimono she had seen. It was of crimson hues, deep indigo hues, navy blue hues, and silver streaks dancing about the kimono. It had been ages since she had seen one so lovely. She smiled as she entertained the thought of wearing it to meet with Vegeta. He did say more than what she had worn on her dinner with Yamcha.

So she did so. She dressed in it, wrapping the silver obi around her waist and tying it in an elegant bow that Azel and her mother had taught her long ago. She pulled her hair up and made it graceful with gently curls in the few strands she allowed free and used little jewelry to dress herself further, so not to make it seem too much.

She came out sometime later to Nappa standing at her door. He looked shocked to see her dressed so elegantly, but smiled.

"My, my, squirt, you look almost royal like."

"Shut up," Bulma said with a grin, "Vegeta came in this morning huffing something about requiring my presence and that I had to dress up nicely, so I did just that."

Nappa laughed, "I see, so you want to knock him off his feet with that outfit, hm?"

"Yes, just that," Bulma said with a happy laugh, "It would be nice to ruffle his feathers once again."

"Yes, well," Nappa said, turning serious, "He already left, so I am suppose to take you where you are required."

"What?" Bulma asked in a disbelieving tone, "He tells me to get ready and now he heads off without me?"

Her face slowly contorted to one of anger, "Well tell him to shove off then, I am not going alone."

"He's meeting you there, he just needed to get something." Nappa assured her, picking her up, "Now hopefully I don't mess up your pretty hair."

Bulma shouted angrily as Nappa left the house with her in his arms and took to the sky. She calmed after a while and watched as they went. She was very confused when they landed near the graveyard that Baba owned. The old woman no where to be seen, but the gate was open.

Nappa let her down, gently pushing her towards the gates, "Go. Vegeta, no doubt, is waiting for you."

Bulma was about to retort, but him being in the graveyard made her wonder. So she fed her curiosity.

Slowly she headed in. Her thoughts clouded as she came into the silent resting place of so many, yet so few. She didn't know exactly where she was suppose to meet Vegeta, but she had an idea. She walked the path she had walked so many times before when she had come to visit Azel's tombstone.

There, she saw him. Dressed almost impeccably like her, no, to compliment her outfit. He was bowed in prayer as he offered incense to the gravestone of Azel. He wore a yukata, hakama, and hatori with a sword with silver dancing on the sheath. His garments were the same colors of her kimono.

"Good, you wore it." Vegeta said as he straightened, looking at her from where he stood.

"Vegeta, what is going on?" Bulma asked as she approached him.

He held out his hand for her to take, which she cautiously took and was pull in a gentle manner to his side to admire the grave.

"I did not know the proper place to ask this. I know you do not like the city and it would be preposterous to make a scene of something that has not been made public for good cause."

Bulma didn't know why, but her heart was hammering in her chest. Vegeta had a calm expression as he went on; his eyes lay on the grave.

"But then again, what an honor it would be to ask this of you in the presence of the very being that no doubt help in our getting to know one another better."

Was he really going where she thought he was going? Her eyes remained glued to his face, begging him mentally for eye contact as he continued.

Oh Kami, oh Kami, oh Kami.

"You see, even though neither of us have said anything about a future…" His face flushed as he shuffled, "I cannot see myself with anyone."

Her heart sank as she looked down. Was this his way of breaking their relationship?

"That's what I would have said if I had been a year younger and still a fool." He lifted him head as he looked at her, "I am not an Earthling. I have no riches to offer you. I have nothing to give to you but my word, my honor, my strength, and my heritage."

Her eyes couldn't help but fill up with tears as her heart stood still. He had never once said anything overly gushingly as he spoke to her now, but it was serious like, in a tone that demanded respect and to be taken with the utmost seriousness. He was not joking. His eyes never left her as his face remained the same gruff expression that he always wore.

"So," He pulled a large box out of his pocket of his hakama, "Though I have no ring to offer you as Earth culture would demand, I have this." He opened the lid to show the most beautiful piece of jewelry she had ever seen, "This is the Royal's sacred treasure. Handed down from generation to generation and offered to every single one of the Queens- who then inherit the name of Vegiit along with the throne. Most of my people have died, but I wish to ask of you to still be my remaining people's queen, to help rule over all of them." His face flushed as he shuffled a little, but his eyes stayed on her, "Will you be my Vegiit?"

He wasn't on one knee, he wasn't in the middle of a large crowd asking her, and he definitely didn't ask her like a madly in love man. But to her, she wouldn't have asked for it any other way. He had laid himself in front of her to be judged, giving her all of him. She knew he wasn't in it for her wealth and she knew he wasn't in it for any other reason than their unspoken love for one another.

She couldn't help but begin to cry as she stood there. He had tried so hard, she realized. He had planned it out so they wore the traditional outfits of her people even though he offered her the proposal gift of his people. He had mixed both of their cultures so that it fit both worlds. She was so happy, as she stood there crying into her hands. She had never thought this was even possible. She had thought he might stay, but not this.

For Vegeta to even consider her enough to ask like a gentleman was enough for her. He offered her all he had and asked for nothing in return.

"My parents-" Bulma started when she could.

"Gave their blessing among other things," Vegeta said, his face flushing further. "Will you marry me or not?"

Bulma smiled at him as he waited anxiously for her to respond.

"Yes," She sniffled happily as she tried not to cry more (though she did just that), "Yes I will marry you, Vegeta."

Vegeta looked relieved as he sighed. He took the hairpiece and gently placed it in her hair for her. She was still shedding tears of joy as he gently fixed it into her hair.

"This was my mother's before you." Vegeta told her, "But now, it is yours. Keep it well… Bulma."

Bulma began to cry all over again, freaking Vegeta out as he looked at her in his discretely worried but looked annoyed expression.

"What are you crying about now?"

He knew it wasn't because of anything about marrying him.

"You…" She wept as she threw her arms around his neck and buried her face into his chest, "You said my name."

It was the most beautiful thing to her, hearing him roll her name off his tongue and past his lips in such a manner.

"You cry over that?" He mused as he chuckled lightly, "Then perhaps that was all I had to do. Ask you to marry me by saying your name. Would have saved me the trouble of thinking what to say to you."

"I liked it," Bulma told him as she held on, "I liked it very much, Vegeta. It made me feel very important."

She rested her head on his chest, pushing her ear against his flesh and listened to his heart. It was beating wildly, just like hers. She smiled at the idea that Vegeta being nervous about anything. He was able to hide it so well.

"So," Vegeta said clearing his throat as he held onto her, "We need to discuss a few things, like"-there was a struggle to get out the word, she noticed- "wedding plans."

She looked up at him with surprise, "You. You want a wedding?"

Vegeta sneered at the very thought, "If it were my way, we'd do it as my ancestors did and perform the dance for King and Queen before I bedded you." He paused as he rolled his eyes, looking put out, "But apparently, the others want to see a wedding firsthand."

Bulma almost hit him for that before he added.

"And it would be best to be recognized as husband and wife in the eyes of your people as well. Did you not want a small wedding with little reception with a cake before taking off on a honeymoon?"

Bulma's eyes widened as she realized that she had told Turles that only three weeks ago. Everything seemed to sink in. She smiled as she nodded into his chest, holding him closer than before.

"Good, because your mother has been driving me nuts with all the little details." Vegeta snorted in mock disgust, "You deal with your crazy mother. No doubt you'll be able to tell her what you want."

"You've been… You've been planning the wedding?" Bulma asked in shock, "What if I had said 'no'?"

Vegeta glared at her, "You wouldn't of."

Bulma couldn't argue. No matter how she thought of it, the way she felt for Vegeta made it impossible to deny him such a request.

She still pulled away and hit him playfully in the chest, "It doesn't mean you get to plan the wedding as if it is going to happen, you know."

"I didn't," Vegeta huffed as he took her hand and regally led her down the graveyard, "Your mother wouldn't stop! I tried to get her to stop!"

"True, she does like planning." Bulma nodded, before looking worried, "She hasn't told or invited anyone has she?"

"Do you think I am insane enough to let her go about as she pleases? No one knows except the household. I intend to keep it that way." Vegeta said with a scornful look.

"Ditto," Bulma agreed, "The last thing I need is the paparazzi catching wind of this. Four full blooded Saiyans in the house- two who destroyed a whole city- should not be noticed by the media for the sake of all our health. No, just our little household… and the Son family."

"Definitely not!" Vegeta glared, "I am not about to have that idiot Kakarrott ruining such a day with his idiotcy nor having his wife picking a fight or screaming; the Saiyan ears in the room will bleed from it!"

"Fine," Bulma pouted, "We'll surprise them later then."

"Agreed," Vegeta said with a smirk.

"Imagine their expression in two years when we all get together again. Not only will the Saiyan population had grown from three to seven, but Bulma Briefs will be married to Prince Vegeta no less."

Vegeta could imagine their faces and it made him chuckle. The idiots would look as stupid as they were.


"Yes, Your Royal Whyness?"

"What in HFIL's name is a honeymoon?"

Bulma giggled at him before pulling away and running the best she could in her kimono.

"Onna! Get back here and tell me!"

"Gotta catch me first!" She laughed happily.

"Hmph, stop making it so easy!"

"No fair Vegeta! Let me down!"

"You didn't say please."


She didn't know how it happened and neither did she think the prince knew, but somehow, both of them had fallen in love.

Perhaps it had been the old female Saiyan that had made it possible.

Perhaps they would have eventually come together.

Perhaps it was because of their Saiyan brothers.

Perhaps it was Vegeta's ailment that opened his heart to her.

Neither was certain when their turning point really was, but they didn't care. They were to be mates.

And their world would never be the same because of it.

Because she had become his most Trusted One.