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When Dr. Elizabeth Paine stepped into her new clinic she still could not believe her luck.

Deciding to become a dentist was easy. She had wanted to go to dental school since she was a child. Her own dentist inspired her with his easy going chair side manner and sense of humor. It always made her comfortable; she even looked forward to the visits, and she thought that if she could become a dentist she would always treat her patients with the same care and compassion.

She worked hard in undergrad and even harder in the competitive world of dental school. She wasn't valedictorian or even salutatorian, but she had finished in the top ten of her graduating class from UMB Baltimore College of Dental Surgery.

Deciding to join Starfleet was a different story. That decision wasn't just something that had fallen in her lap. She wrestled with her career for almost a year until finally deciding private practice was not for her and joined Starfleet. And of course she was running from something. Wasn't everyone in Starfleet always running from something?

But to be given The Enterprise for her first duty assignment. That was just luck.

"Morning Liza," said the familiar voice of her assistant Lieutenant Julie McKenzie.

Julie had been with Liza since her first year at Starfleet when she was a brand new dentist struggling through a two year advanced general dentistry residency. When Julie found out Liza was assigned to The Enterprise, she asked for a transfer to the flagship herself. Liza pulled what few strings she had at Starfleet and she and Julie giggled like school girls when they found out Julie would continue as her assistant on The Enterprise.

Julie was twelve years older than Liza and had been a dental assistant longer than Liza ever dreamed of being a dentist. But most importantly, she became Liza's friend.

The two made an interesting pair. They were an odd couple of sorts. Liza, with her perfectionism and attention to detail and Julie, with her experience and ability to roll with the punches. Julie could sooth even the most frightened patients, and sometimes a nervous Liza.

Liza looked around in awe of all the brand new dental equipment that was now at her disposal.

"Pretty nice digs, huh Doc?" Julie stood next to her smiling and handed her a coffee cup.

Cream, no sugar, just the way she liked it.

"Pretty nice," she agreed. "Have you had a chance to check supplies yet?"

"I did that last week while I was waiting for you to arrive. It seems like we'll have everything we need….most of what we want.." Julie walked around the open floor of their new treatment room, pulling open cabinets and drawers to show the supplies neatly stashed away in their assigned places. "I did put in an order for a few materials you'd prefer over what we already have. They should come in when we hit our next star base."

Liza walked over to one of the four dental chairs and played with the rheostat and chair controls. She was so excited to have her own clinic she even flipped the dental light on and off a few times.

Julie continued, "All of the equipment seems in pretty good shape. I made sure I changed all the suction traps. The kits and hand pieces have all been oiled and sterilized."

Julie plopped herself into a chair and took a sip of her coffee. "I believe we're ready to start seeing patients Dr. Paine," she added with satisfaction.

Liza sat down in the chair next to her. "I believe you're right, Ms. McKenzie. I'm so glad you're here with me."

"I'm glad I'm here too," replied her assistant. They laughed and did a little happy dance in their chairs. It was something they started Liza's first week of residency when one of the staffing doctors complimented her skills. The happy dance went along with the high fives and occasional water syringe fight they had from time to time.

"Have you heard whether we'll get a hygienist or not?"

"I doubt it. There are a little over four hundred crew on this ship. I wouldn't think that would warrant a hygienist. I imagine we'll do the prophys ourselves."

Liza thought the room was too blue. Their service uniforms were blue, the chairs were blue, the walls were blue, even the paper cups and patient bibs were blue.

As usual, Julie seemed to be reading her thoughts. "We'll have to dig up some art work to hang on the walls. This place is too blue."

"You can hang whatever you want on the walls ladies. Please make yourselves at home." A voice from behind startled them and they jumped up from their chairs to find their new captain standing with another science officer just inside the door.

"Captain Kirk, I wasn't expecting you." Liza pushed a strand of blonde hair away from her face, rushed over and stretched out her hand to shake his. "My assistant and I were just checking out our new clinic."

"I hope you find everything to your liking and if not, I'm sure my chief medical officer Dr. McCoy here will help you get things settled."

Dr. McCoy smiled and reached out to shake her hand. "Doctor."

Liza was struck by his startling blue eyes and could only awkwardly manage to utter, "Doctor," as she pressed her hand into his.

The four chatted for a few minutes before the captain and doctor excused themselves.

Julie promised she would be sending them notifications regarding their yearly dental exams and Dr. McCoy looked back and nodded goodbye to Liza as he left.

Julie stood at her side and watched her boss stare at the door. The brunette sighed and slowly shook her head. "Too blue indeed."