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Deemed the greatest music talent in the world, Serena Tsukino is one amazing woman whose lead an amazing life… thus far. When she begins to want a more serious relationship with her best friend and lover of many years… she finds that may not be so easy because Darien Shields is not one to love anyone. D/S


The Romance

As she wrote she remembered that first night. The first time they stepped onto the stage together. The huge band of ten people overwhelmed people and yet, that night's success still brought a smile to her face. The smile spread as she thought about her friends and what brought them all together. Music.

"Aren't you done with that yet meatball head?" The tall, dark-haired Adonis of a man smiled and leaned over the petite frame of his friend sitting at her composing table. "How long are you going to be at this one?"

Pausing for a moment she looked over her shoulder while rolling her eyes. "Dare, I'm doing what you asked me to do so I suggest you shut up about it before I scrap this project." The younger, shorter blonde looked up at her best friend and felt that familiar flutter in her stomach. "Going out?" She asked nonchalantly, her cerulean eyes scanning over his "devil may care" appearance.

His name, Darien Shields, and oh what a name. Darien means "the gift" and dear lord, that certainly appeared true. His tall, muscular stature towered over most other men and his chiseled features contained the ability to make even the most talented sculptor jealous. The embodiment of the perfect male specimen, and it seemed all the women knew it.

Of course he made it easy to see the perfection in him. He purposefully wore tight short-sleeved shirts, tight across the chest in order to show off his body. This evening he wore a sapphire blue shirt with the name of he and Serena's band on the front. The blue of the shirt accented his midnight blue eyes and raven hair that fell over his forehead to his eyebrows. The black mane looked a little messy, obviously intentional. Complete with a black leather jacket casually slung over his shoulder, black leather boots, and black jeans that fit his ass so well it was a sin to look, he looked… amazing.

"I am… I didn't over do it did I?" He asked and turned in a slow circle for the exam that inevitably came; and boy did she take the liberty to do examine him. "Well Meatball head… what do you think? Too much?"

"Too much what?" She asked raising an eyebrow. Too casual, too dressy? What did he want to know?

"Too sexy you silly girl." He smiled devilishly and put his favorite dark sunglasses on. She laughed and shook her head. She walked right into that. Of course he looked too sexy it was impossible for him to appear any other way.

"No, you're not too sexy. In fact you look rather frumpy and uncool." She said with a straight face as he smiled broadly, his straight white teeth almost sparkling. That smile wooed many a woman, trapping them in his world, where only his desires mattered.

"Nice try. I know I'm hot." He took the sunglasses off and winked. "Anyway, I just stopped by to see how it's coming along. I have a little date to go on with that model from the Rolling Stones magazine. You know the one."

"Ah, right, the bimbo… are you sure she's not blonde?" They both laughed at the irony of a blonde asking the question. "I'm surprised Darien. I know she's practically built of silicone. I mean… you're going to play with a Barbie doll?" He shook his head and focused his eyes on her.

"Well, we'll see. I'm not sure. If she is made of plastic I'd rather not." He chuckled slightly and put his sunglasses back on. "I'd probably break her." Serena nodded and turned back to her music. "I'll be back afterwards. Don't wait up okay?" He then hugged her and kissed her forehead before walking coolly out of the house Serena recently bought, his scent trailing after him.

She watched him go and turned back to her table. Taking her pencil in her hand once again she began to write the music to the lyrics he'd given her:

Never tell your friends

They'll never understand

Confessions only burn themselves in the fire

Choke on every word

That no one's ever heard

Your sentimental thoughts are strangled and tired

See it in another light

You'll see it working out alright

I know I won't change any minds

As long as they're still changing mine

As simple as they can

They're telling you again

What they think you've done is so unbecoming

But you don't have to take

Every old mistake

And always see it as a fall while you're running

Saw it in other light

I saw it work out alright

I know I won't change your mind

As long as they're changing mine

She read those words over and over again, wondering what he wanted to tell people. Never one to confess, Darien only told her his deepest of thoughts. He didn't trust anyone else and it was a sad thing to know.

Darien hid himself from the group. Serena knew the real him, and that Darien… well… no one else knew that person. The Darien everyone saw on a regular basis possessed a "devil may care" attitude. Day after days, woman after pitiful woman he moved through his life, the object of the thing, to give others the impression that nothing affected him. How easily he fooled the people around him.

Serena sighed and looked at her watch. Noticing the late hour, she leaned back in her chair and rubbed her eyes. Standing, she turned off the light above the table and walked to her bedroom where she stripped down and gazed at her reflection in the mirror. She reached up and let her hair out of her signature bun and pigtails then surveyed herself once more. Her blonde hair shone in the dim light of the bedside lamp and she thought for a brief moment that she looked somewhat angelic. Her blue eyes sparkled and against her pale skin, she thought she really looked beautiful.

Reaching forward she touched the mirror and closed her eyes. "What's wrong with me?" She quietly begged the mirror for an answer. "Please tell me why he doesn't love me… please?" She leaned her head against the mirror and sighed.

*narrator pause* Okay, ladies and gentlemen let us look at this scene while I still have her naked and leaning against the full length mirror shall we? So, here- points to Serena with a stick- a woman who has it all going for her but still asks to see flaws that don't exist. Where's the justice I ask… where? Well, look at her! Just look at the woman! At five foot four, she has long, flowing blonde hair, blue eyes, and the most perfect figure you've ever seen! Her legs look like they go on forever, her skin, flawless, and… just… she's freakin' perfect!

So why… why does she look in the mirror and ask these questions? The answer, pure and simple… men. Specifically one man named Darien Shields. Serena wears her heart on her sleeve and gives herself wholly to all that she does. Darien does not.

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She hated herself for allowing herself to feel this way. She didn't want to live like this, but her love for him held her prisoner. She wished she had the ability to say that she didn't love him, but she did.

A tear rolled down her cheek as she thought about her life. So many good memories kept her hopeful, kept her waiting for the day Darien stopped his escapades.


"Hey meatball head! Meatball head!" The voice of a small boy carried across the playground on a wind that chilled the small blonde to the core. "Hey! I'm talking to you!" Under the careful watch of the fifth graders, the second grade boy trudged over to the small, lost kindergarten girl. He stomped his feet in a show of dominance as he closed the space between them. She stood alone, the only kindergartener on the playground and rightfully so. The bell had rung for the smallest group of students some time before that. "Hey small fry, why are you out here?" He leaned over her and jabbed his finger towards her. Her large blue eyes followed him and as she slowly looked up, her petite face began to droop and those blue eyes watered.

Taken aback the boy softened his stern face. "Hey um… don't cry meatball head. I didn't mean to…" The small girl began to wail towards the sky. The boy stepped back but soon found the girl's tiny arms wrapped around his waist.

"I'm lost! All my friends are gone!" She cried into him as the playground attendants began to close in. "Where did my friends go?" She asked desperately as she squeezed him tightly. Behind him the boy heard the elder children laughing hysterically at his predicament. The very sound of it was sickening, embarrassing, and utterly unforgivable.

"I think they went back to class, the bell rang a while ago." He pried himself from her just as the attendant reached them. After a short question and answer period the attendant took the small girl away, leaving the boy on the playground alone to face the fifth graders.

"Nice job Romeo. You were supposed to pick on her for that ridiculous hair, not hug her like a teddy bear." The eldest boy laughed and smirked. "I think you like her." The boy's face paled as he thought about what the other boy said. "Hah! Yeah, Darien likes the bunny girl!" The group began to laugh then chanted. "Darien and bunny sittin' in a tree. K I S S I N…" Darien let out a battle cry and tackled the larger boy. Though smaller in stature his anger more than made up for it.

The attendant pulled the boys apart and hauled them both to the principal's office. The little girl never knew that the boy was suspended for fighting that day. All she remembered was the kindness that sparkled in the boy's eyes as she began to cry. For day's after that Serena waited to see him again. When the day came that she saw him again, it was a sadder time. The boy sat in a hospital bed crying. He had lost his parents in a car accident and sat waiting for his grandparents. The little girl from the playground appeared next to him almost miraculously. "Who are you?"

"My name is Serena… Why are you crying?" She looked up at him, her blue eyes sparkling with sympathy and curiosity.

"Because my parents died and I'll never see them again… I'm all alone." He sniffed helplessly and rubbed his face with the blanket on the bed.

"No you're not! 'cause from now on, I'll be your friend." She smiled sweetly and plucked a red rose from the small bouquet she held in her hands. He blinked as she handed it to him. "My mummy just had a baby boy today and I got these roses for her… here, it's a present."

He looked at her with disbelief and nodded. "Thanks Serena." He took the rose from her and watched as she happily bounced out of the room and into the hall.


Serena remembered those encounters just as the tear dropped to the floor. It would have been better if we never met. She reasoned. Deep down she knew she did not mean the statement. She loved him whole-heartedly, no matter what he did. "Hey, none of that." Darien whispered in her ear as his arms wrapped around her waist. "No tears in this house remember?" Pulling her away from the mirror Darien tenderly turned her towards him, his hands moving up to her face. "Hey, look at me." He cooed softly and rubbed his thumbs in a back and forth motion at the corners of her mouth.

She opened her eyes and looked at him through her tears. He looked the same as he when he left except for the sunglasses, which now rested on his shirt collar. The two stood there, simply taking the other in. "What is this crying business?" He finally asked and leaned his forehead against hers.

"Nothing." She pulled away from him and turned towards her closet. The last thing she wanted at the moment, was for her to be around him in the nude. He followed her, placing his hands against the doors so she couldn't open them.

"Sorry, tears mean something. Just tell me." His voice washed over her, so silky, so soft. Everything about him made her tingle. "Come on meatball head." He turned her towards him again. Looking into his eyes made it hard to avoid the reason for her tears.

"Oh, I just feel a little… emotional." She smiled and hoped he wouldn't notice the way she tried to hide her body with her hair. He simply looked at her with a raised eyebrow then shrugged. "So… wh… did your date not work out?"

"No, it didn't. That woman sickens me. I don't know why women insist on mutilating their bodies like that." He sighed then smiled and stepped into her so her back pressed against the closet doors. "Of course, not everyone can be breathtakingly beautiful." His grin spread to her lips just before she realized that once again, he had her. How easily he manipulated her.

"I'm very tired Darien." She pushed her hands against his chest in protest. Tonight belonged to her. Not him. She refused to crawl into bed with him on this night. He grunted but released her reluctantly. "Thank you." She smiled and opened the doors to her closet. Pulling out a tank top and some shorts she walked to her dresser and grabbed a pair of panties. All the while Darien's eyes followed her, watching her every move. The intense stare made her anxious to get into the shower.

She hurried into the bathroom and turned the water on. Feeling relieved upon not seeing him she smiled and relaxed her body. Stepping under the cascading water she closed her eyes and let the warmth calm her. A slight moan escaped her lips, the heat soothing the aches and pains she didn't realize she had until now.

Darien stood in Serena's bedroom and stared at the now closed bathroom door. When he walked through her front door he never imagined finding her naked and crying. Something caused her to cry, she never cried and he hated to see tears on her face.

With a sigh he turned away from the door and stripped down to his boxers. Slipping under the blankets of her bed he let himself reflect over the date with the model. Though the woman possessed a certain beauty she did not appeal to him. In the end she asked him into her apartment and he refused. Shaking his head he wondered why he said no. He never said no to willing women.

Serena walked out of the bathroom with her shorts and tank top on. She paused when she saw Darien in her bed, thoughtfully mulling a thought around. "Darien, why are you in my bed?"

He jumped at the sound of her voice then blinked at her a few times. "I want to stay here tonight. I won't start anything I promise." He added and held up his hands in a sign of submission. "I just want to be near you."

"Oh…" Serena felt her breath hitch in her lungs. He looked so very vulnerable when his eyes gazed at her in that way. "Okay…" She walked to the bed and climbed under the covers. "So… how was the date?"

"Fine." He shrugged and sunk down into the bed. Now on his back he tucked his hands behind his raven hair and concentrated his deep blue eyes on her. "I'm more interested in the night you had." Feeling like his eyes had the ability to pierce her soul she turned away. "Something happened." He suggested gently.

"No, nothing happened okay? Leave it alone." She let out an exacerbated breath and moved herself deeper into the bed so that she lay on her side facing away from him. Clearly she wanted to leave well enough alone.

"If you insist Meatball head, that doesn't mean I believe you. You know you can't lie to me. That's why you turn away." He smiled and rolled onto his side towards her. Reaching a powerful arm he hooked it around her waist and pulled her against him. "Good night." Darien whispered into the nape of her neck and closed his eyes.

Saying nothing Serena lay there with tears rolling down her cheeks. As much as she wanted to enjoy her current position, she found it hard to. She wanted this to be real, she wanted him to love her. Sure, this felt real, when she spent time him, he acted as though he loved her. She knew better. He promised himself at a young age, never fall in love.

The story, tragic perhaps, left the young boy afraid to let others in. His father loved his mother more than life itself. Darien told her that once, his father said that you give yourself completely to the person you love. A dangerous thing to do, such a thing makes a person vulnerable. Unfortunately, Darien's father traveled for work rather frequently, this left his mother alone. Of course, the inevitable happened, one day, Darien sat at home playing video games and his father came home. He brought flowers with him as a surprise for his wife on their anniversary only to find her in bed with another man. Enraged, Darien's father shot both his wife and her lover, then turned the gun on himself. Darien witnessed the entire incident and tried to stop his father. The heartbreak evident on the man's face, Darien explained, chilled him to the bone. That day, Darien promised to never fall in love with anyone, promised to never get close to anyone emotionally. Darien keeps his promises.

After hours of laying awake she allowed herself to close her eyes. Sleep soon took her and her breathing deepened signaling to Darien that the woman finally succumbed to exhaustion. Removing his arm from her waist he turned her to face him. Her tear streaked cheeks made him frown. Is she in pain of some sort? He wondered and lifted the blankets away from her so he could look her over for any bruises. What's wrong? Feeling defeated he replaced the blankets and lay back down. Whatever the matter, he felt somehow responsible.

The sun shone through the sheer curtains over the window and warmed Serena's face thus waking her. Her eyes fluttered open and instantly connected with those of Darien's. "Morning." He smiled.

"Morning." She replied weakly and began to remove herself from his arms. Noticing that he held her tighter when she moved Serena knew he wanted answers. "Please let go of me?" The question contained more than one meaning, more than one request.

"No." Came the simple reply. The single word plunged the two into complete silence. Neither wanting to speak for fear of what the other had to say. "What have I done to make you angry with me?" His voice floated through the air softly, she hated it when he did that. She hated it when he talked like that. He seemed so very sincere.

"What makes you think it has anything to do with you?" Serena breathed as he pulled her closer to him. The warmth from his body warmed her making her resolve begin to waiver.

"I just know Meatball head. We've been friends for so long… don't you think I know when you're upset? Now… what's on your mind?" He put one hand on her cheek thus forcing her to look into his eyes.

"I'm unhappy." She stated plainly as he propped himself up on one elbow and looked down at her. She carefully studied his face, the controlled movements that told her he understood what she said. He understood her beyond the words, he knew the meaning behind them.

"Then, I'll leave." He moved away from her and touched his feet to the ground. He moved about the room silently gathering his things. After he dressed himself he turned and looked at her.

"I never said I wanted you to leave." She finally squeaked as he turned to walk out the door. He stopped and looked at her fully, his thoughts racing. "I don't want you to leave." She affirmed.

"Then what do you want?" He asked sternly, his voice strong despite the obvious hint of frustration. She fell silent and looked at her clasp hands in her lap. "Look at me when I ask you a question!"

"You know what I want Darien." She looked into his eyes searching for anything that told her how he felt. Nothing.

"I can't give you what you want." He said flatly, emotionlessly. She felt her heart stop as he said the words she always suspected. He refused to love her. Despite everything that she gave him, he refused to love her.

"Then… I can't be happy." She sighed. "What are we doing Dare? Why do you come here?" He stiffened and simply gazed at her. "Why do you treat me like you love me… if you don't?"

Darien felt himself breaking. She looked so sad, so defeated. Somewhere deep down he knew the truth. He loved her, he loved her more than anything and to see her in pain killed him. Despite the fact that he knew it, he promised to not admit it. "I thought we had an understanding Serena. I told you in the beginning how this would be."

"Well, excuse me if it's hard to know where I stand with you while we're doing things like walking along the Seine under the sparkling lights of Paris holding hands!" She shouted and felt the tears slip from her eyes. "Then again, I guess you're simply a really good actor. All the other women fall for it! I should have known I didn't mean anything to you." Her tone was sad now and he felt heartbroken.

"I care about you a great deal Serena. You know that. You're my Meatball head." He smiled and walked back to the now sobbing woman. "Please stop crying. I hate it when you cry." He knelt down next to the bed and reached for her. Her body limply fell into his, her sobbing increasing when he touched her. Against his better judgment he found himself kissing her eyes and face. The gentle kisses soon transformed into something more demanding and far more carnal.

Soon the pair came to the point of no return. Serena found herself beneath the man she loved and, in that moment, she didn't care how he felt. She loved him, that fact alone comforted her. He hesitated above her, his eyes questioning her.

With a smile she nodded and moaned as he entered her body. "Oh…" she arched into him. Such indescribable pleasure really tortured a person. Serena wanted every inch of him, every fiber of his being and in this moment, she possessed him fully. As they moved together, their bodies and the very beat of their hearts synchronized. Together like this the pair ceased to exist, rather, one being formed.

Thrust after thrust, hour after hour, the pair gave themselves to one another wholly. The sinfully pure ecstasy rushing through them pulsed within their veins until each grew weak. One final thrust sent them both into climax.

Darien moved to the side of his lover and gathered her in his arms. He knew he shouldn't have taken her to bed, he should have left her alone to her thoughts. I'm sorry Serena. He closed his eyes to let sleep take him. Tomorrow was another day and hopefully, everything would be better.