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Fiyero smiled to himself as he strutted to the library. He'd just made a quick stop to the campus store and now he had everything he needed for his plan.

It was foolproof… basically anyway.

He had a two hour break mid Monday morning, and he happened to know that Elphaba had exactly the same break.

He'd spent the weekend wallowing in his stupidity. Dreaming up vivid fantasies of what could have been if he hadn't freaked out. He didn't know why he did that. Something about the way she made him feel still frightened him. It made him act stupidly. It made him say stupid things and he really hated himself for it.

If only he could take back what had happened on Friday night.

He'd been so lost in her. So consumed by her. He could still feel her. Her soft, smooth skin against his fingertips. His heart nearly jumped out his chest just barely touching her. That was what scared him. How could she make him feel so intensely?

Then she'd kissed him… his finger anyway… and… well, he didn't know what happened. His heart nearly jumped out of his chest in a terrifyingly exhilarating way and it scared him. And then she'd tried to leave and that scared him even more.

He hated that his only defence with her was to lash out and argue. He hated that it made him say stupid things he regretted. Half-truths that came out the wrong way. If she never wanted to speak to him again, he wouldn't blame her (after all it would be his own fault). But that didn't mean he wasn't going to try.

Oh was he going to try.

He didn't care if it meant he looked desperate. He wanted her. And in a weird way, Galinda had given him her blessing. That it was ok for him to go after Elphaba.

And now, after a weekend of feeling self-pitiful he had a new energy about the situation. He was, after all, Fiyero Tiggular, prince of the Vinkus with a totally 'scandalacious' reputation and able to have any girl he wanted.

And he wanted her. More than he'd ever wanted anything in his life. He wanted her.

The library was quiet.

Well, it usually was. But it was even more so being a Monday morning with most students either opting to hang out outside, or having to be in class. This was good though. He went straight to Elphaba's favourite library spot. A corner towards the back. It was quieter there, she had said once. And sure, she'd avoided this place a lot in the last few weeks. But he was counting on her thinking he would be avoiding her still (because he had all weekend while he'd wallowed) and deciding to come here.

He sat at a single study desk, in sight of her favourite spot, but far enough away from it to not look too suspicious. Fiyero pulled out the necessary 'equipment' for Plan A Phase 1 as he'd called it.

Then he waited.

He started copying notes out of Life Sciences textbook as he did. It was exactly twenty minutes before anything happened.

He heard footsteps and glanced up (thought admittedly, any time he had heard anyone approaching his general direction for the past twenty minutes he had looked up, only to be filled with sour disappointment as he saw some one who wasn't Elphaba). She was wearing that long navy skirt of hers, heavy and entirely unflattering, her hair wasn't in it's usually braid, but tied back into a lose pony tail, letting her hair fall down to her waist. She had her navy jacket slung over one arm and was wearing a standard white blouse, long sleeved. Even with those round glasses perched on her nose, she still took his breath away.

His mind instantly flashed to Friday night. Lying on her bed, breathless from laughter. Her hazel eyes had been so innocent, yet so intense at the same time as she'd stared at him. Her hair by then had fallen out of the twist it had been put in and framed her face. Fiyero was never very good at describing things, he could only think to compare it to a waterfall. A long, silky, black waterfall.

He continued to stare at her until finally her gaze flitted over to him. He gave her what he thought was his most charming smile.

With determination she looked away. But Fiyero smiled to himself, he still had the upper hand. She had no choice but to walk right by him.

She stared straight ahead. Not once acknowledging his presence. As she walked by the desk he was at he grabbed her elbow.

"Elphaba. Hi." He said.

Fiyero cursed himself. He sounded beyond pathetic in his attempt to be casual.

She pulled herself out of his grasp and looked not at him, but at the notes he was taking. "Green?" She asked.

He smirked. She'd taken the bait. He knew she wouldn't have been able to help but comment on the stationary he'd picked out. Light green paper, and a pen with green ink. "What can I say? It's my favourite colour."

"Right." She said stiffly.

She took a step to leave, but her quickly grabbed her again. This time standing up from his chair. "I could actually use some help." He said. "I know that Life Sciences is something you're really interested in and I'm really struggling with this new assignment we've just been given."

She tried to pull away from him, but he held her tighter. Refusing to let her go. "You don't need tutoring from me." She said.

"But I want tutoring from you." He said.

"Fiyero." She gave him a warning look. "Let go of me."

"I need to apologise."

"For telling the truth?" She asked bitterly, suddenly turning away from him. "No, you really don't."

"Fae." He pleaded. He didn't know how he could make her see. She was beautiful. In her own unique way, she was absolutely stunning.

"Don't call me that!" With new found strength she pulled herself away from him and began to quickly storm off.

"Elphaba!" He caught up to her. He grabbed her by the waist and spun her around so she was facing him again. He pulled her to him, their bodies suddenly pressed up against each other. She gasped in surprise and he was sure she could feel how hard his heart was beating. "Can't you feel this?" He asked. "My heart pounds every time we touch. I feel lightheaded when you walk into a room. I hate not being around you. I know you feel it. Ever since that day… with the Lion Cub… There's something between us. I don't know why. It just is. I know you feel it as well. Please don't run from me."

"Stop it." She staring struggling against him. "Just stop it Fiyero. I don't know what game you're playing but I don't like it."

He let her go.

"I'm not playing at anything." He told her, trying put as much honesty as he could into it. What would make her see he just wanted her?

She raised her eyebrows doubtfully at him. "You really want the green freak? Bull."

And with that he helplessly watched her walk away.

Plan A Phase 1 most certainly hadn't worked.