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Story: Blinded Justice

Summary:Misa always thought the world was against her especially after losing her eyesight but slowly she learns that with a new perspective that Light wasn't as perfect as she believed and L isn't that pervert she used to see before. In fact..Could she even love him?

Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, the name of the story itself was inspired by another author here called, "Blind Justice," so yeah, oh and my titles are going to flow through with a song I love (I don't own it either.


Chapter One:I was…

Sometimes people will wake up wondering what their purpose in the world is. This was the case for Amane, Misa. She always pictured that the world was out to get her because whenever she managed to get a hold of something really amazing it just seemed like the new few minutes something would come by and take it all away without a second glance.

At first Misa's life was grand. Her parents were there to support her and cheer her on, but then one day her parents were murdered out of cold blood. That's when Misa first sank into depression. It really hurts to lose such wonderful people. If it hadn't been for Kira finally easing her mind knowing the fact that the man who had taken away her parents was gone from the world, who knows what she would have done with herself. She sure wouldn't have been a model like she was now.

Misa wasn't just a model – she was an icon. People loved her and they crowded around her almost like she was royalty. Misa was astounded when she won the award for being one of the top beauties among the world. The golden trophy still lay on top of her closet so Misa could feel prideful whenever she was getting ready for bed. It was truly a wonderful experience to be famous.

However all good things would come to an end especially when it came to Amane Misa. It didn't take very long too when she was suddenly pulled aside and arrested on her way to work by whom she soon learned to be Mogi, a cop working within a group called the task force. They found out about her little secret – the fact that she was really the second Kira.

That's when she met him…He called himself Ryuzaki but Misa knew that wasn't his real name after all she met him with Light and before then the name he presented wasn't even Ryuzaki, in fact it was another fake identity. Misa hated him. Ryuzaki was just really weird. He dressed oddly, he had strange eating habits, he was very dull to be around, and he was probably one of the biggest perverts she ever laid eyes on. He didn't seem to notice any of it, which bugged her the most.

Her boyfriend, Light agreed with her hatred as they both wanted him out of the picture meaning they wanted Ryuzaki as dead as dead gets. If only they had a name to match a face, but that was impossible without the eyes – the Shinigami Eyes.

Ryuzaki was a hindrance to both her and her job as he always had to have his co-workers following her around. Nowadays less and less people came to greet her because Mogi scared them off whenever they dared to approach.

Misa's mind was boggled; she just identified it as L being some sort of stalker. One that just never would go away no matter what she did. Luckily, like stated before, she wasn't alone in this misery. She had a boyfriend by the name of Yagami, Light and by the end of each day he was there to lick her wounds that she had received from a daily tongue lashing with clients and of course the famous detective, "L" himself.

There was no denying they weren't all from L, and some of them, okay, most of them came from her beloved Light-kun but Misa always assumed it was her fault. After all was a bit of an air-head on some topics and a little bit on the slow side at figuring out what Light-kun expected from her. Thankfully though, she eventually managed to get the job done after a few minor insults and with that Light-kun was happy.

Whenever Light was happy, Misa too was happy because Light-kun showed her kindness the way others did not see. He would occasionally congratulate her with a kiss on the forehead or call her a genius which to her was one of those real ego boosters. Light-kun was her everything.

If Light wanted her to get on her knees and act like a cat then Misa would curl next to his legs and give a couple purrs because she was that much devoted to him. All he needed to do was give her a command and she would go out and do it. Maybe there would be a couple slip-ups along the way but at least Misa still got the job done, and in reality that's all that mattered or at least it was enough to satisfy Light for the time being.

There were a few bumps in the road. One being Rem. Now Rem was Misa's Shinigami but also Misa's adoptive-like mother. Rem was always good at giving good advice and Misa always tried her best to listen but when Rem showed signs of hatred towards Light, Misa started to ignore the Shinigami's opinions completely. Rem wasn't too pleased, but she didn't leave Misa's side in hopes that Misa might one day change her mind so Rem could "erase," Light's unwanted existence.

Nothing could take away that happiness. Nothing would ever separate Misa from Light as long as she followed through with his demands so naturally here she was at the place where he buried her Death Note so she could remember Ryuzaki's real name and finally end his life and be rid of the very bad itch he left her whenever he was around.

One she picked up her Death Note, Misa thought everything would turn out exactly how Light planned except there was a major turn back in this little scheme…She still couldn't remember Ryuzaki's real name. When she got her Death Note back, so many red names flashed into her mind all at once, that not only was she speechless, but also pouring sweat at trying to return her world back into reality.

Misa was at the point of panicking, she could always lie to Light but when he wrote the name she faked and L didn't fall over dead then he would surely know the truth. This was really bad and Misa wanted to get up and kick a tree, because once again the world decided to play a nasty joke on her and take away the one thing that could have gave her a home free pass at being truly happy.

However, Misa had gone a long way from her previous depressed past life and now knew to take a deep breath and think things through. Rem always told her if she didn't have the eyes that there would be no relationship so Misa knew that she had no other choice but to halve her life yet again.

"Ryuk, Misa-Misa want to make the deal with you again." Misa requested to the male Shinigami who was owned by her boyfriend. He was giving her an odd look from above perched on one of the tree branches but naturally opened his black wings and flew down at her side, eyes gleaming.

"You know, this will halve your life again meaning you probably won't live for very long." Ryuk warned but Misa already knew the dangers. She had already heard it a million times from Rem.

"That's okay," Misa replied, "As long as Misa-Misa gets to be with Light, Misa-Misa is happy. So will you please?" She begged as she held her Death Note to her chest and pressed her hands together in prayer, lips puckering up with a small whimper escaping her lips. Ryuk chuckled.

"Well, if you give me an apple, then you have yourself a deal." Misa squealed, dropping her Death Note for a moment to pull the male Shinigami into a big hug. Ryuk sighed, rolling his eyes. He wasn't a fan of being all friendly. "Now hold still."

Misa felt her body stiffen when Ryuk placed his skeleton-like hands on her now closed eyes. The process was painful, it was almost like someone stabbed her with a knife causing her to cough up blood, but in the end it was worth it as Ryuk pulled away there was a growing confidence. "It is done."

Misa smiled, wiping the blood off her lips and grabbed her Death Note preparing to scamper off to head back to the task force building while throwing Ryuk the apple Light insisted she bring.

She was extremely pleased when she got into a taxi on her way home. The driver didn't look back at her, but Misa was staring at him with those blood red eyes through the mirror. She could see his name as clear as day, and her heart was racing in excitement.

"Your name," Misa began, eyes flickering back to its normal state, "Is it not Fuji, Hayate?" The driver looked up at the mirror immediately, looking a tad surprised.

"How did you know that?" He wondered, his id was up front but was covered by the mess he hadn't cleared out from a previous joy ride. Misa smiled, faking an innocent smile.

"You could say Misa is a psychic." The man grunted, turning back around and gave Misa a nasty glare that she wasn't expecting.

"Oh I see your one of Jiro's people! I guess you're here to get back the rent I owe him right!" He yelled, and Misa shifted uncomfortably in her chair.

"Um, what are you talking—"

"Well guess what you so called psychic wench, I'm not paying a dime and another thing…" Misa heard the car door click open. "Predict this!" He jumped out of the car leaving Misa wide eyed as she watched him tumble out into the road where several cars beeped but none hit him.

However Misa who thought she was safe from a psycho realized her situation had turned from dangerous to fatal when a loud roaring honk filled her ears. Her eyes were glued on a truck barreling right towards her. Misa's throat went dry as she could only open her mouth to mumble out Rem's name in fear before her entire world went black upon collision.



A voice called, but it was very faint. "Amane-san, can you hear me?"

Misa groaned as she rolled to her side, grabbing at what seemed to be blankets and pulled it close to her for comfort. It wasn't the most comfortable thing in the world that she was sleeping in but that voice was so soothing.

Whoever they were, she wished they could just keep talking because it was very nice to hear such a handsome tone ring through her ears causing a sensational chill to run down her spine.

She didn't want to wake up but then again she didn't want to let whoever had that wonderful voice to slip away without recognition of who they were.

Misa finally allowed herself to be pulled up by this person. She was glad to see that it was a male especially with such strong warm hands like these. Oh how she could make fire with them. She chuckled lightly.

She opened her eyes to see that the lights were off.

What gives? Misa wondered with annoyance flashing across her face now she couldn't tell where she was or who this hottie was in front of her.

"Amane-san, do you remember what happened?" Misa blinked, thinking back and then finally the horrible incident flashed in her mind.

"Oh my god did Misa-Misa die during that car accident?" Misa asked, placing a hand on her heart.

"No, but at least we know your memory is still intact." The man replied, and Misa felt a wave of relaxation sweep over her. "Right now you're in the hospital." Misa nodded, so that's why she couldn't see anything maybe there was just a bunch of bandages covering over her face. "You're lucky to be alive. Most people don't have the best of luck when it comes to being involved in a car accident."

"How do Misa look?" Misa wondered, "besides all the bandages and what not?"

L stared at her blankly. She wasn't making much sense. Sure there were bandages but surprisingly she was fine which secretly made him wonder if it had something to do with her being the second Kira.

"Amane-san you look fine." L said, and Misa cheered with a wide smile spreading across her face.

"Oh goodie, coming from such a hottie like you – Misa-Misa must be gorgeous!" L nearly tipped over and fell out of his chair when he heard that comment. Misa surprised him so much steam, rose to his face not only causing his eyes to widen but also a red hue spreading over his cheeks. L was coughing now trying to keep his cool and Misa simply giggled.

This guy was a keeper. Well she had Light but she could still window shop as long as she charged to one store.

"Anyways," the man dragged on and Misa continued to snicker silently, "Your accident was all over the news Amane-san. I saw it and headed over. However Light-kun was very busy so he couldn't—"

"You know Light-kun?!" Misa exclaimed, and then leaned back into her bed sighing. "Bah now Misa-MISA can't hook up with you, how lame." Again L nearly tipped over but he managed to catch himself by holding onto the bed. He stared at Misa, still wide eyed, and wondered if this was truly the same Amane Misa that used to insult him every chance she got.

"Amane-san, are you sure your feeling alright?" L wondered, placing a cautious hand to Misa's forehead to check for signs of a fever but there was none only the sight of her blushing face in response to his sudden closeness.

"Um, Misa know your hot and everything but it's not really fair that your being so close to Misa when she can't even see you." Misa said with a nervous chuckle. L stiffened he looked down at the girl, straight into her eyes. They were wide open, and didn't show any sort of blind-effects. "So, could you at least take off Misa Misa's bandages?" She asked weakly.

"Misa, you are not wearing any bandages." L replied as he removed his hand away from her face to watch her blink in confusion.

"…Then could you turn on the lights, because it's making Misa-Misa awfully uncomfortable as she's not a fan of being stuck in a room with a man she can't even see even if he is Misa's doctor." L licked his lips. "I mean Misa doesn't even know you. It sort of scares me and reminds me of a time where Misa thought she was kidnapped so—"

"Misa," The man interrupted with a very stern and he was even holding her shoulders tightly. "Misa, the lights are on."

Misa felt her heart stop in fact even the sounds of the heart monitor besides her began to beep quicker and quicker upon realization. That she was blind. "Misa you have to calm down." The man told her but it was already too late, her breathing had increased to the point where she was just struggling for air. "Misa, forgive me."

Misa didn't understand what the person meant, until she felt something touch her lips. It was warm, and it caused her body to relax almost instantly. Her eyes shut and L pulled away once hearing that her heart monitor returned to its normal place.

Misa opened her eyes once more, and almost cried when her vision was no longer just darkness but rather just simply very blurry. Misa rubbed her eyes because they were beginning to sting.

"Too bright—too bright…" She commented, and she heard a noise of something moving away from the bed and heading far away. There was a soft click, and then that guy's voice appeared again.

"Is that any better?" L asked, and Misa cautiously opened one eyes up – it was still blurry like if she was wearing glasses and it was all fogged up but she could see – sort of – not really. "I dimmed the room's lights." Misa nodded.

"Thank you." She let her eyes drift over to the man. He had a familiar looking pointy black hair that she had seen somewhere before. That white shirt and jeans looked also very familiar too.

"I apologize for kissing you Amane-san, but I needed you to calm down." L told her and Misa blinked in understanding that was until the man got closer and she began to see what sort of stance he was standing in. Misa's eyes widened in shock, and a weak handing pointed up at L.

"I-Is that y-you R-Ryuzak-san?" She stuttered out and sure enough that blurred figure nodded. Misa hands flew to her mouth as she remembered flirting with Ryuzaki of all people and he kissed her. Why oh why, did the world hate her so much? Misa felt herself tilting off to the side and L calling her name sounding very startled as her vision went black once more.


End – for now.

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