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Chapter 19: Again Knowing

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Lawliet told Misa that everything would be okay once he sorted out the issues but it seems like that is not the case in the least bit. Ugh, some help he turned out to be.

"Amane-san, are you listening?"

"Yes, Misa understands, thank you." Misa replied lying to her newly appointed, 'therapist.' In fact Misa couldn't even recall why she was undergoing these ridiculous sessions in the first place. With every suggest made Misa would only nodded and keep her hands folded in her lap awaiting for the moment her, 'therapist' called off this dreadfully boring meeting. If only when she experienced near death that she had gained the power to speed up time instead of half-seeing in the dark.

"I know you've been too resilient about being open with me Amane-san and that's okay considering your boyfriend's recent involved tragedy." Misa swore under her breath at the mention of Light's name. Ever since his death was announced everyone had been pestering her about the subject. They were just so curious about her opinion on the matter and although Misa was just dying to say it was a blessing, a certain detective kept intervening.

Yes because of a certain L, Lawliet Misa was now stuck in this damned situation.

He probably thinks Misa is just going to forgive him…However Lawliet has no idea how much Misa is starting to hate him.

"Amane-san if it's too difficult to talk about it…Then that's perfectly okay besides I suppose we could always talk about your work related issues?" Her therapist asked gently and Misa resisted the urge to roll her eyes. It was obvious by the look of her therapist's face that they obviously were lying for information. A trait she most definitely could not stand no matter the individual.

"If you must know," Misa began as she leaned back in her sofa chair across from her therapists view and smiled innocently. "Light's death has made Misa's life a living hell."

"Oh?" Her therapist retorted sounding most intrigued as the sound of their sofa chair scratched against the flooring making themselves more and more closer to her by the second. Misa swore her urge to kill was rising at this point and it wasn't helping in the least bit that Ryuk was standing behind her chuckling away like this whole thing was some sort of big joke that she didn't understand. Whatever the case Misa wasn't happy and she would make sure that Lawliet received the full extent of her resentment later.

"Misa can honestly say she wishes Light-kun was still alive."Misa replied bitterly but her, 'therapist,' saw it as an opportunity.

"There there, it's all right Amane-san. Just know that were all so proud of you." Her therapist told her as they lifted their hand and gently set it on her right thigh for reassuring comfort. Misa's brow shot up in a second as she felt her gaze narrowing sharply at her therapist's content blue aura shimmering ever so brightly. "You've really outdone yourself Amane-san."

"Okay that's it!" Misa shouted as she felt her fists tighten in annoyance. This was really, really stupid and quite frankly she couldn't bare the awkward turtle moments either.

"What's wrong Amane-san?" Her therapist questioned sounding so overly concerned and so obviously fake. She couldn't take it anymore! This charade that she was allowing herself to get pulled into and quickly pulled herself out of the chair away from her therapist's warm and heart skipping grip.

"Why are we even doing this?" Misa shouted as she turned to face her, 'therapist.' "This is so incredibly stupid!" She complained before her therapist could open their mouth to discuss the situation in a more civilized fashion. Misa even stomped over to her therapist's sofa chair before leaning down toward them and giving them a taste of ferocity that she currently had built up deep inside her.

Her therapist could only sigh as they once again were forced to take in her childlike behaviors. A routine that had become quite clear throughout the passing day as Misa wasn't one to agree to do anything properly.

"You know this is important considering your conditions Amane-san." Misa felt her eyes harden at the remark. She hated being reminded about her mistakes especially so when it involved her eyes. If she hadn't messed up than perhaps she could still have that operation as soon as she was expecting it before. "What did Miranda-dono have to say about your operation?"

"It's none of your business." Misa retorted beginning to pull away from her so called therapist and wander about the room while picking up little statues and vases around in an attempt to avoid seeing her therapist's obvious shifting aura.

"Are you a hundred percent sure about that Misa?" Her therapist questioned in a humored tone that made her absolutely sick about having to come to agreement with this whole situation in the first place.

If only she could say no to him like she did with Light. Perhaps it would have been much easier for her to walk out the door then. However since it was obvious that she couldn't leave thanks to the bubbling skips of warmth that flooded through her each time her, 'therapist,' opened their damned mouth. It was clear to her now much more than ever before just how devoted to Lawliet she really was.

It was almost sickening and yet here she was, still, enduring his idiocy.

"Misa's real doctor told her that because of her risky actions of activating her Shinigami eyes that she may have caused a slight lasting effect towards her blindness."

"So you've gotten worse." Her therapist pointed out and Misa growled again at their careless need to overstate the obvious.

"Yes Misa has and now, now I have to wait another month before I can see again properly." Her therapist gave a light hum and Misa crossed her hands over her chest feeling the need to question her therapist's actions as she always did whenever they were together. "Are you happy now Lawliet? Misa is stuck with you." She swore she heard him give a small chuckle.

"Misa I do not find your company unbearable. I am not Li—"

"But I do!" Misa shouted as she whirled back around to see a mixture of a shocked yellow aura and a confused orange one. "You are incredibly boring Lawliet and your ideas of a fun dating environment suck. I hardly call interrogations a romantic event. Even Ryuk would agree with Misa when she says that this sucks, right?" She called, as she looked to see the humored blue aura behind her.

"Well actually it's getting rather interesting now if I do say so my—"

"Shut up no one's asking you." Misa interrupted as she tapped her right index finger against her left arm. The Shinigami only laughed in response and Misa groaned. If Rem was here, Rem would agree with her. Ryuk sucked at being a partner. She absolutely hated him. Ugh, it was like he was another Light. She felt like chucking something at him whenever the Shinigami opened his mouth. "And you," Misa said as she returned her anger back on the source of her issues, her so called therapist. Or rather he was best known as the self proclaimed, 'oh so great,' L, Lawliet, a detective whom she regretted falling in love with.

At least she could have a life when Light was alive. Lawliet on the other hand had to invade her personal space every freaking second. When she got fed up with it and hired a therapist, somehow, her therapist ended up to the person she was trying to avoid.

Misa concluded it was because of Lawliet's detective like prodding skills to show her just how devoted he was to figuring her out. The gesture, while nice, Misa just couldn't help but feel a bit freaked out.

He was becoming the stalker boyfriend that she never wanted. "Why are we even doing this? You are suffocating Misa!" She admitting knowing that, yup, his aura sunk into a green shade, and she would feel bad about it, which she clearly did as she was quick to fix her wording as she always did before. "Misa just needs to know what the point of these sessions is."

"Misa you know exactly why we're here." Lawliet replied delicately. "Please don't tell me you forgot about your scheduled news interview we have been practicing for ever since the issue was filed in." Misa shook her head. How could she forget with all the attention she was getting world-wide?

If only the public had known the truth that Light was Kira instead of the falsely written out script that the task force members came up with. Apparently from her lack of knowledge it was Light who had defeated Kira and in a sudden tragic turn of events, Light ended up sacrificed his life when he had saved her. Oh the agony! "Then you know that we must undergo these pretense situations so that we know that the secret won't slip from your lips because we all know how easily angered you can become if provoked Amane-san."

"Shut up you do not know anything about Misa so stop acting like her therapist! It's irritating and frankly Misa is tired of it."

"See what I mean Misa?" He pointed out softly as he dug into his pocket pulling out another blasted jolly rancher. Misa rolled her eyes.

Did he really have to do that in front of her? He knew how much she hated when he did his, freakish-sweet-fetish in front of her. After all, she was trying to stay on a healthy diet.

If only it were night. Then she wouldn't be able to see him as she did now. Sure he was blurry but now since her 'accident' of using her eyes, now, she could see auras in the morning as well. However there was still a distinct difference. At night she couldn't see anything but color the mood of the person represented and in the morning she could see the person, blurred, but an outer outlined color around the person she was talking to. It was so weird but Misa couldn't complain as she had become Lawliet's closest assistant in helping him decipher the minds of criminals lately.

"Okay you got me...Misa is easy to upset." Misa admitted shamefully as she dragged herself over to the detective's side and surprised him when she sat down on the right arm of his sofa chair. So she was complying with him now, so what? Technically he was her therapist so her best interest was to listen to what he had to say.

Besides the way he pointed out things weren't made as an insult towards her. Rather it seemed that Lawliet was simply determined to open her mind out to her faults with each passing day which wasn't entirely a bad thing when Misa put her mind to it considering how shallow she was with Light-kun. "But Misa still doesn't understand. Why must Misa attend Light's funeral as well? Misa hates Light." Misa proclaimed before turning to her left and hovered over Lawliet's chair, silently demanding that he bring his knees down.

Lawliet only stared so Misa got irritated and pulling them down. This caused the detective to fall forward knees touching the bottom of the seat for once in his life as his nose only millimeters from touching hers as she continued to assault him further with her troubled mind. "Why can't we just be like before?" Misa questioned as she reached out with her left hand and caressed his left cheek. "It's been a week since Light's death and you've become really distant...Misa misses Lawliet not Lawliet's guards."

Yes his guards. She hated them as much as she hated reporters. Thanks to Lawliet they kept appearing at her house always claiming that they were just following orders. It was especially annoying whenever she went into a clothing store. She always wanted to bring her future boyfriend along and have them tell her whether she looked good or bad in something. Yet these men hardly looked at her and no matter how many times she tried to escape, they always tracked her down. There just had to be cameras involved. It was always the cameras with Lawliet.

Misa groaned.

At least with Lawliet she might be guaranteed a blush or something. Hell she could imagine him somehow pissing her off and causing her to kick him across the store in a furious rage. Whatever the case, Misa missed having Lawliet around to just well, 'hang-out,' with her. There was no way she wanted to conclude Lawliet was just using her to eliminate Light, he had to still care for her right? That's why he makes her life so miserable…Right?

"Misa," Lawliet whispered as he lifted his left hand and closed it over her own in reassurance, "If I don't stay distant people will become suspicious that I'm more than just Misa's close friend."

"So?" Misa said lifting her right leg and leaning it over the sofa chair, her knee bumping against his. "It's true, isn't it?" She pressed and Lawliet replied with a tiresome sigh making her frown. When his gaze started to pull away and head towards the right, Misa let her right hand snap up and press against his right cheek, stopping him all together. "Isn't it?" She begged again still frowning.

"It's not that Misa." Lawliet admitted softly as he was forced to look back at her with his own bitter gaze. "Don't you understand the impact it will have on your image? I thought, 'It meant the world to Misa Misa?'"

Misa groaned, she did say that before, didn't she?

"So?" Misa repeated, as she stuck her tongue at him, causing him to groan in annoyance. "Besides," Misa added raising her voice, "People already suspect Misa is Kira especially when she strolled out of the task force building wearing snotty-like sunglasses."

"No one thinks that Misa." Misa gave a 'humph' in disagreement, and Lawliet nodded on. "People in truth thought you were grieving behind those glasses. The media works really hard not to blame you for anything. It really is criminal."

"And yet here you are pretending to be Misa's therapist as if the world is still crashing and burning all around her. Sounds like Lawliet cares more about Misa than anyone if he hasn't just walked away from this case, don't you agree?"

"For your information Misa a therapist and a client's relationship is strictly business." Misa couldn't help but laugh at his words as he was just so stupid sometimes. She wanted the outline around his body flicker with red because although he was sometimes stupid, it certainly didn't mean he wasn't bright either. "Misa," He warned very clearly as if telling her not to press his buttons but Misa shut him up good. She placed her right index finger on his lips and leaned even more close to him. By now the poor detective was leaning back into the chair and she was practically straddling him with that mischievous smile of hers.

"Well for your information," Misa began in a mocking tone, "Misa thinks Lawliet makes for a very shitty therapist then." She finished and proved this point as she pressed her lips against his. When she pulled away, Misa could only watch her precious detective's stone-wall demeanor fall as she bit the bottom of her lip in suspense.

"Touché…" He mumbled under his breath as she smiled on widely in response. His aura displaying the true emotions he had felt all this time under the mask he so deceivingly wore.

"Oh man, you're so pink—"Her statement was cut off the moment he lunged forward and pulled her into a heated kiss. When he finally let her breathe Misa stared at him with wide glazed eyes. His aura fluctuated between purple, pink, and white causing her to let out a small chuckle when she lightly smacked his right shoulder. "You really are a terrible therapist Lawliet and from the looks of it, you'll soon be out of a job."

"That's quite alright Misa I always have a plan B." He reassured her as she echoed a small sing-song, 'oh really?' The detective nodded shifting his weight so that he may kiss the front of her neck before moving his mouth towards the dip between her clavicles. Misa continued to giggle away at his sudden burst of energy. He had never been this forward after all.

He must have been holding himself back for such a very long time. What a silly thing to do especially when dealing with Misa Misa's standards.

"And here I said that I wished Light was still alive…Is it possible to take back what I said?"She groaned in annoyance when she felt the detective pause.

"That's not very nice Misa." He said pulling back and looking up at her. "No one deserves to be wished dead. Not even Light." Misa rolled her eyes, and attempted to give another of her famous, 'humph,' replies but instead she gave out an embarrass squeak when Lawliet's hands wandered to her left breast. Lawliet gave a small hum and Misa flushed scarlet in response.

"W-what do you think you are doing?" Misa sputtered out as she stared down at his usual blank expression.

"Did I do something wrong?" He questioned back, and Misa swore heat was radiating off her face.

"N-no," She replied and he gave another hum only to remind her about how much of a virgin she really was.

While it was true that Misa always initiated the most pervish conversations, she had never had anyone to actually pop the ole cherry. "I just…Well you see…Light never actually went this far before…" She muttered cursing Light's once existence a thousand times. You think with all the time he spent using her that he'd at least sleep with her every once in awhile but no, he rather track down L instead!

"Oh." Lawliet replied, his shy pink aura over powering any of the rest. "I didn't expect this." Misa continued to burn under his gaze. "I was hoping that Misa would be able to guide me in this sort of thing." Misa gaze flew elsewhere as a drop of sweat rolled down her forehead.

Me guide him? Doesn't he realize that Misa is the follower not the leader? Hello 2nd Kira here and all!

"Well," Misa began, blinking ever so often as to compose the blush spreading across her nose, "Lawliet was doing fine so far in Misa's honest opinion."

"That's good news. I mean I did read in Matsuda's magazines that women generally with large breasts are usually twenty-four percent sensitive to touch so I wanted to make sure….Misa are you alright? You look rather pale. Misa?"

"Matsuda?" Misa grumbled out with the image of Matsuda and Lawliet having a serious discussion about pleasing women entered her mind. It was like her soul had just been ripped from her body in horror and in an instant the feeling of disgust was gone the moment Lawliet opened his mouth again.

"I wonder how Misa will react when I touch her nipples…The percentage that I should receive a moan is much higher and would be very much appreciated."

"Idiot!" Misa cried out while bonking him over the head in a steaming sensation. The detective rubbed his head and his aura flashed aqua giving her the encouragement to realize that he was not being entirely innocent at all in the matter. He knew exactly what would happen, the, the pervert! "Just exactly how many magazines have you read?"

"Enough," He admitted honestly, "It's only executing the procedure which has caught me by surprise. Especially so when I figured Misa would be the one to, 'take control,' as they put it."

Misa could only stare silently at him, her redden cheeks proving to be difficult to stand when he continued to remind her how much of a pervert she could be as well. Take control, take control, his words echoed in the back of her mind mockingly and finally she gathered the courage to take a stand.

"Fine, I'll show you!" Misa shouted as she slapped Lawliet's hand away making him gawk as she pulled the t-shirt she wore off and over her head onto the ground. With closed eyes she reached back behind her and began fiddling at her bra. When it came undone she slipped it off and then dared to look back at the fuzzy detective in front of her.

He was totally a goner by now as his pinkness giving everything away. Misa gave a shark-like grin in response.

Ha see Misa can take control too! Misa's mind shouted as a miniature version of herself pumped it's fist up in the air in victory in the back of her mind. Misa even took it a step further as she grabbed Lawliet's right hand and returned it to her now exposed left breast. "See much better like this, right?" Misa questioned her sharky-like grin falling into a brow raised expression.

The moment his hand made contact with her skin, he seemed to be wide awake again because all he did was run his hand over her breast in fascination. "L-Lo-loow-light?" Misa groaned out when she felt a heated sensation ripple through her. Her face afterwards could only be blood red in response.

"Ah so there it is." Lawliet mused silently at his accomplishment and before Misa could retort by yelling at him she began to feel that lovely sensation again. Her body practically shivering to his touch with every circulation.

Damn him. Damn him for making her feel so good!

"Master L," A familiar voice called making her inwardly curse at the bad timing the old bastard always seemed to have. "We have news of something devastating—" And thus there was a great pause before the old man pushed up his glasses, composing himself as he muttered, "Am I interrupting something?" Misa lifted her head, her cheeks drunk with a heavenly bliss.

"For your information—"Misa slurred before she cut off closing her mouth and eyes feeling another ripple of warmth shudder through her body even though Lawliet's hands had already removed itself from her body. "Misa Misa was…Mhm…"

Underneath her the detective was unsure how to react. He knew women were sensitive but he didn't expect there to be aftershocks. No one was really interrupted during those sex-scenes he looked into. Lawliet swallowed dangerously as Misa let out another giddy moan. While this made him happy, so very much so, it still was also so extremely humiliating. In fact it made him feel so vulnerable in being caught by Roger of all people doing something he swore he would never get sucked into.

Roger could only continue adjusting his glasses at this point as he earned front row seats to seeing a younger woman blissfully rejoice in front of him. It was a process of pulling off his glasses, removing the fog, and then putting them back on again to hide his own flushed features. Thankfully Lawliet was not in the position to be moving around meaning he was safe for the time being.

"Like I was saying Master L, you have more important matters to be attending to. Watari expects you to be at your best when you arrive so please do try to be better composed when you do make your appearance known."

"O-of course, my sincerest apologizes Roger." Lawliet stuttered out weakly causing Misa's bubble of happiness to burst at the sound of his distressed tone. By now her eyes had shifted into a glare toward the elder man. It made her simply furious that this old guy, friend or not, was poking fun at Lawliet's need to get off from time to time. Hell she had stayed sexless for long enough.

"For your information," Misa began again as she took control over her somewhat numb body. "If you hadn't arrived I would have given Lawliet the best important matter he could have received. Misa has an amazing talent in the blow job depart—"

"M—Mi—Misa!" Lawliet cried out as she suddenly found both his hands covering over her mouth. By now his aura was as bright as a cherry. Misa could only snicker in response while Roger looked to have died on the spot.

"Y-yes well I think it's time I take my leave…See you hopefully in five minutes Master L. " Roger quickly sputtered out as the old man as he seemed to dash out of the room with lighting speed leaving the couple back to the peace and quiet.

"What the hell was that about Misa?" Lawliet asked, aura shifting into a dangerous red. Misa couldn't help but continue laughing. Lawliet's anger only came off as something she could use as a tease against him. She was a bit surprised when his red aura dripped back into a pink one when he heard her giggles. "Misa were you being serious about…?" He trailed off and she stared at him blankly in confusion for a moment before a light-bulb went off in her head.

Now it was her turn to have her face flush in embarrassment as she pushed Lawliet away. In turn she ended up falling back and off the chair with a thud. In alarm Lawliet was quick to address if she was alright and Misa was even quicker to be back on her feet laughing shamelessly.

"What?" She echoed, pretending she hadn't heard before answering with a shaky tone, "Of course not! B-Besides friends don't do that kind of stuff Lawliet. You off all people should know that. It was your rule after all."

"That is very childish of you to say Misa considering everything that has transpired between us." Lawliet replied and Misa gave him a glare.

"Hey Misa is only stating the facts since a certain someone," She paused as she picked up her bra, "Won't let Misa just blow off the public."

"I will not allow you to be seen as a slut." Lawliet quickly said before adding, "I care about Misa's image as well."

"Well it's much too late for that issue." Misa stated while slipping her bra back on. She was no fool, and remembered every hate mail that pooled into her inbox telling how much they hated her for supposed sluttish costumes, and her supposed slutty make up. "Besides when did we have a sudden role reversal?" Misa questioned and Lawliet paused thinking back on the entire situation.

"Perhaps when I started to fall for you." L admitted and Misa blushed. It was quickly drained from her face when her shirt impacted her face. Lawliet's helping ability once again proving to be a hindrance.

"Yes well stop as its scaring Misa." She said, lifting the shirt from the ground. "Lawliet's supposed to be—"Her voice caught in her throat when Lawliet appeared in front of her and pulled her shirt from her hands. A question mark appeared over her head as he turned and headed towards the door. He opened the screen door and peered into the hallway. "Stay there." He told her as he exited the room and Misa stared down at herself.

Does it look like I have a choice?

He reappeared a moment later dragging a brown haired girl along side of him. Misa blinked at the new comer, she appeared extremely shy, and even squeaked when she saw Misa, who in turn blushed, crossing her arms over her chest. Even if she was wearing a bra, it still felt like she was naked. "Linda show Amane-san to the female baths, and don't let her escape until she takes a very cold shower."

Linda could only nod, and Lawliet shifted his gaze back on Misa. "I suggest you follow her if you want your shirt back Amane-san. That is unless you want to look like that as you go on stage for your interview?"

"Of course not!" Misa shouted, and Lawliet only nodded.

"So stop acting like you don't care then Amane-san." He added somewhat coldly, "It's scaring me." It was then she realized he was mocking her. Apparently she had crossed a line somewhere during their conversation and Misa was unsure what to say. Luckily for her Lawliet shared the mutual feeling and disappeared down the halls leaving Misa to stare at her new companion with a sigh.

At least this time it's a girl…


To Be Continued


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