A/N: Hi guys! Thank you all so so so much for your reviews and questions and kind words as I was writing these. This is the last letter I'm going to write for this fic; I'm going to concentrate on my other (happier) fics for a while :) Since I don't think I'd ever be able to write a goodbye letter from James, this last letter to Juliet is also from someone else...

Dear Juliet,

I know we didn't know each other that well - I mean, first you were an Other, and then you were with us, and then I left the island, and then I came back and BLAMMO, you were like, living with Sawyer, all happy and stuff - but I found some letters that Sawyer wrote to you, and he's gone now so I thought I should explain why.

Oh, I should probably mention - this is Hurley. Sorry I read the letters. I know they're none of my business, but I'm all alone here on the island aside from Ben, and I was kind of lonely and missing my buddies, and it was nice to have something to read.

Anyway, I was gonna say, even though we didn't know each other that well, you turned out to be pretty cool, and I didn't need these letters to know that you were Sawyer's one true love. Seeing you guys together in the Dharma Initiative was awesome. Sawyer didn't always have the best life (I mean, you could kind of tell by the way he acted, even though he thought we couldn't see it), so seeing him in charge of security with a pretty girl by his side was nice. You weren't just a pretty girl, though. You were super smart, and sort of bad ass in a quiet way. Basically, Sawyer's perfect woman. He would have done anything you told him to, and I think the fact that you didn't boss him around or ever ask him to do the wrong thing made him love you even more.

So, here comes the part where I explain why I'm writing this instead of Sawyer. Well, after all this time, he finally got to leave the island. There was a plane, the one that I came back on with Jack and Kate, and it turns out Frank actually survived so there was a pilot to fly it, and Miles and Richard were probably with them, and Kate and Claire too...sorry if this isn't making a lot of sense. I'm still trying to work through it all in my mind, since I was sort of busy with this other stuff while it was happening.

I hope wherever he ends up, Sawyer keeps writing letters to you. I know it helped him a lot. I guess I'm writing to you now just in case he decides to do something stupid and never write to you again because he thinks he doesn't deserve it. He was really upset after you died. I mean, not just pissed off or sad, but a really deep down, shaken to the core kind of upset. For a while I was worried he'd go all Darth Vader on us, but he came back OK. From what he said in his letters, I think he realized you would have wanted him to go on and keep trying to get off the island, even if he couldn't bring you with him.

I'm not sure why you've never come to talk to me...I don't really understand the rules, or if there even are rules, to the whole ghost whispering thing. I think it's because you moved on, though. Desmond told me about this place we're all gonna go someday. It's just like real life, except you get to meet all the people you loved all over again, and help them remember their lives and all the crazy stuff that happened to them, good and bad. He said in the end, even the bad stuff is good because it made us who we are. As long as we can let go of the bad, we can be at peace and have all the good.

You know what? That Desmond is one cool cat. The stuff he told me makes being King of Mystery Island a lot easier, that's for sure. I trust him, and I know what he's saying is true, so I know that you and Sawyer will be together again someday. You'll be waiting for him, and you'll run toward each other like when Han and Leia were reunited in the Ewok village...(I really hope you've seen Return of the Jedi. Someone has to explain who Anakin is to Sawyer.)

Who knows, maybe some cosmic postman is going to bring this letter to the great beyond, maybe he brought all of Sawyer's letters too. Even if he didn't, say hi to Sawyer for me when you see him. I have a feeling I'm gonna be here for a while.

OK, Ben is like, totally hovering right now, so I'm gonna wrap it up.

I hope you're at peace, Juliet. Sawyer needs something good to look forward to.


PS: Just so you know, Ben turned out to be pretty cool too. Not as cool as you, but at least he's not evil anymore. We'll discuss all that the next time we see each other.