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"It's a conspiracy, I tell you!" A man with wild hair and tattered clothes yelled. His eyes were wild, pupils dilated, black lost in a sea of white. The station for the bullet train was bustling with people but everyone ignored the man.

A hovering sign in the sky flashed "Prosperity. Peace. Loyalty", the country's motto, in between updates of the bullet train's schedule.

"They replace people! I saw it! I saw what they were doing!" The man tried to get in the faces of the men and women dressed in suits as they passed, but they walked by briskly, communicating through barely visible ear pieces. Someone even shoved the man aside when he got too close, causing him to fall to the ground. While no longer in sight, his cries were still audible.

"What price are you willing to pay for peace? Does free will mean nothing?"

The things the raving homeless said never sat well with him. Standing amongst the crowd waiting for his train, he tried to ignore the chilling words, the sour feeling he got in his stomach when he saw the disgust on people's faces as they passed.

"People like that are really awful, aren't they?" A girl in front of him whispered to her friend. "Don't you just wish they would go away?"

He looked down and chewed the inside of his cheek to stay quiet.

A mechanical voice announced the upcoming arrival of the train and politely and cheerfully asked that everyone maintain the line, not push or shove, and have their collarbones ready for the ID chip scan.

"Finally…" the girl sighed in relief, minor annoyance coating her words. "Can you believe we have to wait a whole four and a half minutes between trains? It's stupid."

"You would think that in this day and age they could make it faster," her friend replied. "But whatever, it's here now."

"The truth cannot be hidden forever! You can only plug your ears for so long before it will be staring you in the face! We are better than the lambs being led to the slaughter, my friends! We are humans! Do not forget that! Do not forget what you are capable of!"

He uneasily brought a hand to his temple to open up the private display on his slim glasses. In the corner blocky green numbers represented the time and he began to browse the day's schedule without honestly paying attention. There was a meeting with that company they had been trying to score a deal with for months, a lunch date with his friends…Anything to block out the discomfort from his surroundings.

The tell-tale soft hiss of the bullet train, followed by the cheery jingle announcing its arrival made him relax and he lowered his hand while giving the mental command to shut off his display. The voice from before informed them that the train had arrived, to please let the passengers off safely, and to be careful when getting on. The side of the train had the image of their leader, their "president" smiling kindly and resting his hand on the head of a child whom looked up at him adoringly. The words, "Let us help you" spread across the sleek car in large letters. Doors opened and people began to file out calmly without scrambling to rush. They moved quickly, but it was as one body moving together so as to make things more efficient. When everyone had exited, the group going on began to shuffle forward in a similar manner.

"You do not have to conform! We can protect ourselves, we can protect our rights—!"

As he started to move forward as well, he could hear a sudden change in the man's tone. From the desperation to inform it had turned to a fear, the desperation to survive.

"No! Wait! Let go of me—!"

He tried to look over his shoulder and caught a glimpse of peacekeeper uniforms, their stunners raised to deal with the struggling man. A knot formed in his throat and his legs became stiff. There was this desire to watch even if he didn't want to see, an insatiable curiosity, but the people behind him were pushing him forward.

"Come on, I'm going to be late to work! Please move!"

In the end he was herded into the train, and when he looked out the small windows he could see nothing but huge bodies of people moving one way or the other. He slumped into a cushioned seat and didn't look up when the seat next to him was filled. Screens suspended from the ceiling chirped advertisements for a number of products…a useless action, as people bought the same things, anyway.

He tried to push the image of a frantic man with wild eyes and hair out of his mind to focus on the day he had ahead of him.

The doors slid shut and the bullet train began moving along its gentle, speedy ride. The advertisements changed to an interview with the president that no one paid attention to. Most people were using their glasses, silently communicating, or listening to music through their earpiece.

"…I believe that everyone agrees with me when I say that the happiness of the people has been the government's top priority for the entire twenty-three years I've been in office. We work hard to keep people safe, but everyone knows that certain things have to be enforced to maintain the level of safety we strive for. So we just continue to make sure people are aware of how important it is that they follow our advice. As long as everyone follows the rules, they are helping to contribute to a safe, efficient, and happy society. Cooperation really benefits everyone in the end…"

Watching the city pass by, he found himself hoping it was just the lack of breakfast causing the turmoil in his stomach.