He smiled as he sat quietly playing with the blocks that the Kaa-san lady had handed him. Nobody had given him blocks before, but he'd seen other children playing with them back at the other place. The Sasuke boy was on the other side of the room playing with a duckybird on wheels.

"Sasuke, Obito, come, it's time to eat." the Kaa-san lady said from the kitchen where she'd been making food.

Getting up from where he was making a block tower like the one the Old Man Hokage lived in, he went into the kitchen. It had taken him a long time to realize that when someone said "Obito", they were talking to him. He'd been called something else in the other place. Several something elses, and none of them had been said nicely like his new name was, except by Kashi and the Old Man Hokage, but they were strange.

The new place he was at now was strange. He had one of those "parent" things that he'd heard some of the older kids talking about, and he lived in a house. Or, at least he did until Kashi had taken him away to that place that smelled awful. Now, he lived in another house that had two of those parent things and two other kids, a big one and one his size. The Kaa-san lady had said that he would be going back to the house with his Tou-san when he got better. His Tou-san was hurt bad enough that he wasn't all better when he woke up, so it could take a long time before then.

Carefully hanging back to let Sasuke go in first because he would push him if he didn't, he went into the dining area. Sasuke was okay most of the time, but he would push him when he was "in the way", and sometimes he would get angry and tell him that it was his house and that he didn't belong. The Itachi boy was nice all the time, and never told him he didn't belong, but he was gone alot. The Kaa-san lady was nice too, and she made him food, and gave him things, and gave him hugs, and told him stories at night. The Fugaku-sama person was strange though, he was gone alot, but when he was there, he was just...there.

When he got to the dining area, he looked at the table hopefully, hoping to see ramen again like there had been on his first day here. There was no ramen however. There was some really tasty rice balls though. They were much better than the ones his Tou-san tried to make the day Kashi took him and Tou-san got hurt. All of the food that the Kaa-san lady made was better than the food Tou-san made. The fact that there were tasty rice balls didn't stop him pouting when he found out there was no ramen though.

"What's wrong?" the Kaa-san lady asked.

"No ramen." he replied as he sat down across from Sasuke.

"You are so much like your mother." the Kaa-san lady said before laughing and patting him on the head.

He wondered why the Kaa-san lady had said that. He didn't have a mother parent. He just had Tou-san. Tou-san who was gone now, but the Kaa-san lady had said that he would come back.

Tobi screamed in frustration as he turned back around and made his way back to the mainland less than five minutes after he'd finally set foot in Kiri. When he'd arrived, it had been to find hostile forces in the Mizukage's office waiting for him, and Yagura nowhere to be found and controlled. He'd killed them as a matter of course, but the alarm had gone up and more would be coming soon, and even more after that, and more after that. Though he was completely unharmed and unlikely to be so in the future, it would be best at this point to retreat and regroup, and re-plan how he was going to go about things until it was time for the final pieces of the plan to be implemented.

He should've known that something like this would've happened if he had left before he had complete control over Yagura who still fought him on occasion. The fights had been getting weaker and weaker lately, and he had been certain that he could take a few days to look into the issue in Kohoha without any problems in that area.

Yagura hadn't been made Kage of a village that had been known for its bloody reputation practically since its founding for nothing though. Beneath that deceptively childlike exterior lay a strong body, a keen mind, and an iron will that was difficult to break, and Yagura hadn't been nearly as broken as he pretended to be. The bastard had been lulling him into a false sense of security in preparation for one last and desperate struggle, and like a dumb kid, he'd fallen for it, leaving the bastard alone with his village.

By the time he'd returned, Yagura had retaken Kiri and had taken measures to prevent him from taking control of him and the village again. If he wanted to use Kiri as he had been doing, he would have to kill Yagura first, and even then he would be in a tenuous situation because the shinobi had been alerted to his presence and village of origin, and few if any would follow a Konoha shinobi. He would have to slaughter ninja left and right, which would weaken Kiri to the point where it would look like an easy target for an ambitious village seeking to expand.

While he wouldn't mind if every last citizen of the blasted village and the country surrounding it died, such a drastic change in the political landscape would destabilize everything and start World War IV early, making the plan which depended on several conditions potentially unsalvageable. Kiri would get what was coming to it soon enough.

The entire world would.

There was nothing for it now however. Now, he'd have to make his way to Nagato who he knew was coming up with a plan of his own which coincided with Madara's to a point, and see where things went from there. Having been forced to learn it, he had patience, patience enough to outlast this and lull Yagura into a false sense of security before getting his revenge. As they said, pain is the best teacher, and he'd been through almost every kind of it over the eighteen years he'd been alive.

Iruka nervously hung back at the edges of the crowd at the meeting that Mizuki had dragged him to. What was being said had bordered on treason, and he was afraid that someone in power would discover and take issue to it. It was on the Hokage's orders that the Demon container lived with the Uchiha despite what one of them at the very least had done, and it had been the Hokage himself who had returned it to the Uchiha after Hatake Kakashi had gone insane and taken it for some strange reason.

The people here were speaking of removing the Demon vessel from the Uchiha, by force. The current plan which would seemingly keep everyone's hands clean was to hire a missing-nin to do the actual removal. Of course there was an issure of exactly how to get said missing-nin into the village. A Chunin who often guarded the main gate had offered to turn a blind eye to the mercenary, had offered to willingly allow a criminal to invade Konoha unimpeded.

The offer and several other suggestions that had been made that evening made him sick. After his parents had died, the Hokage had been there for him, had been there for the entire village, retaking his hat when he should've been enjoying his retirement, and these people were speaking of undermining him.

"He's slipping, everyone can see it." a grizzled older ninja who had a set of scars that looked like claw marks running down his face said. "There's a reason he retired and handed the hat to Namikaze. He wanted to quit before he became a liability. Now, he's pandering to those damn Uchiha, probably because the bastards had threatened to up stakes and leave. As far as I'm concerned, it should've been good riddance to the lot of them."

Most of the people in the surrounding area had the decency to look uncomfortable at the man's statement, but he could see one or two with considering looks on their faces as if they were contemplating and accepting the statement as truth.

This saddened him. The Hokage had done everything he could to hold the village together after the Kyuubi attack, and now they were starting to turn on him.