I've kicked this around a while, and am still not sure what I want to do with it. Here's a first installment. I plan to rate this "T", but could get on a more mature side: not graphic, but serious. Italicized lyrics are from artist Sara Groves, song title "When It Was Over".

When it was over and they could talk about it
She said there's just one thing I have got to know
What in that moment when you were running so hard and fast
Made you stop and turn for home

He said I always knew you loved me even though I'd broken your heart
I always knew there'd be a place for me to make a brand new start

Columbus and Wichita lay in the back seat of the SUV, passionately making out. In the driver's seat, Talahassee snored loudly. In the rear, Little Rock slept on an improvised bed. Columbus broke the kiss and brushed Wichita's hair back behind her ear. "Do you want to do this?" he said.

Wichita frowned, turning her eyes in her sister's direction. "She might hear us."

Columbus looked to Tallahassee. "He would smell us."

Wichita sighed and changed positions, so that her head was at his feet. "When you remember the day we met," she said, "what do you think about most?"

"I remember you with your sister," he answered. "I could see how you cared for each other. And even when you had guns pointed at me... I wished I could be a part of it."

She nodded, and made a swallowing motion as if fighting a lump in her throat. "I remember when I stopped to let you out," she said. "I told you I hoped you would find who you were looking for. But I wanted to ask you to stay. Sometimes... I stay awake wondering if I would have, if you had gotten out that door." She shivered.

"I wouldn't have," he said, and hugged her legs. It was not long until Wichita was asleep, but Columbus's eyes remained open, gleaming with tears.