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Sitting on my bed in Forks I could hear Charlie walking up the stairs to my room. I had moved to Forks just two days ago to give my mother Renee and her new husband Phil some alone time. Renee had met Phil a couple of years ago and they truly loved each other, even though it was an age difference. Phil had always been kind to me and I knew that he was good for my mother. Still he had always been a little uneasy around me, and I around him. It was a little hard acting completely unknowing to what happened between him and my mother sometimes during the nights. Renee always tried to make sure they were far away when they made love, but sometimes lust got the best of them. The thought made me shudder and hoping that was an experience I wouldn´t have to endure in this house. The last time I checked Charlie was single and the thought of my father and some woman… I felt how my face turned into a mask of disgust at the thought. I was still trying to lock in those thoughts deep in the back of my mind when Charlie knocked on my door before opening it.

"Bells, I need to go the station and work this afternoon, is that okay with you? If it´s not I can stay at home, the others at the station will understand." He said sounding worried. Putting a smile on my face I turned my head towards him there he stood in the door. I still tried to obstruct the thoughts I had earlier.

"You go to work dad I will be alright. I need to get to know this house again anyway since you´ll have to go back to work sometime." I answered. Getting to know the house had been a lie. It was exactly the same as it had been when I moved away to live with Renee all those years ago.

"Are you sure Bells?" He asked and I nodded my head. "Remember you´re not allowed to leave this house without someone that can help you."

"I have already promised dad. I won´t leave the house without company. Now hurry before you´re late." I said with a tired voice. Charlie´s fear of me leaving the house alone had started to become quite annoying after a while. I knew that was one of the reasons why I hadn´t been here for so long. I heard Charlie draw a deep breath before he made his way through my room and gave me a quick kiss on the forehead. After that he left my room and closed the door behind him. I listened carefully after his footsteps. When I heard him closing the front door I emiditally rose from the bed I and placed the book I had been reading on the computer table. Before I left I grabbed my jacket.

A few hours later I still wandered around in the forest. I felt from where the warmth of the sun hit me, it had to around four in the afternoon. I had my eyes closed as I listened to the peaceful sounds of nature. A deer walking by or a bird´s wings when it flew by. My mind was calm and the tension I had felt the last two days disappeared. It was in the forest I felt most at home, I had always been close to nature and it´s citizens.

Since I had left my father´s house, I had allowed my feet to take me wherever they wanted to take me. It had been so long since I could take long walk, acting like me. I could never do that when I was with others. I placed my hand on a tree when I walked by and stopped. The bark felt raspy under my fingers. In the tree sat a small squirrel and I smiled when he jumped from tree to tree, away from me. Always so cautious I thought, but the thought took away my smile. In my whole life people had been trying to take care of me, looking after me and telling me to be careful. I knew they only wanted me to be safe but it hurt a lot to never be even a little normal. Renee was the only one who knew I could take care of myself and she gave me freedom.

That was also a reason why I didn´t want to move in with Charlie, I knew that the freedom I had would disappear. I knew he would treat me like a five year old again and that I would probably go back into depression. A few years ago I had been in deep depression and after one of mine and Renee's many fights during that time, she had realized that I could take care of myself and needed freedom. It was also with that freedom that Phil started to become uneasy around me. The reason was that I could suddenly handle things I shouldn't have been able to do.

When I decided to move to Forks, mom and I had our first fight in many years. But in the end she gave in. After that she had given Charlie many strict rules to follow. One of them was not to hire an assistant for me in school and I was glad that he atleast had followed that rule. It had been extremely embarrassing to have someone by my side every day, every hour, minute and second.

A sound like two boulders smashing into each other, but still not, brought me back to the present. I was still leaning against the tree and the little squirrel had returned, inspecting one of my fingers, but the crash had made it run away again. Curious what had made the sound I took one step forward but immediately stopped. A house? In the middle of the forest? Why? I must be more careful in the future and don´t miss things like that. I diced. Wondering if I should continue or go back to Charlie´s house, I decided to once again let my body diced. I felt my feet move forward and how I started running towards the sound and the strange house. When I was a few meters away I stopped, hidden in the forest.

The big house in front of me had three floors and I could feel that the rooms were big with a lot of space. The side of the house which was towards me had a wall made of glass. There was also a garage connected to the house and in there stood seven cars in different sizes and a motorcycle. One of the cars had to be a jeep, judging from the size. Outside the house, on the lawn, were seven people.

Two of them where wrestling while the others was watching. A family. There were three women and two of them were of ordinary height and size. The third one on the other hand was very small and neat. She was bouncing up and down while, I assumed, she was cheering on one of the men fighting. The two men wrestling confused me a little. One of them had the size of a bear and I could feel that he used all the muscles in his body. The other man fighting though was muscular, but he couldn´t even compare to the bear he was fighting. The battle would have been over a long time ago, so why wasn´t it?

The two men watching the fight was speaking with the three women. Both of them were muscular as well, but the one who had his arm around one of the "ordinary" women . The father and the mother of the family perhaps?

Carefully I made my way closer to the house and as I did so the small girl stopped bouncing and became very stiff. The shorter one of the two men watching tensed as well.

"There is someone watching us in the woods" He said. It felt like I had been hit by a wall. His voice was beautiful! It was velvet and smooth, a perfect symphony without the slightest mistake in it. During my seventeen years I had never heard anything more beautiful.

In my dazed state I barely noticed that the two men that had been fighting and the man, who had held his arm around the mother, had moved and taken a protective stance in front of the three women. The smaller one of the fighter's stood in front of the small girl. I knew that they knew I was here, so I carefully emerged from the woods as I kept my head high and turned towards the family. I could feel a small breeze coming from behind me, playing with my long hair.

When the family could see me I heard an intake of breath, the same reaction everyone had when they saw me the first time. I didn´t know why people reacted like that because I had never seen myself in a mirror. I had lived all my life in total darkness and saw the world in my own way with my extremely well developed senses. I took a few steps more before I stopped. I couldn´t feel or hear any heartbeats from this family and I heard that two of men wasn´t breathing. Thoughtful I placed my head a little to the side and wished that I could see the special family in front of me.

Edward´s POV

With a loud crash Emmet and Jasper collided with each other. Next to me Carlisle stood with an amused smile on his face and his right arm around Esme, who was leaning into his side. On my other side Alice was jumping up and down cheering on her husband. I was smiling too. We all knew that Jasper would win, but Emmet never stopped trying to beat him. Trying was the key word. It was the last day of the week and tomorrow we all had to go back to our personal hell, High School. Esme and Carlisle were lucky to be frozen in an age that was too old for school.

Every week was the same, Jessica trying to get Mike's attention, Lauren going on about herself in her mind and with others, and my family just trying to survive the without an disaster. It was a real pain to hear the thoughts of the teenagers and teachers of Forks high. The teachers was tiered of their lives, Miss Cope kept on fantasizing about me and my brothers, together with the rest if the female population, while the males kept fantasizing about my sisters. This week it would also be a new addition to all the sickening minds. Chief Swan's daughter, Isabella, was finally moving back to Forks from Phoenix and had been the biggest gossip of the week. No one really remembered her, but all the boys already had made a picture in their heads of a girl who looked a lot like Rose or Alice, but with one differences. She would be available.

Just when it looked like Jasper would win Alice stiffened next to me, a vision coming to her.
The picture showed the back of what looked like a girl. Over her shoulder you could see a family of seven vampires staring right at her. Slowly the girl started to emerge from the forest as the family stiffened. My eyes moved you the spot where the girl should be hiding.

"There is someone watching us in the woods" I said to low for anyone but a vampire to hear and in one second my brothers and father stood protectively in front of their mates. The wrestling game was already long forgotten as we all stared at the same spot. What confused me was that I hadn´t heard a new mind joining us. I should have head if someone was hiding in the forest. Then the girl from Alice´s vision came out from the forest so we all could see her. A small breeze came from behind her, playing with her hair and causing her sent to hit me full force. It was the sweetest and most appealing sent I had ever smelled. The girl in front of us smelled like freesia and strawberries. It took all my power not to give in to monster inside of me that was screaming for her blood.

It was first when I heard the others draw their breaths that I let go of the thirst long enough to inspect the girl and I was dazed. The most wonderful creature in the world stood in front of us. The young woman had mahogany colored hair which flowed down to her waist with perfect curls at the bottom. In the last sunlight of the day you could see some red streaks in her hair as well. Her ivory skin seemed to glow and her body had the right curves. Her face was heart shaped with a slight pink color on her cheeks from the cold weather. The only fault I could find on her was a little unbalance between her lips. At least I thought until I saw her eyes and I felt how the air left my lungs. Her eyes had no pupil or iris; they were just white, completely and utterly white. There wasn´t even any blood vessels visible and if there had been any, I had seen them. Still her white eyes held life and curiosity. The woman in front of us could measure with a vampire in beauty and could be mistaken for one far away. Her steady heartbeat though killed that theory. She was wearing ordinary jeans and a jacket, but she had no shoes on her feet. She couldn´t possibly be a human, could she? She looked like an angel.

The angel took a few more steps and I felt her scent wash over me again, like wine for an alcoholic or a drug. Jasper and I stopped breathing at the same time as the girl stopped and tilted her head a little to the side with a small smile plying on her delicate lips and her white eyes still shining with curiosity. That was when I realized that this girl had to be blind, that was the only explanation. She was doomed to walk in darkness forever. In that moment I wished that I could read her quiet mind to find out who or what she was, but also save her from her cruel fate.

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