Song: Muddy Cult by Nega

Hey guys! Here I am again! I was ill yesterday, but I feel better now, thank God! I was bored so I decided to write a new story. So here it is. Please watch the videoclip from the song before you read this, it explains a lot. This is my first time in an M-rated story. I just wanted to write some gore/abused/raped story ^^U

I'm weird...

There are more songs from Nega with such themes, and maybe, JUST MAYBE I can write some more chapters with this idea. Please stay tuned! There will probably be another chapter with this song, because I didn't know how to past the second part in it. ^^U

This is about Sasori. He tries to escape from a feared organization. I don't want it to be Akatsuki, since he is part of it himself, so yeahhhhh.

Deidara abuses and rapes him almost to death, and, as you can expect, Sasori doesn't like it.


Footsteps, sounding in a hallway.


Footsteps, belonging to a boy.

A boy.

Trying to escape.

Looking around in fear.

Fear for pain.

A painly surprise.

A scream.

The feared organization.

Another boy belonging to the organization.

The escape failed.

He's brought back to the pain.

The pain…

The boy was blindfolded and handcuffed.

"Sasori's back" he heard someone saying.

"Ah… Good." Another boy answered.

Sasori knew very good whose voice that was: It was Deidara's. The servant left, so it was only Sasori and Deidara left in the room.

"Well then. Sasori, why did you run away?" Deidara asked sweetly.

He pushed him on the cold, stone floor. The fallen boy whimpered.

"Aww, is the poor boy hurt?" The blonde's voice turned cold. He put one of his hands in his pocket.


Suddenly, as fast as lightening, he thrusted something in Sasori's arm. This one widened his eyes in pain.

The fear.

The fear for the pain.

The pain…

The stabbing went on for the whole night. It hurt like hell. He knew this was only the first punishment. More would follow. When his "master" was satisfied, he left.

Sasori lay on the cold ground,

Left for dead.

The "dead" body started to move.

Movements of crying.

'Why… Why? Why! WHY?!'

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