Well then. The epilogue.


This was Hell

It was worth calling Hell


This is what Sasori had gone through

I deserve this

I have to feel what it is

Before I can understand

I've been here for 1 year

It hurts

It's Hellish

But I have to go through this'


This is certainly Hell

It is year 2

So painful

But it's still nothing compared with Sasori

I miss him

I want to see him

But I can't

He's in Heaven

I'm in Hell

It has to be

There will never be any chance

Every day is horrible

The pain

The torture

The rape

But it's nothing compared with Sasori

It's Hellish

But I have to go through this'


It's horrible

I can't handle this anymore

I can't

I keep thinking of Sasori

He's happy now

I'm sure

He doesn't miss me as much

As I miss him

I've been here now for 3 years

The pain is unbearable


How are you now?

I can't see you

I won't see you

Because it is impossible

It's Hellish

But I have to go through this'


It is great

It's beautiful

It's silent

I'm here

Together with Sasori

I have completed

All the years of torture

My punishment



How much I've missed you!

But now we're together


I love you

And I'm happy


It's Heavenish

And I go through it with pleasure'


You are spacing out again

Are you all right?"

Sasori waved his hand before Deidara's face

"Of course Sasori

Because it's Heaven

And we're together"

Deidara said with a smile

"What were you thinking?"

Deidara blushed

"Uhmm.… Nothing???"

"Oh Deidara!

Don't keep imagining me

Without clothes!"

Sasori said

With his head all red

"I'm sorry

But I just can't help it!

We're here

And I've missed you a lot!"

"Argh, Okay then

Come on

We're going to our bedroom"

Sasori pulled Deidara with him


If you're sure

We can have some...


Deidara smiled saying this

Somewhat later outside their bedroom

"Oh, they're at it again"

Kisame said

"Why aren't you angry?"

Itachi asked his lover

"Because we're in Heaven!"

Above Itachi floated a big question mark

"In Heaven you can't be angry!"

Kisame explained

"Oh yeah..."