Ch.1 "The Monster Cat And Civilized Raven-Er, Cat"

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Thirteen year old Uzumaki Naruto ran for his life. Sure, he had a lot of torn muscles and maybe a broken one or two, but that didn't slow him down one bit. He couldn't stop. If he did, he knew this time he would not live.

"Get that demon!"

"Kill it!"

"That monster chased the Uchiha away!"

Naruto ignored the shouts as he tried to get away from the mob that was chasing him. Though, they didn't know they were just throwing salt on already deep emotional wounds onto the blond just as he got out of the hospital. Plus, he still hadn't fully healed from his battle with Uchiha Sasuke when the raven defected from Konoha, so Naruto was slower than he usually is.

'Why don't they just leave me alone!?' Naruto thought before shouted when something painful hit his leg and he collapsed onto the ground to see the calf cut all the way to the bone with a meat cleaver. 'Oh, crud. This is bad.' Naruto looked up to see several ANBU trying to break up the mob as Hatake Kakashi and Haruno Sakura running towards him. 'Never mind, it seems I got saved before getting beaten up this time.'

"Naruto! You're leg!" Sakura shouted, picking the blond off the ground.

"Ow... I'll be fine... Once I get to the hospital again." Naruto sighed. Sure, he could fight back the mob, but he refuses to hurt a Konoha civilian. He was a Konoha shinobi and his job was to protect Konoha and its villagers, even if they wanted to harm him back.

"Die Monster!" Naruto saw one of the mob that was about to be arrested throw an ax towards him, but it was heading straight for Sakura. Naruto knocked Sakura down only to see the blade of the ax and heard Sakura's screams before everything went black and then he was engulfed in a bright flash of light.

"Naruto!" Sakura shouted as Naruto, getting a kill blow to the head by an ax, started glowing and his body turned to dust before the light flew into the sky. "Wha-What? I-Is he dead?"

"...I don't know... But I hope that meant he isn't...." Kakashi stood there in shock as well as his student. Both wondered what the heck just happened before them.

"GASP!" Naruto jerked awake to dark surroundings with a burning pain all throughout his body and he shakily got up and rushed to the opening and early morning light to let loose the contents in his stomach. After his stomach settled and his body stopped shaking, Naruto though process came back to him along with what had happened.

"W-What the? I am not supposed to be dead!?" Naruto asked himself before seeing his surrounds. "....Woah...." Naruto gapped at the amazing view of a savanna with rain forest surrounding it and then tall mountains enclosing it all. He also noticed animals he had rarely seen or never seen plenty throughout the landscape. "...Don't tell me this is heaven!" Naruto yelped, recoiling and landing on his rear-end to find his body was changed.

"N-N-Nani!?!" Naruto shouted looking at his now nineteen year old body... That happened to be a very slender, but lean muscle female with long limbs, wide hips, slender waist, wide shoulders, and clearly missing what made Naruto a man from between the legs. 'No! NO!' Naruto thought, turning back into the cave he had came out of to see it was like a home, but went straight for a small underground spring in the back and looked at his reflection.

And it was real. His body had become of a tall nineteen year old with a pretty nice body for a kunoichi with a round face, plump pink lips, and fair skin that was tanned, though not much in the chest department from what she could see. However, now, the fact he was a she was not on his mind as to the other changes he, or she now, on the female body. Naruto's blond hair had grew out and was a spiky mass of dirty blond with black spots, like a leopard's fur as it was wild like the fur. Her nails were claw-like and sharp enough to cut through flesh and strong like metal. Her eyes were still sapphire blue, but Naruto could tell that her pupils were much like a cat's eyes while she had fang-like canines in her mouth and her whisker marks were like when she was using the Kyuubi's power.

"W-What has happened to me?" Naruto asked, totally horrified by the somewhat animal like appearance she had. She did note she lost her manhood, but womanhood was the least of her worries as her appearance being somewhat demonic.

"I don't know what caused this, brat." Naruto's eyes widen as she recognized the voice that echoed in her head. She was panicking now. What if the Kyuubi had broke- "Don't worry, baka. The seal is still intact and I'm securely locked back behind its bars. However, even I am interested in what has happened. It seems this maybe your original body."

"W-What?" Naruto blinked. How could this be her original body?... Why is she referring herself as a girl already as well?

"Don't know exactly. Kind of like Orochimaru body switch thing." Naruto shivered. "But, not that much... Maybe something pushed half your soul out of your body and you ended up in Konoha. The other half stayed here and kept your body alive here. The reason I am saying this is your boy body destroyed itself as your soul left it."

"You mean... I'm forever a girl!" Naruto wept in despair. She had been a guy for thirteen years, but now she had to be a lady! It was not fair!

"Er... Yeah... But, you should have memories from you original body, though recorded in a sense. However, now it explains why you lacked some stuff in the mind. All you self-preserving, smarts, and survival instincts were left in this body... Which is kind of funky."

"...Why is it funky?" Naruto sighed, too depressed to shoot any remarks. If she thought what Kyuubi said, she was back in her original body while the body she thought was her own that was male. Then, after getting killed, she ended up back in her body with her other body destroyed.... But how did she go to point A to point B to beginning with?

"That's what I am currently trying to find out myself. Plus, you probably did a jutsu or got hit by a jutsu to cause the transfer, but it's clear it this was a trans-dimensional soul transfer."

".......... So, I am possibly not even in the world I knew?" Naruto sighed, wondering if that was a good thing. 'I always keep making mistakes...'

"No. You somewhat know this world because you been here longer. You just need to wake up those memories. Also, sure you make mistakes, but even you can't control some things as I can't control some of my powers." Kyuubi sighed, not liking his container in such a depression. It was embarrassing to him as well as annoying.

'But, how do I wake up those memories?' Naruto thought before looking around to find the cave had been turned into a house of sorts with lots of books on makeshift shelves on one side as there was a bed of animal skins, a vanity made from a broken mirror and sticks and branches, and other stuff like a make-shift kitchen and weapons that were handmade. "I lived her for thirteen years?"

"Nineteen, brat. You must have been six when your soul got split. Since you got a good food supplies, go around and try to jog your memory." Kyuubi sighed. "That and figure out where you are."

"Okay... I agree with that..." Naruto sighed, grabbing some of the weapons as even she knew never to be off guard in a forest. There might actually be something worse than Tora the Tiger in cat's fur.

"I didn't want to hear that." Kyuubi shivered thinking of the furball of terror. Who needs the Kyuubi attack Konoha with that menace on the loose? Both actually wonder how old that cat is as even Kakashi had to probably deal with the cat too as a Genin.

Eighteen year old Uchiha Itachi sighed while resting his arms against the railing of a boat. He had just finished his latest mission as an ANBU caption, though it was a solo mission.

However, now, he just wanted to enjoy the moment of peace he had. The moment he stepped into Konoha, fangirls would attack, ANBU would be demanding his attention, and his clan would be as annoying and demanding as ever. Itachi just could never get a break in life. Everyone saw Itachi as a prodigy, but Itachi suffered a lot with that little titled given to him. He had to throw away his childhood because of war, he saw a lot of things that could cause many people to go into mental insanity, and now he had to deal with raving fangirls and his clan trying to get him married-mainly his mother.

'Sometimes I wish I was an animal. At least then the only pressures would to survival. Even that is less stressful than the blind dates.' Itachi pinched the bridge of his nose. His mother was very stealthy and tricky to the point she began setting up "blind dates" with other girls with Itachi even though she hid them under "dinner visits" and such. 'And why do they call animals "beasts" when women should be called them.' Itachi sighed, watching some sea gulls flying near the ship. It was ironic that the things that had to kill for their own survival was had more freedom than him.

"Huh?" Itachi blinked as he noticed a storm coming in from the side as well as something following within the storm. 'Why do I have the feeling this is going to be bad?' Itachi grimaced before heading towards the room on the ship that he bought. Whenever he got a moment of peace, there is always something to break it. 'At least this is something I am used to.' Itachi grabbed his ninja gear just in case as he knew criminals were the only ones who were brave and stupid enough to use a storm for a cover.

Naruto was pretty much amazed. She had never seen such beautiful and dangerous creatures in her life as well as the landscape took her breath away. Luckily, at least what part of her original self was awake kept her from eating poisonous fruits and away from dangerous places. Now, Naruto was moving through the rain forest, taking the invisible trail in her mind.

'Kyuubi was right on one thing and it is the fact I did live here. It's just like how I know where to go in Konoha after running away from mobs all the time.' Naruto sighed.

"I can hear your thoughts." Naruto flinched, freezing up. "Don't worry, just call my name out first so I know when you want to talk to me and I will ignore your other thoughts. I wasn't expecting getting a mental link either and that's why I am trying to figure out this body of yours it is the cause."

'Oh... I see... Huh?' Naruto blinked as her body stopped and she felt a chill go up her spine while looking ahead. "Woah.... Why do I have a feeling I won't like what is ahead of me?"

"It seems a very painful memory is connected to the place in front of you. Usually, even though I am evil to an extent, I would not tell you to experience such memories, but it could jog your memories." Naruto nodded while Kyuubi sighed and she easily pushed forward by ignoring the welling emotions coming up. Kyuubi knew there wasn't anything worst than Naruto's memories of getting beat up by mobs of angry villagers and other emotional memories.

"What the heck happened here?" Naruto paled as she found the remains of a camp. Her eyes instantly widen at the skeletons of human people that showed signs of clearly being ripped apart by some animal. "W-What happened here?" Naruto gasped, her stomach turning.

"Seems like a large cat got them. Though they deserved it. Look." Naruto then saw what the fox meant as she saw rusty old traps like bear traps and several decaying, almost gone pelts. "Poachers in a sense. They were probably killing animals here just for their fur. One of the things I will never understand about you humans."

"B-But, what kind of cat can do this!?" Naruto shouted, seeing signs of the cats claws cutting through metal as she saw the swords and knives the skeletons had were either broke of cut cleanly. Naruto looked through the came, collect up anything useful before finding a bunch of old photos.

"... They were trappers." Naruto sighed as she saw they were game photos, showing the skeletons as when they were alive and with flesh next to their kills and then skinning the kills before leaving the meat behind to rot. "Such shameful-" Naruto's eyes widen as she came upon pictures where she was in. Pictures of the people teaching her how to read and write as well as her acting much like a cat.

"W-What? Don't tell me I was one of their children!" Naruto shouted, ashamed that if-


Naruto jumped when she backed into something and then heard a clink and saw it was a portable projector and it began to run a film.

"This is amazing!" Naruto saw that the camera the film had came from was pointing at her as a young child and she was sniffing everything and acting like a shy, but curious cat.

"This child much have been adopted by a Serval. She acts just like one." Naruto noticed a man, probably one of the trappers rubbing Naruto's head. "It's alright. We won't hurt you. I'm amazed you lived this long in such a harsh jungle."

"How about we try to teach how to be human? That way when we deliver the furs, we could adopt her officially."

"Agh!" Naruto gripped her head as it suddenly throbbed with pain. Tears went down her cheeks as memories flooded into her mind. Memories of her ending up on the isolated island after the ship she was on sunk, killing her parents, getting adopted by a bunch of median sized wild cats with spots and stripes on their coats, and living as a wild child in the woods... Then, the memories of finally meeting people of her kind and them teaching her how to become a human.

"AIIEE!!" Naruto cried out, crushing the projector with her foot as she remembered finding out those who taught her to be human were the ones who were killing and taking only the skins of the animals and even killed some of her pride. She remembered how she went into an uncontrollable rage and her vision began red as she morphed into a beast that killed all of the humans, but one hit her with a jutsu and that was the cause of her soul silting.

"No!" Naruto screamed as she realized her other memories from Konoha were fading away and being replaced with all she experienced as an almost robotic being. All the painful memories of mobs, all the lonely memories of being alone, and all of the few good memories. 'I want my memories! I want at least the memories of those I care for!!!" Naruto shouted her thoughts at the end, partially morphing into something as her bones began to move in ways they shouldn't and a fur-less tail, though short, started to come out of her spine.

"Hey! Come down!!!" Kyuubi shouted as he realized what was going on with Naruto's body. But, Naruto couldn't calm down as her blue chakra began to encircle her, but red chakra joined and engulfed her to cause to her fall over and take in deep breathes and the transformation stopped and reversed itself as Naruto had her eyes closed thanks to being knocked out. "Kit! Kit!... Er, Kitten!"

"...Kyuubi?....Ow... My head hurts..." Naruto groaned, waking up, but refused to open her eyes because of the pounding headache she had. 'Wait... Can I-'

"I was able to save your memories from just a little bit before the Chûnin exams and to before dying, though spotty and blurry. But, I was able to protect what you remember of your human friends. It was all I could save from your animal side... In exchange for one little thing." Kyuubi sighed. He was just glad Naruto's animal side was pretty reasonable and came up when it did thanks to being curious of Kyuubi.

"...My animal side?" Naruto then remembered she was a monster. She was not exactly a human anymore, but a fierce animal for sure. "....What little thing?" Naruto opened her eyes, her tail twitching in annoyance of the light causing her head to hurt... Wait? Tail?

"...." Naruto stared at the dirty blond tail with black loops that at least went down to her knees before making it wag to make sure it was really connected to her body. "...Now, that is very queer..." Naruto sighed, wondering why not ears. That would have been more useful than the tail. Though, at least she knew she was a were-Serval. Speaking of which, she hasn't seen her pride at all today.

"You got the ears, too." Kyuubi sighed as Naruto saw a good mirror and looked in it after getting up, flinching as her muscles were sore. But, anybody's muscles would be sore if they transformed almost into a different being and turned back human like being.

"..." Naruto twitched the large cat ears a top her head to see the dirty blond ears with a large black back with a white stripe across the middle of the ear. "Okay, this is interesting." Naruto sighed. 'Wait... You said I had an animal side?'

"Somewhat. Your animal side was the half of the soul that stayed and came when you turned into a werewolf.... Er, I mean were-cat. Kind of like good and bad you, but in tame and wild. Your wild side was fine with you thanks to being a wild person even when you began to learn how to become human. However, when you returned to your body after being a human, it didn't like what you have become and began to wipe out your other memories. However, I stuck a deal with it as I explained that you suffered a lot and all you really wanted was the memories of those precious to you, saying they were like part of your family or pride or whatever cats call it. So, it let me fuse both halves together with the price of the ears and tail along with already lost memories."

"I see... I think I know what caused my change into this thing. Can I have you make it so if someone else accidentally becomes what I am, they won't get a wild side?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah, probably, but I don't know what kind of side effects would come from it." Kyuubi sighed.

"Yeah... But, anything is better than becoming a monster like me." Naruto sighed, running on all fours while heading back to her den, near where her pride lived. Most Servals didn't live together, but her pride did and was her family. She forever accepted that she would never be with humans again. She either was given pain or messed up things for the humans in the end. But, she was fine with it. She was naturally wild to begin with and it is best to keep wild animals in their natural climate... Even if the animal missed its tamed home a good bit.

Itachi groaned as he woke up to the sounds of waves. 'What the heck happened?' Itachi thought while sitting up to see he was a beach. However, he then remembered a bunch of masked ninja that were not showing any identification attacked the ship he was on and he fought them while giving time for the civilians and other people could escape... And then one ninja hit him in the gut and he blacked out while falling over board.

"Oh, yeah... Where am I?" Itachi got up, looking around to find it was a small beach against a mountain cliff with a small cave and a lot of ocean surrounding him. Itachi was glad he grabbed his ninja supplies now as it was clear he was probably far from civilization.

Itachi justed sighed, walking towards the sea. "I got a long walk a-HEAD!" Itachi fell into the surf as he tried to water walk, but found he couldn't. "Nani?" Itachi pondered as he tried to use his chakra, but couldn't. He then lifted up his shirt to find a small seal on his stomach.

"Great... My chakra is sealed away. That means I can't use the stuff sealed in the scrolls." Itachi groaned before noticing the cave and going near it. He felt a breeze come out of it and could see a light at the other end. 'Oh, well. Might as well see what's there.' Itachi sighed, going through the cave and his eyes widen as to what he found.

"Wow...." Itachi blinked as he found himself in the middle of a large forest of plants and trees he has never seen before. He also noticed lots of strange and beautiful birds he had also never seen and wonders where he was.

'This must be a rain forest; the air is heavy with humanity.' Itachi pondered, noticing some fallen logs near the cave connecting to the beach and saw it had made into sort of a natural shelter. "This will have to do as this wood would not be good for a raft or boat.... I best find food and clean, fresh water before trying to build a raft to get to land... Wait... Maybe there are people here and I could ask for their help?" Itachi thought aloud. That would be very nice. He did not want to be without chakra for long. He liked his fire and water jutsus. Fire was a natural element the Uchiha had while Itachi found he was originally a nature water chakra element person, which was why his fire jutsus were weaker than normal Uchiha fire jutsu users.

'I best look around for a water source as that will probably lead me to someone.' Itachi sighed, putting some of his stuff into the place where he made into a makeshift shelter for the time being and close to where he came. He then began looking around. He saw more animals, some he never seen before while others he seen in a circus. However, his hope began to fade after an hour of walking and discovered a dry grass land of sorts and mainly animals. He followed a river in a last hope to find a human.

'Even a girl would be nice right now.' Itachi sighed. He was straight, but his annoying fangirls sometimes make him wish he was born a girl so he didn't have to deal with them.

"Chirp!" Itachi froze, looking around as he swore he heard a chirping noise. For a moment, he thought he was going crazy.

"Chirp! Chirp! Chirp!" Itachi blinked as now he knew he was not going insane as he began to hear a whole lot of chirping. He followed the noises, very interested in what was making the sounds. Maybe it was some kind of large bird.

"H-oly...." Itachi gapped when he came upon what he found. He was really glad he was not a pervert because blood would probably come out of his nose at the sight in front of him if he was one.

Under the waterfall was a beautiful female human. She had wild dirty blond hair with strange black spots in it that when down to her back, but only the bangs slightly hanged over her beautiful sapphire blue eyes. Her skin was tanned and flawless with strange whisker like marks on her cheeks that make her look like a cat with the two strangely cat ear looking tuffs a top her head. She had plump pink lips, a soft face, perfect curves that made up for the lack of her bosom area, and long limps. She was just wearing a torn up sleeveless shirt that covered her enough to keep her covered and a part of old pants with a rope keeping it on her hips. She had on no shoes or even sandals and had claw like nails.

'....Beautiful....' Itachi shook his head. 'No! Stay focused!' Itachi walked towards the blond, but then heard hissing and the blond turned and looked at him. Itachi looked down and found several wild cats about the size of a median size dog, short tail with stripes, and strange gold coats with black spots and stripes were the ones hissing. They had small head, large, round ears, long legs, and a slender body than most cats he had seen-wild or tamed.

Uzumaki Naruto hid her shock with a blank face. She instantly recognized the raven hair human as Uchiha Itachi, but she saw he was clearly not a criminal like in the other world-as she could not remember much stuff wise from it-thanks to the fact he had one of those things... A headband! With a metal plate with the Konoha symbol with no scratch. That, and the fact he was wearing simple civilian clothes of a black shirt and pants.

'Why is he... No, why is a human here?' Naruto thought, not wanting to think of Sasuke, who betrayed her. She failed to stop him make a horrible and leave her pride-team-in that world, so she rather not thing of him to not feel as much guilt. 'I can't let him get close to me. I am not human, but a monster.' Naruto's eyes narrowed. 'I might hurt him.'

"Er... Hi?" Itachi raised a hand for a non-moving wave while trying his best to smile, which was horrible as he kept twitching nervously as, even though he loved cats of all kinds, he feared the cats right in front of him wanted to rip him apart. 'This can't be good... Since they are a little larger than a bobcat, I know these little guys can really kill me if they want to.' Itachi thought, remembering some of the missions he had to kill wild cats killing life stock and even people which the cats being slightly smaller than the ones in front of him or larger.

"...." Naruto pondered what to do. She didn't know why the human was here. He could be here to hurt her.... 'I know! This should work to keep him away from me!' Naruto noticed Itachi slowly moving towards her, moving around her pride of eight girl and five boy Servals she had lived with for many years. They were the only pride of Servals on this island.

"Er... Could you help-"

"HISSS!" Naruto got on all fours, raising her spine in the manner of a cat almost while baring her fangs at him and hissing, causing Itachi to recoil.

Itachi only watched as the girl ran on all fours away with the thirteen little cheetahs in a zig-zaging path and leaving the raven hair teen in shock. Itachi wondered what the heck just happened.

"That... was weird... It's like she thought she was" Itachi paled as he realized the blond really did think she was a cat. "Holy Hokage... This place must be void of human life to the point a kid-a girl, no less-got stuck here and raised by wild cats!" Itachi began to panic, running to see where he could go. However, he then chimed up a tall tree to find that he was on an island that was closed off from the sea by high mountains and basically making the island a lost world, no contact to the outside world.

"......" Itachi sighed. 'Man... Is it me or I always seem to have bad luck?' Itachi asked himself as he climbed down the tree. 'I need to get out of here... But, how did that blond end up here?' Itachi pondered, curious of how a girl ended up a wild child, or woman in this case. From all the stories and movies he watched, never had he come across a wild woman... Wait! Now he remembered! They were called Amazon!

'But... Isn't that Amazon lonely?' Itachi thought, looking up at the now darkening sky. He had to go back to his shelter and worry about food tomorrow. He was just glad he filled his canteen before the attack on the ship. He wondered where the blond lived on this island and how she lived for whatever many years she lived here.

"Itachi went missing at sea when some ninja attacked a ship. He went overboard while trying to protect the civilian." A Chûnin sighed, giving the news of what happened to Itachi to his father Uchiha Fugaku and his wife Uchiha Mikoto.

"Y-You mean-"

"No. He is believed to be alive as he simply got knocked overboard in the middle of a storm. It simple means right now he is missing-in-action as he could be anywhere right now." The Chûnin sighed before finishing the meeting and leaving the two Uchiha.

"... I hope Itachi is alright." Fugaku pinched the bridge of his nose.

"I know... How will we tell Sasuke?" Mikoto asked, not knowing their younger son was just outside the meeting room door, having heard everything.

'.....Aniki is missing?' Twelve year old Uchiha Sasuke looked down. His idol, his older brother, was missing after a mission. '...He has to be okay! He can't die!' Sasuke ran to his room, catching his parents' attention.

"Sasuke!" Mikoto shouted before hearing Sasuke slam his door. "Oh, dear. This is bad." Mikoto whined, worried about both her sons now. Fugaku sighed, just wondering if he pushed Itachi too hard and doing the same for Sasuke.

'Maybe... I really haven't been the father I should have been.' Fugaku wondered, now feeling guilty thanks to Itachi missing. 'When Itachi gets back, I am going to treat him more nicely.'

"ACHOO!" Itachi sneezed, rubbing his nose while huddling up in his shelter with a blanket as he managed to barely get enough chakra to open one of the seals. Now, he was very glad he did it as he discovered that this lost land got really cold at night. 'I thought rain forests were supposed to be hot! Not cold!... Agh. I got to get a fire going or else I'll die from hypothermia!' Itachi cursed under his breath. He began trying to think of warm things to avoid the cold, but the groan, messing up his hair when all he got in his head was a neko version of wild cat girl he saw earlier hugging him.

"WHY CAN'T I GET THAT GIRL OUT OF MY HEAD!!!?" All the birds in the area flew off, scared by the inhuman roar.

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